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De-Carbonising the Liberal Moderates

24 May 2022

4:00 AM

24 May 2022

4:00 AM

The process of counting the casualties from the weekend’s political massacre continues. That hasn’t slowed Labor down. The first official duty of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese – Climate Change warrior – was to hop on a carbon-spewing aircraft and head to Japan with Foreign Minister Penny Wong to ‘send a message to the world’. Presumably, that message is ‘do as I say, but not as I do’ when it comes to Net Zero.

‘It’s a government that represents a change, in terms of the way we deal with the world on issues like Climate Change,’ said Albanese.

Labor has been elected to government with the lowest primary vote since 1910. Clearly there is more to the story than watching Anthony Albanese roll around in confetti while people smugglers send excited text messages to the Indonesian fishing community.

To see the primary vote collapse on both sides of the fence confirms that Australia’s political landscape is a mess. While it is obvious that the intellectual laziness of the Turnbull-Morrison government bleached the blue from the Liberals, Labor’s catastrophic social engineering error did not manifest until polls closed.

In attempting to raise a generation of young Labor voters, the Left embedded themselves in the education system and began a curriculum of hardcore socialism disguised as virtuous environmentalism and social justice. The idea was to use the robust and well-baited hook of Climate Change to ensure young adults, fearing the apocalypse, would vote Labor at their first election. No need for rich, suburban kids to sympathise with hundreds of years of unionism or outdated Labor Party nostalgia…

The first part of the plan worked. Instead of teaching children maths, English, science, and critical thinking – Australian kids became shouty activists, sticking themselves to random surfaces in service of the climate (death) cult.

No question, it was the Liberal Party who dropped the ball by allowing this to happen (and they paid the price in Teal female quotas), but Labor finds itself faced with the strongest Green and Teal vote in history. Like gangrene, it has spread from the tips of Labor’s fingers and now the infection has a grip on Albanese’s throat. The Liberals remain free to fight against Eco-fascism if they elect a half-decent leader, Labor cannot.

Greens and Teals do not have to hold the balance of power to direct government when they can shout into their well-funded microphones and send school children onto the street in tears every time one of the climate barons wants a hundred-million-dollar grant.

Will voting Teal shift the thermostat a single decimal place? No. But that teal-coloured corflute in the rosebushes makes certain that the neighbours know you’re a good person.

This is what Liberals like the heir apparent Josh Frydenberg missed.

The Teals did not run a political campaign. Voting Teal wasn’t about electing someone to government. It wasn’t about policy. It wasn’t even about Sugar Daddy Simon. The rich voted Teal to ‘save the world’ and prove that despite over-indulging in the (carbon-saturated) luxury lifestyles, they have ‘done their bit’ by putting another rich and privileged person in power.

Remember, the architects of Climate Change have spent decades terrifying children and guilt-tripping their wealthy parents. Those that questioned the dogma were demeaned as ‘science deniers’ or – infinitely worse if you’re an Upper North Shore luvvie – stupid. All the Greens and Teals had to do was sit them in front of a polling booth and offer salvation with a vote – like dropping loose change in the collection plate. One vote – guaranteed saviour status.

Albanese isn’t going to change the climate any more than the Teals. Australia will still have bushfires. Floods. Storms. It’ll get cold. It’ll be hot. The weather has no interest in who sleeps at the Lodge.

When the apocalypse fails to manifest and all the sacred relics and priests are defrocked, a different sort of blue sea will rise. If the Liberals are smart, they’ll be captain of that ship.

There will be no conservative rescue under a ‘moderate’ Liberal leader. Scott Morrison got exactly what he helped to create – directionless chaos. By the time he lost government, Morrison had run the Liberal Party so far to the Left it was in danger of crashing into Greta Thunberg’s yacht. He had to lose.

Australia is in the middle of an ideological conflict and the Liberals were led by a man who refused to fight, seeing no value in the discussions of our social fabric.

‘If people expect me to be a culture warrior in this job, that’s not my job,’ said the former Prime Minister.

Morrison failed to recognise that the Left have used Marxist rhetoric to create a culture of dependent weaklings – worsened by the Covid welfare state. Everyone wants to be a victim these days. Race, gender, sexuality, or – failing all of those identity boxes – climate. That’s the victim category for the privileged class.

The Liberal Party lost on the weekend because they made no attempt to tear the lies of Marxism to shreds. It is easy enough to expose this type of activism as fraud, but Morrison and his moderates foolishly thought they could skim off the victim vote for themselves by pandering to the activist fringe.

In the end, the big losers of the female-dominated election – were women. Although the Teals cling to power around the foreshore of Sydney’s harbourside electorates like algae, they will be used in the House of Reps as masks worn by their wealthy benefactors. These women have been paraded as a colourful show to dress-up toxic ideology for the benefit of big business. Don’t expect to see wind turbines in Warringah or the streets of Wentworth ripped up to get rid of wicked cars. Meanwhile, women and girls in the real world are set to watch their sports careers trashed by men and their safety sacrificed in the name of ‘tolerance’.

What of the true-believers? This is the biggest election win in history for the Greens, but odds are the average person has no idea what their policies are. How many would have cast their vote for Adam Bandt if they’d read his rambling pledge to ‘de-carbonise the military’, close our foreign bases, and dramatically wind back our defence capabilities on the eve of the most dangerous global conflict this nation has seen in a century?

The Liberals made ‘Net Zero’ effort to eviscerate the collective insanity of the Greens and one is left to wonder if Morrison was so busy trying to save seats like Chisholm that he didn’t want to go anywhere near a conversation about national security. His cowardice was for nothing – Labor won there anyway.

Did we learn anything?

Aside from Biden-esque footage emerging of Simon Birmingham being unable to use doors, the discarded moderates took to the press to insist that they lost because the Liberal Party hasn’t gone ‘far enough to the left’. Dave Sharma said upon his defeat: ‘We’ve lost sense of what it is to be a broad church and I think we need to rediscover that middle ground. We’re going to have to do a pretty dramatic post-mortem after this.’

With MPs like him cleaned out of the ranks, a proper conservative leader such as Peter Dutton might have the chance to breathe clean air and make a fresh start.

The Liberal Party will win again, but only if they remember who they are and what it takes to be a free, fair, and prosperous nation.

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at donor-box.

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