James Ball

Facebook has called the Australian media’s bluff

19 February 2021 12:59 am

In 2021, it’s not uncommon to hope that everyone involved in an argument can lose, or to suspect that pretty…

The problem with ‘immunity passports’

5 December 2020 9:00 am

The many dangers of ‘immunity passports’

Were there any links between Cambridge Analytica, Russia and Brexit?

11 October 2020 8:45 pm

In July 2018, Elizabeth Denham – the woman in charge of enforcing the UK’s laws on data protection – appeared…

Unplugging Huawei will be harder than it looks

7 July 2020 10:05 pm

There is nothing some Conservatives like talking about more than Huawei. Each new development in global politics is a new…

How did the UK’s pandemic preparations go so wrong?

4 July 2020 9:00 am

How was Britain so ill-prepared for a pandemic?

The UK isn't taking the risk of contact tracing fraud seriously

3 June 2020 12:17 am

Experts have a get-out clause of which politicians can only dream when they are speaking from the podium at press briefings.…

The R-number – and the danger of false certainty

11 May 2020 5:48 am

Not much about Boris Johnson’s Sunday night television address was clear. The one definite new measure – one which will…

Can we trust Neil Ferguson’s computer code?

8 May 2020 10:34 pm

Newspapers aren’t the place to debate expert advice on a crisis. Advisors advise, ministers decide. We should keep politics out…

The price of oil just hit $0 a barrel. What’s going on?

21 April 2020 5:08 am

If you’ve ever wanted to own a barrel of oil, today might be your lucky day – for the first…

Who is monitoring the 200 million videos available daily on YouTube?

17 March 2018 9:00 am

On 25 April 2005, Jawed Karim sent an email to his friends announcing the launch of a new video site…