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Three comments on the United States

5 November 2021

2:45 PM

5 November 2021

2:45 PM

How many readers realise that of all 50 US States it is Florida that, as I write this, has the lowest rate of Covid.  Yes, Florida, the State without any mask mandates, without any vaccine passports, and the one that has shunned lockdowns for most all of this pandemic.  California, the King of Mask and Vaccine mandates has a rate three times higher.  Basket case New York, the Queen of lockdowns, has one almost double.  What does ‘the science’ say about that?  Nothing.  

Well, back in Florida in 2018 there was a sizeable advantage of registered Democrat voters to Republican ones.  (This doesn’t translate into winning an election, by the way, as Democrats tend to register more than Republicans.) But since the pandemic that Florida Democrat advantage has dropped and dropped.  Today the registered Republicans are virtually equal to the registered Democrats in Florida, which will translate into a thumping big win for Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in next year’s gubernatorial election.  Why?  Because so many Americans who value freedom and sane governmental decision-making have moved to his State.  

DeSantis is the man who stood up to the second-rate public health bureaucrats and who completely (not NSW-like bogusly, but wholly and really) opened up his State over a year ago.  This is the man who explicitly stood up for freedom and who (as a man with two Ivy League degrees) knew inside-and-out all the relevant data on infection fatality rates, who was aware that the average age of Covid deaths is higher (there, here and nearly everywhere) than the jurisdiction’s life expectancy, who seemed better informed at press conferences than the questioning press and the health officer types, and who was prepared to stand up to the fear-mongering, pro-lockdown mainstream media.  I need hardly add that DeSantis is now a big favourite to retain his Governorship in next year’s election. 

Do you remember how so many commentators on the Left in the US (and here) went crazy defending sports stars who wished to virtue-signal their political allegiances while at work?  Maybe by taking a knee before the game.  Maybe by making political comments before, during or after a match.  Maybe in some TV interview.  

To objections that this was their work environment and not an appropriate place to be voicing political opinions, the response from the gathered ranks of sports reporters (which studies in the US show to be even more left-leaning than political reporters, incredibly enough), of lefty opinionistas, of left-leaning politicians, of woke corporate types, and more was wholly dismissive.  In their view, there was nothing wrong with these highly paid sports stars telling us what they thought of Mr Trump.

Well, hypocrisy being the compliment that vice pays to virtue, readers won’t be surprised to read that now that the shoe is on the other foot these very same pontificators in love with ‘telling it like it is’ are outraged when those at work voice anti-Biden views. That is what seems to have happened on a South-West airlines flight when the Captain signed off with ‘Let’s go Brandon’, the chant sweeping the US.  (And as explained elsewhere on these pages this is the chant that recently took off when a sports reporter at the end of a car race, hearing the crowd spontaneously chant ‘F*** Joe Biden’, tried to cover for the Democrat President by pretending on camera that the crowd was chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ – Brandon being the name of the car race winner she was interviewing.  The chant is both anti-Biden, but also and even more so anti-lefty journalists who have long lost any objectivity and bend over backwards trying to protect politicians on the left.) 

My point is that many of the same commentators who fawned over the virtue-signalling anti-Republican political analysis – I am being kind on steroids you understand, in calling this ‘analysis’ – of a LeBron James or a Colin Kapernick are now going crazy when a pilot apparently (it is not definitive from the recording) makes an anti-Biden quip at the end of a flight.   

Here’s the thing. Either you are against political speech by people at work when it’s forced on others who may not necessarily want to hear it.  Or you are for it.  Personally, I’m against.  But I accept that there is a case for letting things rip. What no one can plausibly defend, though, is that one side of politics can have its proponents speak at work (the wokester sports stars) but the other side cannot do the same (the quipping pilot).  That’s hypocrisy writ large.  And yet that’s what we’re seeing in the US right now. 

Last comment. It comes from this week’s big wins for the Republicans in the off-year elections there, wins that if repeated would mean a massive midterm slaughter of the Democrats in next year’s 2022 elections.  It is a line from Tucker Carlson, in my view probably the best political commentator on TV right now anywhere in the anglosphere.  He was interviewing a guest about these big Republican results and the exchange went something like this: 

 Guest: This election is more of an insider-outsider election than a liberal-conservative one. And in an insider-outsider election, the party in power tends to lose. 

Tucker Carlson: Yeah, especially when the party in power is destroying the country. 

Gold.  Pure gold. 

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