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Why I should ever vote Liberal again?

20 October 2021

4:00 AM

20 October 2021

4:00 AM

I voted Liberal in 2013 because they promised me Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. My vote was rewarded with Malcolm Turnbull.

I voted Liberal in 2019 because they promised to reject Labor’s climate madness. My vote is now being rewarded with a commitment to net-zero emissions.

Tell me why I should ever vote Liberal again?

If Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided he wants to sign up to the United Nations climate cult, that is his prerogative. But he needs to explain his change of mind first to voters at an election, not to globalists in Glasgow.

I could care less that Prince Charles will stomp his royal feet if Australia is unrepresented at this month’s COP26 climate gabfest. The only “last chance saloon” the Prime Minister should be worried about is the one occupied by Liberal voters whose patience with Labor-lite is fast wearing thin.

The majority of the voting public didn’t buy the climate alarmists’ Chicken Little routine at the last election, and nothing has happened since then to change our minds.

What happened to the Scott Morrison who, in 2017, proudly held up a lump of coal in Parliament and dared those on the other side of the House to not be afraid?

What happened to the Scott Morrison who, just two years ago, insisted “you can’t run a strong economy in Australia on a 45% emissions reduction target”? 

Why is he suddenly insisting on net-zero nonsense to make net-zero difference to a problem we are not certain exists by means that do not yet exist at a cost no one can quantify? And all to satisfy a US president who cannot remember his name! 

Ah, but a net-zero commitment was “important for Australia’s standing in the international community”, he argued yesterday.

As Greta Thunberg would say: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”!

It seems that Morrison’s hobnobbing on the international stage has gone to his head. Rather than working for Australia and Australians, he is determined to gain approval from weak woke Western leaders by following their un-costed policies in search of an unachievable target.  

It’s amazing what some people will do to ingratiate themselves with the celebrity/elite/entitled class.

The PM who sold himself as the champion of Quiet Australians is now prepared to sell them out just to get on the right side of Sleepy Joe, Chuckles Harris, Bonkers Boris, Crazy Charles and the teenage Goblin of Doom. 

To steal a line from one of Morrison’s gaggle of new best friends, “How dare you!”

But the Western alliance “now more than ever” depends on Australia committing itself to a net-zero target, the PM warned yesterday. 

Really? Our allies will not stand by us in the event of war if we have not first committed to net zero emissions by 2050?

If that is true, then our economic security is already under attack – and by our friends! We will compromise our security if we do not have cheap and reliable energy, not the other way around. To trade our economic security for military security is to ultimately lose both.

Yes, yes, but it’s all okay, we are assured, because “secret modelling” underpinning the PM’s net-zero emissions plan shows the economy will continue to grow. 

Is this like the ‘secret modelling’ that underpinned decisions to implement curfews and close children’s playgrounds in response to Covid-19? 

And does the ‘secret modelling’ show what difference net-zero emissions will make to the bush fire season in 2051?

Voters have had a gutful of secret modelling. 

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, talking about the climate debate, this week told the ABC that “zealots from both sides should really just bugger off”.

If Mr Morrison is not extremely careful, that is exactly what his base will tell him at the ballot box next year.

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