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Labor to 'rescue' ISIS brides?

17 July 2022

6:45 PM

17 July 2022

6:45 PM

If it wasn’t bad enough watching Foreign Minister Penny Wong hand $1 million to the Taliban in aid, it now appears that the Albanese government is being pressured into considering bringing ‘home’ the brides (and children) of ISIS. This isn’t the first time Labor has flirted with the idea.

It is something Scott Morrison sensibly refused to do, especially as Australia is under no obligation. While countries such as New Zealand have allowed the wives of terrorists back into the country, many others refuse on national security grounds. This has left the women in limbo, trapped in various camps – a fitting punishment, many believe, for the atrocities committed by the ideology they supported.

These are the women who forfeited their right to call themselves ‘Australian’ by leaving the country to presumably help their husbands wage a campaign of religiously motivated murder and terror against the Western world, including the citizens of Australia.

To recap, ISIS has committed terror attacks, genocide, torture, slavery, mass rapes, forced marriages, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, robbery, extortion, smuggling, kidnapping, the use of child soldiers, destruction of ancient monuments, forced conversions, beheadings, crucifixions, beatings, mutilation, dismemberment, stoning, and burning people alive. This was not a secret at the time of their decision to join.

While Labor premiers tormented law-abiding citizens about ‘mask wearing’ and vaccine passports for years, the idea that they’d allow the brides of terror to wander around Australia as if nothing happened is a sickening double-standard that makes a mockery of law, morality, and basic ethics.

ISIS fighters will never answer for most of their atrocities – and it has been documented that the ‘wives’ were far from passive. They carried weapons. They oversaw the torture of prisoners – particularly captured women and girls. They helped to indoctrinate their children into the terrorist ideology.

‘In some cases, [the ISIS brides] were the ones who made women shower and put on clean clothes and makeup before they were brought to the men to be raped. They were absolutely complicit, and they knew very well what they were doing,’ said Pari Ibrahim, Founder and Executive Director of the Free Yezidi Foundation, to Buzzfeed.

They might be women, but they are not worthy of sympathy.

Having lost the glorious Jihad, and with their husbands either dead or rotting in prison cells dotted around the Middle East, some of them are longing for the pleasantries of Australia’s peaceful democracy.

‘Too bad, so sad…’ would be the polite response.

In Syria, the Kurdish Autonomous Administration wants the Albanese government to take possession of around 60 women and children and fly them ‘home’. They are suspected, but not charged, of involvement in ISIS.

The idea is to return them to Australia where only a handful would face terror charges, as it is very difficult to prove criminal acts committed abroad. The rest would be put back into society to live among peaceful citizens.

As for their children (also referred to as ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’), they were raised in an atmosphere of intense religious hatred and brainwashing where it was common for photos of toddlers holding machine guns and severed heads to emerge. By age six it has been reported that they were already engaging in target practice with live weapons or sent on suicide missions.

ISIS is known for putting more effort into radicalising very young children than any other terror cult. They see children as the continuation of the caliphate and so they are relentlessly schooled, even as toddlers.

As one study into ISIS children explains, ‘Minors in the “caliphate” are taught from a young age that anyone who does not observe the correct interpretation of Islam is a “kafir” (unbeliever) and must be killed.’

This can be clearly seen in footage of a female journalist Rola al-Khatib in the north-eastern Syrian al-Hol refugee camp (also spelled ‘al-Hawl’) under Kurdish control. (The same camp where many of the Australian brides and their children are waiting for Albanese to rescue them.)

The children, barely older than six or seven, begin by calling her an infidel because she is not wearing a hijab – which to the children must be a full black covering. They shout, ‘Shame!’ at her for a while, until the journalist asks the children what they will do to her if she does not wear the hijab.

‘We will kill you!’ Reply the very young children. ‘We will kill you… With guns we count the kuffars (infidels). We will slaughter you.’

Are they to be put into school alongside Australian children? How happy would Australian parents be knowing their kids are sitting next to a child of ISIS educated in hate? And what happens when these kids become adults? Would Labor be exposing Australians to another generation of young, angry, violent men seeking retribution for the war their fathers lost? And what about the Australian women who come across these young men as they grow up?

Brides of ISIS is a deceptively passive name for women with just as much responsibility as men. They went abroad to wage Holy War and regret their decision – not because they had a crisis of faith – but because they lost the war.

Their sob stories, which can be read at length, are of their own making. They are not victims, they are creatures of the cult of terror that caused so much horror in the world.

It is their fault that their children have no future in Australia – but there is nothing Australia can do once young minds are poisoned. It is not fair on Australian children to sit side-by-side and ‘hope’ that nothing happens. We know from decades of experience, particularly in Europe, that many of these children grow up to harm and kill.

At some point Albanese has to act like a Prime Minister and choose the safety and security of the Australian people.

That is his primary duty.

If he wants to support these women, why doesn’t Albanese negotiate asylum for the ISIS brides and their children in an ISIS-controlled territory where their ideology will not come into dangerous conflict with Australian citizens?

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