Hunter Biden may be indicted, reports…CNN?

22 July 2022

1:16 AM

22 July 2022

1:16 AM

Trouble may be ahead for America’s least favorite fortunate son. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials are reportedly discussing whether to indict Hunter Biden on charges relating to tax and foreign lobbying violations. This comes as an investigation into his finances is reaching a “critical stage.”

While this might seem like yet another story the mainstream media would sweep under the rug, Cockburn is pleased to see that even CNN covered it. Clearly something is up here.

Back in March, one of Cockburn’s pals, Charles Lipson, covered the media’s purposeful blindness into the Hunter Biden laptop scandal after the New York Times casually verified that the computer was real (a year and a half after the New York Post had verified it and been banned from Twitter for its efforts). That the press is now actively covering Hunter suggests a very serious shift.

Americans have suffered through two years of Hunter’s father Joe in the White House, while the media’s complicity in covering for Biden has become more apparent with each new gaffe and mistake. Now, with possible charges on the horizon, Cockburn can only ask, “Why do you suddenly care?”

The clearest explanation is that they (meaning the Democrats, the mainstream news, etc.) don’t need the Biden family anymore. Now that the near-octogenarian is complicating foreign affairs trips and tossing out a gaffe every other day (the most recent of which saw him claim he had cancer), suddenly the mainstream media is covering him much less charitably than two years prior. That’s not to say they bash him as mercilessly as the other guy, but there is a marked difference in their coverage.

Of course, drawing attention to Hunter Biden makes sense now, as Joe’s 2024 prospects are looking slim and there is an increasing desire for someone else to run. The Democrats overseeing the Biden administration are beginning to confirm what everyone else already knows: that Biden and his disastrous policies can’t go on much longer. Cockburn can only hope that at the end of this, justice will be served.

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