Capital punishment: why wealth taxes don’t work

30 January 2021 9:00 am

Why wealth taxes don’t work

The rise of the super pessimist

25 January 2021 5:00 pm

Covid isn’t the only thing to have developed a dangerous strain in the UK; pessimism has also mutated and is…

Are there any mountains left unclimbed?

23 January 2021 9:00 am

Bad service Economic growth fell by 2.6% in November, the month of the second lockdown, compared with falls of 7.3%…

Could the Australian approach to Covid work in Britain?

23 January 2021 9:00 am

The government’s most important economic policy is its vaccination programme. The speed at which people are immunised will determine when…

Why 2021 could be the year of economic Armageddon

2 January 2021 2:43 am

The British economy is wrapped in bandages – we won’t know whether the wound has scabbed or turned septic until…

The ideological bankruptcy of modern monetary theory

19 December 2020 9:00 am

There’s nothing new about ‘new monetary theory’

Ring out, wild bells: 2021 will be a year of renewal

19 December 2020 9:00 am

Save for those old enough to have lived through the second world war and its immediate austere aftermath, it would…

Do divorces really increase after Christmas?

19 December 2020 9:00 am

Now and then Were households allowed to mix at Christmas during the plague? Samuel Pepys’s diary entry for 25 December…

Where is the Conservatives’ post-Brexit agenda?

18 December 2020 2:30 am

What’s the point of Brexit? We are told it is to take back control, but that is a means to…

More Brexit talks are the worst possible outcome for the economy

14 December 2020 12:53 am

Currency speculators at some of the hedge funds in Mayfair may be feeling quietly pleased.Trade experts will be relieved that…

Wealth taxes are not the answer to our financial woes

10 December 2020 1:53 am

Today the Wealth Tax Commission, an initiative involving the LSE, has recommended a ‘one-off’ 5 per cent levy on the…

The texture of our country is changing before our eyes

5 December 2020 9:00 am

On Saturday night we sat around the kitchen table, my family and I, and had a takeaway from the Turkish…

The government is sending the high street to an early grave

5 December 2020 9:00 am

Does it matter that Debenhams and the Arcadia group have gone under this week, taking 25,000 jobs with them and…

The public sector delusion

28 November 2020 9:00 am

I wonder how much more money we will have to bung the teachers in order to inculcate within them an…

A vaccine won't heal the scarring of lockdown

28 November 2020 9:00 am

How can Britain recover post-Covid?


Trump’s story is still not over

26 November 2020 4:00 am

The triumphant ululations of the almost unanimous Trump-hating media of America and much of the world did not clarify the…

Denial is not a strategy, Prime Minister

21 November 2020 9:00 am

The psychodrama in No. 10 is badly timed. The government has used emergency powers to ban meetings, church services and…

Open and shut case: how did lockdown affect shops?

14 November 2020 9:00 am

Shot in the arm Global stock markets reached a new high after pharmaceutical firm Pfizer announced a vaccine it is…

Britain's economy has been bouncing back – but there's a major caveat

12 November 2020 11:45 pm

Britain’s economy rebounded by a record 15.5 per cent between July and September, reflecting the relaxation of lockdown measures and increased consumer…


Do you want a Trump or Biden economy?

13 October 2020 5:06 am

It would be great if the President was an icon of virtue and goodness, but he isn’t. As much as…


Will the economy recover enough to help Trump win?

1 October 2020 5:14 am

It’s rather difficult to dissect or analyze policy areas from last night’s horrendous debate. But Freddy Gray and I attempt…

The true cost of coronavirus on our economy

26 September 2020 9:00 am

The economic scars of Covid will define the decade

Rishi Sunak prepares UK economy for 'permanent adjustment'

24 September 2020 10:50 pm

The UK economy is no longer hibernating; it is ‘adjusting’. Today’s measures announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak are designed to…

How Boris can get Britain back to work

5 September 2020 9:00 am

This week was built up by the Prime Minister to be the moment that would mark the return of economic…

Can Scotland afford independence?

29 August 2020 11:16 pm

How would an independent Scotland have fared during the pandemic? We found out this week on the annual release of…