Leave Ted Cruz’s daughter alone!

12 January 2022

3:44 AM

12 January 2022

3:44 AM

Ted Cruz’s thirteen-year-old daughter Caroline found herself in the sinister gaze of a blog called LGBTQNation this week.

Cockburn is very disappointed in its writer Bil Browning, clearly another graduate of the Jeffrey Epstein School of Journalism: a well-funded progressive institution whose students consider it perfectly acceptable to treat teenagers as if they’re adults.

The reason for Browning’s story is to further spread the deeply newsworthy information that Cruz’s daughter “has reportedly come out as bisexual on social media” — and has condemned the Texas senator’s “far-right political views.”

A teenager rebelling against her parents? Stop the presses!

LGBTQNation also describes a TikTok video in which Cruz’s daughter discusses whether she’s told her father about her sexuality.

“I haven’t told him yet, I’m kind of nervous about it tbh but I don’t think he would be mad about it,” the teen replies.

Cruz’s daughter was apparently the subject of a great deal of attention on TikTok and Twitter over Christmas break. LGBTQNation tells us that her “TikTok account was made private after the video went viral.”

Cockburn remembers a soberer cultural moment, when amplifying information about a teenager’s sexual preferences to millions of people would have have been dubbed not “news” but “cyberbullying.”

Sadly, Caroline Cruz is just the latest teenager to fall foul of slavering creeps keeping tabs on the children of public figures under the guise of “public interest journalism.” Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne and George, was fourteen when internet sleuths discovered her TikTok account and turned her into a (legal) minor celebrity. And Barron Trump was also the subject of unsavory speculation during his father’s tenure as president.

Cockburn thinks Pink Floyd had it right all those years ago: “leave those kids alone!”

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