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Taki: our leaders are weak and powerless in the face of religious fanatics

14 December 2013

9:00 AM

14 December 2013

9:00 AM

This Christmas our thoughts need to be with our fellow Christians who are being threatened in the Bible lands. No ifs or buts about it, they are being told either to join the Sunni-led opposition to Assad and renounce Christianity or die. After decades of protection by a secular-leaning dictatorship, Christians are being given ultimatums by the Saudi-financed jihadists and face a very dark future.  There has already been Christian cleansing in Syria, especially in Homs, where 90 per cent of the Christians have fled the city for Assad-controlled areas near the Lebanese border.

In Iraq things are not much better. Cities such as Mosul and Tikrit, Saddam’s home town, were once vital centres of Christianity. No longer. Iraq’s Christian population, estimated to have been two million, has fallen by more than half. Thank you, George W. Bush, a great Christian thinker, at least in Texas. In Egypt, there are at least ten million Christian Copts, now treated as third-class citizens and mostly confined to squalid quarters. Things have improved in Egypt since the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood gang, but rest assured that if the Salafists have their say, and they still do with the military in power, the Christians are doomed in the long run.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia, fuggeraboutit where Christians are concerned. What I don’t understand is how we — Americans and Europeans — can sit comfortably in our ivory towers and dispense wealth to these crappy countries while their religious fanatics persecute people who believe in our Lord Jesus. Once upon a time, Saudi Arabia’s Mecca and Medina had a thriving Christian and Jewish population. They were finished off centuries ago, when a single gunboat could have forced the camel-drivers to lick our boots and keep licking them until the last Jew or Christian was safe. In Lebanon, the hypocrisy of the West is even more blatant. A Christian majority is so threatened by Sunni (read Saudi) fanatics, some Christians are reaching out to Shia Hezbollah in a desperate hunt for allies. The Spectator has been unsparing in pointing out these horrors, and articles by Ed West and Douglas Davis have pinpointed the grotesque fact that Christians are being targeted by the Sunnis. But I have yet to hear Obama or Cameron stand up and announce that the next time a Christian is slaughtered for his beliefs, no Saudis will be given visas to visit their whores and palaces in the US or Britain. And while I’m at it, why don’t the EU fat cats demand that the Qataris and the Saudis (who are financing the jihadists) pay for the millions Europe will have to spend feeding and housing the hordes of Syrian and Libyan refugees escaping to our shores.

Is it any wonder that no one in their right mind believes a word our politicians tell us when they see how weak and powerless our leaders are when facing religious fanatics? In the Big Bagel, people went bananas because the wife of some head of Qatar purchased Francis Bacon’s picture of one of the world’s biggest turds, Lucian Freud, for 142 million big ones. Sepp Blatter, head of Fifa, and almost as big a turd as Freud, claims that Qatar will improve its labour laws, which ensnare hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in conditions of abuse that are close to slavery. (If any victim complains, they go straight to jail charged with defamation.) So why does Qatar still have the right to stage the football world cup in 2022?

For the same reason apartheid South Africa was expelled from international competitions: western hypocrisy. How is it that a woman, Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, whose hubby owns the hellhole real estate called Qatar, can be praised to the heavens by professional bootlickers posing as art experts for paying 142 million big ones for a picture I wouldn’t keep in the smallest room of my house? Well, the answer is obvious. We will accept any humiliation and swallow any insult as long as the offenders are rich, and we will sell down the river any poor Christian whose only sin is to believe in Jesus.

One of the messages George W. gave us, one that remains indelibly on my mind, was the one about Islam that followed the twin towers outrage. ‘Islam is a compassionate religion…’ said one of the greatest thinkers of our or any other time. He got that as right as he did when he blamed Saddam for 9/11. Tolerance in Islam is unthinkable. Just count the Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. Jihad is Islam, nothing more nothing less. The Saudis fund terrorism in order to be allowed to keep drinking whisky behind the walls of their palaces.

Just think of Jesus. He descended among men to show them what their true nature was. He wanted to be a model for man, to show what we should strive for. His father made men free in order for them to be willing followers. Not slaves and in fear of him. Now think of Allah, or better not. Consider his followers: intolerant and fanatical. A proselytising Muslim preacher cannot teach why one must obey Allah since any claim to understand him is a sacrilege. He can only demand blind obedience. And Muslims have been killing and enslaving Christians since the days of Muhammad. Syria and Palestine in 630, Egypt by 642, Greece and Serbia in the 1300s, Constantinople in 1453. And now more than ever in the land of the Bible. This is the 37th Christmas in a row where I wish you the happiest of holidays; don’t forget our fellow Christians under attack.

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  • teevee

    great writing I agree with everything you said with one exception. The Saudis and other jihadis are not muslims. they are wahabbis. wahabbism is an occult, it was formulated to give the kings a divine mandate to rule. one of the tenants of wahabbism is that the Emir cannot be questioned about anything.
    To call the wahabbis muslims is like calling Hitler a christian. The only cure for this demented cult is complete eradication by freeing the oppressed muslims living under their cruel rule.

    • crosscop

      Wahabbis are devout Muslims and it is pointless to deny that fact. Jihad is an Islamic duty and the Koran states that Muslims should fight until there is no religion but Islam.

      • 1FrancisofAssissi1

        Well, the islamic jihadists can start with the Chinese and work their way round. By that time they will have realised that the Koran actually says live and let live.

  • Gandolf

    You said quote ” What I don’t understand is how we — Americans and Europeans — can sit comfortably in our ivory towers and dispense wealth to these crappy countries while their religious fanatics persecute people who believe in our Lord Jesus. ”

    I fully agree, its a most terrible situation

    Still i do feel you seem to overlook , how government’s also dispense wealth within Europe and they USA, to closed Christian cults, who are involved in splitting up families. Persecuting people they choose to shun and withdraw from. Yet government’s do allow these harmful groups the right to still claim charity status and/or tax breaks.

    You said quote “Is it any wonder that no one in their right mind believes a word our politicians tell us when they see how weak and powerless our leaders are when facing religious fanatics?”

    Yes ,but in the past whenever governments have tried to tackle religious abuses happening, even within Europe or the USA .Too many Christians cried-foul-play.Claiming that their freedom of religion, was coming under attack.

    And now you wonder why governments are wary,with regards to, even daring to step-up to tackle religious issues.

    Had something more been able to be done, about tackling religious tyranny, many centuries ago.This whole situation might have been prevented .

    Christians have not helped make these matters any easier . Too often they have been so keen to convert/control people .That they forgot to bother to also care about how many they hurt in the process.

  • Doggie Roussel

    There is very little in the lifestyle, culture and morality of the Arab states that we, in Europe, America or the rest of the, supposedly, civilised, world aspire to, whereas the newly rich Arabs hanker after all the tinsel and trash that bolsters and advertises our long-established culture in the West. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Sotheby’s and Christie’s all tug their collective forelocks at the approach of these Semite gold mines.

    The Arabs have a monstrous inferiority complex about their cruel and primitive culture and history and, while we are now able to recognise and apologise for the cruelty and oppression of, for example the Crusades, the Arab remains firmly rooted in the oppression of women and the xenophobia that controls their limited history and tradition.

    There is some light on the horizon; a hope that with fracking and other developments we may one day be able to rid ourselves of these Semitic shackles and regain a degree of independence and an escape from the prejudice that emanates from the fiefdoms of these uncivilised peoples who in no way reciprocate our tolerance of their religious beliefs and materialistic ambitions..

    • edlancey

      The only reason we need to apologise for the Crusades is that we never won.

      • James Lovelace

        The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Atlantic slave trade, heresy trials, religiously-motivated homophobia, european jew-hatred… All of this christians acquired from their contact with islam between 700 AD and 1500AD.

        Even the discovery of America by europeans was an accidently by-product of the Spanish christians fearing a return of the muslim invaders, after the Spanish managed to kick out the muslim invaders who had occupied Spain for the preceding 700 years. The Spanish were looking for a route to India so that they could unite with Indians who were also suffering under the yoke of brutal domination by “the Religion of Peace”.

        Where did the Atlantic slave trade begin? Spain. When did it begin? Within 50 years of the Spanish kicking out the muslim invaders. (In islam slavery is legal, and much of the success of islam came from its exploitation of slaves).

        The Spanish Inquisition was an attempt by christians to root out muslims (and jews) who remained in Spain and pretended to be christians. If Britain had lost WW2 and had been occupied by Nazis for 700 years, if we ever got the country back, you can be damn sure we would not stop at the Inquisition to root out any 5th columnists.

    • pp22pp

      The Middle East was Christian until Islam conquered it by the sword.

  • David Kay

    This country should be offering Christians from muslim lands asylum where they can be safe from the genocide they face by the hands of the religion of peace. But the marxists at the BBC, the Guardian and the rest of the right to get offended at anything brigade would just throw a fit and call everyone islamophobes and insist that the Jihadists and their extended families be given priority over any Christian. To which our cowardly leaders will obey because they havnt got a set of balls big enough to stand up to gobby left wing tossers

    • Dan Grover

      I don’t really see why freedom from oppression should be something we only offer Christians. What about all the rest?

      • David Kay

        they can go to muslim countries. There’s enough of them here already. Their fascist ideology is incompatable with ours.

        • Anthony patchett

          Great Christian country we are, we drip in riches paid for by the drips of blood shed from a british empire that caused so much slavery, and atrocities. It amazes me how self righteous christian english, harp on about how good we are, Im an english christian, but its a hard pill to swallow

      • Bonkim

        The British supported the Druze against the Catholic Maronites supported by France in Lebanon. The natural home of Mid-East Christians (Catholics) is France and the others that are Eastern Orthodox – Russia.

        • MProblem

          Why are European countries their ‘natural home?” The Christians of the Middle East are the long-established indigenes of their respective nations. It’s the Arab colonizers who are the interlopers.

          • Bonkim

            Yes – You mean the Arabs that converted to Islam and became a majority. Christianity is also a conversion religion. The usual process was to eliminate other religions once the king was converted – and that was no different in Rome (Emperor Constantine) and all other kingdoms in Europe, Asia, and the Mid-East of course. No way you can reverse history.

            ” Various strategies and techniques were employed in Christianisation campaigns from Late Antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages: ancient holy sites were destroyed or converted to Christian churches, indigenous pagan gods were demonised, and traditional religious practices were condemned as witchcraft and even criminalized — sometimes upon penalty of death. A notable strategy for Christianisation was interpretatio christiana – the practice of converting nativepagan practices and culture, pagan religious imagery, pagan sites and the pagan calendar to Christian uses, due to the Christian efforts at proselytism(evangelism) based on the Great Commission.”

            A sample of Christian conversion – ” During the Saxon Wars, Charlemagne, King of the Franks, forcibly Christianized the Saxons by way of warfare and law upon conquest. Examples include theMassacre of Verden in 782, during which Charlemagne reportedly had 4,500 captive Saxons massacred upon rebelling against conversion, and the Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae, a law imposed on conquered Saxons in 785 which prescribes death to those that refuse to convert to Christianity.”

            Does it sound not unlike Muhammad and his marauders?

          • James Lovelace

            “Charlemagne, King of the Franks, forcibly Christianized the Saxons by way of warfare and law upon conquest.”

            Charlemagne was a post-Islamic christian. Different standards apply. Any religion that did not produce someone like Charlemagne was destroyed by islam (e.g. Zoroastrianism, which survived in India when they fled from muslims in Persia). Hinduism had to transform into the warrior religion of Sikhism to withstand the brutality and savagery of islam.

            Christianity spread in Ireland and Britain not by force. For the first few centuries of christianity it did not spread by force. Whereas islam was nothing but genocide and murder and slave-taking from the day that Mohammed entered Medina.

          • Bonkim

            Yes – anything that suits the narrative you want to believe in.

            What else do you expect from the nomadic Bedus of the Arabian desert? It is a cultural matter and different religions are influenced by the cultures they originate from and also history – Original Christianity created in Palestine is quite different from that in post – WW2 Britain particularly with the added layer of individual freedoms, human rights, and concepts of equality plus the veneer of affluence and consumerism of the past few decades.

            what you are really saying is all religions are trash – created by man and interpreted in different ways by people based on their evolving geography, history, and and culture. Blessed are those that keep religion at arms distance.

          • James Lovelace

            “what you are really saying is all religions are trash”

            No, that’s not what I’m saying. That’s what idiots like you say.

            Buddhism was infinitely more advanced than other religions. But it cannot survive when confronted with genocidal “religions” like islam, which worship murder and robbery and rape and slave-taking.

            “anything that suits the narrative you want to believe in.”

            It’s you who wants to say that all religions are as bad as islam. That’s your narrative.

            No convert to buddhism goes and rapes and massacres other people, believing that such acts will get him into heaven.

            You are no different from the apologists for Nazism.

          • Bonkim

            I have no time for Islam – and you don’t appear to have heard about the tens of thousands of civilians deliberately massacred by the Sri Lanka Army or the persecution and killing by Buddhist Mobs pushed by their Monks of their minorities in Burma either.

            Yes to me all religions are man-made and superstitions – unlike you I am charitable enough to acknowledge that there are many that have faith in religions and in a free society must have the freedom to believe what they want as long as that does not infringe a similar right of others.

            Equally I have my right to believe all religions are trash and not for you to comment – going by your pronouncements and instant judgement of others shows a closed mindset, doubt if you understand any religion, Christianity included.

          • James Lovelace

            “Equally I have my right to believe all religions are trash and not for you to comment”

            We see what a fascist you are. You demand the right to spout your opinion and the right that no-one be to allowed to contradict your opinion with facts or qualifications.

            On the available evidence, you are incapable of distinguishing between buddha and a serial killer who raped his child victims. And you don’t like having this pointed out.

          • Randy McDonald

            “It’s the Arab colonizers who are the interlopers.”

            Actually, no.

            Muslims in Middle Eastern countries are not descended, by and large, from immigrants. Populations were not replaced, a was the case in the various neo-Europes (Canada, Argentina, Australia, et cetera).

            Rather, Muslims in these countries are descended from people living in these countries who converted to Islam. There was no more a replacement of Christian populations by Muslim immigrants than there was, in the Roman era, a replacement of pagan populations by Christian immigrants.

          • Cumberland

            Which is why there was a minute series of Crusades sent to counter the grand aggression of islam.

      • MProblem

        Because they are minorities and are at special risk for that very reason. Or doesn’t that whole “let’s worship vulnerable minorities as minor gods” bit that leftists are so fond of not apply to Christians?

  • Tom Ato

    Jesus, Taki, this was a heavy article. I want to read about blondes in the Greek isles!

  • Pepe Turcon

    Taki, you are what in Spanish is called “Chochando” or a mixture between Senile and Senile, you need to go back to Zakyntos where you belong.

    • edlancey


  • Newcombe

    You have only just scratched the subject, sir. Persecution, forced conversions, war, beheading and slavery of non-Muslims has been going on for centuries right across the “Muslim world”, not just the Middle East. Look at the situation in Indonesia, Phillipines, Paksitan, Bangladesh, Nigeria of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.

    The tragedy is that our politicians, media and adademia are all in self denial. History is being buried under the weight of PC and ignorance.

    The point of no return for Christians in the MENA has passed just as it did for non-Muslims in Pakistan and the rest of SE Asia. And don’t think you’re the first to wake up to this reality either, there are many brave men and women who have been warning us for decades, people like Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Bat Y’eor, Raymond Ibrahim etc. Many of whom are living under threat of being killed – yet the media and politicians paint them as intolerant anti-Muslim bigots – while giving the real bogots a free reign.

    • Randy McDonald

      Um. Pakistan isn’t in Southeast Asia.


    And in londonistan,muslims are dictating who and what type of british citizens,walk in their areas.Our stasi and muppets i mean mps.Have hidden and ran from the truth of muslim gangs degrading white girls in nothern cities.The word for this decade is appeasement,and cameron like blair,is a grand master.

  • Randy McDonald

    Is Taki pro-immigration, then?

  • davidshort10

    Isn’t it time to pension of this old, repetitive bore?

  • Fritz123

    We dont know very much about the copts etc. But we do know more about the state of mind of — some parts of — the Arab world. Slums, poverty, unregulated megacities, this is not Oman.

  • 1FrancisofAssissi1

    Christians in the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) had more to fear from murdering Papist hordes and thieving Catholic mercenaries than the Muslims.

    • Bonkim

      Byzanteum was destroyed more by drunken Crusaders than the Muslims.

      And Crusades were drunken peasants marching through Europe plundering and pillaging their way to the Holy Lands.

      • peterxx

        Just as Vienna (Austria,Europa) Cordoba,(Spain,Europe)and on and on the islamic quest goes untill they achive the Califate/Ummha.
        Sorry to offend anybody by my eventual misspelling)
        Those cities where NOT destroyed/ransacked/put to the torch and the cities survived.Bloody racists !
        We dont want you,we dont need you,in fact we dont even like you,
        so why do you come and live in all white/democratic/functional countries?
        But foremost why do our media/politicians wellcome you?

        Why,maybe a to big a question to ask,or is it?

        • Bonkim

          You sound much like a Mid-Eastern discontent asylum seeker.

      • James Lovelace

        There is only one way to deal with islam: descend to their level.

        When Mohammed was in Mecca preaching tolerance, he got 150 followers in 10 years. He moved to Medina, and preached murder, robbery, rape and slave-taking – he got 10,000 followers in 10 years.

        Those followers were mostly the scum of Arabia, drawn to his “religion” because it made rape and murder into holy acts, which would get the criminal into heaven.

        If we send chivalrous gentlemen to fight the scum of the earth, they will fail. We have failed and we are failing, because we send our soldiers into battle with rules, to fight people who will pretend to be their friends until they get the chance to shoot them in the back.

        The west is lost. Your grandchildren will be forced into islam. We’ve seen that with the British marine imprisoned for killing one of the enemy.

        • Bonkim

          I bet the Crusaders followed his example – plunder, pillage, and rape throgh central and eastern Europe on the way to the Holy lands – and sacking Byzanteum on the way back.

          • James Lovelace

            Of course they followed the example of islam and muslims. After islam used genocide and slavery to conquer the land between Lisbon and Kabul, and hold it for 100s of years, anyone who was going to resist that horrific violence was going to have to be equally violent.

            To stop the muslims around the Mediterranean from taking white christians as slaves, a joint British/American navy had to bombard the city of Algiers to dust. Asking them nicely to stop enslaving people cut no ice with muslims; the muslims just retorted “our god tells us to do it”.

    • MProblem

      I doubt that is true, because the Muslims destroyed the Byzantium Empire and replaced its population, and the “Papist hordes” did not.

  • CookieMonster

    If Ms. Qatar is bringing Bacon’s picture of a turd to her be hellhole, what’s the problem?
    Sounds like the perfect place for it.
    You should be happy.

  • D Whiggery

    The problem we face is that they are fighting for an absolute cause no matter how backward and crazy that may be. People can and do fight for clear simple causes. No-one would fight to the death for secular atheism. If there is no God approving of what you’re fighting for why would you bother?

    • Bonkim

      Spot on – ideas are more powerful than words.

  • lozerama

    I guess if the founding father was a murderer, paedophile, rapist, thief, and body mutilator, it was always going to be an uphill struggle turning the thing into a “compassionate religion”. I mean, if mankind can turn the words and deeds of JC into witch burning, the Spanish inquisition, and institutionalized kiddy fiddling, what hope is there?

    • Bonkim

      Why should religion be compassionate – if you believe in an all powerful God – you obey – do what you are told and don’t think. Look up the Bible – and will find where Muhammad learnt his theology.

  • Reader111111

    David Short the good old anti-Greek.

  • bigsnow

    Taki’s pompous self-interested boasts about Christian power earn him zero sympathy from a Hindu like me.

    We Hindus know all about how Christians spare no money or unscrupulous hate-Hindu propaganda to take over India and deprive Hindus of the only country that they have: when Christians control scores of nations.

    Christians historically have destroyed rival religions as in Classical Greece and Rome and in the Americas, are now ruthlessly warring against the native traditions of Black Africa, and persecuted the Jews to the extent of almost wiping them out.
    They deserve zero sympathy.

    • Raw England

      Multiculturalism continues to show just how big a disgusting failure it really is.

      It’s not just the Muslims and the black community who’re undermining/destroying what’s left of our countries. Its also, judging by your views, the Hindus etc who’re incompatible with England and other white lands.

      • James Lovelace

        When the West starts to build gas chambers again, we can blame people like this Hindu for how much they are hated.

    • Terry Field

      LAst thing I head India was a free country screwing everything up in a totally liberated manner.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    When all the people and the tax collectors heard this, they acknowledged God’s justice, having been baptized with the baptism of John. But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John.

    “To what then shall I compare the men of this generation, and what are they like? They are like children who sit in the market place and call to one another,
    and they say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we
    sang a dirge, and you did not weep.’ For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon!’ The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”

  • Chaotopia

    “But I have yet to hear Obama or Cameron stand up and announce that the
    next time a Christian is slaughtered for his beliefs, no Saudis will be
    given visas to visit their whores and palaces in the US or Britain. And
    while I’m at it, why don’t the EU fat cats demand that the Qataris and
    the Saudis (who are financing the jihadists) pay for the millions Europe
    will have to spend feeding and housing the hordes of Syrian and Libyan
    refugees escaping to our shores.”

    An extremely good point well worth repeating over and over and over again until absolutely everyone everywhere finally realise that virtually all global Islamic terrorism and propaganda is bankrolled by the Saudis.

    The West with their oil dependent economies are like a Heroin addict giving all their money and wealth to a drug dealer who then uses that money to hire people to kill that addict. This is why, despite Osama Bin Laden and the majority of the 9/11 terrorists coming from Saudi Arabia, the US ends up waging war on an extremely wasteful red herring like Iraq instead of facing up to the real enemy.

    It is really down to us to force the politicians to face up to the scale of task and address the underlying Real Politik of what is actually going on – if the West in unable to ween itself off oil then it seriously needs to consider a land invasion to seize the Oil fields and break this stupid cycle of giving money and resources to our very worst enemies.