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Woke Cricket Australia trashes Australia Day by pandering to activists

3 January 2022

1:48 PM

3 January 2022

1:48 PM

Cricket Australia racked up a first this week, away from the MCG and the embarrassment that was the MCC cricket team (we’d call them England, but England disowns them) and its capitulation in the Boxing Day Test.

CA was first out of the blocks in the now perennial January woke offensive on Australia Day.

Talking to the left-leaning Age and Sydney Morning Herald (naturally), Cricket Australia’s indigenous adviser (every major sport has one now), Justin Mohamad, insisted the sport’s national ruling body will not back down on its refusal to honour Australia’s national day, and will simply call it 26 January when cricket matches are played on the Australia Day public holiday.

‘Most of this is about education, there’s not too many people who will sit back and go, “No, we shouldn’t be doing it,”’ Mohamad told the Age. ‘There’s always a few that will be there, but the majority say, “Let’s make sure this is inclusive,” and we can play games on the 26th, but not do it in the face of not acknowledging that the 26th has different meanings and represents different things, especially for First Nations people.’

So, once again we have a self-important and sponsorship-hungry organisation sticking two fingers up to the 97 per cent or more of the Australian population who aren’t genuinely Aboriginal, merely to prove their wokeness and take the knee to a motley crew of loudmouth activists who – for most of January – will be hijacking silly season newspapers, radio, TV column inches, and airspace for their self-seeking ‘Change the Date’ confected black armband nonsense.

People like Mohamad, and the journalists who give his views credence, want to politicise cricket with their activism in the same way Aboriginal activists have done for AFL and rugby league. If you listen to what they’re really saying, it’s that national sporting teams should be picked on race as much, if not more so, than merit.

This is just like the South African cricket team, where the race of a player and his commitment to taking a knee, matters more than their ability to bat, bowl, or field. And what was once a world-leading sider wallows in politically-correct mediocrity.

Will denying the existence of Australia Day attract more Aboriginals and non-Anglos to play and watch the game that is England’s great legacy to the nations it once governed? No.

Will it turn many people off from enjoying their cricket on Australia’s national day? Yes.

Cricket Australia should stop this look-at me wokery. It should be showing respect to all its players and fans, not just the small minority of them who happen to be Aboriginal, and grovel to noisy but media-savvy activists and their divisive, angry agenda of Rousseauean woke.

And it should be showing respect to Australia Day, which coincidentally gives them the opportunity to cram a heap of Big Bash matches into one frenetic money-making opportunity.

While on the subject of CA’s pathetic wokery, naturally Cricket Australia, Aboriginal activists and the oh-so-woke left commentariat also have embraced a new hero in the amazing bowling return of Test debutant Scott Boland, who a few years ago discovered he is part-Aboriginal.

Which part? If you listen to the activists and their followers taking credit for his MG success, his bowling arm.

But full credit to Boland, who has made no big thing of his part-Aboriginal heritage, and indeed no big thing of himself. In doing so, he demonstrated more truly Australian values far more admirable and inclusive than any of the nonsense peddled by those seeking to appropriate his good fortune – and good bowling – at the MCG this week to their noisy and divisive cause.

That Cricket Australia itself panders to such windbag wokery is to its shame. And ours.

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