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There’s nothing more frightening than a woman in politics

8 January 2022

12:00 PM

8 January 2022

12:00 PM

It is difficult to argue that women are the less capable gender when they have spent the last ten million years outsourcing humanity’s physical labour to men in exchange for sexual favours.

This advantageous arrangement backfires on women from time to time, but in general, it has been a successful strategy to deal with the physical imbalance between the sexes. The question of ‘which is the more powerful gender?’ remains impossible to answer, with women frequently holding the reins of power by the balls.

The manipulation of men is so complete that, for most of modern history, a man who is unknown to a woman in distress will still protect her in order to honour the social norms of the time. Less generous feminists will claim that men only help women in the hopes of sleeping with them, but it seems that men enjoy the gentleman narrative and derive satisfaction purely from the act of rescuing.

Women play far less angelic games with men.

The competition to secure a position in society via a sexual relationship dominates the female experience. Whether intentional or not, female friendships can be defined by their preference in lover. The strongest relationships between women are frequently founded on opposing interests in men, ensuring that the women do not pose a threat to each other’s ambitions. This is pheromonal, not deliberate.

Men are not the hard done by ones in this scenario.

Not only do they have women competing for their attention, those women that succeed spend their considerable talents protecting the man and his position from everyone else, regardless of gender. The protection of a dominant woman has secured many of history’s political empires, while the maintenance of power is often left up to the scheming of wives, mistresses, mothers, and daughters.

When it comes to politics, women wield the power men publicly hold.

There is no need for the Australian government or individual political parties to impose gender quotas on Parliament. Women are uniquely adapted to the intricacies of politics. The issue is not a matter of merit or desire, but rather ‘style’. History shows us that women prefer secretive politics. They build webs of intrigue that span so deep into political and social regimes that men only become aware of the threads after they have been captured by a successful plot.

While men trade verbal blows and spend years fighting for an inch of land, a sideways glance from an attractive woman can undo a treaty between nations.

Men parade power – wear it on their chests, fly it on flags, demand that it be screeched from the battlefields, and crowd themselves into the halls of Parliament. Enticing women into this arena must be a natural process, not a forced system of activist revenge. The more women who are artificially thrust into unsuitable political positions and then fail, the less likely suitable women are to try their luck. Role models cannot be manufactured, they have to create themselves without reference to the feminist agenda.

If anything, modern feminism has begun to erode the power of women. Angry social movements have told women to make themselves unattractive as a symbol of ‘power’ – to throw off the chains of beauty and femininity in order to conquer the masculine world. The harsh biological reality is that there is nothing less powerful than an unattractive woman of middling ability. They occupy the same position in society as a weak man without the virtue of a bank balance.

Very few women who lack the gifts of nature rise to dominate men. The few that succeed possess a ruthlessness superior to their male counterparts – something that cannot and should not be replicated by the masses. These women, which form the exception to the rule, do not require the help of feminism. They have reigned throughout the centuries based upon the sheer force of their iron will – and continue to do so.

Modern feminism’s demands betray the fragility of its parasitic movement. The very last thing these activists want is a powerful, attractive, conspiring woman in a short skirt and high heels sauntering onto the political stage. Such a woman is beyond their control and certain to tear down the flimsy #metoo demands of incompetent quota-holders that survive on career handouts from party strategists.

If modern women are exposed to this scenario, the days of ugly feminist activism and saggy-breasted screeching are numbered. Women want to be beautiful. They want to be powerful. Once they realise that they can also be publicly political – who knows…

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at donor-box.

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