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Is Covid crushing the Australian spirit?

15 January 2022

12:00 PM

15 January 2022

12:00 PM

The media and state governments have irrevocably destroyed our innate mental and emotional stability by pitting Australians against each other.

When I talk about my recent article Normal People have been ‘Scared Stupid’ by Covid, a common reaction is for people’s eyes to widen before they move in towards me. With a pained expression, and in whispered tones, they’ll confess to the loss of close friendships or relationships broken due to disagreement about mask and vaccine mandates.

Australia has plenty of perfectly happy, healthy adults who have chosen not to vaccinate – perhaps they have natural antigens against Covid, perhaps they have allergies? Whatever led to their choice in a free and democratic society, they are being bullied and ostracised to such an extent that they are excluded socially and professionally, which I find outrageous.

I have been told stories of exclusion from groups they have been beloved members of for many decades. Some have been forced to work in basements, away from the offices they have used for many years. Many are berated publicly for not being vaccinated, and even worse if they are not wearing a mask.

Previously kind, wonderful people have been frightened into becoming mean, vicious, and in some cases deranged because they believe their lives are in jeopardy from others not slavishly following government and media directions. These people – after being badgered night after night on the evening news, and consuming a diet of fear on the internet – believe with their whole hearts and minds that they will die if every single person does not behave as they do.

You can’t blame them; you cannot be angry at them. They are free to believe what they want, just like we all are. But the situation is totally blown out of control when the government gives them permission to bully and harass others by mandating what a logical mind rejects. When fully vaccinated and boosted people are among those getting sick with Covid, passing on the virus to others, and also dying – the logic for vaccine segregation is hard to justify.

People are intrinsically good, but this virus has wrought havoc never before experienced. The government is leading the charge to divide its population. It is the leadership that is empowering usually empathetic people to discriminate and become the bullies and perpetrators of both physical and psychological punishments against their former friends, relatives, and strangers. They do not just fear them – they hate them.

How on earth do we come back from this type of separation and divide, where people have been banned from public spaces, private homes, and even hearts of loved ones?

We are starting to look at the secondary effects of this virus such as suicide, mental illness, and financial devastation, but when people are afraid to talk about these things, how do you gauge the aftermath? When will it end? Will it ever stop? And when the virus moves on, is it even possible for these relationships to be healed?

I am usually a positive person – I can find a bright side to everything. Covid has made us privy to the real thoughts of people we never knew that well, and the reality of what goes on in their minds. We should offer compassion to those that believe differently to us. After all, they believe just as strongly as we do.

My hope is that we can lead a movement that I remember from my childhood, where we were all proud to be Australians. My only concept of a solution is that one day we can once again promote and have pride in Australia, especially after showing our worst side to the world.

C’mon Aussie! C’mon Culture!

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway.

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