Greenpeace's jetsetter isn't the only environmentalist who loves to fly

Plus: The relatives who leave most legacies, and the best places to park illegally in London

28 June 2014

9:00 AM

28 June 2014

9:00 AM

Green wings

It was revealed that Pascal Husting, Greenpeace’s international programme director, commutes 250 miles by air from his home in Luxembourg to his office in Amsterdam several times a month. Some other eco-warriors who are keen on air travel:
— Al Gore has run up 1 million air miles, the equivalent of more than 40 times around the Earth, in his campaign to save the planet, according to Wired magazine.
— In 2009, Prince Charles hired a private Airbus A319 on a 2,200-mile tour to Europe to lecture on environmental issues, and his Duchy Originals brand ships spring water 6,000 miles to sell in the Gulf states.
— Bono’s world tour in 2009 ran up carbon emissions equivalent to 90,000 people flying from London to Dublin, according to pressure group Carbon Footprint.

Leaving parties

Sting, the popular balladeer, said he was not going to leave any of his estimated £180 million fortune to his children. Between 2008 and 2010 1.6 million Britons received inheritances of £1,000 or more, with 160,000 receiving over £125,000. Who left them the money?

Spouse/partner 4%
Parents 46%
Grandparents 22%
Great-grandparents 2%
Uncle/aunt 11%
Great uncle/aunt 3%
Brother/sister 4%
Other relative 3%
Non-relative 5%

Source: ONS

Hot tickets

Eric Pickles announced new rules to ban CCTV cars for parking enforcement and give motorists ten minutes’ grace before a traffic warden can issue a ticket. Which are the most and least malignant London councils for parking enforcement?

Westminster (Con) 457,000
Camden (Lab) 260,000
Hammersmith & Fulham (Con) 227,000
Islington (Lab) 200,000
Haringey (Lab) 199,000
Sutton (Lib Dem) 34,800
Greenwich (Lab) 36,100
Havering (Con) 39,400
Bexley (Con) 48,000
Lewisham (Lab) 62,600
MOST MALIGNANT Clampings/impoundings
Westminster (Con) 0
Camden (Lab) 3,360
Hammersmith & Fulham (Con) 1,710
Islington (Lab) 268
Haringey (Lab) 3,040
Sutton (Lib Dem) 0
Greenwich (Lab) 0
Havering (Con) 0
Bexley (Con) 0
Lewisham (Lab) 0

Figures and political control relate to 2012/13

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  • global city

    Pinpointing rank hypocrisy rather deflects from some of the truly evil ideas behind the whole ‘Green’ agenda.

    People should examine what inspires the green Party for a start, rather than flapping over the occasional off colour comment by someone thinking of joining UKIP.