Flat White

Letter to the Prime Minister

10 April 2022

4:00 AM

10 April 2022

4:00 AM

Dear Sir,

You have spent the last three years trying to fight emergent problems. You have introduced and used some aggressive fiscal interventions, which have been fully supported by the opposition Labor Party because they were basically actions which they would always take, not the least being to spend big with money you don’t have. You have ignored the requirements of the Constitution and allowed the freedoms of the Australian public to be eroded by state premiers. You are now in danger of losing the upcoming election. 

It is all very well trying to win an election on your party’s economic performance, but many Australians do not believe it. They may see an improving GDP but they also see increasing inflation, increased living costs, and diminishing standards of living. Ordinary Australians, especially those on minimum incomes are going backward and not benefiting from any GDP growth.

You have made a foolish commitment to Net Zero greenhouse gas emission growth by 2050 without knowing how this can be achieved, or even explaining why it is necessary. You have not even tried to explain how this will be achieved.

You have continued the practices of past federal governments in not ensuring that we have the necessary security forces properly equipped to defend us if there should be an aggressive overseas adversary. You make poor and slow decisions.

In fact, you lead a reactive rather than a proactive government. You have displayed no vision, no policies, no morals, no principles, and no balls. Despite being cowed by the past two years of none ending Covid scare-mongering, the Australian public will not accept any more of your poor leadership. You are in danger of being replaced by an opponent who has even less vision and principles than yourself.

So, I suggest the following three policies, which are within the scope of Australians to understand and within your ability to deliver, if you are prepared to do so.

You can acknowledge that climate change may be occurring and that we need to reduce pollution of all sorts. You can advise that we need to make our country’s borders secure and you can express your understanding that actions have to be taken to try and ensure that the wealth generated in Australia benefits all Australians.

  1. Development and installation of nuclear power stations to replace coal-fired units and support any other form of, sometimes unreliable, renewable energy installations. The Green government in Germany is resurrecting their nuclear power stations, the French have indicated that they will build further nuclear power stations and the UK government has just announced they will have another five new nuclear power stations before 2050. The Australian public would support you. Labor would not be adverse as this would result in jobs and the Greens would just have to swallow it and face reality.
  2. Totally review and hasten the development of a strong national defence force, with military leaders who are warriors and leaders, not pen pushers who will not support their troops both in the field and after they have fought in combat. We need a defence force that can defend Australia, with equipment made or supported in Australia, not a limb of an overseas military force.
  3. Consider a Universal Basic Income for all Australians, irrespective of income or capability. Such a measure would require considerable changes in social security and taxation and it would take some time to develop and implement, as state governments have to do their part. There is no need to move away from a capitalist economic model, just get the government out of private enterprise decisions, in all areas, especially employment conditions and business externalities. This would require removing a considerable amount of power and decision-making from the public service and allowing individuals to make their own decisions. It would enable ordinary people to use their energy and enterprise to create wealth and spread that wealth throughout the community. It should remove employment as a political issue.

If you are not certain how you can either present those policies or implement them I am sure that I and many others can give you advice on both actions required and the problems and advantages of each proposal. For certain, it would cut the ground out from under your opponents who have no proposals at all, except to spend money in specific areas which the public may emotionally feel sympathetic towards. You will be able to present a vision for the future. You then only have to implement that vision to remain as the party chosen to guide them into the future.


A concerned conservation Australian 

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