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Chasing 'freedom' at the federal election

22 March 2022

2:00 PM

22 March 2022

2:00 PM

This coming federal election, Australia is at a crossroads.

The disillusionment with the major parties created during the years of Covid turmoil has provided a catalyst for political engagement not ordinarily expected by the average Aussie.

Australians have had no choice but to take more notice and actively participate in their political future because of the direct impact the decisions of bureaucrats and power-crazed politicians have inflicted upon them.

Is it time to break with the major parties – or will Australians remain with the devil they know?

Any radical change in government is preceded by tumultuous events and evolving cultural shifts that gain momentum. The Culture Wars have been simmering for over a decade and many are fed up with years of woke suppression, shaming, and division. The government response to the Covid crisis has destroyed lives and continues to divide communities as state politicians cling to the irresistible power grab that has enabled control beyond the reach of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. We now see further turmoil with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the flow-on effect of inflation.

As the meme puts it, ‘March 2020: not allowed to travel more than 5km. March 2022: can’t afford to drive more than 5km.’ There is no end in sight for the outrageous bowser prices.

The politicians in this country are consistently living up to their mediocrity and crazy assertions that just get wilder by the day. ‘Major’ Mark McGowan has ordered Covid testing troops to deploy in the streets of Western Australia [for a voluntarily trial]. The NSW/QLD flood emergency spotlighted an incompetent Prime Minister, asleep at the wheel, and the nonsensical madness of vaccine mandates to fill sandbags for emergency service volunteers. Meanwhile in Danistan, the Chairman is spruiking the ‘own nothing and you will be happy’ mantra where Generation Z is apparently happy to rent forever with house ownership no longer attainable for most.

It seems the stupid decisions and the imbeciles running the show will continue to wreak havoc unless Australians choose an alternative path.

Far fetched, you may think, that a party other than Labor or Liberal will win this year’s election.

Whilst you are most likely correct in that assertion, given the current political climate it would be remiss of us not to seriously assess the viability of the minor party contenders. Particularly those parties who represent something we all cherish and have taken for granted, that of course is freedom – a concept we never thought in a million years could possibly be manipulated at will by modern day government.

Even now, two years after the lockdowns began, vaccine mandates are enforced in Australia even though many countries have abolished such draconian measures. Whilst we have been divided over this virus largely thanks to the vile rhetoric so disgracefully disseminated through mainstream media outlets, all Australians share connection and commonality because of our desire for freedom. We all want to be able to live our lives without the nanny state constantly interfering and introducing endless processes and procedures only making it more difficult to run a small business, educate children, purchase a home, access our super, or care for a loved one. The list goes on as every aspect of our lives seems to have been gradually overrun by government regulations and requirements.

The minor parties who represent smaller government and who put the protection of individual liberties and freedoms at the forefront include the Liberal Democrats, United Australia Party, One Nation, and the Great Australia Party.

The UAP’s membership has grown exponentially since Covid hit and the party now has over 80,000 members. Craig Kelly’s impassioned speech in Parliament during the peak of Covid mania was formidable. His straight-talking and sincere outrage at the handling of the pandemic and the injustices occurring was nothing short of impressive and memorable. Thanks to Clive Palmer’s wealth, the party has advertising reach, and the messaging is simple, Freedom! Their slogan, ‘We can never trust the Liberal or Labor parties again!’ is ringing true for many as polling suggests that up to 30 per cent of Australians have decided that they are not going to vote for Labor, Liberals, the Greens, or the Liberal National Party this election.

This represents a real chance for the minor parties to capitalise on the disillusionment of so many Australians brought about by state government overreach, federal government inaction, and mass media misinformation.

The Liberal Democrats are growing in numbers and present a well organised and impressive candidate lineup. Number one Senate candidate for Victoria David Limbrick, along with MP Tim Quilty, have been vocal opponents of mandates and lockdowns from the start of the Covid travesty. They were a voice for so many in darkest of the Danistan days when people were locked up, arrested for posting protests on social media, vilified for having a different opinion and shot at with rubber bullets. David and Tim protested outside parliament when no one else was allowed to leave their radius to demand ‘let the kids play’ and ‘open the playgrounds’.

The Liberal Democrats have stood firm as the world around us crumbled before our very eyes, they represented a beacon of hope and a true representation of liberal, democratic values that will not be broken. Campbell Newman is another experienced contender who is leading the charge for the Queensland Liberal Democrats and recently, they have welcomed John Larter (NSW) as a Senate candidate. Larter, a former senior paramedic, challenged Brad Hazzard in court over vaccine mandates and is a familiar face at protests often accompanied by former Qantas pilot Graham Hood. The party’s Freedom Manifesto is their comprehensive policy document that offers Australians the chance for meaningful change for a better future.

One Nation have created a popular cartoon series Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain, that is educational and hilarious. I’ve binged watched all episodes and must admit it is on point and damn funny. In episode two, Albo and Scomo are making preference deals however as ‘Miss Senator Hanson’ explains these deals may be undermined since voters do not have to follow the major parties’ how to vote cards and can decide for themselves who to put two and three etc…

Topher Field has posted a YouTube video demonstrating with marbles how the voting system works and encourages people to put Labor, Liberals, Nationals, and the Greens last and then list the freedom-friendly minor parties at the top of the ballot paper. One Nation is having to contend with other minor parties for the votes of many traditional Liberal supporters who have become disaffected for various reasons including Liberals going woke, Climate Change Net Zero madness, or the Coalition’s inaction defending the basic human rights of all Australians.

It has been a tumultuous two years and whilst it would have been even more abysmal had Labor been in at the federal level. The Liberal Coalition government has not fared well and indeed has left supporters bemused and in desperate need for the Liberal Party to once again find its backbone, its nerve, and compulsion to act on its foundations of trust in the people – backing the middle class and striving for a greater more prosperous future.

Perhaps it is now, more than ever before, that Australians will look to the alternative parties and Independents and consider them as legitimate contenders for office and crucial Members of Parliament and the Senate?

Our political class needs a shake-up.

If we want leaders once again with the courage and fortitude of Menzies, Hawke, and Howard, then the people of Australia need to find the courage to vote for real change by assessing and supporting the individual candidate and not merely the party they represent.

We need more respectable individuals in Parliament making decisions on our behalf who have an innate belief in the preservation of democracy and serving the people. We do not need an overbearing, meddling parental figure that only wants to discipline, dictate and burden us with more debt. Australians need to reclaim our independence, our strength and moral compass and the only way to do this is by making your vote count in the 2022 federal election.

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