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The Covid hunt

The woke elite declares open season on the unvaccinated

16 October 2021

9:00 AM

16 October 2021

9:00 AM

Freedom Day for the Double Vaccinated in Sydney was cold and wet, matching the mood of many. It is not just the unvaccinated, many of whom are losing their jobs or have lost them already, who have nothing to celebrate. Fans of ‘Go Slow’ Gladys Berejiklian, the former New South Wales premier who resigned to await the spectacle of a corruption investigation, are unhappy that new Premier Dominic ‘Let it rip’ Perrotet has speeded up reopening a smidgeon. Others wish Perrotet would move faster. Everyone is ground down by 106 days in home detention that isn’t over. Rules govern every aspect of citizens’ lives and a system of medical segregation has come into force, punishing those who have chosen to be in the placebo arm of the largest experiment in human history.

Pharmaceutical apartheid has unleashed behaviour every bit as foul as its racial counterpart. A journalist who describes herself on Facebook as a lover of ‘civil debate’ wrote of those who are being sacked for refusing to submit to the vaccines ‘goodbye, good riddance and in good ol’ Aussie parlance, f–k right off too!’, adding that if she were ‘king of the world’ they would have no work, no pubs, no supermarkets, ‘no NOTHING’.

The front page of the Toronto Star published similar comments; ‘Unvaccinated patients do not deserve ICU beds.’ ‘If an unvaccinated person catches it from someone who is vaccinated, boohoo, too bad’. ‘I have no empathy left for the wilfully unvaccinated. Let them die’.

Dr Byram Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph in Canada pointed out the lunacy of the vaccine mandates that reign across most of the Western world. He is banned from his campus even though he can demonstrate with a pathology test that he has robust antibodies whereas others with no effective antibodies and a vaccine pass enter. He offered to set up an antibody test for the university which was ignored. Instead, he has been subjected to vicious workplace harassment.

Perhaps Bridle has been subjected to particular vitriol because he spoke out about the dangers of the blood clots caused by AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccines. Less than two months later, Canada stopped using AZ. He also spoke out about the dangers of heart inflammation for young men caused by the Pfizer vaccine. This has now been recognised by health regulators already.

These dangers is just the tip of a big iceberg. In Europe, there has been almost as much excess mortality in 2021 as in 2020 and it is occurring in young people. EuroMOMO data, which monitors mortality in 29 European countries, shows that there were more than 4,000 excess deaths this year in people aged 15 to 44. That’s almost twice as many as the same time last year when there were 2,258 deaths and more than five times higher than the 787 excess deaths in 2019.

Excess deaths were also higher than last year in people aged 45 to 74; only in people aged 85 and older were deaths lower this year.

It’s even worse in the United States. Excess mortality in 2021 is already more than 10 per cent higher than a baseline average of 2015-2019 data.

The data gets really scary when it is broken down into demographic tranches. In the 25 to 44 age group, excess deaths are now more than 40 per cent higher than the 2015-19 baseline whereas this time last year it was 25 per cent higher than the baseline. This comes on top of a spike in deaths of 29 per cent in young adults aged 25 to 34 between 2010 and 2017, attributed to increases deaths of despair; suicide, drug overdoses and liver disease. Excess deaths were also higher than last year in people aged 45 to 74 and only in people aged 85 and older are there no excess deaths.

The increase in young deaths cannot be explained just by Covid which killed a little over 42,000 people under 50 throughout the pandemic. Excess deaths just in those aged 25 to 44 are almost double that at over 80,700. The most plausible explanation is the devastation caused by lockdowns. Yet why are excess deaths higher this year than last year when lockdowns have eased and almost 65 per cent of Americans and almost 70 per cent of adults in the EU are fully or partially vaccinated?

The best place to search for answers is in the UK because it produces some of the best statistics in the fastest time. The picture is not pretty. Despite vaccination, Covid deaths have been higher this summer than last, peaking at 144 per day on 22 September (using a 7-day moving average) more than six times higher than in 2020. In August/September, more than 80 per cent of Covid deaths in Scotland and almost 80 per cent of Covid deaths in England occurred in fully or partly vaccinated people.

Worse, since the beginning of July, there have been almost 10,000 excess deaths in England and Wales and only 48 per cent were caused by Covid. Many of these may have been caused by delays in treatment due to the pandemic but more than 8,000 related to the circulatory diseases. The Times reported a mystery increase in heart attacks without once asking how many were exacerbated by micro-clots caused by vaccines?

What is more distressing is that since vaccines have been given to teenage boys aged 15 and over in May, deaths in 15 to 19-year-old males in England and Wales have increased by a staggering 63 per cent compared with the same period last year, from 142 deaths to 231 deaths. Unmoved by this vault in mortality, the UK’s chief medical officer Chris Witty overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and authorised the vaccination of children 12 and over without parental consent. Some parents are now threatening to sue schools for grievous bodily harm if they vaccinate their children against their wishes.

Across the Western world, with the notable exception of Scandinavia, highly skilled people – medical specialists, pilots, professors, nurses, teachers and truck and ambulance drivers – are being forced out of work, denied access to society and even denied medical treatment.

Shortages are starting to cripple supply chains and transport. Yet the madness continues. It is immoral if not illegal to coerce people to participate in a potentially lethal experiment but that carries no weight in our brave new brutalist world. The woke elite has declared open season on the unvaccinated and shows no signs of tiring of the hunt.

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