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Bravo to the Rittenhouse jury

20 November 2021

10:39 AM

20 November 2021

10:39 AM

How disingenuous can one 79-year-old mentally enfeebled President be? Here is Biden’s reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict: 

While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. 

If this is a genuine call for calm, then I am Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest supporter. If you are ‘angry and concerned’ are you going to shrug your shoulders and veg out in front of the TV watching the ball game with a bucket of popcorn? Or are you going to hit the streets in the sort of violent protest that this same Biden and his cackling sidekick have been cheerleading for over two years? 

If these mindless morons in the American leftist media and establishment had any integrity they would ask themselves, or rather they would ask their audience, why a jury in Democrat-controlled Kenosha would risk life, limb and property unless they were totally convinced that to convict Rittenhouse would be an egregious injustice.

These jurors may have felt themselves a little more secure than the Chauvin jury, but it would be a close-run thing, I would think.

The presence of 500 National Guardsmen would certainly have invited them to entertain even the slimmest intimation of guilt offered up by a prosecution so bereft of scruples as to suggest Rittenhouse should have defended himself with his fists – this against chain and gun-wielding attackers. 

Bravo to that jury. They offer hope that there is still a scintilla of sanity left in the United States of America.  As to the buffoon, supposedly urging calm, post mid-term impeachment can’t come soon enough. 

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