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Democrats go on 'sex strike'

27 June 2022

10:14 AM

27 June 2022

10:14 AM

Abortion activists have threatened a ‘sex strike’ to protest the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

A suddenly chaste protester told the New York Post:

If this world thinks that they can oppress women forever, then we close our legs.’

So she’s going on a sex strike until her demand for bodily autonomy is granted, and only then will she give her political opponents access to her body.

Never mind that it doesn’t make sense. Almost nothing the Left says about abortion makes sense. And the way the Left talk about abortion, you’d think it was a matter of life and death.

Another fair Left maiden insisted:

If you’re a man who won’t get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible, and you’re not out in the streets fighting for my rights, you do not deserve to have sex with me.’

The grand assumption here is that men who oppose abortion have even a remote interest in sleeping with the kind of women raging against the US Supreme Court.

Hot Tip: People must want to have sex with you for a sex strike to be effective.

To be honest, I’m not so sure that a sex strike by a sexless, androgynous, neutered, genderless, loveless, nihilistic generation amounts to much more than slightly less than nothing.

One newly abstinent woman, posting on social media, wrote:

I’m not having sex with a man. Burn the patriarchy. I won’t let a penis near my vagina. That is my protest.’

Then, hilariously, she added:

Edit: This was meant to be pithy, not a take on whether trans men have penises.’

Who needs sex? Just reading that post bought me enormous pleasure!

So just to be clear fellas, the sex strike only applies to those of you with penises. All you guys with vaginas will still be getting plenty of action!

Can you see how the whole progressive house of cards collapses if people see more than one piece of it at a time? The jokes write themselves!

Everyone wins when Lefty women stage a sex strike.

The abortion rate drops since there are no ‘just a bit of tissue’ that weirdly has a heartbeat needing to be killed.

And while progressives are refusing to reproduce, conservatives will be enjoying great sex and giving birth to children who grow up to vote conservative.

I’m not so sure the Lefty ladies have thought this whole sex strike thing through.

The very people insisting on the sex strike are the same people who insist that women should not be objectified.

But a sex strike implies that sex is the most important thing women have to offer, to the point of using it as an ultimatum for court rulings!

A sex strike to ‘starve men out’ seems rather like women depicting themselves as pieces of meat dangling over men to try and win back their own bodily autonomy.

Moreover, it implies that a woman’s view of sex is entirely transactional rather than as something enjoyable for its own sake. That doesn’t sound very feministy.

A meme shared thousands of times on social media encouraging women to ‘Take the Pledge’ reads:

Because SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade, we cannot take the risk of an unintended pregnancy, therefore, we will not have sex with any man – including our husbands – unless we are trying to become pregnant. #SexStrike’

In other words ‘we will literally adopt the strict Catholic ethos in regards to sex until the anti-abortion ruling is overturned’.

That’ll show ‘em!

So the Left have decided to promote abstinence and personal responsibility as an alternative to having an unwanted pregnancy.


If only conservatives had thought of that!

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