Rod Liddle

So now we know – the BBC is more scared of offending Muslims than gay people

I had good reasons for turning down BBC3's Free Speech. But now I really wish I hadn't

22 March 2014

9:00 AM

22 March 2014

9:00 AM

Are there enough black and minority ethnic people on our television screens? The comedian Lenny Henry thinks not and has proposed targets to ensure better representation. Lenny means stuff like Midsomer Murders, I think, which famously avoided using people of colour for a very long time in its absurd but strangely comforting dramas. I think this was to cater for people like me who enjoy watching affluent white people bludgeon each other with candlesticks in the library. In fairness, even Midsomer Murders once had some gypsies play a pivotal role in one episode — they lived in a gaily painted horse-drawn caravan, and were scrupulously tidy and probably filed their income tax returns ahead of schedule.

But in general, Lenny has a point, I suppose. If black people are poorly represented on TV it is because the industry is controlled by middle-aged white public schoolboys in the main. It is less representation on screen that is the problem than representation behind the scenes. Older readers may be inclined to suggest that back in the day sitcoms such as Love Thy Neighbour and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum both portrayed ‘BME’ people in a sort of positive, if comical, role — but I don’t think Lenny would agree with you if you ventured this as a serious refutation of his argument.

Indeed, one of the co-writers of It Ain’t Half Hot Mum has compared Britain to ‘Stalin’s Russia’ because the BBC will not show repeats of the comedy due to ‘political correctness’. Jimmy Perry, who is now 90 years old, wrote the show with the late David Croft, and both men will be revered for all time as a consequence of their earlier hit, Dad’s Army. But not, surely, for IAHHM, which was a woeful agglomeration of poof jokes and featured the very white actor Michael Bates with Bisto on his face pretending to be a witless and elderly Indian.

It would be nice to think that the BBC had refused to show IAHHM because it was unmitigated, leaden, wearying crap — as embarrassing then as it would be now, even if it was widely watched. But Perry has probably got a point that the Beeb thinks it will offend people on grounds of race and that this is the reason it has not been revived.  That’s the sort of thing the BBC does.

I missed a trick, a week or so back, when I was given an opportunity to highlight the corporation’s craven and cowardly political correctness and the confusion, if not paralysis, that is occasioned within it when rival chunks of political correctness come into conflict with one another. I had been invited to take part in a BBC3 discussion programme and now wish that I had agreed to do so. I turned them down for several fairly compelling reasons. First, it would have meant a 400-mile round trip to Birmingham. Second, one of my fellow panellists was to be Mehdi Hasan, who must, under the law, be on every BBC discussion programme, but who sadly I cannot abide. Third, I guessed that there wouldn’t be much money on offer. And fourth — the clincher, really — only the previous week I had written an article suggesting that BBC3 was in the main pointless, money-wasting garbage and that the BBC was right to decide to close it down.

Anyway, this discussion programme was held in a mosque and included a short film from a young Muslim drag queen called Asifa Lahore, who asked the question: ‘When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?’ The question, however, was not discussed by the panel and audience, because the BBC feared it would offend the owners of the mosque. In other words, they censored the discussion. The programme in question was called Free Speech, by the way. Ha. Or maybe LOL would be more apposite. Either way, my ribs have just split in two.

On its dumbed-down and chirpy website — I have the horrible feeling that the programme is aimed at something called Yoof — Free Speech proclaims: ‘Britain is a democracy and we can say what we want — so let’s say it!’ OK, then — how about this? The producers of Free Speech are spineless, pusillanimous and cowardly and I hope you fail to find jobs when your ludicrous channel is eventually axed. Consider the courage required for that young Muslim lad to have come out as gay and, further, to have made a film about his experience, which he entrusted to the BBC, confident that his views would be debated — because after all, that’s what the programme is about, isn’t it? The imbeciles at the BBC announced that the issue would be debated on a later programme — presumably one not being filmed in a mosque. A programme being filmed somewhere where the issue had no great controversy, in other words — i.e., almost anywhere else.

In the BBC’s hierarchy of political correctness, not offending Muslims trumps not offending gay people. How utterly pathetic. And I had been looking forward to hearing Mehdi Hasan explain that, actually, Islam isn’t really homophobic at all and how Allah was a big fan of The Wizard of Oz and owned a boxed set of Abba CDs. The corporation still doesn’t get it; you fear it never will.

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  • MikeF

    Free speech in the world of politial correctness means the freedom to say what is politially correct – nothing more. As for the BBC in this case perhaps they were really ‘scared’ in the proper sense of the word of letting this question be asked.

    • Go Jira

      Freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=5.

  • Shazza

    I hope the BBC and the associated dhimmi MSM will be given due credit when the flag of islam is flying over Westminster and St. Paul’s openly a mosque without having to refer to them as ‘community centres’.

  • crosscop

    Why can’t we produce a politician like Geert Wilders? He goes campaigning in the Hague and when asked what the city needs, he replies “Fewer Moroccans.” All hell predictably breaks loose. He refuses to apologise and at his next rally asks the audience if the Netherlands needs more Moroccans or fewer Moroccans – the crowd roars back “Fewer!” If only Farage had his courage – but then, Nigel has a wife and kids, and a bulletproof vest wouldn’t suit him.

    • Shazza

      We have one. His name is Paul Weston and his party is LibertyGB. Unfortunately, his very sane policies and speeches are only available on the internet. Hopefully, one day he will be able to attract the attention of the MSM and we will have our own Wilders. Paul is one very brave man.

      Google LibertyGB and listen to his speeches. Circulate them.

      • crosscop

        I’m well aware of PW, Shazza. Perhaps he should have stayed with UKIP. He ( and Liberty) is in the wilderness now… and I can’t see him getting out of it.
        UKIP are trying to appear Islam-friendly in order to ward off accusations of “racism” and that is a big mistake. Appointing a Muslim who deals in halal slaughtered meat as their Small Business Spokesman is a prime example of this foolishness. They should be campaigning against halal slaughter – not condoning it. Farage should take the bull by the horns and really rip into Islam and its apologists like Clegg and Cameron. Millions of voters are waiting for such a move – as Wilders and Marine Le Pen have discovered.

        • Shazza

          I am in complete agreement with you.

          • FrenchNewsonlin

            Today’s reports that the Law Society has quietly given guidance to solicitors on incorporating sharia law when drawing up wills ought to have the country shaking in anger but …

          • Shazza

            It is just so frightening. People write comments under the different newspaper articles expressing their anger and dismay and yet, the islamisation goes on unchecked, salami slicing style. It is no longer the thin edge of the wedge, it is now firmly in place.

            What is it going to take to save our 21st century secular civilisation? I despair.

          • FrenchNewsonlin

            It is not just frightening, it is outrageous that a democracy does not find it necessary to ask its people if they approve of such fundamental changes, the Swiss would. France’s attachment to its secular state, a firm commitment to laïcité, makes it much easier to prevent this sort of thing .

          • Shazza


          • akabilk

            Things are very bad in France. Search no go areas. Search streets being blocked during prayer time. Search truck ‘accidents’. We are only seeing a glimpse of it on UK media.

          • Terry Field

            Unless they no longer live in Britain, the much-prized secular society is toast.

            They stay, it goes.
            Nothing else is relevant.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Big nod for Geert Wilders, I have a lot of time for him. Plus great hair.

    • sarah_13

      One can only think that the reason we don’t have discussions about gay people when filmed in a mosque is Fear. It would be refreshing, as Richard Dawkins once said I think, if people owned up to the real reason. They can still be afraid, I’d be afraid of being threatened or being killed. A statement like, “We the BBC believe in free speech, but if we discuss gay people in a mosque we are likely to put our employees at risk of death or serious injury.” This would at least have the virtue of honesty.

      • Baron

        Honesty, and the BBC? Together? sarah 13, you what, hallucinating?

      • edithgrove

        they were in a car park

    • IainRMuir

      “Why can’t we produce a politician like Geert Wilders?”

      Because hypocrites, mainly but not exclusively middle class, would feign outrage and refuse to vote for his party whilst quietly rearranging their lives to avoid the consequences of the very policies that the party opposes.

      That’s why people with fewer options tend to be more outspoken – like that “bigoted woman” Gillian Duffy.

      • Jez

        Yes there is!

        Tommy Robinson.

        Er, ……… when he gets out of prison?

    • Augustus

      Wilders might just as well have asked “do you want more or less islam in the Netherlands?” And there would have been just as much of an uproar. And true PVV voters over there aren’t stupid or afraid of orchestrated political demonization. I agree, Wilders is a rare breed of politician with real courage.

    • Roger Buoy

      Remember what they did to Nick Griffin?

  • Lungfish

    I agree with all of that but the big question remains, are they going to rename BBC4 BBC3 when BBC3 is consigned to the same bin as Eldorado?

    • BarkingAtTreehuggers

      Will they slot in BBart into the free slot instead – you know, that right wing news outlet that wishes (but fails spectacularly) to infiltrate the hearts and minds here.

    • davidshort10

      Eldorado was quite good, before its time. So was The Lotus Eaters which I watched recently on DVD but the espionage backstory was silly and unnecessary.

  • global city

    We know that. In the hierarchy of victimhood, Islam trumps everything else, it is top of the pyramid.

    As we also that all of these Cultural Marxist constructs (multiculturalism, minority rights, identity politics, mass immigration and culture wars) are not about equal rights or justice, but destruction of society and ‘capitalism’ then we should really have no truck with them.

    • Liz

      No, no, it’s the Conservative white British male.

  • Cymrugel

    I agree about IAHHM. I watched it a couple of times as a kid and it simply wasn’t funny – and yes it was basically a pile of racist crap. That’s not being PC – it’s simple fact.

    Personally I can excuse Jimmy Perry just about anything for writing Dad’s Army, but this most definitely wasn’t his best work. Threadbare stuff by any standards.
    Lenny Henry is right that there are not enough black faces on TV – but these should be characters who are black rather than black characters. The Midsomer Murders paradoxically were not showing reality by excluding black characters. This after all wasn’t an Agatha Christie set in the 1930s, but set in a contemporary village a stones throw from London.
    The actual village they shoot the series in apparently does have quite a few BME residents ; not least a local doctor, shop owner and at least three restaurants, not to mention several East Europeans working in the local pub and hotel.
    In point of fact a village in such a location would quite likely have several resident BME people of the kind who are well integrated successful professionals from the city who have made their pile and decided to move out of town. Compare and contrast with the fantasy world of the Archers where two gay men own the pub; the vicars wife is a practicing Hindu; an Asian lawyer moves in and is instantly part of the community and the only locals who don’t sound like middle class professionals are the Grundys who are comic relief yokels who even have their own accent.
    Lenny’s main problem – which I regret as he’s a nice bloke – is that basically he’s about as funny as a broken leg and can’t act for toffee and is a star precisely because there are so few outlets for black characters in the UK. He is a token black.
    As for the free speech debate – couldn’t agree more Rod. the censorship was beyond parody.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Perhaps if people/the establishment/BBC stopped focussing on skin colour as identity then eventually there would be more opportunities for black characters. Just by saying ‘black characters’ the specification is that this character has to be specifically black, not grumpy, not funny, not a psychopath or a flesh eating cyborg, not Bob from next door who is having an affair – first and foremost his skin colour is what defines what is a suitable role and what is not. We need to go beyond on that, identity politics is a tool for marxists and race agitators – we shouldn’t play their game.

      • GraveDave

        And whenever it’s a thriller or crime series, you just know from the start that these black characters will never be allowed to play dark characters.

        • Kennybhoy

          Don’t actually watch much telly then…?

          Just off the top of my head…

          “Luther” (BBC1).

          Series 1 and 2 of “Line of Duty”. Series two only ended on Wednesday.

          “Midsomer Murders” episode from early last year had a black, male character portrayed in less than flattering light…

          • GraveDave

            Yes, Luther , of course. The black genius detective. And tell – do any of the characters ever get to play to the msm ‘stereotypes’?
            Or ever do racial killings on white people?

      • davidshort10

        Only Fools and Horses was a good example of the natural mix of different people who get along fine. But the soaps tend to be unrealistic in their introduction of too many people who would not be there. The Archers with its intrusion of Scottish and Irish characters in a country town is an example of where the Beeb goes wrong. I can remember the first Sikhs arriving at my primary school in the 50s and we had no prejudice at all.

    • GraveDave

      The Midsomer Murders paradoxically were not showing reality by excluding black characters. This after all wasn’t an Agatha Christie set in the 1930s, but set in a contemporary village a stones throw from London.

      Then again maybe the viewers just liked it that way. So why cant there be ‘white flight’ television too?

      • Cymrugel

        Maybe so, but if you set a drama in a recognisably modern community it should at least reflect the way it would look. Simply saying that black characters should be excluded because the viewers “like it that way” is just racism.
        How about if they set a drama in Brixton and there wasn’t a single black person in it? Would that be OK because people “wanted it that way”?

        • GraveDave

          Well if its any consolation I did often question why Notting Hill had no black characters in it, and so did a few other people. Then that Curtis character did something called ‘Love Actually’ and everyone in it had a black best friend. I think some thirty years ago they made a series called Empire Road. The first all black soap, loosely based on a Brixton suburb. But why does everything HAVE to reflect diversity anyway? I’m quite sure most black people couldn’t give a fig as much as we’re led to believe. For the most part its just patronising bullsh*t.

          • Cymrugel

            Look, all I am saying is that if you set a drama in the real world it should reflect that world. I am not making a case for equal opportunities dramas.
            I live in Edinburgh. There is a large and well off English minority living here, many of whom have little to do with the society around them. It would be perfectly possible to make a drama based on their lives, but if there was never ever a Scottish person in evidence apart from the occasion cheery Harry Lauder impersonator or taxi driver or whatever I don’t think anyone would take it very seriously.

          • davidshort10

            I know one of them. He went to Eton.

    • davidshort10

      You’re right. Lenny Henry has almost no talent but is a bigger star than he ought to be.

  • Kitty MLB

    Totally agree Mr Liddle ( unlike the last article, we shall not mention)
    The BBC as well as the entire Leftie establishment are running scared of the Islam
    these people are guests in this Christian country and because of the threat of Islamic terror we must remain silent, freedom of speech seems now to be for others.
    It is our right to have opinions and say them, without fear of incriminations.
    If we do not take control over our country, then others will, I also do not think
    gay people are more offended than everyone else the BBC offend- which is everyone
    except a few they are scared of.
    You mention Midsomer Murders, I believe that The Archers were also in a spot of
    trouble a while ago. not just because of the animal noises upsetting mummies,
    it was because people sounded too English, not minority enough, it was
    hilarious, especially with the fake Ouggghh, Aughhh West Country accents they use !

    • Bonkim

      Which Christian country are you living in and which age?

  • morbidfascination

    Since I perceive this to be a homophobic action on the part of the BBC this is now in law a homophobic incident!

    The law is an ass, of course.

  • Bill Thomas

    I am glad it is not just me who cannot stand Mehdi Hasan.

    • crosscop

      Rod should accept the next chance to appear on a show with Mehdi Hasan and read out the deceitful doctored version of Surra 5:32 that he used in an article in the DT and Huffington Post after Lee Rigby was killed. Then he should follow that quote by reading out what 5:32 and 5:33 actually say – you know, the stuff about killing, crucifying or mutilating people like Lee Rigby. Clegg used the very same deception and both of these liars have been allowed to get away with it. Go on, Rod – blow them out of the water.

      • Bill Thomas

        Mehdi is as bad as the killers because he refuses to condemn them. He tries to come across as a westernised moderate – but he is up there with the 9/11 chaps. Kill, kill, kill – because the KER-h-ran says so.

    • geronimoooo4

      are you nuts mate???

      do you even know how many people think that Mehdi Hasan is a pile of vomit??

  • GraveDave

    Midsomer Murders once had some gypsies play a pivotal role – in one episode they lived in a gaily painted horse-drawn caravan, and were scrupulously tidy and probably filed their income tax returns ahead of schedule.


    • Kennybhoy

      “…in one episode they lived in a gaily painted horse-drawn caravan, and were scrupulously tidy…”

      Have you ever been in a Gypsy caravan or permanent home? Predatory they most certainly are. Dirty they are not. They have very strict domestic hygiene customs akin to those of traditional Jewish folk.

      • GraveDave

        I didn’t say they were dirty. I was really laughing at this bit:

        and probably filed their income tax returns ahead of schedule.

      • davidshort10

        In certain countries, homes and gardens are tidy but the outside area is not.

    • Gwangi

      Yes, Midsomer murders has been ruined – firstly, David Cameron’s twin is no match for Nettles in the lead; secondly, Jones has been replaced by some eye-candy for the girl viewers; thirdly, betting to see where the token black will turn up (the last one I watched, a young black man was working for a non-existent canal water authority – coz like SO many black people work in the countryside for river authorities!).
      I hope now we can have a drama set in Brixton with no black faces then; because that is how unrealistic setting a drama in a gentle English village full of black and Asian characters is.
      Lenny Henry is just parroting what the dumb black press say – and most of that is just pity party moaning. White working class men must be the most underrepresented – and negatively represented – group on TV, which is now made for women by women (or men writing to appeal to them).
      But hey It Ain’t Half Hot Mum was and is genuinely funny – and the lead was played by a man who spoke fluent Urdu. It’s now banned by the BBC for being racist (unlike the propaganda from Islamists and the Muslim Council of Britain Brotherhood Mafia).
      The BBC is clearly hell bent on destroying itself and losing its licence fee forever.

    • Cymrugel

      I don’t think they really tried hard at all.
      In my opinion IAHHM was just crap – not funny at all and full of stock gags. Basically I think Perry had hit a dry spell and was stuck for ideas, but the audience was still racist enough to get a few laughs out of “funny nig-nogs”.
      Basically I would say the powers that be were imposing their own very silly interpretation of life on the rest of us, based on their rather detached London elite view of life – and they continue to do so today.
      They simply do not want to portray people of colour as ordinary characters – they have to be special ethnic characters embodying special ethnic characteristics – same with class – there are stock working class and middle class types that get wheeled out at every opportunity.
      It’s only since a number of Scottish actors became major Hollywood film stars that they have finally started to move away from presenting every Scottish character as someone straight from central casting – Dour Minister; hyper aggressive street thug, prissy school mar’m (odd really given that Jean Brodie was the exact opposite) drunk; penny piching miser, etc
      That’s why today you can get the producer of something like the Midsomer Murders declaring that he has no black characters because it wouldn’t fit in with the story line, despite the fact that the real village he shoots the series in has plenty of BME and foreign residents – unsurprisingly, being only a stones throw from London.
      He is thinking that he has to include stock “black” characters rather than characters who may be black, but whose ethnicity is irrelevant.
      He is in fact a racist as he does not view BME people as “Real” in the same way as white English people.

  • HenryWood

    “Here, here? Roddy lad, this doesnae’ wash at all,” as my old chum Col. Jock Sinclair might say to you, just before he delivered a rocket right up where you should be expecting one after such an Rslickin column.
    “You’re awa’ out of line, Roddy lad; way, way out of line, just like the rest of those metropolitan posers you hang aboot with.”

    You might come out *now* and proclaim you’r e… well, tell me, you’re “what”?

    Your innocence, maybe?

    Och, away with you, Roddy.

    You know and *I* know that what is going on *now* in the BBC was going on *well* before you ever thought of leaving. The RoP was more than well established during the time you took Ceasar’s shilling. Get a grip on yourself, wee man.

    No, Roddy, lad, you are crying “foul” far too late. Either put your hands up – “fair cop” and all that, or just crawl back into your wee hole that you just poked your nose out of.

  • HenryWood

    p.s. Just a quickie, Rod, after me more serious one – Did You Know Lenny Hendry starred in the Black & White Minstrel Show? Now, I know a reference to that is definitely on the BBC Website (and I have a screenshot to prove it!) but I just want to axe you: Is it OK like for a black bloke to black up like wot Lenny did?

    • Gwangi

      The Black and White Minstrel Show was not at all racist. Boring, but not racist at all. It is now held up as some awful example of how terribly and awfully racist we were in the bad old days. Utter piffle.
      At least in the 1970s we didn’t turn a blind eye to Muslims abusing children by forcing them into marriage with relatives or mutilating their private parts. Now, this is promoted as ‘good practice’ in our diverse society, because we always have to be sensitive to anyone with a dark skin and a religion. And this is progress? But dark skin is a colour, not a culture. Sadly, the whole thing is now a vile and self-serving industry that eats its own.
      The B+W Minstrel show was in the tradition of face painting and blacking up – and even blacks blacked up. It’s showbiz from that Vaudeville and Steamship tradition in the USA. The same universal human trait that makes Africans use face paint and white up.
      No offence was intended by the B+W Minstrel show. Much was taken eventually of course by our thriving and profitable race religions and equality/diversity industry. There is MUCH more to be offended by in so-called ‘black’ comedy and entertainment, which deliberately mocks and abuses whites, not to mention the vile versions of religions black and Muslims espouse.

  • No, the BBC gets it alright. But its policy is a sort of hybrid of epater les bourgeois blancs and ‘let’s annoy Daddy till the holiday’s spoiled’. I haven’t owned a TV in 20 years. Get rid of yours and starve the beast.

  • Steven Barr

    There’s certainly one BBC program I can think of with a disproportionate number of black and asian faces

    • GraveDave

      The News and Weather.

    • davidshort10

      All the football commentators on the BBC seem to be women. I cannot imagine that they are not even more bored by football than I am but it seems like a good career choice for them. And even the most ordinary BBC national radio reporter gets a very big salary, courtesy of the licence fee tax which is regressive and puts women into prison.

  • Lucindah

    You turned down a discussion in Birmingham because it was a 400 mile round trip. Where were you coming from? B’ham is 120 miles from London – it takes 85 mins on the train.

    • davidshort10

      You are presuming he live in London. I don’t think I’d want to go to Birmingham ever.

  • Raw England

    These scum need to be stopped.

  • Terry Field

    I recall a senior government law officer at the time of the Oxford white girl prostitution racket stating there were over 80 such organisers that had been identified by the police.
    That would mean the exploitation of girls by these evil monsters was spread across many british cities and towns, and if the Oxford numbers could be scaled up then a vast number of both abused girls and young women would be victims, and the number of abusers would be absolutely enormous.
    What happened to this ‘story’, this ‘information’ as normal people may call it?
    It was buried.
    No comments, no investigations.
    And the BBC investigations – not a word.
    NO word.
    In addition the comments on FGM are funny in their absurdity.
    The idea expressed by another senior government law officer in the last few days that it may be worth considering having hospitals report FGM tells you where we are.
    There should be automatic reporting to the police; there always should have been – mild abuse of a child rightly requires reporting to a panoply of officials, but cutting off the external genitalia is a ho-hum, is it worth reporting event????????
    Only in a country scared witless by this immigrant barbarism and governed by amoral and corrupt people can this nonsense go on.
    FGM is a fact; it should be childishly simple to convict – a doctors report, a couple of photos, a tough police investigation opening up the sordid horror the parents or others harbour should meet a fast-track prosecution and conviction.
    It should be one of the cheapest and simplest prosecutions the state can engage in.
    But it is not, and that is in part because of the inverted reality the state broadcaster and the corrupted politicians have foisted on this poor, much degraded country.
    There is a volcano of rage building in Britain; that is part of the reason why the 80 odd Oxford-type sex ring monsters are not prosecuted.
    But the more the fantasy game is played, the more the magma pressure builds in the volcano.
    The politicians should – maybe do -know this.

  • obiwan

    The BBC are cowardly when it comes to addressing hard-line Islam’s relentless homophobia – in some sharia states this is translated into brutal beatings, even executions. Since when was the killing of homosexuals a legitimisation of the oft-mentioned ‘religion of peace’?

    But hush. The BBC don’t want us to think those thoughts or to ask those kind of awkward questions. Better to silence the ‘the debate’ for fear of offending some professional victim within the ranks of Islam.

    This isn’t an issue that will ever go away as long as Islam continues to preach violence and hatred towards homosexuals. The BBC can’t have it both ways; advocating ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘social cohesion’ but choosing too often to look the other way when it comes to those awkward questions it would really rather not air.

    The intellectual and moral cowardice of the BBC has been laid bare. It is now up to them to confront this issue, without caveats, without dissembling or obfuscation, head-on, once and for all.

  • Gwangi

    Well, as far as I can see, many areas of TV are almost devoid of white males – CBBC is one; news/weather presenting another. Black people are massively overrepresented in sport and music, of course. Let’s crunch some numbers. 16% of the population is non white – though many are new arrivals. That means 84% are not, so over 40% of faces on TV should belong to white men. And yet and yet…I have to blink whenever I see a white man presenting the news or weather (except for silverbacks like Jon Snow who, having reached their heights, support policies to discriminate against white men from far less privileged backgrounds).
    The BBC is well known to be obsessed with worshipping the great diversity god and the ;positive action’ ethos that makes race and gender discrimination against white men not only legal but an aspiration of theirs! Lots of rich ethnic women leapfrog over better white men at the BBC.
    It is actually a relief to go abroad – in France and Italy you don’t see newsreaders wearing headscarves, merci beaucoup. In foreign dramas you don’t see token blacks or the clichéd ‘strong women’ (maybe why stuff like Wallender, Montalbano and Salamander were such hits).
    But the BBC will never drop its Islamophiliac, Ethnophiliac obsessions; nor will it ever see its policies for what they are – racism and gender discrimination against white men just as bad as any other sort of unfair discrimination.

    • Liz

      Don’t be ridiculous. The vast majority of people on TV, the radio, the press, sport, in adverts, in books, films are white men. The statistics are readily available.

      • Gwangi

        It is you who are ridiculous.
        The vast majority of nurses are women. So can we have targets there then to replace qualified female nurses with men to thus achieve gender ‘equality’. Sport is dominated by men because men tend to like it far more than women – though men have to suffer the usual suspects leapfrogging over better men to be sports presenters at the BBC.
        An equal state of affairs based on ability is not 50/50 male/female in every areas. Would you want 50% male nurses and childcare workers? Or 50% female IT technicians, airline pilots or scientists (all male-dominated areas because of innate and biologically fixed aptitudes). That is why some areas are dominated by white men. Remember, 85% of the UK is white.
        And re race – there are 3% blacks in Britain and 3 quarters of ethnic minority people in Britain are NOT Afro-Caribbean. So why so many black faces on TV? Not to mention the massive obsession with race everywhere.
        TV is actually very female-dominated. Women are the easy meat viewers and watch more TV than men (they have more free time, for one thing); that is why TV has declined so much in recent years as it has become utterly feminised. Don’t believe me? Well, all celebrity TV, and consumer TV, is aimed at women; as is 95% of drama. Men watch more new movies, sport and adults content than women – but hey, they are the 3 things one has to pay for eh? Maybe men deserve a rebate for paying the licence fee for a gynecentric BBC TV service eh?

      • mohdanga

        Not sure what TV and adverts you look at. I live in Canada and the minority stats are the same, about 83% of the population is white. You’d never know it by the commercials on TV, internet sites for corporations or TV shows. Canada AM morning TV show, two female hosts, one white, one black, the white guy gets to do the weather. Global TV Morning Show out of Toronto, 4 hosts, a black woman, a white woman, an Asian woman and a Chinese guy. Every sports network now has at least one female presenter, almost every TV commercial shows multiple minorities where in real life this does not exist. Websites are even more ‘racialized’. By looking at commercials and advertisements here you would think Canada is a black majority country. It is PC run amok.

    • davidshort10

      Montalbano is great stuff. Beautiful scenery, love of wine and food, great plots, beautiful women but they are not exploited. Montalbano is a shy and respectful character. In Britain, we have Benedict Cumberpatch.

  • Bonkim

    The reason is simple – Muslims come from cultures that have no understanding of rational discussion or free speech and it is natural for the British not to offend people incapable of being rational. Seriously why should Muslims be discussed at all in the BBC or anywhere else, they are not main-stream Britain. – they prefer to live in their own world in voluntary apartheid.

  • matt

    Actually the BBC’s decision was even more strange because if there is one “minority” group that is ridiculously over-represented within the BBC’s ranks it is gay men, and they have long used that influence to actively promote various issues on the gay agenda. So this cowardly failure to confront Islamic homophobia in a programme called free speech is really doubly hyprocritical and spineless of them.

    • davidshort10

      I don’t often see British television but the last time I saw Coronation Street, there were an improbable number of gay men in an improbable story about sexual jealousy that resembled the sort of jealousy that exists between straight people but not gay men. And the actors seemed to be gay in real life, which seems to be a form of prejudice.

  • Treebrain

    How fascinating to see the special interest groups like Muslims and gays trying to reconcile their respective standpoints.

    Immigrant intolerance clashes with Western ‘tolerance’!

    This one will run and run.

    In the meantime, the animal rights activists will clash with Jews and Muslims about ‘religious slaughter’.

    The issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) now raises the issue of Male Genital Mutilation (MGM), namely circumcision which, like religious slaughter, puts Jews and Muslims at variance against traditional British values!

    • Liz

      “The issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) now raises the issue of Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)”

      Only if you have absolutely no sense of shame.

      • Treebrain

        I have a great sense of shame but perhaps you can educate me as to why cutting the personal and intimate flesh of girls is different from cutting the personal and intimate parts of boys is different t?

        Come on ‘Liz’, please share your expertise with use all?

        • mohdanga

          Geez, I don’t know, does removing the ability to have any sexual pleasure for a female equate to circumcision for a male whose sexual pleasure is not affected? None of my friends have ever complained about lack of sexual pleasure because or our circumcisions.
          Or is your argument a weak attempt at cultural relativism because you can’t bear to see a practice prevalent mostly in Muslim culture being criticized?

          • Treebrain


            Precisely, you do not know, do you?

            Why not leave the boys until they are adults and can decide for themselves?

          • mohdanga

            So all these circumcised men having sex do it because they don’t feel any sexual pleasure?? Good grief, please use logic.
            Women subjected to FGM do not have the ability to feel sexual pleasure. Circumcision is not mutilation, I’m sorry if you can’t distinguish between the two.

          • Treebrain


            Stop your silly words, I never claimed that circumcised men could not feel sexual pleasure, did I?

            What I believe is that adults should not cut flesh from the genital regions of male or female children at all!

            Not too hard to understand, is it?

          • mohdanga

            You are the one that is talking nonsense. You believe that parents should not be cutting flesh from their children’s genitals. Fine. But your opinion is also that circumcision is ‘Male Genital Mutilation’ and should be treated with the same outrage as FGM is ridiculous. How many women who have undergone FGM can experience sexual pleasure? How many British men are circumcised?
            The reason Germany is considering a law against circumcision is to appease their growing Muslim population who believe that since their barbaric practice is outlawed then so should circumcision. It’s all part of the cultural relativism and multicultural suicide that will be the end of the West.

          • davidshort10

            I agree. Why should it be legal to cut up babies? It’s is almost unbelievable that it is allowed.

      • Treebrain

        Come on ‘Liz’, shame me by clearly and unequivically stating WHY I should feel shame?

    • Liz

      “How fascinating to see the special interest groups like Muslims and gays trying to reconcile their respective standpoints.”

      Well describing sexual orientation as a special interest is especially silly.

      • Treebrain


        How very interesting to see that you consider my comment about ‘male genital Mutilation as ‘silly’?

        Male Genital mutilation, specifically, IS an issue for example in places as different as Callifornia and Germany!

  • Liz

    Less than a year into equal legal rights for homosexuals and lesbians and British conservatives are crowing about their ethical smarts.

  • khrysoprase

    No doubt there is a ‘hierarchy of political correctness’ and the BBC is one of its most avid exponents, BUT they did feature a reasonably thoughtful storyline about a gay Muslim in Eastenders a few years ago, during one of its less dire phases. (I know Eastenders is hardly Spectator fare but it’s a mainstream show on the BBC so I don’t think you can suggest that the BBC as a whole won’t broach the subject.)

    Since then, though, we have imported from America several new epithets which minorities seem determined to Dymo-gun onto themselves in order to ‘affirm their identity’. This automatically creates a list of people and lists have to come in some sort of order, which in this case is a bitter battle to be the most oppressed – one of the most counterintuitive train wreck situations I have ever witnessed.

    ‘When will a government get the guts to say “here is the law and it is to be followed in all cases with no exceptions”‘ is a better question than ‘when is it right to be [minority] and [minority]’.

  • Aldabaran

    Be great if the BBC (for whom we all pay) would offer some sort of contribution to controversies like this. Its silence does it no credit.

  • DatBus

    Because unless we’re dramatically reducing the numbers of white people, it must be Soviet Russia? I think the quite the opposite is true and white folks really should grow a pair. It’s just sad watching how easy it is to push you around.

  • Jo Bless

    Islam is against homosexuality, much like most religions, however, Islam teaches that gays are to be killed. Why do you think ISIS are throwing them from buildings. My sons moslem friend even admitted it’s what the koran teaches. Oh what a mess. Political correctness didn’t do it’s research, instead it’s busy making Islam look decent and normal, and accepting, when it’s not. But if they put the gays in one corner and the moslems in the other, my money’s on the moslems. Bravo BBC.