31 August 2013

9:00 AM

31 August 2013

9:00 AM

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Supporters of Merthyr Town Football Club objected to having their ground renamed the Cigg-e Stadium in a £60,000 sponsorship deal with a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. Some more unappealing football sponsors:
Northern Rock Still sponsoring Newcastle United in 2009, two years after the bank run
Wonga Newcastle’s new sponsors
Cambridge Pet Crematorium Sponsors of a local under-12s league
Rentokil Sponsors of Yarraville Glory FC, a club for eight-to-17-year-olds in Victoria, Australia

Votes and prayers

Steve Webb, the pensions minister, claimed that God would vote Lib Dem. For which party are people of various religious beliefs inclined to vote?


Conservative 40%
Labour 30%
Lib Dem 18%


Conservative 18%
Labour 57%
Lib Dem 19%


Conservative 57%
Labour 23%
Lib Dem 18%

no religion

Conservative 34%
Labour 26%
Lib Dem 26%

Source: ComRes (2010)

Building stories

The number of new homes built on the green belt has doubled in a year. Some accuse the government of sacrificing the countryside, but has house-building increased overall?


April–June 2010 30,350
April–June 2011 29,000
April–June 2012 22,160
April–June 2013 29,510

Source: Communities and Local Government

The campaign drain

Labour and the Conservatives argued over party funding. How much did the first and second-placed parties spend between them in recent elections?

UK (2010) £24.7m
US (2012) £3.25bn*
France (2007) £34.8m
Germany (2009) £280m†

*Total for four years of the 2012 election cycle
†Total raised by parties during election year
Source: Electoral Commission/US Library of Congress

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