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Our political ecosystem is full of collaborationist whores

4 October 2021

4:00 AM

4 October 2021

4:00 AM

The Great Covid Oppression has made it very clear that the political ecosystem is populated by people who talk about political principle and act without it. 

Most people intuitively understand the political ecosystem. It’s just a bunch of people associated with one political party or another, using that connection to find money, jobs or status. For the true saddos, it’s also their only social network. 

The details of that association vary. At best, they are active grassroots members trying to climb up the party hierarchy while holding down other jobs. But in general, they’re ministerial staffers, ex-staffers, electorate staff, party administration, corporate government relations and public affairs cronies, private lobbyists, industry association analysts and executives, appointed Tribunal and Board members, think-tankers and heads of government-funded NGOs. 

For the ALP, throw in academics, teachers, bureaucrats, union researchers, think-tankers, and so, so many NGO and charity workers. It’s much the same with the Greens.

All parties also pump out politically-aligned journalists and commentators, many of whom have worked in ministerial offices. 

An outer circle of party-aligned legal, consulting and accounting firms adds another layer.  

The one thing they have in common is that their financial, occupational and social success depends on two things: party connection and collecting other people’s money through access to government. 

There are high-profile limpets, and lower profile ones, who were perhaps staffers for a while and now hold a minor role in corporates or industry associations.  

Many of these political limpets acquired their positions by being factional branch-stackers, arm-twisters and do-anything dogsbodies. An awful lot began in their late teens or followed in family footsteps. The same can be said for ALP and union connections. 

In another life, I once considered some of these limpets friends. We spoke a great deal about political ideas, policy, political communications, political history. About what was politically right in the circumstances.  

At social gatherings they regularly talk about political principle, and sound off about how one faction or party is irredeemably wrong. Many position themselves as philosophical or quasi-intellectual, and quote liberally from whichever columnist or book is fashionable in the moment.  

Well, now we can see just what principle applies for every single one of these limpets, no matter which party they cling to: Liberal, National, Greens or ALP.  

The last 18 months have seen the single greatest attack on liberal democratic principles this country has seen. These hundreds of orbiting opportunists have faced a choice, and they have chosen themselves. They chose their money, jobs, connection and status. They have watched as governments have applied Public Health Orders inequitably, and with the sole purpose of coercing vaccination rather than addressing a specific health issue. By their silence and inaction they have supported unjustified oppression, police brutality, and the destruction of inalienable freedoms (Liberal term) or civil liberties (a Labor and Greens term). 

They have chosen to collaborate with the oppressors of the people. Those oppressors have been both from the Left and the Right.  

They have forfeited any right to speak of political principle. They have allied themselves with a class of rulers, not of people’s representatives 

They made their bargain and sold their integrity. That bargain has made every one of them a collaborationist whore and we should treat all of them appropriately.    

Start making lists. 

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