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Sydney University’s climate change agenda

25 March 2022

9:00 AM

25 March 2022

9:00 AM

As a Sydney University Student in my final year of an undergraduate degree, the past three years have been a barrage of cultural revisionism, post-modern indoctrination, and left-wing ideological propaganda. In my first year as an education student in EDUF 1018, we read an extract by Anthony R. Welch from Education, Change and Society, which taught:

Denying children knowledge about sex and sexuality is done in the name of ‘protecting children’ … It has also denied young people an understanding of themselves as sexual beings by insisting sexuality is irrelevant to their lives.

That class was geared towards primary and secondary education students, insinuating the importance of class-based sexual exploration from the time they enter school. Other readings included Peter McLaren’s Critical Pedagogy: A look at the major concepts which read:

The dialectal nature of critical theory enables the educational researcher to see the school…as an arena of indoctrination or socialisation.

And so, my years at university went on. 

More recently, political propagandising went to new levels.

In a subject called ‘American History’ – which outlines the damaging effects of American wars on LGBTQ+, gender non-conforming, and environmental ecosystems – we were recently sent two emails. The first email outlined why the class had been cancelled so the professor and other students could attend the global climate strike on campus. Anyone who went to the rally could get a one-week extension on their assignment. 

Keep in mind, no class would be made to make up for the professor’s absence and the money I was spending out of my pocket would be going to waste. The issue here is not that students and teachers were going to a climate rally – they are more than welcome to spend their time in whatever way they choose – but that a professor at the most prestigious university in Australia could cancel a class and hand out extensions based on her ideological proclivities.

The email reads as follows: 

Dear All, as noted in last week’s seminar, class is cancelled on Friday to allow you to attend the rally for climate justice. You can rally on campus or meet at the domain at noon.

If that was not bad enough, she then rescinded her offer and gave every student an extension because some of the activist students could not go to the rally out of fear of getting Covid.

The second email read:

I’ve been reconsidering incentivising coming to the climate strike in the midst of a still-raging pandemic. It’s actually not fair to give some people an extension who are comfortable massing in crowds, versus those who are not.

If the universities have a chance to remain relevant and be tolerant of all viewpoints, it needs to stop forcing left-wing dogmas down the throats of students and stop cancelling classes based on the schedules of its activist professors.

If the taxpayer and student continue to pay money to these institutions, they should reflect the critical endeavour to acquire knowledge without political bias or an ideological agenda. 

Signed, Anonymous 

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