Remainers: Brexit led to Covid deaths

15 December 2021

11:50 PM

15 December 2021

11:50 PM

Oh dear. For four years, Best for Britain have fought the most ferocious rearguard action since Dunkirk, desperately seeking to overturn the 2016 Brexit vote. But despite their millions, a sixteen-man team and the dubious patronage of newly appointed chair Lord Darroch – our former man in Washington – the rabid Remainers have yet to see much in the way of success, save for launching Gina Miller’s flatlining political career.

But despite regularly pumping out paeans to ‘values, morals and basic decency’ it seems that in their desperation these last hold-outs from a long-concluded war have been forced to abandon such principles. For today Best for Britain launched their latest attack line to rile the Remainers and energise their ever-online base by boasting that ‘Brexit-voting areas of UK have (the) highest COVID-19 death rate[s]’.

Sneering that ‘there is a group of people in the population who just rejects any official advice, any mainstream advice, any expert advice,’ it pays lip service to the ‘usual caveats about correlation not being causation’ before crowing ‘the correlation really is quite striking.’ Not exactly a great look for a partisan campaign group to be trumpeting such claims about their opponents.

All usual caveats about correlation not being causation apply, of course. But the correlation really is quite striking. ~AA

— Best for Britain (@BestForBritain) December 15, 2021

The implication of Best for Britain’s claims is that Leave voters have refused to listen to ‘mainstream advice’ when it comes to Covid. If that is the case, then why has it today been revealed that one in three people in London – the city which voted 60 per cent Remain – have still not got ANY of their three jabs? Indeed the proportion of the population without a single jab is three times as high in London as in the country as a whole. 

Still, with such brilliant statistical wizardry it’s not hard to see why Best for Britain failed so miserably, is it?

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