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Dr Murphy, Cultural Marxism, and the desecration of truth

15 April 2022

12:00 PM

15 April 2022

12:00 PM

Who would you trust the most?

A person who has dedicated their life to helping others but is a Christian? Someone who has worked and saved to buy a small farm to produce food to feed their family and sell at market? Or a thief? Your answer is key to understanding how only white people can be racist or boys can be girls.

Many have heard the words of Dr Murphy who, when asked by Senator Antic to define a woman, replied, ‘I think there are a variety of definitions.’

Who would have thought that the 1990 action comedy Kindergarten Cop would turn into an instructional video? ‘Boys have Penises, Girls have Vaginas!’ declares a primary school kid. Our Secretary of the Department of Health must have missed that lesson.

Assuming Dr Murphy was being truthful in his response, I see three possibilities:

  1. He doesn’t know what a woman is.
  2. He believes that biology is a social construct and hence is ‘contested’.
  3. He knows what a woman is but believes it is more expedient not to give us the benefit of his knowledge rather than risk the ire of those who believe that everything is a social construct.

I was a fan of Dr Murphy in early 2020. I believed he tried to bring perspective to the level of fear being generated. I was a little perplexed when he moved away from the role of Chief Medical Officer so quickly, but also understood that it must have been difficult.

Dr Murphy is an intelligent man and has a long list of accomplishments to his name, so it would seem doubtful that the first two options are viable. This leaves one possibility, and the one which is also the most sinister. You see, what he is really saying is that biological truth is less important than a culturally foreign ideology.

There is that word … truth.

At Easter, we see Pontius Pilate ask Christ, ‘What is truth?’ He believed that those in power defined truth. So, this ideology is not new and we see it come to prominence again in the teaching of Karl Marx. When communism failed, it morphed into Cultural Marxism. In a recent interview, historian Dr Stephen Chavura summarises the implementation of this from recent history to the present as basically the Christian ethic being viewed as oppressive and needing to be overthrown.

In his book Dumbing Down, Dr Kevin Donnelly quotes sociologist Frank Furedi that the idea of ‘no universal truth’ has gained widespread influence in academic circles. He goes on to argue that under this philosophy ‘nothing is inherently true or worthwhile as our perception of the world is conditioned by our own personal response and ideological baggage’. The result, unsurprisingly, is the theory that truth is malleable and constructed, but by whom?

Pilate’s question to Jesus was in response to his assertion that he represented truth. An objective truth that mathematicians, including Newton and Liebniz, used as their starting point. There are other views, including that objective science is a product of enlightenment theory. Whatever the reason it outlines the clash of ideas. The idea that there is objective truth versus the idea that truth is constructed through power structures.

Many have read Orwell’s 1984 and understood the statement ‘2 + 2 = 5’ formed by a central authority forcing the idea into Winston’s acceptance even though it was a lie. In Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, fiction becomes reality. He outlines a choice of who should have added responsibility in a Gulag. The choices include a person considered virtuous and dedicated to good works, someone with a commendable work ethic, or a thief. Most people would choose one of the first two people, but the communist party chose thieves and put them in a position of authority and power.

Why? The righteous person was a Christian and hence part of a power structure that seeks to pollute soviet society and is irredeemable, according to Marxist ideology. The agronomist was a good worker and had managed to save enough money to buy a small farm and was now part of the capitalist power structure seeking to undermine the creation of Utopia. This left the thief. He was not a Christian or capitalist and hence is not part of those power structures. He might not be the perfect communist yet, but he is on a journey and worthy of trust.

The same principle applies to every facet of life under Cultural Marxism. Racism? It is not about race, it is about the group in power subjugating other groups. Hence only white people can be racist. Sex? Roles, family, and sexuality are categories created by the patriarchy to oppress others. This behaviour continues to children. Society may determine that they are too young to drive, but it is the colonial view of the family which deems children too immature to decide life-altering surgery.

Indigenous affairs academic Anthony Dillon offers the following demonstration on how logic becomes illogical when applying this philosophy:

One of the dumbest claims I see by SJWs is, “It’s not the place of the white person to tell the black person what is and is not racism.” By that logic, when a black person wrongly accuses a white person of racism, Mr White is not allowed to defend himself. Isn’t that racism?’

If Dr Murphy has chosen not to speak truth because of political expedience, he is complicit in significant damage to the reputation of our health services. He has chosen or entertain subjectivity at the expense of truth. This diminishes trust and the faith in integrity which are key when it comes to policies that affect a vitally important area across the population.

There is some hope, however, just as most children can say what a woman is, several prominent individuals have now provided an answer. Maybe this should be the first question asked when interviewing candidates seeking positions in health or government? Perhaps this is summarised best by the parody figure Titania McGrath, ‘As a white person of colour, I understand how difficult it is to be queer when you’re exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. Why won’t anyone take us seriously?’

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