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News Corp has its woke and eats it?

14 October 2021

11:29 AM

14 October 2021

11:29 AM

Is the Harvey Norman, sorry, News Corp papers’ sudden greenwashing an attempt to generate advertising revenue? One reader thinks so.

They’ve sent us through a page from the Herald Sun, complete with a half-page ad from the Climate Study Group rebutting climate catastrophism.


The greenwashing has done nothing to placate News Corps enemies (Kevin Rudd’s Twitter feed is worth reading for the display of psychosis in action alone) and startled many of the Tele and Hun’s keener readers.

Perhaps they simply want to provoke more bodies like the Climate Study Group — Gina, maybe — to take out more ads, boosting flagging revenues that way; having their woke and eating it.

NB: The SpecOz will only embrace greenery when it accompanies a good rare steak. 

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