CNN in crisis

9 December 2021

2:44 AM

9 December 2021

2:44 AM

Cockburn is finally allowed to travel internationally again and he is quite chapped that his airport bar bourbons will no longer be paired with a side of CNN. It was, in fact, the only time he would indulge in the network’s antics. But based on the recent headlines about the poorly rated cable news channel, the loss of its airport network should be the least of CNN’s worries.

Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo, who was ousted from his show last week over revelations that he was deeply involved in his brother’s public response to sexual harassment allegations, is reportedly planning to sue the network for the rest of the money from his contract. This is bad news for CNN, which is now quietly investigating a sexual misconduct accusation against Chris. If Chris doesn’t get his money, could his now-canceled book become a tell-all about his old network?

Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett threw the other big primetime CNN host under the bus during his trial in Chicago. Smollett claimed in his testimony that Don Lemon was one of the individuals who tipped him off that the police did not believe his story about an alleged racist and homophobic hate crime.

Cockburn can imagine few things worse than being exposed by a second-rate actor who considers himself the “black Cary Grant.” If advising your brother behind the scenes is a fireable offense, then isn’t impeding an active investigation? Besides, this could be an easy excuse for CNN to drop Lemon so they no longer have to deal with a lawsuit over claims he sexually harassed a waiter in the Hamptons.

CNN chief Jeff Zucker told employees during a meeting Tuesday that he should have disciplined Chris Cuomo sooner. Hindsight is 20/20, but we will really know if Zucker learned his lesson if he cans Lemon.

The good news is that Zucker promised to consider “diversity” as one of the requirements for Cuomo’s replacement. That will certainly help the network’s ratings!

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