Who survived the sinking of the Titanic?

29 January 2022

9:00 AM

29 January 2022

9:00 AM

Prime numbers

As of 29 January Boris Johnson will have been Prime Minister for two years and 190 days. Currently he is 38th out of 55th in the list of longest-serving PMs, sandwiched between Henry Campbell-Bannerman, whom he overtook on 22 November, and Spencer Perceval, the only PM to have been assassinated. Johnson will have to survive in office until 1 March to overtake Perceval. If he is still in Downing Street on 6 June, he will have overtaken Gordon Brown. He would overtake Theresa May on 5 August and Jim Callaghan on 23 August.

Men overboard

A new exhibition challenges the idea that women and children aboard the Titanic were saved first. Who survived the disaster?


Adult males 33%

Adult females 97%

Male children 100%

Female children 100%


Adult males 8%

Adult females 86%

Male children 100%

Female children 100%


Adult males 16%

Adult females 46%

Male children 27%

Female children 45%


Crew 24%

Source: Report on the Loss of the SS Titanic

League tables

How far are restaurants back to their pre-pandemic normal? Seated diners on 22 January compared with same day in 2019:

Canada 71%

Germany 71%

Mexico 75%

US 86%

UK 100%

Source: OpenTable

Work in progress

Does Britain have a productivity problem? Average annual output growth per worker:

1997-2007   /   2009-2019

US 2.3% / 0.8%

UK 1.9% / 0.7%

France 1.6% / 0.9%

Canada    1.5% 1.0%

Japan   1.6% / 1.2%

Germany 1.4%1.1%

Italy     0.4% / 0.4%

Source: ONS

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