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Labor loves the ‘F’ word, but is too bashful to say it

7 February 2022

2:00 PM

7 February 2022

2:00 PM

Queensland loves a good rort, doesn’t it?

Their integrity commissioner, Dr. Nikola Stepanov, resigned midway through her three-year term last week. Why? Over concerns that the current governance arrangements compromise her office. At present, the Public Service Commission holds the purse strings and can dole out or withhold as much cash as they deem politically appropriate.

Then it was revealed by the Australian that a laptop was taken from her office without her knowledge and its hard drive wiped clean.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, when confronted by reporters about it at her daily gabfest, had this to say:

‘Please don’t make stuff up. Please don’t make things up! […] I think you need to get your facts correct.’

She ignored another question to hammer the point home:

‘With all due respect, please get your facts correct. Don’t just throw things… So, a journalist raises an issue and therefore that issue is fact?’

Contempt for journalists, in this political climate? Surely not.

Even so, she was dancing around the ‘F’ word. You know the ‘F’ word… Only the most vulgar, base, and evil politicians bandy around the ‘F’ word. The worst politician in the history of the world used to use the ‘F’ word. That being US President Donald Trump.

Fake news.

Palaszczuk and the rest of her Labor cronies are loathe to call reporters that don’t tow their line fake news, but just shy away from shaping their mouths and tongues to allow the sound out.

Kevin Rudd’s crusade against the Murdoch press (despite gaining their endorsements in 2007 for his then opposition’s campaign) also includes ‘quackery’, ‘misinformation’, and a ‘racism as a business model’ but never the ‘F’ word. Hmm. So diplomatic.

Possibly because his ‘scheduled call’ with the Pfizer chairman to single-handedly save Australia’s vaccine rollout in 2021 could be considered er…making stuff up.

Mastering verbal parries and dodges is pretty much what you learn in Political Communication on day one of class – and accusing the other side of writing fiction in papers of record is often how the ALP tricks and confuses electorates into voting for them. I mean, why else would you?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, once he’s booted out of office (God willing), will make (another) fortune selling his semantic snake oil to other pollies and CEOs in hot water.

It’s not fake news, it’s #ThisIsNotJournalism.

Pertinent questions are framed back as ‘esoteric debates’. Caught in outright lies saying ‘Victoria’s health system will receive a massive $1.3 billion injection to quickly establish an extra 4000 ICU beds’ in a press release was met with outright gaslighting – ‘Hang on a minute, that’s not what we announced!’ When asked about it, we reject your reality and substitute our own…

Then Andrews DESTROYED (according to Twitter) the now Left-apostate Leigh Sales – the template for Palaszczuk’s own truth dodging par excellence – in a press conference in February 2021 for rightly pointing out that Victoria’s contact tracing system wasn’t up to scratch:

‘You’ve made a number of assertions there…’ Andrews begins.

Sales fires back with, ‘No, they’re facts.’

‘No, they’re not,’ Andrews says. ‘You’ve just put it to me there’s a lack of confidence… I’m more than confident in the team we have and in the Victorian community […] With the greatest of respect you’ve put a number of things to me that are not accurate.’

There’s that word again – without using the actual word again!

Why don’t Labor premiers and politicians use the term fake news? Is it because Donald Trump used it, and everything he does is unspeakably heinous? Or is it that once they accuse one side of fake news, they can’t weaponise their own falsehoods as fact to bash their political opponents across the head?

If they’re allowed any more power, you’ll probably hear this in the PM’s maiden speech: ‘Only the ALP decides who practices journalism in this country and the circumstances in which they practice it.’

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