Angela Rayner ally sacked by Starmer

28 July 2022

2:56 AM

28 July 2022

2:56 AM

Sam Tarry, who joined today’s picket line at Euston and gave various interviews from there, has been sacked from the Labour shadow transport team and the front bench.

However, Tarry has not been sacked for being on the picket line, but for making unauthorised media appearances. Labour’s line is that

this isn’t about appearing on a picket line. Members of the frontbench sign up to collective responsibility. That includes media appearances being approved and speaking to agreed frontbench positions.

This morning, Tarry implied that rail workers would not have gone on strike under a Labour government as they would have been offered a more generous pay deal.

Given that Tarry is a close ally of Angela Rayner, his sacking will cause comment. But it did seem likely from this morning when he went on the media to discuss his appearance on the picket line.

Given the amount of industrial action we can expect in the coming months as public sector workers push for pay rises that are in line with inflation (something the government is reluctant to offer), Starmer is trying to lay down a marker here.

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