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Moira Deeming: a damning case of radical common sense

26 July 2022

10:00 AM

26 July 2022

10:00 AM

If you want to understand how far left the Australian mainstream media has gone, consider this article in The Age newspaper about newly endorsed Victorian Liberal candidate Moira Deeming.

Ms Deeming has been chosen to replace dumped Liberal MP Bernie Finn in the contest for the upper house Western Metropolitan Region seat in the upcoming state election.

The headline in Friday’s paper read: Liberals choose councillor with controversial trans views.

Really? That sounds outrageous. I wonder what her controversial views were…

Brace yourself.

Deeming once dared to suggest, as a City of Melton councillor, that separate bathrooms should be created for transgender people as a ‘civil compromise’ to the debate on bathrooms.

Separate bathrooms…? Talk about extreme right-wing nut job! (That was sarcasm, obviously.)

But wait, Deeming has even more controversial views.

According to The Age:

The teacher and mother of four was elected to the council on a platform that included: ‘I will never support rates being used to promote radical policies like banning Australia Day, drag queen storytimes for toddlers, or letting biological males who identify as female use female toilets and change rooms.’

According to this article in The Age, is it controversial to support Australia Day, it is controversial to baulk at drag queens (who are adult performers from a highly sexualised industry) reading stories to preschoolers, and it is controversial to think women deserve safe bathrooms away from biological men.

If those positions are considered far right by the Australian media, God help us. They are essentially declaring most Australians ‘far right’.

Of course, readers of The Age disagree with me and agreed wholeheartedly that Deeming is a dangerous radical.

One reader wrote:

‘The Victorian Liberal Party is quite simply unfit to even be considered for government whilst they select individuals like this one. Not sure what percentage of the population share her views.’

Actually, outside of the bubble who read The Age, the overwhelming majority of the population share Deeming’s views.

It is precisely for this reason that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese promised before the election that he was ‘not Woke’.

And it is for this reason that senior Labor MP Bill Shorten moved quickly last week to fix Medicare forms that referred to ‘birthing parent’ rather than mother.

Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy might like to stop reading The Age and pay attention to Mr Albanese and Mr Shorten.

Mr Guy, who recently announced a climate policy even further to the left than his left-leaning opponents, used up enormous political capital to dis-endorse outspoken MP Bernie Finn.

Mr Finn’s sin was to voice his stance against abortion publicly.

It seems local Liberal Party members don’t read The Age. They responded by selecting Ms Deeming from 10 candidates to replace Mr Finn in what can only be interpreted as a massive rebuke to Mr Guy who, as it turned out, burned all that political goodwill for nothing.

Returning to the pages of The Age newspaper, readers pointed out the real problem with the state Liberal Party. See if you can detect a common theme here:

‘The out of control Right wing religious fanatics are still in power in the Victorian Liberal Party!’

‘The Liberal Party has chosen a path it thinks will strike a chord in Melbourne’s Bible Belt. It has already forgotten the recent electoral spanking that Gods Chosen One got. Instead of divisive unproductive hate, bigotry, and intolerance it should be uniting us, Victorians prefer it.’

‘Would appear that the Libs have learnt nothing about church and church like involvement in secular politics.’

Those damn Christians seeking to impose their divisive, unproductive, hateful, bigoted, intolerant views on fair-minded Victorians.

Most Victorians, according to readers of The Age, just want to be left alone to erase gendered language, indoctrinate children, and undermine Australia without being bullied by Bible-thumping weirdos.

And if the Victorian Liberal leader has his way, decent Victorians will have no other choice.

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