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Sydney Drive host Richard Glover enrages listeners

11 December 2021

7:00 AM

11 December 2021

7:00 AM

ABC radio host Richard Glover has enraged listeners by committing the unforgivable sin – taking Christianity seriously.

The host of Sydney’s Drive program was inundated with angry messages for daring to subject his audience to the Christmas story – at Christmas no less – as it is presented in the Bible.

This was such a strange experience for Aunty’s listeners, who are more familiar with Christianity being deconstructed on the national broadcaster, that they reacted like a rabid mob at a crucifixion.

Glover was accused of ‘promoting a magic man in the sky’ and platforming ‘ideas that are beyond the pale’.

He was told he might as well have used the segment to explain the virtues of paedophilia or anti-Semitism.

Listeners complained that interviewing a biblical expert about the Christmas story was akin to interviewing an ‘anti-vaxxer conspiracy nut or a neo-Nazi’.

All of this because on Wednesday he had a brief conversation with Reverend Professor Dorothy Lee from Melbourne’s University of Divinity about the birth of Jesus, three weeks before – you know – the birth of Jesus.

If the Reverend had been a progressive Leftie arguing Jesus never existed or, even better, that Jesus had existed but was assigned the wrong gender at birth, there would have been applause.

But a segment that examined the Bible as it is written – without superimposing Marxism, critical race theory, or this week’s LGBTQ fetish onto the text – was more than ABC listeners could tolerate.

The reaction was so fierce and so unhinged (even by ABC standards) that Glover took the extraordinary step of using Twitter to complain about his own audience.

‘So many angry about seven minutes of radio today on the biblical account of the birth of Jesus – featuring an Australian scholar who happens to be one of the world’s best,’ the radio veteran tweeted.

Glover, who said he found the biblical account of the Christmas story wonderful and compelling whatever your beliefs, added, ‘The reaction was so weird.’ ‘It’s like how dare you (discuss the Bible). Can some normal people text? Please? Just now and then?’ he tweeted.

But the ABC no longer consists of ‘normal’ people. It is a cabal for leftist thought, which certainly excludes conservative and Christian opinion. And God help any ABC presenter who strays from the narrative. ‘I know many don’t believe – I don’t – but why so angry about a Christian trip into a foundation text?’ Glover asked on Twitter, where there was no shortage of godless ABC devotees happy to school him.

‘We are a secular country and the national broadcaster is supposed to be too,’ wrote one listener, unwittingly demonstrating that he knew even less about the Australian Constitution and the ABC Charter than he did about the Christmas story.

‘Why are people upset?’ responded another. ‘Because the leader of our supposedly secular government Morrison has politicized religion in Australia by pushing his gobbledygook money-grubbing evangelicalism down this country’s throat. Any other answers that are standing in front of you that you need help with?’

Glover might have pointed out that when the birth of the Saviour of the world only serves to trigger your hatred for the current Prime Minister, you’re doing Christmas all wrong.

One lady replied: ‘The anniversary of John Lennon’s death was today. To me, he was the Jesus of our time. After he sorted out his own life, he tried to show us the way through his music, he bared his soul to us and, like Jesus, was murdered for his effort.’

It was unclear whether she was answering Glover’s question or auditioning to become the ABC’s religion reporter, a role for which she was obviously well suited. Imagine!

It was left to fellow ABC regular Jane Caro to provide a confounded Glover with some much-needed perspective…

‘I didn’t hear the segment so I can only speculate but I think the so-called ‘Religious Freedom Bill’ has made people hyper-sensitive and – to be honest – we get lots of people representing religious views in media, but few representing specific non-religious views.’

Wait. What?

People are annoyed that religious views are represented at Christmas?

I wonder when those at the ABC consider orthodox Christian views can be expressed?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

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