Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?

Attitudes in this country are still tolerant. But current headlines give reason to fear that might change

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

British public opinion has never really turned against Muslims. According to Pew’s 2014 Global Attitudes survey, 26 per cent of us have ‘unfavourable’ attitudes towards Muslims in this country; compare that to 46 per cent in Spain, 53 per cent in Greece and 63 per cent in Italy.

Our national tolerance has, so far, proved robust. Even after the 7/7 London bombings, favourable attitudes towards Muslims in Britain dipped by only a couple of points. But is it strong enough to survive the horrors of Isis and Rotherham coming to light simultaneously?

It feels as if we are on the verge of an anti-Muslim backlash that could spread beyond the strongholds of the aggrieved white working class in Barking and Rochdale and into the home counties.

Last weekend a group of British imams issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims from volunteering for Isis. Their ruling — which is unlikely to have the slightest effect on young militants — may reflect spontaneous disgust at the actions of the so-called Islamic State. But there is an additional flavour of panic.

In the past, Muslim community leaders have condemned Islamist terrorism in language clouded by the rhetoric of minority grievance. Anyone who presses them on the topic has been drowned out by the ululations of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. This anti-Isis fatwa is different. It says that Muslims giving humanitarian aid to Syrians or Iraqis must do so ‘without betraying their own societies’.

The change of tone speaks volumes. The 2005 bombings and the murder of Lee Rigby last year could not plausibly be blamed on whole communities. In contrast, the departure of hundreds of young Muslims to fight for Isis raises questions about community loyalty. The imams have accused the jihadis of ‘betraying’ Britain because they don’t want the accusation flung back at them.

The Guardian reported last week that British extremists were among ‘the most vicious and vociferous fighters’ in the ranks of Isis. But this we knew. For UK Muslims, the fact that James Foley’s executioner spoke with a London accent was a public relations disaster. It wasn’t great for Britain, either, which is now routinely accused by Americans of harbouring an enemy within.

Then came Rotherham. It’s no secret that Asian grooming gangs have been targeting white girls on sink estates — but until last month social workers and the police conspired to keep the full truth from us. They protected Pakistani elders who turned a blind eye to organised rape. Why?

The press blame ‘political correctness’, but there is a more specific explanation. The authorities were terrified that grooming would be seized upon by racists playing the Muslim card. Their fears weren’t unfounded. In 2004 the British National Party won a council seat in Keighley West with 51 per cent of the vote by exploiting local outrage over a grooming scandal. Its tactics were crafty. In BNP leaflets, the adjective ‘Pakistani’ was replaced by ‘Muslim’. Nick Griffin praised Sikh and Hindu activists who had tried to draw attention to the ‘Muslim sex gangs’.

The BNP has since imploded, but not before popularising the idea that the sexual appetites of Pakistani thugs were fuelled by Islam. American conservatives picked over the Koran looking for parallels between the violence of gang rape and the violence of jihad. Islamic scholars dismissed this as a violation of their scriptures. Inconveniently for them, however, ‘Muslim’ street gangs in Europe and America started playing the same game, arguing that the Koran permitted any assault against the kuffar (non-believers).

Now British public opinion has woken up, thanks to an explosion of headlines about crucifixions in Iraq and unspeakable assaults on girls in Yorkshire. Some of those headlines are a good thing, in so far as they mark the failure of the liberal establishment to distract our attention towards more fashionable subjects (Gaza). Other headlines are a disgrace. Right-wing websites juxtapose footage of Iraqi massacres with gloating articles about ‘Muslim gang rapists’. Tweets about Rotherham carry the hashtag #Islam. The remnants of the BNP must be proud.

Will Islam-haters succeed in provoking a backlash that makes life difficult for law-abiding Muslims? History suggests not. The British people rarely persecute minority religions: the last big disturbance, the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780, was confined to London. But history isn’t a reliable guide.

The religious landscape of Britain has changed more in the past 30 years than in the preceding 300. Most young people are agnostic or atheist. Secularism has spawned an aggressive ideology. Its apostle, the embarrassing Richard Dawkins, has taken to attacking Muslims with the ferocity of an inquisitor. From his point of view that makes sense: Islam is Britain’s fastest-growing religion, having doubled its numbers to around three million since 2000. One in ten children under the age of four is a Muslim.

The big question is how mainstream British Islam will react. A wise approach would be to treat the sneering left and the Muslim-baiting right with equal contempt. But it should also re-examine its relationship with ordinary Britons, who are traditionally tolerant of minority faiths.

Pew research in 2006 found that British Muslims were more hostile to western values than their German, French or Spanish counterparts. In the four countries, the ‘mismatch’ between friendly attitudes towards Muslims and unfriendly attitudes towards the host society was greatest in the UK. That should make us uneasy.

In the years since the Pew survey, we have experienced chaotic immigration and been shocked to the core by the savagery of Islamists. We’re not used to this. So far, most Muslims have weathered the storm by keeping their heads down and their eyes averted from western decadence. That strategy won’t work for much longer. The lumping together of Rotherham and Isis may be malicious and misleading, and no one expects British Muslims to buy the argument that these atrocities are sanctified by the Koran. But they do need to bypass their useless community leaders and find better means of expressing their horror — individually and collectively — at crimes against humanity. In fact, in the current atmosphere, they have little choice: if they miss this opportunity, ordinary Britons will start listening to the hate-mongers.

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  • beenzrgud

    The question needs to asked as to what exactly will satisfy Muslims in terms of them not wanting to change/destroy the society they have moved to. As far as I can see nothing short of our total capitulation to their will is going to suffice. This is clearly an untenable proposition, hence the current situation. Whether religious or cultural, there is something incompatible in their thinking when it comes to successfully integrating into our society. It should be remembered that the people now choosing to go and commit the vilest atrocities in the middle east are 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants. They have only known the UK and yet still they behave in ways that are alien to us. Whether it is jihadism, vote rigging, honour killings, FGM, or just their apparent inability to take advantage of the educational opportunities in this country, they appear determined to cling to the ways of rural Pakistan, or whatever backwater they originate from. At the same time their numbers in the UK are exploding. This fact should worry rational people, and throwing the term hate monger around to describe those who are articulating their concern will in no way facilitate a solution.

    • Which Muslims are you talking about? The vast majority of the Islamic world has condemned ISIS. The accusations of “integration and assimilation” are just anti-Muslim and are never explained, becsue if they were, “integration and assimilation” would violate free speech, free expression and religious freedom of Muslim citizens, and other so-called “British values.”
      This is NOT about “integration and assimilation” — but at-risk youth who feel alienated and excluded from society in part because of bigots like you and the bigot at Number 10, David Cameron. Muslim at-risk youth are no different than other at-risk youth, like the white boy who radicalized and joins neo-Nazis and/or the EDL. The EDL does tremendous damage to to the places it holds its “demos.”

      The other problem is the Western media, which seems to have an unwritten rule against presenting what the Muslim community thinks about ISIS and terrorism. The Western media also has not presented Muslims fighting back against ISIS – which is about 95 precedent of the people around them! Also – bet you don’t know the ISIS has threatened to destroy Mecca, the Kaaba and kill people their who “worship stones there.” Do you know that ISIS has killed many Islamic clerics and destroyed many Islamic sites? Do you know that people fought back to save an 850 year old minaret from ISIS destruction? What religious faith do you think most Kurds are?

      The Western mass media is partly to blame for your and David Cameron’s anti-Muslim hate and bigotry.

      • beenzrgud

        Why not try composing a Venn diagram of all the groups in the UK, and attributes such as level of education, level of crime, evidence of vote rigging, self imposed segregation, and all the other things I have mentioned. Maybe then you will understand what not integrating means and how it relates to minorities from places like Pakistan. Besides, many of the cultural traits held by these groups are illegal and so beyond discussion.

        As for radicalisation, where do you think these ideas come from, the white British community? Get real and take off the blinkers.

        As for the rest of your statement you are simply stating what has been going on for centuries. Muslims persecuting Muslims. It’s nothing new, and it will likely continue for centuries more.

        I hold no ill will against any group that comes to the UK and abides by our laws and makes at least some attempt to become part of the wider community. If my views make me a bigot then it’s a label I’m willing to tolerate.

        BTW, the media have tried their best to cover up and obfuscate in regards to Muslim minorities, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for the source of my “bigotry”.

        • Daviejohn

          Well said sir, Eslaporte, and his ilk are the very apologists that caused the damn mess we are in.

          • evad666

            Think he is a she? I wonder if she condones mass sex abuse by Pakistani males?

          • beenzrgud

            Definitely a he.

          • Joanna

            She’s probably married to one…

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Pakistanis hold a monopoly on sex abuse? Google search how many men in the UK and USA who have raped infants to death. 300,000 children in the USA are trafficked for sexual abuse. Statistics show 1:3 girls are raped or molested by age 18 and 1:5 boys raped or molested by age 18. Remember to point 4 fingers back at yourself whilst pointing the finger.

          • evad666
          • 1daver1

            The difference is easy to see. It’s illegal in the US and UK. Moslim countries and ideology accept it as common practice.

          • Robin Banks

            Nicole, (rhymes with troll oddly).
            Islam is a cancer that must be excised from the civilized world. If a billion violence mogers wish to worship a pedophile and impose their will on whomever they want, they are welcome to do so in whatever 3rd world shit-hole they came from.

          • Conrad Brean

            Well Robin it looks like you have a history of racist leanings. What separates your rather extremist views from your so called extremists. Your vision duplicates that of young man named Adolf Hitler circa 1926. Simply replace the word Muslim for Jew for your rather anomic rhetoric and you are channeling the Furher himself. Suggest you take a hard look in the mirror.

          • Robin Banks

            I invoke Godwin.
            – You Lose –

          • Conrad Brean

            Your statements are blatantly racist. Forget Godwin your views suggest every living Muslim is a bad Muslim. Obviously, you cannot see yourself. I am afraid you are liberal democracy’s terrorist.

          • Robin Banks

            1) Your statements are blatantly racist.

            Islam is not a race, it is an ideology. It’s entirely legitimate to question and interrogate Islam as a religion.

            2) Forget Godwin your views suggest every living Muslim is a bad Muslim

            The comments were directed at Islam and Islamization.
            The word Muslim was never mentioned yet you have drawn your own unfounded conclusion.

            3) I am afraid you are liberal democracy’s terrorist.

            Liberal? -hardly. You deem me a terrorist for questioning Islam? Laughable and misguided.

            4) Godwin still stands – you still lose.

          • Conrad Brean

            How do you separate a Muslim from Islam? A Muslim by definition follows the religion of Islam. You conveniently ‘white’ wash your own racist views by providing shallow interpretations. Godwin is not ‘the ultimate authority on internet behavior’ as was Hobbes or Machiavelli the ultimate authority of subjecthood or sovereignty.

            Admit it Robbie you have an innate dislike for brown faced people who do not embrace your secular views and Big Mac combo (no doubt super sized).

          • Robin Banks

            “Admit it Robbie you have an innate dislike for brown faced people who do not embrace your secular views and Big Mac combo (no doubt super sized).”

            Ah yes, name-calling and insults. The first items
            on the menu of the nominally sentient. Sorry to hear about your buddies that got zapped in Garland TX.

          • Conrad Brean

            Dear Robbie
            a. the truth hurts huh?
            b. they were not my friends. I do not support violence on any level. Nor your obvious racist leanings white washed in liberal drag.
            c. please invoke Godwin again….

          • Platinum Sphere

            You are an Islamophile bigot.

          • Ign

            If you are a pakistani you must know that Pakistanis are the ones observed to make the most hateful racist comments among asians….

          • Ign

            If a muslim cannot be separated from Islam that means all these terrorists who call themselves muslims have a point to impress upon others that both Islam and muslims are facists and blood-mongers going around blowing up buildings and people just to prove a point and that the entire Islamic world stands with them…which is what is concerning others ….

          • Platinum Sphere

            You’re the RACIST. Islam is NOT a race.

          • Ign

            so whos gonna tell you which muslim is gonna blow up the metro or a building? the recent trend shows even those muslims who were considered tolerant are getting violent these days…I suppose you have seen muslims holding placards displaying their hatred for others by asking for beheading people of other faith….

          • Ign

            it is this democracy card that muslims seem to be using to greatest effect,everywhere, to destroy the culture and history of your hosts…shame on you ppl and its high time the society takes notice of such activities…

          • Platinum Sphere

            Difference is Jews were peaceful in Germany, Muslims are violent everywhere. Hitler targeted the wrong people. In fact, whole Muslim world rallied behind Hitler since he was a Jew Killer.

          • Ign

            except the jews didn’t go around blowing up german buildings and killing and decapitating their own people…muslims are a bunch filled with extreme hatred and intolerance to other lives be it muslim or non-muslim….

          • DP111

            Its only in Britain that Pakistani Muslim males have the monopoly of gang rapes of non-Muslim girls. In other countries, Sweden for instance, it is the Arab and Somali Muslims males who have the franchise.

            It is not the national identity that is important. Islam is the main factor. In the recent terrorist attack on a French high speed train, the media keeps telling us that the terrorist is a Morrocan. The reality is that the nationality is a red herring, deliberately put out by the media. The salient and important identifying feature is that the terrorist is Muslim, and gets his motivation from his religion.

            The media, like this article, is desperately trying to hide, and thus excuse its, and the authority’s culpability in putting the existence of Western civilisation at risk, by allowing Muslims to settle in the West. They dont care about Muslims per se- its their own culpability they are trying to hide.

          • Ign

            US and UK are doing in their own land and when the abusers are convicted the rest of the community doesn’t cry foul …muslims are the only ones today who use democracy as an instrument against the democratic countries and abuse the rights provided to them to abuse that of others…

          • Ign

            Islam never condemns the man who rapes but severe punishment for the woman who is raped coz its her provocation which made him rape her…stoning her to death….If Islam is not a religion of bigots whats all this?

        • Hear hear …. and the problems the followers of islam cause do not only happen in Britain, but all over Europe, China, Africa, Burma, Thailand, Australia … and that is also covered up by the media – so we don’t feel it is as big of a threat as this ideology really is.

        • meqmac

          Beenzrgud —This is all correct. The deepest problem is that so many of my fellow liberals have for so long refused even to glance at the large elephant (or, more correctly, rhinoceros) in our multicultural room: Islam, its founding texts (Qur’an, the six ahadith collections, the prophetic biography – the Sira –, all supplemented by centuries of jurisprudential materials on shari’a law), its history, and its communal undertakings in different cultural milieux. The Qur’an, the Traditions, and the Sira all command or exemplify the fighting of jihad against non-Muslims. The Qur’an also, in its later chapters, expresses often violent hatred for Jews and Christians (specifically) and non-Muslims in general. Muhammad himself led his forces into about 27 battles and collaborated in a massacre of Jews in Medina. The first caliph, Abu Bakr, sent armies out into the Arabian peninsula to kill or bring to heel tribes that had abandoned Islam on Muhammad’s death. The first four ‘rightly-guided’ caliphs started the process that led Muslim armies to conquer a large part of the known world, which in turn led over the centuries into transforming Christian or Hindu or Zoroastrian countries into Islamic provinces in a succession of empires. The Islamic slave trade became the biggest and longest-lasting of all such trades, something the Islamic State (Da’ish) is continuing today. The contempt for non-believers that can be found easily in centuries of Islamic writing continues in Salafi and other publications today, and has been striking in many of the Muslim schools in the UK that I have studied. However many moderate Muslims there may be, they cannot disavow the Qur’an (which is the final word of God) or the ahadith, which contain ‘authentic’ records of the prophet’s sayings and deeds. Presented with Qur’anic verses praising jihad and martyrdom, unsophisticated young Muslims may well disagree with their imams and head to the Middle East to kill Christians or fight Jews. As for the grooming gangs, how hard is it to see that they come out of a culture that regards women as men’s inferiors, covers women up, stones ‘adulterous’ women to death, has the highest proportion of honour killings (over 90%) of any group, sentences young women who have been raped to death because ‘it was her fault’, executes or honour kills homosexuals, allows men four regular wives and as many concubines/sex slaves as they can afford, has ‘traveller’s marriage’ (nikak misyar) for the sexual needs of men while travelling, temporary marriage (mut’a) for Shi’ite men who can hire a ‘wife’ for an hour or a day or 99 years, permits divorce by men on his say-so, forces a woman to marry and sleep with another man if a divorced husband wants her back, destroys schools for girls since women should not be educated (think of Mala Yousefzai), forces little girls to endure female genital mutilation (considered by many to be a sunna or properly Islamic practice), marries girls off to much older men from the age of 9 (because Muhammad married A’isha at 6 and consummated their union when she was 9), allows men 4 wives but a woman only one husband, allows men to marry Jewish or Christian women while stipulating that Muslim women may only marry Muslim men, and so on. Is it at all surprising that young men coming from backgrounds where women and girls have no value at all and are scarcely regarded as human beings will go on to groom, rape and prostitute non-muslim (including Sikh girls)? If our politicians, police, social services and media cannot get their heads round by this and let themselves be fettered by an outdated and often dangerous obsession with political correctness, all these things and more will continue and this country, like other Western countries, will suffer. I say this in a spirit very unlike that of the obnoxious EDL, BNP, and other racists. An intelligent approach to these problems will help balanced Muslims as much as anyone.

          • beenzrgud

            The reform of Christianity started around 500 years ago, and this process continues up to the present. Many religions change over time and are selective in choosing which parts of their teachings are given priority. Islam is still in the early stages of reform and if history is anything to go by then the process will be difficult and many will suffer. As strange as it sounds I think in some sense religious dogmas tend to converge towards secular humanism given sufficient time. People slowly throw off the aspects of their religion that have little practical value or are unreasonably unfair. If Islam had only a few followers then there would be little danger for the rest of us, but unfortunately this is not the case. The problem is how best to protect ourselves from the extreme violence that is currently occurring and which surely lies in the future for the Muslim faith. I suppose that one positive aspect is that nowadays more moderate Muslims can readily see the process that their religion needs to undergo in order to reach a more peaceful state, and so try and mitigate the more “painful” aspects. They also have the added incentive that they will be firmly in the firing line from their more radical members. Saying this, it still seems to me that there will be many problems ahead and no easy answers. I suspect that it will be more a case of choosing the best solution from a list we would rather not have to look at. I doubt that much of what will happen could be described as politically correct, but then neither is chopping off heads.

          • David Prentice

            Islam is still in the early stages of reform and if history is anything to go by then the process will be difficult and many will suffer Fine. Then let them f__k off back to Pakistan, Bangladesh or Somalia, so they can’t hurt the people in MY tribe.

          • beenzrgud

            I agree. They should be returned to their country of origin. It’s not a politically correct solution and it will cause certain sections of our populace to scream racism, facism, etc. , but it’s the best solution open to us as a country simply trying not to be destroyed by people who simply don’t understand the concept of modern western democracy.

          • freespeechisahumanright777

            Let them scream. It is they who are racist and they are the enemy. That is obvious. Western world is uniting. God Bless the West!

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Great, be sure to bring back all Jews and Christians from Muslim countries right along with you. Westerners fails to understand the concept of democracy. 1% has more than the bottom 99% world wide now… hmmm yea that’s sharia law that created this mess right? Islam does not allow interest for the lender nor the borrower. Your system is not practiced properly so step off the high horse.

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Somalia are the LAST countries I would use to represent Islam. They follow a screwed up culture that existed long before Judaism, Christianity and Islam ever hit the scene. FGM is beyond barbaric. Burying daughters alive and the Hindu Dowry system is still practiced in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan which is a direct violation of Islam. Unfortunately, Westerners like yourself who know nothing of religion (I am sure you do not even know Judaism or Christianity) for what it is in the Torah and Bible, fail to understand cultural differences from religious beliefs. Lastly, before pretending the Muzzies are the problem, remember it was your imperialist people who invaded India, creating partisan due to imperialist greed. Your people still live off the fruits of ill gotten gain due to this terrorism called imperialism. Easy to bleed people dry and destroying their leaders who offered them a superior education at a time Westerners bathed once a year labeling them the problem. In hinds sight… Should the Muslim world had just slaughtered all the Europeans before allowing them to turn their country into the ignorant pits they’ve become??? Something to ponder.

          • David Prentice

            nicole4gaza, there is nothing in your post to ponder except ignorance. The fact that millions of Muslims from majority Muslim countries are killing themselves in their desperate attempts to flee their Third World hell-holes for prosperous, stable, Western, Christian democracies, seems to have stung your pride. Are you a Muslim?

            The fact of this happening isn’t due to Western imperalism, as you stupidly try to argue, but is related to the charasteristics we can see and measure in most majority Muslim countries – the hostility to education (particularly female education) and scientific endeavour, the enslavement of females, their “the world owes me a living because I am a Muslim” attitude to life, the lack of tolerance shown to non-Muslims, ethnic minorities and other faiths. These things are to blame for your cultural and physical poverty, not Queen Victoria’s and the East India Company’s greed.

            Your people still live off the fruits of ill gotten gain due to this terrorism called imperialism. You literally have no idea, do you. I want you to google “Islam” and “Europe invasion” and you might find that Muslims have been trying to invade Europe to capture slaves and money since your blood-soaked cult of death was spawned in the desert in the 6th century. The Muslim armies were famously repulsed by Charles Martel in France at the Battle of Tours in 732 but that hasn’t stopped them repeatedly trying to force their foul death-cult onto traditionally Christian lands.

            I didn’t mention India, but since you have, what parts of India and Africa are flourishing today? Yes, the parts that enjoyed the fruits of the knowledge of Western imperialism. What parts of India and Africa are Third World hell-holes today? Find the Muslims and there you will find terrorism, civil war, poverty, suffering and strife. I’m not “pretending the Muzzies are the problem”, I think you’ll find the “Muzzies” do a pretty good job of being the problem all by themselves.

            I’m not an expert on religion, as you clearly are, but I know enough to know that a set of ideas that ignores words like “mercy”, “love” and “charity” might call itself a religion, but it is one in name only.

          • David Prentice

            You reported my comment to the moderators. Does the truth hurt? Here’s a moderator-friendly version, truth still intact.

            nicole4gaza, there is nothing in your post to ponder except its ignorance. The fact that millions of Muslims from majority Muslim countries are desperate to flee their Third World pits for prosperous, stable, Western, Christian democracies, seems to have stung your pride.

            The fact of this happening isn’t due to Western imperalism, as you try to argue, but is related to the charasteristics we can see and measure in most majority Muslim countries – the hostility to education (particularly female education) and scientific endeavour, the enslavement of females, their “the world owes me a living because I am a Muslim” attitude to life, the lack of tolerance shown to non-Muslims, ethnic minorities and other faiths. These things are to blame for your cultural and physical poverty, not Queen Victoria’s and the East India Company’s greed.

            Your people still live off the fruits of ill gotten gain due to this terrorism called imperialism. I want you to google “Islam” and “Europe invasion” and you might find that Muslims have been trying to invade Europe to capture slaves and money since your so-clled religion was spawned in the desert in the 6th century. The Muslim armies were famously repulsed by Charles Martel in France at the Battle of Tours in 732 but that hasn’t stopped them repeatedly trying to force their death-cult onto traditionally Christian lands.

            I didn’t mention India, but since you have, what parts of India and Africa are flourishing today? Yes, the parts that enjoyed the fruits of the knowledge of Western imperialism. What parts of India and Africa are Third World holes today? Find the Muslims and there you will find civil war, poverty, suffering, self-entitlement and strife. Fact! I’m not “pretending the Muzzies are the problem”, I think you’ll find the “Muzzies” do a pretty good job of being the problem all by themselves.

            I’m not an expert on religion, as you clearly are, but I know enough to know that a set of ideas that ignores words like “mercy”, “love” and “charity” might call itself a religion, but it is one in name only.

          • David Prentice

            Don’t worry. I’ll be taking your false flags up with the moderators.

          • David Prentice

            nicole4gaza, there is nothing in your post to ponder except its ignorance. The fact that millions of Muslims from majority Muslim countries are desperate to flee their Third World pits for prosperous, stable, Western, Christian democracies, seems to have stung your pride.

            The fact of this happening isn’t due to Western imperalism, as you try to argue, but is related to the charasteristics we can see and measure in most majority Muslim countries – the hostility to education (particularly female education) and scientific endeavour, the enslavement of females, their “the world owes me a living because I am a Muslim” attitude to life, the lack of tolerance shown to non-Muslims, ethnic minorities and other faiths. These things are to blame for your cultural and physical poverty, not Queen Victoria’s and the East India Company’s greed.

            Your people still live off the fruits of ill gotten gain due to this terrorism called imperialism. I want you to google “Islam” and “Europe invasion” and you might find that Muslims have been trying to invade Europe to capture slaves and money since your so-called religion was spawned in the desert in the 6th century. The Muslim armies were famously repulsed by Charles Martel in France at the Battle of Tours in 732 but that hasn’t stopped them repeatedly trying to force their so-called religion onto traditionally Christian lands.

            I didn’t mention India, but since you have, what parts of India and Africa are flourishing today? Yes, the parts that enjoyed the fruits of the knowledge of Western imperialism. What parts of India and Africa are Third World holes today? Find the Muslims and there you will find civil war, poverty, suffering, self-entitlement and strife. I’m not “pretending the Muzzies are the problem”, I think you’ll find the “Muzzies” do a pretty good job of being the problem all by themselves.

            I’m not an expert on religion, as you clearly are, but I know enough to know that a set of ideas that ignores words like “mercy”, “love” and “charity” might call itself a religion, but it is one in name only.

          • rockylives

            “I think in some sense religious dogmas tend to converge towards secular humanism given sufficient time. People slowly throw off the aspects of their religion that have little practical value or are unreasonably unfair.”

            I’d like to believe you are right, but with Islam I fear you are wrong. Islam is so fixated on the absolute authority of the recorded words of its prophet that to even attempt to interpret them (in the way the Gospels have been interpreted over centuries) is deemed a form of heresy. This leads to a narrowing spiral of one-up-mullah-ship with Muslims trying to prove they are better Muslims than others by taking a more rigidly literal view of the Koran. The most extreme instructions in the Koran are seized upon (hence the beheadings, genocide, forced conversion, death sentences for women who have been raped on the grounds that they have committed adultery and so forth).

            Then other Muslims who do not also follow this extremist path are accused of not being real Muslims and are duly killed, expelled or forcibly converted.

            All Islam is gradually reducing to the most violent, intolerant and supremacist interpretation of that faith.

          • beenzrgud

            I don’t know if Islam will undergo any significant reformation. I don’t think anyone can really predict what’s going to happen. I do know that it shouldn’t be allowed to become a problem for us in the West. We should try to protect ourselves, and if that means exporting the problem back to its original location then so be it.

          • Ayatolla Howmany

            A reformed Islam is no longer Islam. Period.

          • Ign

            If refute any Islamic belief you are considered an apostate and you would be punished severely/executed as per Sharia…

          • Jim Station

            The trouble is that Islam has been stuck in a theological and philosophical time warp since the 12th century ad, when Islamic philosophers railed against the use of reason in Islamic teaching, believing that the word of their Koran was final and not to be adapted to their lives at that time. Reason and reform in Islam? Don’t take that for granted!

          • Aldabaran

            The problem goes back further than Al Gazali my friend. Reason was rejected in the 9th century.

          • beenzrgud

            I take nothing for granted. My comments regarding reformation were a general observation regarding religious trends over long periods of time. Islam will be in violent conflict certainly for the foreseeable future. We should act to protect ourselves from it, simple as that.

          • Ign

            and the political fallout of such friction has the potential to destroy us completely if not nipped in its bud….

          • Aldabaran

            You don’t seem to get the message. Sunni Islam is an unchangeable set of rules, devised in the 7th century and set in concrete by law schools afterwards. This is quite unlike the history of Christian doctrine and canon law. Moreover fundamentalism insists on stripping out, not adding, later accretions and refinements and going back to the naked texts. That is what Salafism has been about since the 18th century and the movement is getting stronger not weaker.
            Talking about a reformation is simply uninformed tosh.

          • beenzrgud

            Tosh or not I would prefer they returned to their countries of origin. I see no point in our being caught up in the machinations of a foreign religion, even if it does eventually have a desirable outcome. If they ever sort themselves out then maybe I will reconsider my position.

          • Nicole4Gaza

            So if the Bible or Torah was truly the word of God, there is room for ratification? Zionist Christians and Jews ignore their religion and are the extremists. The only difference is, Christian and Jewish extremists have superior weapons and technology.

          • Carole

            Christians and Jews do not behead people and do not do the heinous things to women and children as IS are doing!
            It`s quite clear they are possessed by the devil!

          • Ign

            not just the ISIS, there are groups everywhere from Nigeria and Somalia to Indonesia and Pakistan…the Islamic world is full of such heinous groups committing inhumane acts to their own people..

          • Ign

            there is no clear evidence that any text came from god..but if any faith preaches peace,compassion and tolerance its acceptable but a dogma indoctrinating people on violence,intolerance and hatred is not a good idea in a tolerant society…its definitely good in Islamic countries but not in the tolerant and liberal ones…

          • Lucinda Titchmarsh

            Islam will never change, and isn’t in it’s early stages, it’s 600yrs younger than christianity. Meaning it’s been around 1400yrs at least, maybe much longer. No sign of peace or evoloution, their prophet isn’t a passifist

          • Carole

            There is nothing new with Islam to what it`s done throughout history causing murder and mayhem wherever it`s gone! Read the history, you can study online as there are many websites to inform you! The quran`s author is Satan himself as he hates the Bible which is the true word of God and all who follow Jesus Christ and the Jews who gave us the old testament! After all, we are in the end times and Satan knows his time is short!

          • Lee Urbina

            what is with this excuse of “maybe the religion will change positively” argument? Is the mass anglo-saxon population just supposed to wait it out? ive heard this idea before and it sounds dummer every time i hear it. who knows, lets wait and see what happens? because waiting has not worked in the last 50, 60 years in europe, its just made the problem worse.

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Oh, Thanks so much for your enlightenment. I am an Anglo myself who just happens to be a Muslim. Thanks for the knowledge that Islam is at fault for all whats wrong with the world. 🙂

          • Ign

            pretty much every conflict zone has an Islamic party to it..add to that the real threat to western society because of Islamic terrorism…are you kidding?

          • squirrels

            I’m still trying to pinpoint exactly what a moderate muslim is.

          • FredNerx

            Marco Polo suggested the moderate is the one holding your legs while the radical cuts off your head.

          • Shailesh

            A moderate muslim is a non muslim in muslim world buddy.

          • Long W. Willy

            A moderate muslim is a dead muslim

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Have you ever read the Torah or Bible? So by your logic, not murdering and raping infants is a dead Jew? Not shaving the heads of women who do not cover their heads are dead Christians? Not cutting the hands of a woman who grabs the genitals of another man is a dead Jew?? There are more than 2,000 laws contained in the Torah that makes Islam look like a country club. Go scream about the extremist views Zionist Jewish invaders impose on the Palestinian people. You’re are the epiphany of an ignorant hypocrite.

          • Ign

            yet when christians and jews dont do whats said in the book doesnt lead to fatwas getting issued to claim your head and this precisely is the reason why Islam is dangerous for humanity…people try to mask it as religion of peace yet the fundamental values of Islam contradicts such claims evidently with out doubt….

          • Ali

            Perhaps I shouldn’t advertise radio Dellingpole on the Spectator blogs, but over at Breitbart there is a very shocking and interesting interview on the subject of the rape of the girls in Rotherham and elsewhere. It ends with a discussion about Tommy Robinson of the EDL and why he founded it after his sister was drugged and gang raped by Muslim men, and the police refused to act. I held similar opinions of the EDL to most middle class, civilised people as you express here,but I can’t help sympathising with the man for wanting to take matters into his own hands after hearing that. When the police have been shown to be accomplices after the fact themselves to these vile acts and other authorities also,one can see why desperate working class white men might join the EDL.

          • Dryermartinithanyours

            The police are way too busy persecuting mainstream white guys like Cliff Richard, you know, colonialist Christians who allegedly oppress women and children, unlike enlightened non-Caucasians of any description. The Marxists with an agenda of hatred towards their own culture have successfully infiltrated our bureaucracies, and will ultimately be forced out by – or thanks to a reaction by true classic liberals against – the ultra conservative Muslims they so actively backed as fellow enemies of centrists. They have invited in the real enemy to fight their imaginary enemies. Talk about dark irony.

          • Nicole4Gaza

            Have you ever looked in the Torah or the Bible in regards to how to treat children, women, prisoners or war? DO not even waste your time claiming Christians are superior because they ignore their holy book.. Israel (American, German, British funded) commit crimes against humanity which is ordained because it adheres to Torah law. Human rights watches and Jewish news papers even acknowledge the brutality and how it’s justified. The West turns a blind eye. Christians keep opening their wallets to fund this barbarism. I would go ahead and get into how Christian sects like the Mormons rape and abuse children in compounds whilst authorities turn a blind eye but hey… Why bother?? The Muzzies are whats wrong with the world right??? Repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth.

          • Conrad Brean

            When you speak of non-believers it reminds me of the heretics during the religious wars in Europe….

        • Roger Khan

          It’s sad when people hate our culture so much they side with the enemy to destroy it.

        • Rollo10

          This casme out earlier this week; http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/12/13/historic-speech-in-damascus-sends-shockwaves-around-the-world/

          The guy making the speech is ex Vietnam vet and special forces with hands on intel. What he say’s is eye-popping.

          Among other things, Senator John McCain along with Generals McInerny and Valley, control ISIS?

          In another post; http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/10/22/puppetgate-the-continuing-saga/

          He gives evidence of False-Flags including 9 / 11, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings…….watch this space.

          Oh and Ex Senator Bissett’s view on the Ukraine situation?


        • Lisa Anderson

          I would agree with you and add, they, Muslims, have no desire to integrate, and assimilate. Quite the opposite appears to be the case as in the of demanding sharia courts, objecting the celebration of Christmas, and other horrible examples.

          • Nicole4Gaza

            So Christians who live in Muslim countries have been forced to assimilate and abandon all their religious beliefs? Tell that to the Palestinians. Israel as a Jewish state according to Netenyahu, come on you cannot be this ignorant and blind. You’re a bias hypocrite who chooses to see and believe a one sided agenda. Thank God I do not have your morals.

          • Ign

            can you refute that none are being forced in Saudi and UAE into conversion? Westerners may not be because of their high positions at work but asians are routinely forced and abused into conversion in all the arab countries…

          • Ign

            and yet what you are witnessing is nothing compared to countries like India where singing a patriotic song ‘Vande Mataram’ led to a fatwa sing its Non-Islamic and denouncing 54 couples and nullifying their Islamic marriage staus…


        • GI8

          Again this alienated j youths…It is muslim trade, this practical and usefull BULLSHIT.Because the process of learning and working properly is too painfull, you expect us western civilised persons to do it for YOU. You want to abuse our society with taking advantages of economy, education, and then you want us to comfort you while talking shit at our values.

          I am from Bosnia, and grew up with muslims, I know you better than westerners.
          West abused also much more country in Latin America, and neither one of them is using this as excuse for their low position in life in Europe, they work hard, study improving themselfs, but neither one went to correct historical injustice with placing bomb in public places to kill civilians!
          I know you muslims dont read much, but if already you want to enter debate read about conqueres of muslims through the history. For example Ottoman empire. Should we eastern Europeans go to Istambul and place bombs to correct historical injustices?
          Should Serbs be excused for what they did, because Turks did that to them 500 years ago?
          As I remember U.S.A bombed them for it!!
          Should Indians send Nukes to Saudis to correct historical injustices??
          Also Chinese or Vitnamese people dont get much respect or great positions due to the fact they emigrated. But they keep it quiet and work hard!
          You came to Europe becouse you had no economical road in old countrys, or your parents for that reason… That is the fact. You did not prosper for numerous of reasons, and I am not talkin all muslims, but most.
          Historical injustices is just an excuse.

          • Long W. Willy

            Well said. They are migrating to different prosperous non-muslim countries to take advantage of their wealth and with an agenda to spread their faith by any means possible. In the process they play the part of the victim to attract sympathy so as to hide their intentions of making islam the dominant religion. Once they make islam dominant they will get others to convert by various nefarious means or they will carve out a piece of independent territory which will be added to their collection of 99-100% muslim states of which they already have in excess of 50 around the world.

          • Ign

            excellent reply sir…but muslims have always failed to understand the concepts of having to work/toil for your bread…their perception of work is appropriating other’s wealth through conquests and so on…their mentality is built around such thoughts of war & conquest and theft burglary and so on…

      • Mike

        Their condemnation has been deafening by its silence and how many Muslim nations have EVER stepped in militarily to halt genocide of fellow Islamic countries, not a one. A very rich country like Saudi who have the military power due to their oil never gets involved and would rather fund global terrorism.

        It may not be about integration and assimilation as the Jewish and other communities have a long tradition of living alongside a UK culture, respecting it, accommodating it and demanding no special treatment. If Islam was similar, it wouldn’t be a problem but it inspires if not creates terrorists, Jihadists & rapists unlike any other minority group.

        Those at risk youths as you put it, are the genetic result of in breeding where the infant mental disability rate is 100 times the norm. If they do feel alienated from our culture its for the simple rerason their culture refuses to integrate and their scriptures tell them not to mix with the infidel.

        Even Nick Griffin has now been vindicated after Rotherham and the BNP is much further right than the EDL. They have every right to hold a demo explaining the truth when social service, the police and the CPS hide the appalling truth of Rotherham and at least 10 other cities across the country.

        “The Western media also has not presented Muslims fighting back against ISIS” — Perhaps its because very few Muslims have raised their heads to be counted and anytime a mention is made of crimes like terrorism, jahidism or gang rape, some w***** from the MCB or elsewhere spins it into “Its a problem for all of us, not just Muslims”. BS, it is a problem for every one who believes in a barbaric religion that came straight out of the middle ages and preaches death to non believers and the use of infidel girls as sex slaves.

        Cameron anti Islam, you’re having a laugh surely he apologizes for this culture and the disgusting traits it spawns as much as Blair does.

      • BarryBarry

        If you want to establish your own litter Murderstan, we all just as soon see you do it in some hell hole of a country far, far away from the rest of us.

        I hear Syria is a great place for unhinged lunatics just itching to cut someone’s head off.

      • uberwest

        Another liberal tool who conflates membership of the EDL or BNP with murderous terrorism, and blames the media for islamophobia, when the media has been kissing muslim are for years.

        • David Prentice

          Yes, the traitors within must be confronted and defeated before anything else can happen.

        • Nicole4Gaza

          LOL Zionists own you. BTW I love how Fox News’ second largest share holder is owned by Saudi Arabian Prince al Waleed. Ironic that Muslims get richer from Western hatred. Thanks neocon conservative for your $$$$ look it up. bahahahahaha

          • Ign

            when people are fed up your Saudi Sheikh and Arab Emirs sitting in glass palaces would come crashing down…If we can do it to Iraq, Saudi is no different….

      • uberwest

        Another liberal tool who conflates membership of the EDL or BNP with murderous terrorism, and blames the media for islamophobia, when the media has been kissing muslim are for years.

      • jesseventura2

        And the number of uneducated male muslims who never work across the EU 50% and the fat black bin bag wearing breeding sows 75%

        • David Prentice

          Baahaha! Have an upvote.

          • Tomsmith

            It’s not anything to laugh about. We pay for the muslim takeover of our country. They are outbreeding us at a massive rate and we have about 20 years to do somethiong about it. We won’t, of course, because we are scared and because we don’t want to be racists. And so out culture will be eaten by Islam.

          • gamer2012

            True. So British men must combine and go to war in their own land.

          • Slam256

            You cannot be a racist because you dislike a religion. This is another misconception that has to stop. We have a right to dislike ALL religions

      • William_Brown

        “…but at-risk youth who feel alienated and excluded from society in part because of bigots like you”

        Alienated and excluded?

        Who? Our recent exports to Syria of the young men from Cardiff who had a choice of which universities to attend in order to continue their medical studies? Or did you mean the qualified doctors who drove a 4×4 loaded with explosives into Glasgow airport? I could go on, but I fear that your knee-jerk, dogmatic, position taking will not be persuaded.

      • Bob339

        So you will be off back home then? So sad. (chuckle)

      • FootLong

        A condemnation of ISIL means absolutely nothing. Islamo-fascist Saudi Arabia condemns ISIL. One can be a radical fascist Muslim striving for the Islamization of Europe and condemn ISIL at the same time.

        • Ign

          because every muslim has this duplicity..whether an individual or a country…every saudi sheikh kisses us prez ass and us prez kisses back knowing all too well what each other is upto…when it is time to be confronted it will be done…

      • Guest

        you don’t like it Abdul? are we too INTOLERANT for your ilk?
        do you wish to be surrounded by more tolerant people like the ones who can not live in peace with sikhs, buddhists, hindus, jews, christians and even each other, in their own countries, under their own laws?

        Heathrow is west! Byebye!

      • Jack Cowell

        Why would integration and assimilation violate free speech? With someone so proud of their political education, surely I do not have to drag up Mill and an explanation of why, if inciting a mob to commit violence, or if posing a risk of harm, or if trying to stifle free speech itself, then your right to say whatever you want becomes severely limited? Did integration and assimilation damage the religious freedom of the Sikhs and the Jews who moved to the UK in large amounts? No, if anything it strengthened it, I live near a beautiful and well-attended synagogue, which publishes religious material regularly, and that community is VERY well integrated.

        Your response is quite patronising and altogether vacuous; you assume that anyone who has any predominantly negative perception of Islam is unaware of the demographics of the Middle East. The comment you were responding to was obviously talking about Muslims with Wahhabi or Salafi beliefs, and particularly those who have a violent, fascist interpretation of the faith, those from poor, rural places, etc. I bet you lambast Christianity from time to time, but nobody asks what Christians you mean, because it is obvious that you mean the lunatics; why would you have a problem with charity workers or good people? He makes it quite clear which Muslims he is talking about.

        • Sage Ham

          Typical disingenuous soft lies. Migration is not a right. Integration is pretty much taking up British values aspiring and adhering to equality, freedom of speech. The Japanese with a fantastic culture integrated in the US, the Jews integrated well. None of them are 1.5Billion strong aspiring to be part of an Ummah, coming with a preferred legal system and completing taking over the population like weeds. A bit of vanilla makes the cake better – that is integration.

          • Jack Cowell

            Have you even read my comment? Your reply makes no sense whatsoever! Can you read?

          • Sage Ham

            My response address your post quite directly. Thank you

          • Jack Cowell

            No it doesn’t. I said that Muslims can easily integrate into British society without their freedom of expression or religion being hurt, just like the Jews and the Sikhs, as they managed it without their faith being threatened, and those communities are now VERY well integrated with strong cultures and faiths. You responded “the Jews integrated well.” I don’t understand? Please match quotes from my comment with quotes from yours so I can see where you are addressing my post directly.

          • Pravaranivita

            You seems to have lot of time Mr Cromwell -are you a Messy Marxists or Botched up Bolshevik? or wannabe JS Mill ,both your analysis and prescriptions are too far away that it makes for a secondary school debate cheetsheet like – the problem for these Gangs to thrive is that they dont fear for YOUR Law and they know they can subvert to their advantage ,and once they know that there is a political correctness /pure politics involved, these thugs behave as they are doing . I am reading you people are talking of British values ,excuse me , you dont have any ,if your ancestors are even 1 percent of you then ,believe me ,they never rule an inch out side London -forget about British Empire ;you are incapable’s ,caught in the political strife and groping in the dark with various explanations for a simple problem – yours is a debased society,you have a broken system to fix and you need a leader for that ;my advice change your constitution and elect Mr Narendra Modi as British PM -HE will set the the things for EVER in RIGHT place

          • Jack Cowell

            Mr Cromwell? It is only witty if I am in any way similar, not because my name is vaguely similar. Well done for reading a book.

            “Both your analysis and prescriptions are too far away that it makes for a secondary school debate cheetsheet like” – explain yourself properly. What do you mean here, and why?

            “I am reading you people are talking of British values ,excuse me , you dont have any” – explain yourself.

          • Pravaranivita

            BTW I am a Anglophile and like what British values are and respect them for their own merit -liberty ,freedom democracy and rule of law ,at one point i thought of being in UK but now thanks heavens ..

          • Jack Cowell

            Not sure I like my country being spoken down to by someone who lives in such a hell-hole.

          • papa

            Me too. except most of the time none of that ever gets followed.

          • Jack Cowell

            Match quotes from my post with quotes from yours. Now.

          • Tomsmith

            We imported the wrong people. The only want to correct this is to send them back to where they came from. All of them, no excpetions

      • johnny Longleg

        you should go to Mecca (today!) to protect it

        good riddance

      • Darnell Jackson


        • Jackthesmilingblack


          • Darnell Jackson

            Sincere thanks for this well intentioned correction.

          • George Smiley

            Pointless pedant.

      • Gareth

        You are missing the point. Muslims are supposed to be governed by a caliph, who combines the roles of pope and emperor. Neither Mo nor Allah saw fit to provide a method of choosing the caliph, so there has been endless strife within the Muslim world. The one thing Muslims have never done is elect a caliph; Islam is not compatible with democracy. The “vast majority” of Muslims reject the claims of the latest Pretender, but that does not make them any less dangerous to Western democracy.

      • Sage Ham

        Ha Ha. Why did not one Mooslem fRotheram amily call 911 in the 10 years that the rapes where going one?

        • Jack Cowell

          They probably would have dialed 999, they’re not as thick as you dummy.

          Your response to him is terrible; like most people from where you are from, you fail to grasp an argument and respond to it properly, instead choosing to say facts that are vaguely related.

          The whole point is that it WAS brought to the attention of the council and social workers, but they did NOTHING about it. That is the outrage here. This case is thus quite a flimsy example of community protectionism, although I’m sure that did play a part in some cases.

          NB. If you notice, my point here says nothing about Islam, just about you, but I bet you respond saying stuff about Muslims, because you’re a total idiot haha. It is also were not where.

          • weejonnie

            But it was NOT brought to the attention of council and social workers by other muslims was it?

          • Jack Cowell

            Nor by atheists, nor Christians. It was brought to their attention, as far as I am aware, by the victims, who were ignored by certain members of the council and social work professionals (who, judging by their inaction, it is safe to assume are fine with paedophilia and rape).

            It is a perplexing demand to make; that the Muslim community as a whole in Rotherham should have somehow known what was going on and stopped it. The perpetrators of child abuse in this country are overwhelmingly white gentile males, but I would rightly be a bit annoyed if you blamed me for not reporting some act of sexual assault that I knew nothing about, just because it happened to be in my area, committed by someone who’s quite like me.

            This talk of ‘other Muslims’ is ultimately quite unhelpful in this case. More relevant is the fact that these men were predominantly, although not all, from poor rural areas of Pakistan and the Middle East. How someone from a society like that, with their views on women, can be expected to adapt to a life in a liberal democracy is beyond me. Their faith is descriptive of the situation, their sociology is instructive. Take the example of Iranian Muslims settling perfectly well in this country, whereas if these men from Rotherham had been atheists or Christians, they would almost certainly have still viewed women as their possessions, because they are backward scum, not BECAUSE they are Muslims.

          • ThomasER916

            OMG you’re stupid. You’re so stupid you think you just made a valid point.

          • Lucinda Titchmarsh

            Actually, Islamic men gossip, boast and brag. So yes their community would’ve known what was happening. I suspect the reason social services did nothing, is because of our ”VICTIM BLAMING” culture, the police rarely go against decisions of children’s services, although children’s services go against police. This is a classic example of children’s services having way to much power. Blaming victims, and stereotyping these girls, because they were from impoverished areas, or had been placed in the position by social services removing them from their parents….”yet another unspoken scandal”

          • Joanna

            Of course not. The muslims dont consider OUR authorities, their authorities.

          • Sage Ham

            I may be an idiot, and maybe that is what is giving me the ability to simplify. Mooslem families are tight knit. Raped 1400 girls over 10 year. Are political enough to have representation and MP. Don’t know how to bring this up or call 911. Don’t shift the problem to some stupid civil servant. You may still lick their asses but every non Mooslem Asian or African knows

          • Jack Cowell

            First of all; 10 yearS* plural, Muslim*, don’t start a sentence with ‘are’*, non should join Muslim* with a -*. What do you mean ‘are political enough to have an MP?’, everybody living in the UK has an MP, and they represent their constituency. Do you mean that they have a specifically Muslim MP? Because 1) I’m sure Sarah Champion will be surprised to hear that she is Muslim, and 2) every MP serves above their religion.

            I don’t lick anyone’s ‘asses’, I try to see things like a grown up. Do try and adopt this mindset and don’t be pulled into childish distraction.

            Shift the problem? It is very much their problem little buddy. If victims had been listened to, then the men involved would have been locked up. Simple. Crimes were reported, councilors and social workers ignored it. Criminal.

            These men were overwhelmingly from Pakistan, and it is a good bet that they were from rural, poor places, with backward views towards the rights of women (stemming from Islamic beliefs in that region), what they are allowed to do as men (stemming from the state of law and order in that region), and they are clearly comfortable with committing violence (again stemming from where they are from). Their wives were probably unable to speak out, seeing as the Pakistani community in the UK typically discourage women learning English, or even leaving their homes without men, due to their stringent interpretation of Islam. Seeing their faith as the main cause of this abuse is poor reasoning, as Muslims communities from Lebanon, Iran, the US, and Egypt do not behave in this way any more than non-Muslims. If you must latch onto a fact that is shared by all of these men, they were all from Rotherham. If you hold that this is not helpful because not everyone else form Rotherham behaves in that way, neither do all Muslims. I don’t defend Islam, I defend people who have done nothing wrong. These men have done something terrible. Simple.

            For once, answer my questions and respond.

          • Martin Gust

            These men have done something terrible. And their community knew about it very well……

          • Jack Cowell

            At no point in my comments do I suggest otherwise. I do not understand what point you are making.

          • ThomasER916

            You defended them by being an idiotic apologist.

          • Lee Urbina

            Leaving justice to their community? just silly. As i assume a large part of it may have condoned it. That aside, even if muslims did bring it up, does any one really believe the police, council would have done any thing about it? This has every thing to do with the “puss”a-faction of western socitity. it believes if no one knows about it, everything is okay. many none muslim asians did complain with nothing done. The reason why, is to devert all attention from the child molesting laghbor party itself.

          • Joanna

            Of course they did. These muslims use their little brothers, cousins, etc to sweet talk the girls….at first.

          • Joanna

            Well said. Child rape is a hug problem in pakistan. Chan 4 even held a documentary about it. Pakistans hidden shame.

      • rubes love

        ‘The EDL does tremendous damage to to the places it holds its “demos.”

        The EDL held a demo in Rotherham in 2012, at the invitation of the people of Rotherham, to bring attention to the muslim rape/grooming gangs in Rotherham. The Lefties and UAF et al held a demo to oppose this – that should tell you all you need to know about the Left’s mentality.

        • Jack Cowell

          Reasoning that one demo describes the entire left is enough to tell me all I need to know about you.

          • Joanna

            But he’s right.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          There`s an EDL demo in Rotherham on the 13th September. Be there or be square.

          • papa

            if the EDL weren’t a bunch of football thugs people might take them a bit more seriously

          • Ayatolla Howmany

            No risk of YOU being taken seriously…

      • White & English

        NO – the actions of Muslims themselves is to blame for anti Muslim hate. The Muslim community, if they oppose should take a stand be on the streets venting against the actions of other Muslims, rather than turning a blind eye. This country and government have been doing that for generations. It was always going to come to a head. I for one have had enough.

      • click555

        Nonsensical. How do you claim to know what the vast majority of Muslims think? I have worked alongside many Muslims and on every occasion have found a defence voiced for the atrocities committed. They will publicy denounce violence and tell us whst we want to hear. But what they think is very different. Put simply they all want an Islamic state….no if’s or buts..that is what they want in Britain. Maybe you are Muslim and want that too. But moderate Islam is a construct of the West and has no basis in truth. What really scares me is that if they choose to attack again at what point do we say ..enough…are we so bound by anti racism that we cannot hold our ground? At what point did racism become worse than slavery.? At what point did a word enslave us all? Ask those poor girls in Rotherham.

      • Shannon

        Islam is unable by their own books and words to co-exist within any Western or Eastern European countries and Russia also. And in Pacific rim. I guess Islam does not co-exist in their own countries as well. They simply do not co-exist with any sense of peace any place on the planet.

      • justintime22

        “The vast majority of the Islamic world has condemned ISIS.” it only takes a small majority to make a big impact. the vast majority of germans wernt nazi, did that prevent millions of people being killed?

      • Beth Fridinger

        There is so much you do not understand!

      • vasgar

        1) they have not codemned them in an unconditional manner.

        2) words do not count, action do. what if ”codemnment” is away to hypnotize public opinion ando/ r the authorities?many times former considered as ”law abiding citizens” have carried out the most despicable crimes….

        3) although islam is not a danger, islamic extremism/fundamentalism is. and it must be crushed.

        4) why hate preachers are not persecuted???? are they peaceful muslims???

        5) how do we control what is preached in the mosques all around europe??? how can we be sure that the mosques are not terrorist nests??? we can’t be sure. that is why the vast majority of terrorists, hvae proven close relations with hate preachers and mosques that function as jihadists recruitment offices!

        6) have you ever lived in southeast london or you say all these things from the security of north london??

        7) ”The accusations of “integration and assimilation” are just anti-Muslim and are never explained, becsue if they were, “integration and assimilation” would violate free speech, free expression and religious freedom of Muslim citizens”….is islamist hate preachers’teachings and rhetorics ”freedom of speech”??? we are talking about islamic terrorism.jihadhism/fundamenatalism….but you keep compare apples with oranges…

        8) maybe i am a youth that i oppose uk involvement in the middle east…maybe i too feel alienated and excluded and hate capitalism and the ”western way of living ”…maybe i adore adolf hitler and and hate communists… we have democracy and freedom of speech after all . but this does not give me the right to stab unknown and innocent people at the streets, or rape teen girls or place bombs in an underground station 9 o’clock in the morning!!!!are ordinary people responsible for the uk s middle east policy???? how do the terrorist know, when they perform blind atttacks, if i am a cameron supporter, or a leftist that has demonstrated against uk policy in iraq or elsewhere????they don’t. because they don’t care. because they are fanatic terrorists, who do not give a s…t about others lifes, opinions or responsiblities. they kill innocent people, regardless of their ;;responsibility” or ”corruption”……that is terrorism! if thety have problem with UK POLICY AND GOVERNMent, why don’t hey attack the PM , Buckingham Palace or the generals,???.because they are cowards , too. or because terrorism is not so ”spontaneous” after all…

      • Ayatolla Howmany

        Muslims are irrelevant- ISLAM is the issue

        “The Western mass media is partly to blame for your and David Cameron’s anti-Muslim hate and bigotry”

        HILARIOUS!! Cameron the great islamic enabler? What universe are you living in? OH, sorry I forgot you’re a muslim, therefore able to think black=white, if it suits your victimhood…

        ” What religious faith do you think most Kurds are? ”

        From what I’ve read, most Kurds are secular?

      • Ayatolla Howmany

        ISIS has threatened to destroy Mecca, the Kaaba and kill people their who “worship stones there”

        THAT I would support; anything to control the fascist ideology of Islam.

        Do YOU know that far more ‘muslims’ are killed by other ‘muslims’ than are the kuffar??

        “at-risk youth who feel alienated and excluded from society”
        THAT canard AGAIN!! Research has shown most ‘radicalised youth’ are most certainly better educated and wealthier than the average muslim.

        Your taqiyya is showing…

      • Lisa Anderson

        Your opinion is irrelevant unless you are a full blooded brit.

      • SwitchCode9

        OH and you don’t seem to know Islamism is Altra Conservative radicalized Neo-Nazi political movement

      • gamer2012

        Your statements exemplify the type of multiculturalist rhetoric that has plunged Europe into an Islamic nightmare.

      • Guest

        It’s about time we did stand up against the extremist Muslim nutters who use Britains liberal ways and freedom of speech to impose their oppressive vile religion and weird ideologies. Personally I believe we should follow France and condem Muslim ladies from covering themselves head to toe Burkah’s. These form of religious dressage is very offensive to Westernised ladies.
        If you don’t like the peaceful, hospitality, and freedom of speech the UK offers you and your family then it’s quite simple really…….. Sling your hook pronto, and take yourself and your family to a Country that is more sympathetic to your winging, whining ways.

        Britain will always remain British, governed by British Laws, embracing freedom of speech, with religion being a personal choice chosen by the individual. Sharia Law may exist in small pockets of the UK, but it is illegal, and those caught practising it will always be challenged. Never, ever will islamisation of this proud Soverign Country be permitted by the indigenous population.

        All those wishing to make a life for themselves in the UK must accept our ways of living, our culture and freedom of speech. They must swear allligance to our Queen, learn to speak the language fluently, work and pay taxes/insurance. They must also abide by British Laws. It is also important to intergrate and assimilate, which is currently alien to most Muslims, who prefer to live and breed in their own communities.

        I am also sick to the back teeth of the ever growing numbers of Muslims who believe it is their right to sponge of the state making no contribution to the Coffers whatsoever. If you want to breed large numbers of sprogs, don’t expect others to feed and cloth them, it’s your responsibility.

      • Nicole4Gaza

        If a Muslim does something wrong 1.6 billion Muslims are expected to grovel and apologize. In Oslo, an insane Christian Zionist shoots 66 Muslims and injures hundreds gets 0 media coverage in the states. A white terrorist who just murders 3 charitable Muslims who delivered free dental to financially destitute Americans is labeled as ‘squabble over parking’ instead of a hate crime… Only Zionist lives in the US matter. Zionist Christians in the West are destroying the world with hypocrisy and terrorism. Problem is, they lack knowledge on history, religion let alone morals.

    • Distance Left

      Excellently put, the views and behaviors of these euphemistically named ‘communities’ are not compatible with civilised living.

    • sfin

      Excellently put.

      It’s also worth reflecting on the fact that absolutely nobody voted for this…

      • AffanGul

        A salient point. Immigration policies are never put to referendum. Maybe it’s time we start letting THE PEOPLE decide instead of elected “representatives” who seem to “represent” whoever is writing the biggest campaign cheque.

        • Osric De La Croix

          Absolutely… Democracy that really only works for those who can afford it!

          • Melody Szabo

            People forget that you must constantly fight those with power (those with lots of money) if you want a democracy, until such a time as there are no more people with lots of power (lots of money) and therefore equality is a requirement of democracy. Get out into the streets, occupy government offices, start your own neighbourhood police forces, take over your work places, kick out your bosses. Make the powers that exist now irrelevant. If you replace the currency even you make the big piles of money the rich have worth less than the paper they are printed on. It’s all relevant. It’s all in your mind, and you can change your mind.

      • Melody Szabo

        According to the Koran muslims require everyone to be muslim, that is to belong to the same tribe, because it is forbidden for members of the same tribe to fight one another. Presumably if we were all muslim we would all be at peace, this is why they refer to it as the religion of peace. It’s a bit crazy sounding but this is 2000 year old philosophy, clearly out of date for our times, not particularly logical, and utterly unenforceable, as world events can demonstrate: muslims fight muslims everywhere. Therefore I submit that what they want is unattainable and if we attempt to appease them in any way we are going to meet violence on a scale that no one could possibly imagine.

    • Richard

      Cultural values do not change. They learn from their parents. We have nothing to teach them.

    • WorthSayingAgain

      It is not tolerance, it is appeasement.

      • Distance Left

        Which worked really well the last time it was tried with a fascist movement in Europe, oh wait no, it didn’t not at all.

        • squirrels

          The fascist movement is showing up on your shores.

      • The Satan Ov Hell

        And now it borders on us having to remove tolerance. Good men must do evil things for the good of their homeland, and war is evil. It’s war that they now want, and it is war that they should get. Ironic username here aside, I think it’s high time, we remove this threat to our culture and our heritage. Because they want our culture gone, our heritage gone, our history revised, and their facist regime enforced. Yet Anti-Fa supports these people! For the good of freedom, the safety of the gays, the trans, the women, the atheists, the scientists, the meek; a war on an ideology that Adolf Hitler himself praised, Islam, is needed.

    • xmastah

      I am a young practicing muslim I have never once met any other muslim who has had any “jihadist” tendancies. Joined this site just to say that I am appaled by how Racict and biased these comments are. Looking at the article it is extremely obvious that is is right-wing quote “if they miss this opportunity, ordinary Britons will start listening to the hate-mongers” wtf

      • Joanna

        Are you a pakistani?

    • jyladvik

      Here in the USA, in Maryland, some Muslim groups recently succeeded in getting Christmas and Easter eliminated from the public school calendars. They were upset because their own holiday, Eid, wasn’t being represented. Its pretty much true that they want to change or destroy whatever society they move to. They have taken over Europe.

      • papa

        just like the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

      • Nicole4Gaza

        Hmm kind of the same way Christian imperialist countries have extorted the wealth of Muslim countries since the fall of the Ottoman empire? Kind of the same way Britain, America, Israel and France colonize Muslim countries with the justification that God grants permission?? George Bush claimed God told him to invade Iraq… Odd since the reason cited has proven to be a lie… Odd since the Torah who Jews acknowledge was not authored by YHWH 70 Jewish Rabbis decided what would and wouldn’t be ‘cannonized’ <–made biblical is the justification for European Zionist Jewish convert colonizers to invade other people's land and terrorize them with British permission for more than 70 years??? You mean like that?? Changing your society has been terrorism however murdering more than 2 million Muslims since 2001 with Western death machines (weapons) oh… That's justifiable. I feel sorry for you since you're clearly not well versed in morals, religious history/ideology or political history. Blame your crumbling education system and thank your ignorant politicians and fellow voters.

        • madge hirsch

          Your own ideas about religion and history seem a bit selective. You seem to be unaware of Islam’s colonial past. Ottoman empire colonised non Muslim peoples such as those in Eastern Europe in a far more brutal manner than any western colonisation post WW1. The waves of conquest by Muslims of various ethnicities in the Indian subcontinent lasted 1000years and resulted in the deaths of millions of Hindus and Buddhists and the reduction of a highly civilised society to a shadow of it’s former glory.

        • Saurabh Kukreti

          how does that bullshit justifies ………….rotherham sex scandal …….london tube bombing…….charlie hebdo attack…….list is endless

        • Ign

          the entire nation of pakistan is full of converts who were forcefully converted and those who stood their ground were raped and murdered…evidences of such brutality are in memoirs of mughals and other islamic invaders….Islam is a irrational violent cult perpetually indoctrinating hatred & intolerance towards others

      • qertyiou

        Have you noticed how Indians have destroyed the center of SanFrancisco by owning all of the hotels, and running them as if they were in Bombay.
        Whats wrong with the Mayor; how could he let this happen to what was a beautiful city.

        • Siddharth Oza

          whats wrong in that, atleast they are not like the “peacefull religion cult” who kills becuase it is written in a book. and if u guys find problems in seeing our fellow “ugly” Indians, tell ur administration not to give them licences, or not to give visas

        • Ign

          how have they destroyed it by owning it..are they forcing you not to believe in something you want to or else you have a personal vendetta against them? Im an Indian and would like to know about it..here in India american Indians are looked upon differently as they bring american culture here and you seem to hate them too…guess whom are they appeasing then…

    • Shannon

      Since in every one of the countries where Islam is a majority they only know how to kill, rape and attack. Against their own kind. Now they have an even better enemy and are attacking your culture from within. England must stand up to this takeover and hopefully all other countries will follow. Something must be done before it’s too late.

      • Rollo10

        “All other countries will follow”?
        We are lagging behind, every Friday night in Dresden city centre, over 10,000 people gather in protest at the Moslem population in Germany, Sweden is riddled and is in full Sharia-Law mode, Holland and France have been fighting the issue for months? WE NEED TO WAKE UP , QUICK.
        We already have Sharia-Law in some districts, Tower Hamlets, parts of Luton, Bradford, Leicester, Peterborough?

      • Nicole4Gaza

        Round up all the Christians and Jews from prominently Muslim countries and pay for them to get out, then throw out all Muslims from the West. Do not forget to pay restitution to these Muslim countries since after all, Britain, France and Israel have trillions of wealth that have been stolen through terrorist imperialism (skies picot) Balfour declaration etc… The Western world has a deep history of extorting Muslim countries, using them for cheap labor and imposing religious terrorist ideology on the Muslims. Remember, the Torah acknowledges the cannonites were natives of Palestine. Israel was the name of a prophet meaning ‘friend of God’. The Torah was written by men NOT God and there isn’t a single Jew that will say YHWH authored the Torah. Yet,… the Western world INSISTS on terrorizing Muslims with Jewish colonizers from Europe. Keep brain washing yourself into believing Muzzies are the problem and ignoring the faults of your imperialist nation who offers NOTHING but headache to the world.

        • RKsharma2012

          Don’t come up with centuries old stories, Muslims are very barbaric towards non believer and they are criminals, Somehow only God can save everybody from this treacherous, and blood thirsty cult called Islam

          • Melody Szabo

            God started all this mess. The Bible is based upon the Torah, the Koran is based upon the Bible. It’s all bullshit.

          • Ign

            yet you dont find jews killing others (except when attacked upon ofcourse), christians have stopped terrorising and violently proselytizing others but not Islam….and in Islam everything we consider immoral, unethical, inhumane is justified under one pretext or the other…but the most dangerous thing is while christians (through renaissance and such) have managed to think beyond faith and rationalize it, Islam doesn’t allow one to do so and mere mention of something that questions islamic beliefs can cost you your life…as ppl are saying it isn’t ISLAMOPHOBIA when its happening to you…

        • Joe Smith

          Everywhere “Muslim country” from Turkey to you name was was just a few hundred years ago or less, Christian, Jewish or other. Muslims have only been thieving, slaughtering, destroying and lying for about 1400 years.

          • Siddharth Oza

            dude and raping as well

          • Melody Szabo

            Ask any muslim man about rape, they dream of it day and night, that is, when they are not doing it. Its why they’re predominantly unemployed in the west. You can’t rape very conveniently if you are employed. And then there is the problem of wanting to rape coworkers AND keeping your job, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

        • Dutch Schultz

          Or just wipe Islam from the planet. They are primitive and every bit of technology they have has been given to them from white people, Mongoloids, and Caucasian Indians.

          • Saurabh Kukreti

            and they used the same technology against teh people who gave it to them………butchers were trained to become pilot and they did 9/11……..people who invented all the modern war technology ….are feeling so helpless…..just because of their self created human values…….for the time being please get into the barbaric mode……no government can save brits…..people need to wake up …..and start getting united ……initially online…..and then on the streets

          • Ign

            why arent more of your kind in India? we need it the most with 170 million or more muzzies here terrorising us…hope Britain becomes a precedent and a pretext for ‘lesser’ countries like India to implement similar policies here…

        • Melody Szabo

          And the Koran permits muslims to do all this and more. The rape epidemic and the mass migrations are clear instructions in the Koran: muslims may only live outside a non-muslim nation if they are invading it, and they may rape only an opposing people or army, and plunder that civilization. It’s all in the Koran. Why more people don’t read it amazes me, their entire Islamic Manifesto is laid out there for all to see, and they are following it to the letter, for the last 1400 years.

        • Ign

          If Torah despite all the crap you say, can allow the freedom of jews in daily life while bigoted evil archaic Islam cant, then yes its justified to terrorize every one of them back to saudi…see how your saudi kaliphas react to you hooliganism there?

      • Melody Szabo

        Send them back, since wholesale murder remains a distasteful option.

        • Ign

          wholesale murder in the name of evil allah lullah is a terrific option…

    • Rollo10

      Exactly, another point this author doesn’t make, is the issue surrounding Sharia-Law? He fails to point out that ‘other’ religions will be required to obey these laws, even while walking the streets? This is totally unacceptable to me and many like minded UK Christians! I can only for-see trouble / civil war?

    • Zach Watkins

      Sand niggers have no intention of learning the Western way.

    • gamer2012

      But what are you willing to do about it? Would you put your weight as a British man on the side of a movement to expel Muslims from your land?

    • Mandy Hamilton

      Very well said; these savages, Muslim Rabid Dogs would never turn into civilized humans.

    • Shailesh

      Good and sensible observation.

    • DP111

      Well put. The article’s main concern is not the safety of Britain and its future, or the rapes that are continuing, or the safety of citizens on public transport , but that Islam must not be criticised, no matter how justified.

  • AJH1968

    A section of the Muslim population has aided and abetted the
    industrial scale rape of children (It is a mathematical how much of the Muslim
    population is involved; and it should be answered). Other sections of the
    Muslim population have joined ISIS, and seem for all intense purposes to be
    participating in some of the most barbaric atrocities known to mankind. If anything
    I feel that the British public has acted with the most remarkable restraint
    given the constant gnawing provocation’s of the so called minority sector of
    the Muslim population (another problem that can be determine mathematically).
    What is truly troubling is that we are starting to lose the culture of
    tolerance and fair play (something I have always being immensely proud of) to
    other cultures, by constantly persecuting the indigenous working class Brit,
    for infractions either real or perceived.

    • Donafugata

      Too much bloody restraint.

      Britain has a reputation for tolerance and fair play.
      What was at one time our strength has become a weakness.

      • Sage Ham

        At one point you had a reputation for balls. But that were your ancestor not the drunk sods in UK today

        • Joanna

          The reason they are drunk sods is because they have watched their whole existence be handed over to the hostile invaders on a platter, and any and all who speak out about it re instantly ridiculed and shut down by the elite who handed this country over to the invaders. What else can they do but drown their sorrows?

    • Joanna

      100% spot on.

  • Kitty MLB

    We are indeed a very tolerant country..and with that English stiff
    upper lip and good manners. Hindus, Sikhs etc have embraced our
    culture and way of life.
    Labour allowed those who follow a medieval and intolerant regime
    to live amongst us..and a somewhat excessive amount whom see
    England as a land of milk and honey…they have eaten all our honey and have spat the milk in our faces.And they even abuse
    our children.Whilst planning to turn this country into a mini mecca.
    We should not embrace them as the left say..we should send them
    back to their hole in the desert..this is our country..and guests
    should play by our rules.

    • GraveDave

      Hindus, Sikhs etc have embraced our
      culture and way of life.

      No they haven’t. But neither have they generally set out to do us mass harm. It was Indians and Sikhs by the way who set us onto this slippery slope to changes in the laws to accommodate different groups and cultures. I rather suspect some people pick Hindus and Sikhs -even Afro Caribbeans ( ffs) as ideal immigrants and a handy way of distancing themselves from accusations of racism.The truth is mass immigration and multiculturalism has been an all round disaster for this country.

      • Damaris Tighe

        It’s funny how things change. I remember in the 70s & 80s afro-caribbeans seemed to be the problem, while ‘asians’ (lumped together, never differentiated into muslim, hindu or sikh) were held up as paradigms of respectibility. When I lived in south London the afro-caribbeans were the most hostile, ‘asians’ were friendly.

        • Callan

          The group you mention is still a problem but comparatively less of a problem. Drugs, the odd riot, rape and mugging seem less a danger to the native population than terrorism.

        • ilPugliese

          There are a number of problem groups. How they are categorised, and whether and how their problems are caused by their categories is what creates the arguments we have.

        • Raddiy

          I grew up in the early 60’s during the early phase of immigration from the sub-continent, and went to school with muslims, there was none of this insular attitude to wider society that we see today. I often went to their houses after Air Training Corps meetings and had a meal with the wider family. Both of my sons who went to school with many more muslims than I did had muslim friends, but they never came to our house, and my sons were never invited to theirs.

          Something stopped them integrating, and that something was multi-culturism that allowed those who came after the early immigrants to more or less set up home away from home, seperating themselves from the host community with the full connivance of the political establishment, creating the nightmare that we are living in today.

          • Damaris Tighe

            I think you’re absolutely right. Something has definitely changed with the muslim community & multiculturalism must be a big factor.

            There is another though. Prof Paul Collier in ‘Exodus’ points out that when an immigrant community reaches a certain size it has the ability to become socially self-sufficient so that if its members don’t want to integrate, they don’t need to.

            (Collier also makes the point that when the community reaches this size it’s also able to attract ever-greater numbers of incomers because it’s a ‘home away from home’. Thus unless subject to gov restrictions immigration of certain communities becomes an exponential curve.)

          • Myla

            I think what’s changed is the numbers. I
            f you are a few immigrant families living with mostly indigenous people you will adapt more readily. If you are many, many say Muslim families living with many, many other Muslim families with a mosque down the road, with lots of shops selling Muslim foods and saris and such like nearby and there’s lots of TV channels catering to your culture and language and your children go to school with lots of other Muslims, why would you integrate?
            In fact how would you integrate?

      • Joanna


    • Tomsmith

      We don’t have time to think about doing this. If we don’t act now, we will be a minority in the UK before we know it. And then our children, the few that exist from our self hating non-procreating culture, will truely suffer. Unfortunately we don’t have leaders capable of what needs to be done. We only have weaklings and appeasers who seem to hate our people more than the Muslim invaders do.

  • Uncle Brian

    Most young people are agnostic or atheist.
    Is that also true of most young people from a Muslim immigrant background? If it is, well and good. But if it isn’t, then that’s a sore thumb sticking out that Damian Thompson failed to notice.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I suspect that the number of young people from a muslim immigrant background who are still religious is much higher than in the host society.

      This flags up an associated problem. Young non-muslims looking for the discipline & boundaries of religious belief & practice won’t find vigorous role models in their own communities, which have been detatched from Christianity for many decades. Instead they will – & are doing – converting to Islam.

      We should be worried about this not least because converts to any religion can be the most dogmatic. Lee Rigby’s murders were both converts.

      The blame should in part be laid at contemporary Christianity’s door. The CofE is so pathetic no self-respecting young blood would give it the time of day. Evangelicals’ alternative to the obvious masculinity of Islam is to offer happy-clappy family parties without dignity or spirituality.

      • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

        Time to return to the true church of the West. There are few who have done that recently who have any regrets.

        • pointlesswasteoftime

          “the true church of the West” = Mammon

      • bionde

        If you are Muslim apostasy is punishable by death. That tends to make Muslim non believers keep their heads down

        • Damaris Tighe

          I’m sure that must be true.

  • zanzamander

    There seems to be an explicable dichotomy here: One one hand we are one of the friendliest places in Europe for Muslims and yet on the other, British Muslims are more hostile to western values than their German, French or Spanish counterparts!

  • Should this really be a surprise? The country is today beset with a transplanted section of society that, unlike other immigrant groups that have gone before appear to despise the locals, (often violently) whose treatment of women is a medieval disgrace and who recently turned out for a demonstration in London; a city where 50,000 were killed in the Blitz, with banners praising Hitler and giving Nazi salutes. Even worse and with the active connivance of Labour party adherents in public office, an aggressive commitment to multiculturalism that resulted in looking the other way as others exercised a virtual licence to abuse British children with and get away with it for years.

  • AJH1968

    Just read the Telegraph and it is nauseating, friend’s say “Jihad
    John liked to help people”. The elite continues to (in spite of a mountain of
    evidence; that IS lunatics are taking part in the most egregious of human
    rights violations) to toady up to these misfits and to humanize, and even
    aggrandize them to some extent. Contrast if you will the treatment of Ray
    Honeyford to that of Jihadi John. Sickening!

    • Damaris Tighe

      Yes, even Hitler loved dogs & babies & was vegetarian.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        He sure had the right idea about the pikies, too.

        • Damaris Tighe


  • logdon

    A reversal of the headline would answer the headline itself.

    ‘Britain’s one of the friendliest places in Europe for Muslims. But for how much longer?’

    Rather than asking if we are prepared to tolerate an entity quite plainly at odds with our liberality, free speech and ability to assimilate others we should be asking or rather telling Muslims who reject this core of British values, either fit in or other arrangements are in store.

    We have kowtowed for far too long and our supine appeasement has resulted in an attitude by Muslims that all they have to do is raise the spectre of ‘community disharmony’ and we’ll cave in.

    We’ve seen the appalling rapes in Rochdale, Oxford and Rotherham. We’ve seen Trojan Horse. And we’ve seen Warsi flouncing out because we didn’t support her Islamic ingrained anti-Semitism.

    Time to call the shots, the boundaries are being tested by shariah compliancy and if our establishment won’t act, I’m afraid a street level will.

    Muslims came here for a better life and now certain elements are demanding that we bend to the rules of the hell holes they escape. They can’t have it both ways. If that’s what they want, give it to them by sending them back.

    To paraphrase an old saying, nothing concentrates the mind better than the prospect of permanent deportation.

    Once they see we mean business, I’m convinced that this attitude of, when in Britain, do as the Pakisani’s do which is basically the recipe for our disastrous multicultural idiocy will cease.

    • Damaris Tighe

      It’s natural to want the insane policies of the last 50 years to be reversed. But let’s unpick this. We want to restore free speech to this country, yes? So you are saying that any muslim advocating the imposition of sharia should be deported. Much as I’d like this, don’t you see that such a policy is another form of thought/speech crime?

      Moreover, it would further marginalise muslims by making their residence here conditional. That’s not conducive to incorporating them into mainstream British society & undoing the ills of multiculturalism.

      I’d really really love to turn the clock back. But I don’t see how we can without exacerbating existing problems. Alternative policies I’m toying with are:

      1) Bussing muslim children to native majority schools – which was US policy during the desegregation years (ironically US liberals at that time saw black majority schools as a problem) & UK policy in some areas a few decades ago until multiculturalism put a stop to it.

      2) Active & vigorous attempts to convert Muslims to a Christianity offering the same degree of regular prayer, male role models & firm boundaries as Islam, without the toxicity. Given the state of modern Christianity this will be difficult. But despite the sneers of atheists, many people – especially those from a Muslim background – still reach out to something beyond themselves & want to lead lives framed by limits & boundaries.

      Both polices would subvert the ghetto mentality & have a chance of converting ghettoised Muslims into Britons.

      • AngusPangus

        You do know that islam mandates the death penalty for apostasy, right? Hence why not so many conversions.

        • Damaris Tighe

          I do indeed know this. I was just flying a kite …

      • William_Brown

        “….further marginalise Muslims by making their residence here conditional”

        And what, exactly, is unreasonable about making anyone’s residence here conditional. Our conditionality of residence should clearly be strengthened and much more rigorously upheld.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Applied to new immigrants yes, but to existing immigrants (& their descendants?) suddenly imposing conditionality where it didn’t exist before will create even more disaffection when what we want is assimilation.

          • William_Brown

            Many of us, rather naively as it happened, assumed that those wishing to make their lives here would have embraced the culture that welcomed them. Instead, we have a burgeoning cauldron of, at the very least, antithesis towards our very existence.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Couldn’t agree more. As I said in my original post, I really wish we weren’t starting from here & that this mass immigration/colonization hadn’t happened.

          • It does not matter if they do not like it – so far our appeasement has been rewarded with rapes, bombs, etc …

          • Sage Ham

            is assimilation the only option? Jews in malmo were not given a chance. If Millions of MS Xtians like Copts or maronites are driven out of their countries why can’t this be done to Mooslems too?

      • Tomsmith

        Why bother? Just deport all back to where they came from and the problem is solved.

    • beenzrgud

      As far as I can see they do the same thing wherever they go and live. They don’t integrate, and don’t take advantage of the opportunities afforded by their new environment. They then end up at the bottom of the pile and turn into militant malcontents, although it’s debatable whether or not they weren’t malcontent to start with. They then turn on their host and blame them for all their own failings. The same script plays out over and over again. This also isn’t taking into account the fact that they steadfastly hold on to a boatload of cultural baggage (antisocial behaviour), which doesn’t exactly endear them to their new neighbours.

      • Donafugata


        The tolerant and generous Swedes are having their country destroyed by rampaging Muslims who have been given every opportunity for a comfortable life.

        Buildings are set fire to, police cars are vandalised and many women are subjected to brutal gang rapes.

        The Islamic storm-troopers of Malmo have successfully driven out the Jewish population.

        And still Muslims are tolerated, no wonder it is called Stockholm syndrome.

      • NMEofTheState

        Lucid and concise; yet appropriately detailed. Very well said.

        We tend to be very tolerant here on the other side of the pond. The problems ensue when the left attempts to legislate or adjudicate our acceptance into ardor.

    • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

      You are clear sighted enough to have it exactly right.

  • evad666

    Oh do stop being so pathetic, Muslims have no interest in integrating and islam is a pseudo religious military cult hell bent on our destruction.

    • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

      For 900 years, Islam spread by jihad. For 500 years it simmered on the back burner, held back by the might of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires. Now we may be quite surprised by how rapidly it may return to its former aggressive mode. The main difference this time is that there is a very substantial fifth column in our midst.

      • Mike

        They were ejected from Europe before and it could happen again if things get much worse.

        • GraveDave

          I wonder what the figure for Europe was up to the Gates of Vienna. We should have just let them in. . It would have saved time. We could all have been good little Turks by now.
          Like Boris. ,

          • Bob339

            Boris half jewish not turkish.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Turkish grandparent.

          • Bob339

            Wrong. Jew from Turkey. Not same thing at all.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Interesting. The impression is always given that the ancestor was plain Turkish & thus by implication Muslim. I wonder why this might be? (sarc) Of course, a Jew from Turkey is not the same thing at all at all & Muslims would certainly see it that way.

        • Bob339

          My God I hope so.

      • Sage Ham

        Which is why I don’t understand why you are fighting the Russians

        • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

          Not me, mate. I’m not fighting them.

    • avi15

      For well over a thousand years, Europe fought many vicious wars to keep the muslims out, only for them to be let back in by the decadent political elites of the last forty years. The result will be the destruction of European civilisation.

      • Sage Ham

        What we all don’t realize is that we began losing this battled the day Constantinople fell. Constantinople was the capital or the West, and was decimated by the Savagery of the people of peace. the borders have been shrinking since AD 900. Turkey, Syria, Egypt have the most beautiful churches .. at least what has not been destroyed yet

      • ThomasER916

        The Culture of Critique let them in.

        You need to realize the entire White race lost World War 2.

        • Joanna

          Indeed. By stopping the fascists dead ahead, we let the true fascists sneak in from behind.

  • Blueskyes

    Couldn’t agree more with the writer
    I am a British Muslim, and I agree that Muslims in Britain cannot bury their heads in the sand anymore hoping this will pass, we need to confront this sexual abuse culture within, appalling display of contempt for non Muslim girls. I cannot imagine any moral person doing such horrible things, so clearly these people are immoral. Religion is about morality, it manifests into a big problem when it becomes an ideology

    • Teacher

      Good for you. My mother was an Irish catholic immigrant who settled here in the forties and I was brought up as a catholic. I never, ever supported the IRA or any of their wicked atrocities and was and am grateful to the country that nurtured me and gave me such fantastic opportunities as I have had.

      • GraveDave

        In those days the British were doing atrocities too.

        • Teacher

          I don’t support atrocities of any sort whoever commits them. I certainly don’t think it behoves one generation to take up cudgels on behalf of a previous generation which is trying to forgive, forget and live at peace.

          Additionally, I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt on behalf of a single thing any of my relations has commited, nor do I feel the slightest necessity to be awarded compensation for any injury done them. I can alone be judged for what I do or omit to do.

          I certainly don’t see any need for the children of second and third generation immigrants (such as myself) to go seeking to take offence at those who gave them so much.

          • GraveDave

            Additionally, I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt on behalf of a single thing any of my relations has commited, nor do I feel the slightest necessity to be awarded compensation for any injury done them.

            Neither do I .Neither do I claim the credit for the greatness of others just because they’re my countrymen.

        • Coastliner

          Always a leftard waiting in the wings to jump in with the usual cock eyed relativism. Pathetic.

          • GraveDave

            Nothing lelftard about owning up to the facts of your own history. However bad.

    • stag

      I have nothing but respect for all the decent Muslims out there, who are no doubt every bit as scandalized as the rest of us by what is going on in the name of their religion. I have posted on many occasions about what I see as the very deep problems in Islam, problems that have consequences for the rest of us. But if you are able to live your faith in a way that is peaceful, ethical, respectful of difference, with no pretensions to political power, then I can only be happy about that.

      • Any “decent” muslim would already have decided that this ideology is too nasty to be associated with or part of and would have denounced it by now and not call themselves a muslim.
        muslims either are or not – there is no half-way station.

        • stag

          Don’t be daft, there are some decent Muslims out there, ones who perhaps don’t give much thought to their religion, or (rarer, and exclusively in the West) ones who are really convinced it is all kumbaya. how many is not relevant here. As long as there are some, I am not wrong in what I say.

          • I am not being daft. I am being dead honest. Muslims that do not give much thoughts about their religion, but agree with halal slaughter, eat pork, or drink alcohol are either not muslim, or they are liars …
            Maybe they should take a good long look at what their ideology stands for and does to people and the world – and if they are still a “proud and decent” muslim: then it tells me enough about them.

          • stag

            Maybe they should, Hendrik. In fact, they definitely should. In the meantime, though, it is still false to suggest that there are literally no decent Muslims in the world. 1.5 billion of them, and they’re all scumbags, every last one? I find that difficult to believe.

          • FootLong

            If so many atrocities had been happening in the name of my religion I would have opened up my own shop a long time ago. Just like Luther. He didn´t just call himself a moderate catholic.

        • FootLong

          Bingo, just like Luther. If he hadn´t opened up his own shop and just called himself a “moderate” he would have ultimately accepted the Catholic church.

    • stag

      I have nothing but respect for all the decent Muslims out there, who are no doubt every bit as scandalized as the rest of us by what is going on in the name of their religion. I have posted on many occasions about what I see as the very deep problems in Islam, problems that have consequences for the rest of us. But if you are able to live your faith in a way that is peaceful, ethical, respectful of difference, with no pretensions to political power, then I can only be happy about that.

    • But we in the West do not like the morals of the islamic religion.
      The morals when it comes to the treatment of women, rape, homosexuals, kaffirs, infidels, apostates , animal slaughter, etc ..
      We do not like the morals set by islam when it comes to jihad and lying to the kaffirs.
      Believe me: muslims are tolerated at best right now, but they behave so bad as a group that the Europeans will not take much more … and it is already happening: just look at the last European elections – these type of anti-islam political parties will next gain momentum at local and national level too.

      • FootLong

        What about the many ignorant people? The ignorant mass that thinks you are being a bit harsh Aren´t they the ultimate problem?

  • global city

    The problem that will most likely lead to a genuine hardening of attitudes is the MSM’s and stupid Lefties approach to bracketing criticism of Islamism and Extremism as ‘Islamophobia’. We have always been able to differentiate between ordinary people and the radicals amongst them, just think about Irish or Germans, but the left blob does not allow this distinction to be made for Islam/Muslims.

    it is a sorry position we have been forced into. The Pavlovian knee-jerk response to any concern is sickening. The confrontation being organised by UAF to a demonstration against the child rapes in Rotherham is a perfect example. people will watch that and be repulsed.

    • David Prentice

      The treacherous, British-hating UAF will have to be confronted, when the time comes.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        The bastards at UAF will have to be shot, to be more precise.

    • Bring Back Free Speech

      The UAF were involved in stopping the screening of a Channel 4 documentary in 2004 exposing the mass child rape scandal,ditto the Yorkshire police – see Easy Meat by the Law and Freedom Foundation – it’s written by a lawyer. They are loathsome, as are MSM journalists who wouldn’t touch the issue. To call those who tried to expose the issue ‘hatemongers’ shows just how low the appeasers of aggressive Islam will stoop.

      • global city

        There are just so many issues that UKIP could exploit. They should publicly call for these thug groups to be fully investigated and exposed… and then the press could pursue the glib establishment backers to make them justify their support for Brown Shirt thugs organised by the Hard Left.

        • Bring Back Free Speech

          The modern press seeks to cover up, rather than expose, that’s the problem. Whether its the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East, organised child rape in the Netherlands by Turks and Moroccans, or Muslims in Sweden burning a city, the MSM won’t discuss it.

      • benbecula

        If every one in Britain read the Easy Meat report I think the Establishment would be brought down. It is profoundly shocking the lengths the Establishment have went to mask the reality.

        • Bring Back Free Speech

          Yes, I find the fact that the Establishment aided and abetted, and hid, and still hides the nationwide extent of this scandal as horrifying as the evil that perpetrated the crime. These people hold unaccountable power.

    • FootLong

      The vile anti-German propaganda during WW1 surely did not differentiate that much.

      • global city

        meaningless reference to what is now history. My two examples are contemporaneous and relevant to today’s attitudes, would you not agree?

        • FootLong

          No your reference was towards differentiating in a time of crisis. The British didn´t differentiate when talking about beastly Germans raping poor Belgian nuns during WW 1. They were all beastly Germans.

          • global city

            OK, I’ll give you the point on that, as I didn’t explain myself clearly enough. I was referring to recent proofs that the British people are not gullible fools who will turn into a violent mob and attack what ever group the establishment chose to demonise.

            Funnily enough, the anti German riots during WWI in Liverpool were terrible. Even these though were in response to the sinking of the Lusitania and had not featured before that terrible event.

            My main point was about the attitude or predilection of ordinary people, regardless of any stance taken by our political leaders and media.

  • itbeso

    “Last weekend a group of British imams issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims from volunteering for Isis.”

    What 5 signatures? Pretty small group.

    “Inconveniently for them, however, ‘Muslim’ street gangs in Europe and
    America started playing the same game, arguing that the Koran permitted
    any assault against the kuffar (non-believers).”

    Why the inverted commas around Muslim? They are Muslim gangs all around Europe and Australia, different ethnicity* to our countrywide Pakistani gangs 9as their muslim immigrants came for different parts of the Ummah) but all still Muslim.

    *Somali Moroccan Turkish etc.

  • itbeso

    “One in ten children under the age of four is a Muslim.”

    .. and becasue of the Islamic apostacy and marriage rules have very, very little chance of intergrating.

  • David Prentice

    The degredation and abuse occurring in Rotherham and other towns wasn’t a minority of “bad apples”. This is Islam. To British Muslims of Pakistani descent, white British girls are infidels and thus fair game. They clearly feel they are growing towards the demographic tipping point to the extent that they can start “testing the boundaries”. The mist is begining to fade and the realisation dawning that we face a large and rapidly growing body of deadly enemies inside our own towns and cities.

    • itbeso

      The degredation and abuse occurring in Rotherham and other towns wasn’t a minority of “bad apples”.

      No it is already a nationwide Muslim epidemic which the MSM press seems to have conveniently contracted mutual amnesia over. That and the disengenuous term Asian makes it more likely we are still not going to face this painful issue and are doomed to PC failures heaped upon PC failure.

      • Trapnel

        The MSM still finds ways to selectively self-lobotomise – choosing to place the Aylesbury story (2 Sept 2014) in a quiet corner for example.

    • mattghg

      They’re following the example of their phoney prophet, who married a 9-year-old when he was in his 50s.

      • meqmac

        Strictly speaking, he married A’isha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Muslim apologists argue that Arabs often reach puberty as young as 9, so that makes it OK to have sex with them. It is legal for a man to marry a baby (if her father allows it), but sex must wait till she is 9. Thank God for that.

        • Eileen

          Thanking God for a small blessing.

    • benbecula

      It isn’t just in England either, we have “Rotherham style” grooming rings in Scotland and the also in The Netherlands.


      • Sage Ham

        and what do you do.. discuss on the internet.

        • Pootles

          What do you suggest the ordinary punter do?

          • Sage Ham

            Actually that was frustration speaking. We have to get our pout our comfort zones- Write to MPs. Don’t be ashamed of being politically incorrect and voicing our opinion. Attending marches. being active on the internel. being unreasonable. Push for deportation (Challenge concepts of fairness as this is a battle for a culture and kids) – Read William Darymple – From the Holy Mountain – or any history book on Constantinoble and the ottoman empire. See how the proud Circassians, Syrians, Lebanese chiristians are all but decimated now

          • Tomsmith

            Demonstrate on the streets. Elect leader that will act. Form groups to patrol muslim areas and protect white people, especially young girls. Defend and retaliate against violence and rape at every opportunity.

          • Joanna


    • Tomsmith

      Correct. But we don’t have much time to do something about this. We don’t seem to be moving in the right direction though. I think we have lost the ability to care about and protect our own culture.

  • investigator

    It is too late to ask, “What can be done?”
    There can be no peaceful outcome. There are many millions of Pakistani and other Muslims in Britain already. They are not going to integrate. They will increase rapidly as a percentage of the population and they will continue to establish no go areas for non- Pakistanis and demand special legal dispensations.
    Leaders will arise in the non Muslim community who will advocate concerted action against them. This cannot be stopped; it is inevitable. There will be battles such as we see in now in Syria

    • FootLong
      • blingmun

        The Turks didn’t have German citizenship until immigration rules were changed after Kohl’s defeat by the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) in 1998.

        Kicking out people with British passports would be very problematic.

        • FootLong

          Then Britain will become a bloody mess with a demographically expanding group terrorizing an indigenous population, gangs enslaving white girls in the thousands while the natives discuss their horrible fate on the internet.

          • Tomsmith

            Agree, it has too be done and soon if our culture is to continue. But it won’t be done because we do not believe in ourselves enough to do it. We will just talk, and then we will be gone.

      • investigator

        Thanks for posting this. But it won’t work. No Islamic country will accept 4 Million Muslims from Germany, three million from France and three million from England.
        The Muslims like to keep the Muslim losers in the religious wars in refugee camps. It appeals to their sense of victimhood.
        The Muslim countries have the room but, firstly, the Sunnis hate the Shia and the Arabs hate the non-Arabs.

        The Germans suffered so much from the guilt of genocide that they won’t be able to muster the resolve to expel their Muslims, even if Turkey or any other country were willing to take them.

        I cannot see any way that an enormous civil war can be avoided, in every country in Europe.
        I think we will see mass murder and atrocities on all sides.
        China will benefit because it has both the resolve and a small Muslim population.
        Japan will also be able to stand outside it; they have never subscribed to the idea that the Muslim culture is just as valuable as their own and that they should invite mass migration of medieval peasants from Pakistan and north Africa.
        Europe will suffer horribly.

        • FootLong

          You are absolutely right. Doing something about it means some really drastic measures. It means painting with that wide brush. Something the Europeans are unwilling to do or even think about.

  • itbeso

    “ordinary Britons will start listening to the hate-mongers”

    Oh please it isn’t hate mongering to point at the source of the hate no more than it is intolerant to stand up to the intolerant.

    • Mike

      We’re fed up listening to the hate mongers like Anjem Chowdary, thats the problem.

      • Guantanamo Bay comes to mind for him ….

      • Sage Ham

        Anjem is not the issue. He is a foil to distract you

        • FootLong

          Spot on. It´s the ordinary low profile ones.

    • NMEofTheState

      It isn’t hate if they’re trying to kill you.

  • Teacher

    A value system based on misogyny and male machismo cannot prosper. It is no coincidence that the more advanced countries all give equal opportunities to women in the public sphere and all value the influence of women.

    • Islam is based upon much more than that. Islam is based upon polygamy, which means that women cannot be equal to men, because the husband’s rights trump all of the wives’. Islam is also based upon pederasty, murder (honor killing), deceit, theft, and rape. Mohammed authorized all of this behavior, and towards the end of his life, wrote the most aggressive parts of the Koran, understanding that they would be taken to replace the peaceful sections. So Islam has always been at war with the West and uses the most horrific tools in order to gain its plunder.

    • blingmun

      Rubbish. England didn’t have gender equality during the 18th and 19th Centuries but that didn’t stop her building the modern world.

      • Teacher

        Queen Vic was on the throne then while women elsewhere were languishing in seraglios.

  • When it comes to explaining all of this, a major factor that remains largely unexamined is the culture and identity of Britain/England as a host nation, and that unlike the boisterous, flag-waving, anthem-singing national pride exhibited in most other countries, the quiet arrogance that characterises the English is unspoken and really quite different to how almost any other country takes pride in itself.

    I believe it was David Starkey who noted the extent to which this is so steeped into our consciousness and just how unique it is. We don’t have a national dress, we don’t really have a national cuisine, most of us don’t like our national anthem, we’re casual and self-deprecating amongst foreigners and secure enough to laugh at how grossly uncultured we are; yet deep down, most people in Britain have complete faith in our institutions (the NHS, democratic parliament, police force etc.) and are comfortable in the knowledge that Britain has historically, punched well above its weight and been on the right side of the significant conflicts of recent history.

    Jeremy Paxman said that English national pride manifests itself as
    being so secure in your identity that you really don’t give a hoot, and I think he’s more-or-less about right.

    However, as Starkey went on to say (rightly in my opinion), these aren’t the traits of a country that genuinely hates itself; but rather, one that is so secure, so casual, so overconfident and complacent that it has a complete and total illusion of permanency.

    So, how does this all tie in to the issue of Muslim extremism and the far more worrisome issue of at best, silence and at worst, tacit complicity from a significant minority of the muslim population?

    Well for a great many of the political class who live in nice houses in the home counties, who send their kids to private schools and are deluded enough to think that they experience ‘diversity’ in the same way as a working-class white family in Newham because their son’s cricket team has a couple of Asian lads playing in it, the idea that a significant number of people from a demographic group could reject our cosy culture is utterly, utterly unthinkable.

    They look upon Westernised Christianity and the take-or-leave-it-you’re-going-to-heaven-anyway, love-thy-neighbour-and-do-your-best attitude that (despite its very violent past) it now embraces, and cannot comprehend the idea that other (vastly more conservative) religions couldn’t or wouldn’t want to evolve the same way.

    They look at the things that make Western society wonderful; tolerance, freedom, equal rights for homosexuals, women’s liberation etc. and simply can’t begin to imagine that anyone from any other culture, no matter how radically different that culture is, no matter how huge the influence that such a culture can have, could possibly fail to simply just…bump…fall into line.

    Its not self-hatred or guilt. Its arrogance, greed and complacency.

    • Brilliant post.

      • Thank you very kindly!

        I really do think the kind of reception an immigrant demographic gets is very underrated in terms of what that group becomes and how it relates to the society culturally. These people need not to be examined as just Muslims, but Muslim immigrants, largely from the Kashmir region of Pakistan into the liberal UK in the year 2014. All factors must be factored in.

        To say that all Islam and all Muslims are incompatible with Britain is not only inaccurate but also likely to drive those who might be more sympathetic towards Britain into the hands of ISIS and as such, a lot of the simpler comments on this thread aren’t helping either way.

        Douglas Murray was bang on the money when it came to this issue: There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with demonstrating a pluralist society with which Britain welcomes anyone from whatever background they come from, assuming that they have courtesy and respect for the tolerant, liberal culture that has welcomed them. However, with a diverse society you do need to lay down the law about where certain boundaries lie and make things very clear precisely what kind of culture they’re assimilating *to*. At the moment no-one really has any idea.

        Britain is no longer a diverse, tolerant, multiracial society where people of all different faiths and backgrounds unite under one banner and culture of welcoming tolerance, but a multicultural, ghettoized society that essentially amounts to just a bunch of different people shoved onto the same island with no incentive whatsoever to integrate with one another.

        Like it or lump it, Muslims are here to stay in Britain in one form or another and for 99% of them, that’s no bother whatsoever. Even Islam itself is no worse than Christianity just by going by the books.

        The problem is that an extreme form of Islam has been allowed to flourish. It isn’t representative of Islam as a whole but it *is* representative of a *form* of Islam, and as with most extremist ideologies, its loud, noisy and will make its presence felt. Add to that the fact that its a religion, and belief in an afterlife inherently devalues this one in a way that nothing else can, and you’ve got a recipe for problems.

        The question is, what kind of Islam will inhabit Britain’s substantial Muslim population in the next 20-30-50 years?

        • I love your 2 posts, but can you please give me 1 or 2 examples of anything islamic law/culture/(or anything else islamic) that is compatible with the UK? Because I struggle to think of one.

          • Oh I’ll readily admit that if you actually followed and believed the Qu’ran to the letter, then of course it would be utterly incompatible with Western Democracy. The followers of ISIS might well be good people at heart for all we know, but the problem is that they genuinely believe that God has prescribed in very clear detail the his laws and politics via his Prophet and they are in fact doing ‘good’ (after all, if the Qu’ran *WAS* true then they’d be absolutely right!).

            What I’m hoping is that Islam reaches a renaissance in much the same way as Christianity before it, which is equally intolerant if taken in its literal form. The difference of course, is that Christians don’t take it in its literal form at all, and have a far more balanced, nuanced and mature view of how they look at religion. Furthermore, even the most sincere Christians in Britain are well aware that they must bend the law of their secular country rather than the other way around. Essentially, we need to employ a carrot-and-stick approach to helping Islam go the same way.

            I know that it sounds incredibly trite but it *IS* true that the vast majority of Muslims are indeed perfectly peaceful people, and if nothing else we just need to hold them to an equal moral standard that we would ourselves. That means expecting them to integrate, understand the laws and culture of the host country and meet-in-the-middle when it comes to areas of disagreement (or indeed to suck it up; freedom of speech/liberation of women etc: non-negotiable).

    • GraveDave

      We are cultured too, some of us, But like you say the best of us remain self deprecating. Tee-hee.

    • stag

      Good post, Matthew. I think in many cases you are right: it is an unspoken arrogance that results in complacency. However, there is also a degree of self-hatred feeding into this. You took the political classes who live in nice houses in the home counties as your demographic; but others are feeding into this too, notably academics. With an ever-increasing percentage of young people going to university ( so politicians can gloat over their rivals), more and more students in humanities faculties up and down the country are having their minds formed by self-hating Marxists and race/gender/queer/whatever-else theorists. Humanities faculties are basically the property of the political left. They are marked with a strong anti-Western bias. The rejection of our “cosy culture” becomes second nature to many of the young minds immersed in this toxic atmosphere.

    • zanegray

      Orwell rightly captured the overwhelming blinkered arrogance of the English Intellectual Left which is part of today’s problem:

      England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there
      is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is
      a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to
      suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that
      almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to
      attention during God save the King than of stealing from a poor box.

    • MrsDBliss

      Your comments a pity Christianity seem to come from the ‘religion is the root of all conflict’ thinking. What people a empty understanding is that the problem with Christianity isn’t, as Chesterton would say, that it has been tried and failed, but that it hasn’t been tried at all. When Christianity was violent it was so despite its tenants, not because of. The same for when it colluded with the state, imposed itself upon people etc. All in direct contravention of the Bible. When people did this they were not being good Christians, the opposite in fact.
      However Islam teaches violence in spreading faith, Tawhid – the idea of oneness of state and religion, the subjugation of women and of other faiths etc.
      Even Hinduism, which a lot of ‘spiritual’ people embrace has at a it’s heart the idea of a spiritual hierarchy; the caste system.
      Western tolerance – in it’s real sense – comes out of Christianity. It just took a while for us to practice it more in adherence of the religion.

    • William_Brown

      Well said, sir!

    • FootLong

      Good post but you do underestimate self-hatred.

  • la catholic state

    It’s not the imagined persecution of Muslims….but the persecution by Muslims that needs attention.

  • Knives_and_Faux

    I propose a ‘hang a paki’ day.

  • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

    The trouble is we have accepted too easily the comforting notion of Tony Blair (and of the heir to Blair, DC) that there is a clear cut distinction between Islam and Islamism. We may know, as I do, individual muslims who have embraced British culture and values. We are only too aware of the terrorists within and without our society. We must accept the fact that there is no convenient sharp dividing line between these. There is a vast, amorphous transition zone, and a current flowing across this, on balance towards the radical side. Somehow, as a society and as a state we must find an answer to this. It will be difficult, but it must be done.

  • ErictheHorse

    Yet another apology piece. You people just don’t get it: the problem is Islam full stop. It an alien misogynistic, homophobic anti democratic religopolitical sect.

    There is no difference between the extremist and the moderate, they are all doing “God” work and in fact it is the so called moderate Muslims that pose the most danger as they take over the control of our democratic systems and turn them against us.

    If we believe in the concept of a liberal democracy, that at some point [soon] we need to fight to protect this or we will be heading back to the dark ages.

    If you but look you can see what will happen it is not as though they are not explicit in their intentions, but self loathing liberal progressive would rather keep simultaneously patronising Muslims and the culturally indigenous population of the UK.

    Journalist like you are part of the problem and help to give legitimacy to Muslims and their war againts the kafir. Islam has no part to play in any liberal democracy: they don’t believe in it!

    • GraveDave

      I’m not worried about misogyny or homophobia.Those two, the gays and feminists, can take care of for themselves. But children are something else.
      And it has to be said when it comes to child abuse in any form, we have problems enough within our own communities

      • ErictheHorse

        So let me get this right, you and the four who marked you up are not bothered about FGM, forced marriage, honour killings, hanging of homosexuals, stoning to death of adulteresses, even when raped or any other of the tenets of the religion of love and peace?

        You sound a great human being, but hey just so long as you can try to create a case that there is more child abuse in the non Muslim communities that is all OK in your book. You are an apologist and it will not save you or is it that you are Muslim?

      • MrsDBliss

        Misogyny isn’t just directed at ‘the feminists’; who, you’re right, can take care of themselves, but leave any traditional/poor women hanging as they build their own power bases.

    • Donafugata

      An excellent post.

      You are right, they are all doing the work of Allah.

      The Somali immigrant with five kids but who contributes nothing can not be described as extremist. Neither could the council of Tower Hamlets nor the Islamic governors of those schools in Birmingham.

      However they all endeavour to transform traditional British values and institutions to Islamic ones and of course, at tax payers expense.

      Liberal democracy, freedom of speech and the rule of law are tolerated for now but are being eroded and corrupted.
      It is only a matter of time.

      • FootLong

        And they are pretty open about it. Before entering government, Erdogan said: “Democracy is like a train. We shall get out when we arrive at the station we want.”

    • vieuxceps2

      Pleased to see you call the threat Islam and not Islamist.This latter usage enables the lefty luvvies to screen off the basic problem which is of course Islam itself, the very creed and its adherents who are muslims.There is no distinction possible. Islam is the poison,all who believe in it are potential murderers.How can they be otherwise? Doesn’t the actual word of God tell them to be so when required-Jihad they call it.

      • SonOfGud

        It would appear that violent supremacist islamism arises at the middle of an unchallenged benign-faced supremacist islam.
        Like malignant change at the centre of a seemingly benign, space-occupying tumour.

    • vieuxceps2

      Pleased to see you call the threat Islam and not Islamist.This latter usage enables the lefty luvvies to screen off the basic problem which is of course Islam itself, the very creed and its adherents who are muslims.There is no distinction possible. Islam is the poison,all who believe in it are potential murderers.How can they be otherwise? Doesn’t the actual word of God tell them to be so when required-Jihad they call it.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      I was particularly struck by the phrase “The lumping together of Rotherham and Isis may be malicious and misleading…”, as though the author honestly believed the two were totally separate issues.

  • Getting utterly sick to death of these meandering hand-wringing apologist screeds.

    The fact you wrote this makes me want to heave:

    “The authorities were terrified that grooming would be seized upon by
    racists playing the Muslim card. Their fears weren’t unfounded.”

    – Do you media hacks bother to investigate anything anymore? Did you read the Rotherham report, or watch the Panorama documentary? Or what about the C4 documentary about how young boys are routinely abused in Pakistan? It turns out, on this issue at least, the far-right actually called it correctly. Apparently fear of that being the case is a sufficient excuse for not just institutional failure, but multiple institutional failure across the board in places like Rotherham. This is cultural relativism at its utmost depraved.

    • MrsDBliss

      Mmm. I’m no fan of the BNP, however it surely more concerning that their fears of the grooming of children weren’t just unfounded, but vastly diluted in comparison to the reality.

    • FootLong

      Perhaps the Spectator should interview Nick Griffin once so we can find out what else has been going on in this country.

  • judyk113

    We all know about and are familiar with far left wing Trotskyist and Communist methods of entryism– mass joining and taking over of otherwise beneficial and helpful organisations and political groups to make them into vehicles for their own revolutionary and destructive aims. We know what Militant stood for. Most of us know that the SWP has taken over almost all our mainstream unions, and that’s why they fund and march on Stop the War and Boycott Sainsburys/Tescos/Free Gaza parades and “direct action” to occupy businesses and churches and to shut down supermarkets selling goods that they think come from Israel. What too few of us recognise is that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat Al Islamiya and various Iranian backed Muslim groups are entryists of exactly the same sort, using the same methods to infiltrate and take control of ordinary mosques serving Muslims who have no sympathy at all with political Islamism–the campaign for government under Sharia Law. Reputable publications like the Spec should be doing much, much more to publicise these facts, and the methods used by the Islamist entryists. Sadly, Islamist entryists have conned both the Church of English and the formal representatives of the Jewish community into working with them and helping them gain a respectability they do not deserve. Fortunately the Coalition is now alert to this. But the apologists for the MB and their fellow Islamist pals still have plenty of supporters in the government and they have the endorsement of the Labour Party. Please, Spec, do more to expose their operation. Thank heavens you host Douglas Murray, a brilliant fighter against the Islamist entryist operation. Please also publish more by Sam Westrop and by Sheikh Muhammad al Hussaini both fighters against Islamist extremism who have been trying for years to expose the Islamists’ operation and get the CofE and the Jewish community to stop backing them and start opposing them., Please do take the time to download and read Sam Westrop’s expose of “the Interfaith Industry” which shows the appalling progress the Islamists and their interfaith dupes in the CofE and the Jewish community have made. http://standforpeace.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Interfaith-Industry.pdf

    • stag

      Thanks a lot for this, judyk. I followed your link, and then went on to other links. I learned a lot.

  • Yet another Socialist/Communist/Progressive idea fails in spectacular fashion, leaving in its wake death, rape, violent aggression and devastated lives.
    Any politician who professes a belief in multiculturalism should be immediately dismissed as unfit for office.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    6 September 2014 Damian Thompson

    Finally cracked that time travel routine, Damian? Why don’t you go back to the future?

  • AngusPangus

    Just another hand-wringing muslim apologist. Pity the poor muslims!

    “American conservatives picked over the Koran looking for parallels between the violence of gang rape and the violence of jihad”

    You’re either pitifully ignorant of islamic doctrine and the conduct of Mohammed himself. Or you’re a liar. I go for the latter.

    • Mike

      Lord Ahmed drew that parallel but he missed out one important fact. When you have in-breeding to the scale we see in these communities the incidence of mentally retarded babies rises 100 times that of the norm. Then add in his valid point that their communities, schools and mosques preach all this hate and do nothing to stop it, its not surprising mental retards follow it.

  • derekemery

    When numbers as a percentage are big enough we will have a perfect formula for a religious war as the demands of Islam cannot be squared with democracy. We are already seeing this in other countries.

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      Yes, but who do you think will win that battle: fanatical Muslims or a generation which has been programmed to believe Western Civilisation is the cause of all evil in the world?

    • FootLong

      I don´t think we will see a religious war. There just won´t be enough young non-muslims around to do the fighting. It will be a gradual takeover from within.

  • Des Demona

    It is unfortunate but not surprising that perhaps yes, the UK public are becoming more than a little fed up with a religion and its followers that seems to bring nothing particularly good to this country and a lot that is particularly bad, from terrorism to mass child abuse, to FGM and forced marriages and honour killings. The list goes on.
    It’s very easy to say it is not the religion it is the way some practice it but I can’t think of many religions where violent jihad and hatred of those who do not follow that religion can be so easily endorsed, no matter how you try to twist the source material.

    • Damaris Tighe

      On http://www.Frontpagemag.com today there’s a post by Raymond Ibrahim which includes a quote from a female Kuwaiti politician. She is defending the taking by muslim men of non-muslim s*x slaves from a war zone as an answer to the problem of marital infidelity. She cites capturing Russian women from the Chechnya war zone as an example.

      By this September 2014 I thought I was beyond being shocked. But here we have a middle-class Kuwaiti woman coldly & without empathy advocating the r*pe & slavery of non-muslim women.

      I actually feel sick …

      • CO Jones

        For the British public, most of whom appear to believe that cats and dogs and other animals are really humans in different form, it seems impossible to realise that these people are Nothing Like Us.

        • FootLong

          That is the big problem, how to educate the ignorants.

  • GraveDave

    According to Pew’s 2014 Global Attitudes survey, 26 per cent of us have ‘unfavourable’ attitudes towards Muslims in this country; compare that to 46 per cent in Spain, 53 per cent in Greece and 63 per cent in Italy.

    Strange, you don’t mention France Damien. So what happened there?
    In any case those figures for England are probably higher due to our inherent sense of denial.

  • GraveDave

    … and unspeakable assaults on girls in Yorkshire.

    That’s right, it was unspeakable -wasn’t it? For nearly sixteen years.

    • anotherjoeblogs

      Indeed, it puts a spin on ‘ unmentionable acts ‘

      • GraveDave

        Unspeakable ffs!

      • anotherjoeblogs

        a belief which defies belief.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    ” The BNP has since imploded, but not before popularising the idea that the sexual appetites of Pakistani thugs were fuelled by Islam ”

    Not really sexual appetite but an appetite for humiliating non-muslims, and white ones are seen as a bigger victory than black or yellow. Just like the humiliation for those who are put to the sword or blunt knife, white non-muslims girls are forced to submit and feel the humiliation while the thug regains ‘ honour ‘. Sex is secondary here.

    • GraveDave

      Oh yes, the BNP. Didn’t they realize it was ‘unspeakable’? .

  • Mike

    Why would the majority of people welcome into their country an alien barbaric religion and culture. As Lord Ahmed said recently, Muslim communities have got to solve their own problems such as militant mosques and schools that preach hate and division in the UK, it is NOT the majorities responsibility and we’re sick and tired of bending over backwards to be sensitive to their feelings without reciprocation.

    If British youth get labeled as binge drinkers either we accept it or we do something about it but what we dont do is raise that victim flag. Muslims need to do the same, purge all the rapists from your midst, purge all the hate preached in your culture and purge all the Jihadists you create through in-breeding and hate preaches.

    • GraveDave

      And who sells and profits by all this ‘binge drinking’?

      The corner shop (mostly run by Asian immigrants) and the treasury.

      And why is it never asked why we need ten off licences in every street or shopping parade.

      Think about it.

      • Mike

        Probably not the treasury as its mainly booze cruise alcohol !

        • GraveDave

          The treasury does very well out of it just the same.

  • Julie

    Crossing London in 2005, on a hasty retreat to the great Carmelite Priory at Aylesford,it was difficult not to feel aggrieved in a way quite different to passing by Manchester’s awful Arndale shortly after the IRA bombing.

    ‘Managed containment’ ; and the stirring and goading of vested interests further generate a sense of spiritual malaise. Conversely, resisting any temptation to respond with indifference or evil is something like a divine gift, and a charism of the Franciscan Order, still at home in FISC Canterbury, at the University of Kent.

  • Coastliner

    The Kumbya school of tolerance on the part of the British is coming to an end. So only 26% have ‘unfavourable’ attitudes eh? I suspect that many many more were afraid to admit their true feelings because of the disease that infects this country to it’s very core – PC & terror of the ‘racist card’. As the minority demographic grows, it will become more and more emboldened and demand more with the constant threat of violence. At some point in the future the ordinary people will be backed into a corner and any veneer of ‘tolerance’ will quickly evaporate. The author of this article is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that any status quo maintained at present will continue indefinitely. Please PLEASE can somebody recognise that this problem is going to go away? It is NOT!

  • abid jaffer

    Simple-ask the question ‘Has the influx of foreign nationals from failed states with poor economies, backward attitudes to women, medieval law systems, restrictive views on democracy and no understanding of art, literature and science produced a positive effect on Western democracies?’

  • CO Jones

    For heaven’s sake, yet another writer for the MSM expounding the mantra that it’s all got nothing to do with islam, and they’re all very nice, mostly. Would someone kindly pass the bottle of asprins?

  • Trapnel

    A few years ago there may have been one or two comments now and then, not necessarily at mainstream sites, warning of civil war, but what was once a trickle has turned into a torrent and it would seem that this is a direct result of the authorities’ failure to take any meaningful steps to address the problem thereby creating the phenomenon they had hoped at any cost to avoid. One might have thought so, but continuing obfuscation and denial of the threat such as that above leaves one at a loss.

    Civil war of one form or another is inevitable – one might even wish to hurry it along so as to maximise fighting capability before numbers swing inexorably against mounting a successful defence of Britain and its freedoms so carelessly thrown to the wind by its present leaders.

  • David Glen

    “Other headlines are a disgrace. Right-wing websites juxtapose footage of
    Iraqi massacres with gloating articles about ‘Muslim gang rapists’.
    Tweets about Rotherham carry the hashtag #Islam. The remnants of the BNP
    must be proud.”

    You seam to pride yourself on the distance –
    ‘the clear blue water’ between them and the good old ‘Speccie’. That
    does not chime entirely with the popularity of articles asking Muslims
    to explain themselves – or solely fingering muslims for anti-semitic

    Of course jump to the “nowt to with us mate” comments and I can’t tell if I’m reading Stormfront or the EDL facebook page.

    A bit of balance for the casual viewers. Not gone down well with your fans…!

    “Civil war of one form or another is inevitable – one might even wish to
    hurry it along so as to maximise fighting capability before numbers
    swing inexorably against mounting a successful defence of Britain and
    its freedoms…”

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Note the way the article title is framed (as if Britain is in the wrong):

    Is Britain Hardening Its Heart Against Muslims“?

    Let’s hope Britain is coming to its senses and kicks these savages out.

    • anon

      Yes, when I read that I thought “I really hope so. Finally.”

      It is insanity to tolerate the intolerable.

    • Hysteria

      we need to take a few specific steps.
      1 – ban the wearing of face veils for women in public. They are not part of our culture – deal with it Mo!
      2 – deport Imams (and any one else for that matter) who preaches against our way of life. Anti free speech? Probably – suck it up!
      3 – start profiling at security check points. Unfair? No….

    • Icebow

      Yes. ‘Moderate Islam’ is either deludedness or taqiyya being practised. As Robert Spencer remarked, ISIL is doing Islam by the book.

    • FootLong

      Exactly, only solution. It´s been thought of before already. You need to lobby your MPs for this.


  • Paddy S

    One question Damian: Where are all these moderate Muslims lining up and protesting “not in Our Name” at the brutal and savage treatment by their co-coreligionists across the Islamic world? Why are they always playing the victim card? Why wont they condemn Islamic brutality? Why? Why?….

    • warddorrity

      Radical Islam wants to kill you. “Moderate” Islam will just watch you die.

      • anon

        A terrifyingly perfect summation.

    • Mike

      Like 95% of Germans who looked the other way when the Jews, Gipsy’s and minority groups were led to the gas chambers, so do 95% of Muslims look the other way to Jihadism and rapists among their midst !

      • Simon_in_London

        Hm, any German who protested would have been killed too – many were. It’s not really comparable.

      • FootLong

        95 % of Muslims aren´t moderate.

  • Southernationalist

    When will the Anglo Saxon peoples of the world stand and fight? From the US to Canada to Britain we have been sold out by our cosmopolitan, citizen-of-the- world leaders. The time has come to expel these Satanic invaders once and for all. Better yet, let us rebuild the Empire from the American South to Australia and put the subhuman animals of the third world in their proper place at the bottom of the food chain. I am a Virginian, the direct descendant of more than twenty men who served in the Revolution and if those men were alive today I think their disgust with the direction of the entire Anglo Saxon world would be beyond measure. We traded the tyranny of the king for the tyranny of the Yankee and George III was far more humane than the crowd currently running the US.

  • Jack Dawson

    Don’t forget the fatwa against Rushdie in 1988. So-called moderate Muslims supported it. It is clear whose hearts are hardened and intolerant.

  • Ludo

    Christianity feels under attack because their fellow ignoramuses are gang raping English girls by the thousand. And you’re right to feel threatened because decent people need to come together to bring you all low.

  • ExiledOnMainStreet

    Isn’t Damian a Catholic? Perhaps his time would be better spent reporting on the slaughter of the Christians in the Middle East by the practiticioners of what GW Bush ludicriously called “the Religion of Peace” rather than worrying that we might just form negative opinions of those who feel they have a right to do whatever they wish to “infidels.”

  • justejudexultionis

    ‘Moderate Muslims’ lol. Give me a break.

  • minnesoter

    “It feels as if we are on the verge of an anti-Muslim backlash” — Good Lord! Really? I wonder if it will reach the heights of your anti-Jew backlash?

    • GraveDave

      It feels as if we are on the verge of an anti-Muslim backlash” — Good Lord!

      Yeah, what took it so long.

  • “Entire Church of England leadership beheaded by ISIS in front of Westminster Abbey; police warn of anti-Muslim backlash” ~ ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

  • cestusdei

    It is not “hate” to recognize that Islam has a long history of violence and abuse of women. The latest examples are not “new” to Islam. The silence of Muslims has been profound. Usually they try every trick in the book to change the subject. If there is a backlash it will be because of Muslims who tolerate this or even quietly approve of it not because of “right wing” bloggers. Islam is going to have to change or provoke a far more widespread war. There are over 6 billion non-Muslims in the world and they will eventually tire of Islamic violence.

    • stag

      It’s strange, isn’t it, this ‘right wing’ epithet? I am not ‘right wing’. I am not a member of the BNP, I don’t want to bring back hanging, I don’t want mass deportations. I’m a normal person who just happens to know a bit about Islam. Those who want to call people like me “right wing” or a “Muslim hater” (as Damian attempts to do) are simply ignorant.

  • stag

    Where is your evidence that the authorities in Rotherham were terrified of right wing bigots? I don’t see any evidence for that. Certainly not in your article. Of course it goes without saying that, in the fevered imagination of your lefty-liberal, Rotherham-Council-sitting type, the right wing bigot is like the bogeyman, always ready to leap out from under your bed. But did that exaggerated and permanent fear actually influence their actions in this case? For my part, all I see is police, local government and (in some cases) social work pandering to Muslims, being so intimidated by PC as to even allow the systematic rape of children.

    Also: are you speaking from a position of ignorance or knowledge? When you talk to your readers about Islam, do you really have an overall understanding of that religion? Are you well-informed? Or are you just armed with a few stats, a few prejudices, and a few sentences from Nostra Aetate? I suspect many of your readers know more about Islam than you do.

    Look, I agree that we want to avoid a situation where all Muslims pay for the misdeeds of some. However, there is a stink about the Muslim community in this country. We can all smell it. It’s no use saying “what smell?” That won’t work any more. We don’t want any pogroms and mass deportations – God forbid; but we do want a more honest examination of this issue than has hitherto been undertaken.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Good post stag. I think the fear of ‘right wing bigotry’ is a factor though, because the aim of pc is to drive ‘bigotry’ underground by outlawing wrong speech & through that wrong thoughts. Of course what then happens is the situation in Rochdale, when what everybody knew couldn’t be spoken about.

      • stag

        If right wing bigotry didn’t exist, PC loons would have to invent it. It is what one might call their ‘enabling antithesis’ and its invocation – you are right – is all part of the overall drive to stigmatize and marginalize unacceptable opinions.

  • Mark

    “Sneering Left and Muslim-bating Right”. Ok, where do I fit in? Where do a lot of us fit in, who have real concern about all this? Is there a label for us? I’ll explain my position, and sit back and let you bung a label on me.
    I live in NW London, a very asian area. I don’t care whether the people working in the supermarket/bank/garage are Hindus or Muslims. I see no trouble around here. But I am concerned about a rise in religion, its effect on society, and it happens to be Islam. Surely we should all have the default position that the religious zealots and extremists are the problem, and everyone else should be worried about them and that obviously includes Muslims.
    We shouldn’t have to be reminded, time and again that “the vast majority of the Muslim ‘community’ are law-abiding…” etc. I’m sure that if it was Christian fundamentalists causing the same problems, we would easily differentiate.
    We are slowly waking up to the sectarian divides within Islam itself, and all of the different sects and what the more extreme ones are.
    Part of the problem lays with the media and the “Muslim commentators” and imams they rush to for soundbites. Far too many Muslim “organisations” (for want of a better term) have sprung up over the last number of years, and their representatives have no real right to be the only ones on TV or radio, because many of them are far from the “moderates” the media institutions think they are.
    Young, more liberal representatives are sorely needed on the media to give their views and challenge those useless imams and false moderates.
    If I was going to get technical about the Quran, I know it hates me (a disbeliever), and there is no “out of context” that can defend that sort of thing at all. That’s only one example, because the Hindus get a bad time too, as well as others. But as with all religions, who actually takes it all literally and seriously, apart from the extreme zealots? The majority do not.
    Less religious representation from the Muslim community please. More honesty that there is a real problem within. Less worry about confronting problems for fear of “Islamophobia” or racism. More honesty about the problematic Quranic verses and Hadiths. A real desire for change within the Muslim “communites”. Some of that might go quite a way in dealing with this, but it’s very hard to see how any of that would even be started, let alone put into practice. I currently have zero hope.

    • Simon_in_London

      “I live in NW London, a very asian area. I don’t care whether the people working in the supermarket/bank/garage are Hindus or Muslims. I see no trouble around here. ”

      Because it’s a Hindu area. I used to live there. 🙂

  • Wayne Tunstall

    why is this article dated the 6th september 2014 when in fact its the 4th of september…this articles 2 days in front of us lol..

  • Donafugata

    There were relatively few Muslims in Europe before the attack on the WTC in 2001.

    Since then the Europe has experienced nothing short of a demographic invasion.
    Whether flying planes into tall buildings or simply moving their extended family to a state which will provide all their needs free of charge, Muslims are doing their duty to destroy the infidel.

    As bad as the supremacist death cult is, it will continue to flourish due to the useful idiots of the left and the EU which has not only allowed but actually invited the barbarians to invade.

    • Simon_in_London

      The UN is also a major factor. A received a CC’d email at my work recruiting people to help with official UN efforts to get more refugees into Europe from Africa. The fall of Libya had disrupted the conveyor belt (Libya became too dangerous for migrants heading for Europe) and they were looking to get it back on track.

  • joe_publik

    Beyond doubt the fascistic mindset of Islam is to blame for many of these ills. But has anyone seriously considered the devastating effects of a millenium of inbreeding? In parts of Bradford etc fully 70% of marriages are consanguinous. Throughout the Muslim world the percentages of cousin marriages are also very high. The negative effects on mental and physical health are well known but hardly talked about. In France the prison population is 70% Muslim.

    Need I go on!

    • Simon_in_London

      It has been considered – both the effects of centuries of Koranic-inspired extreme in-breeding on Arab-culture populations, and the concurrent effects of extreme outbreeding in western Europe as a result of church prohibitions on cousin marriage. The later may have resulted in the birth of Nationalism, for instance. This blog has lots of interesting discussion from a human bio-diversity perspective – http://hbdchick.wordpress.com/

      • Damaris Tighe

        What’s the relationship between extreme outbreeding & the birth of nationalism? (Couldn’t find it on your link.)

        • Simon_in_London

          With extreme outbreeding, everyone in a nation becomes related – so instead of clan loyalty you get national loyalty. The nation becomes a ‘band of brothers’. In genetic terms, it becomes rational to sacrifice for the national interest. In an inbred society it makes no sense to sacrifice for other families/clans. In fact it makes sense to take advantage of them as much as possible.

          • Damaris Tighe

            The nation as a big extended family in other words. Thanks for the info. This in addition to dna research that finds that most Brits are descended from a group of post-Ice Age founding ‘fathers’ & ‘mothers’, gives the lie to the meme that we’re a nation of immigrants.

            I’m sure that those who support flooding the native people of Britain with mass immigration must hate this stuff. That’s why they’re so keen on destroying the British genetic family & pushing the idea we’re a ‘nation of immigrants’. It’s completely subversive of the nation & the nation-state.

          • Simon_in_London

            I agree.

          • Chris Morriss

            Interesting argument!

  • MissionImpossible

    Don’t believe a word that Damain Thompson writes. Very soon a couple
    Spectator readers are launching a website highlighting all his past
    articles and his well-trodden anti-Christian, specifically anti-Catholic bigotry. Any line here you find questionable (like “minority religions in Britain” etc etc), Google it, and out will come the whole story. He has a long trackrecord of mis-reporting (ie he lies).

    He needs to be fired as soon as possible (as he has been previously) as he is NOT
    a reporter, and most certainly NOT a conservative (let alone, a free
    market type). Bad hire, Nelson! And – yet again – another piece of
    tosh, but let’s not forget to enjoy his “aren’t I so so clever” sly writing style. LoL

    • MrsDBliss

      I don’t agree with what Damian writes here at all. But I really don’t think you can accuse him of being ant-Catholic as he is one.

      • Chris Morriss

        Yes he is, so are most IRA members.

  • BarryBarry

    Britain should deport the entire Muslim population…to the middle of the North Sea.

  • MikeF

    “The authorities were terrified that grooming would be seized upon by racists playing the Muslim card.” No they were not. In Rotherham the hierarchy of the local Labour Party was terrified that exposure of the crimes being committed by members of the ‘Pakistani’ community against young ‘white’ women would undermine the power base they had constructed based on the manipulation of ethnic minority bloc voting and residual ‘Old Labout’ loyalties amongst what was left of the town’s ‘white working class’. Of necessity it would also expose as a sectarian fraud the concept of ‘anti-racism’ that provides the mock-altruistic ideological underpinning of that system. Given the choice between a course of action that would contradict the basis of a regime that gratified their sense of sense of entitlement and the continued rape and abuse of hundreds of young women they chose the latter. That is what happened – all the ‘authorities’ were concerned about was themselves.

    • Simon_in_London

      I think “We would have publicised the mass rapes, if only the BNP wasn’t doing so!” is a particularly vile lie. That said, I don’t think the authorities were motivated purely by left-wing self interest in hiding the truth from Labour voters; sacralisation of the ‘Other’ – the ideology of ‘anti-racism’ – also played a very big part.

      • MikeF

        The only thing socialists ‘sacralise’ is themselves. ‘Anti-racism’ is the figleaf ideology to disguise self-interest as something else.

      • Lydia Robinson

        It says a lot about the mind set that feared a party with minor appeal such as the BNP more than the mass rape of underage girls.

  • anon

    We should not tolerate the intolerable.

    Islam directly commands its followers to kill non Islamists. The Hadith directly commands its followers to murder anyone who leaves Islam and anyone who commits adultery. This is supported by Islamic law.

    Why are “moderate” Islamists not forming breakaway arms of Islam with the stated aim of peace and tolerance? Well, a) the fundamental crux of Islam is to be intolerant of any other religion or lack of religion and b) they’re too frightened to stand up to their own leaders for fear of being murdered themselves.

    As someone said below, Radical Islam wants to kill you. Moderate Islam will watch you die.

    The correct response to being threatened by attack and death for simply existing and not sharing a belief with a cult is to be terrified.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I think your answer (b) is true. As the same applies to our own leaders – including probably Nigel Farage – we shouldn’t be too hard on them.

    • Simon_in_London

      “The correct response to being threatened by attack and death for simply existing and not sharing a belief with a cult is to be terrified” – terror may be appropriate in some cases. More commonly, a certain cautious wariness, combined with steely resolve, is a better bet.

  • Roy

    It’s nice the way, after a few years, writers have the knack of turning the history (in this case Muslim atrocities in their adopted country) into a type of Peter Pan mythical fairy story. Only when it is found these oh so fine upstanding younger Muslims are quitting Britain to fight for a band of squalid, blood thirsty, rat bags, not afraid to behead people, do we sit up and take notice. The media have somehow never been able to admit or believe these angelic boys are capable or have the nerve to fight for the opposite of what Britishers generally stand for. The media, the police spokes people and political leaders have persistently been unable to believe or even listen to eye witness accounts of diabolical schemes and outrages these new immigrants are up to. Not least is the unashamed dismissal of institutional laws and long standing British traditions. Of course there is no excuse for not knowing what they are up to; they have marched down high streets with banners blazing, screaming their hate to their adopted country. Despite all this the writers of mediocrity every time, every article, denounce nothing; they carry on in their disbelieving sleep walk telling all and everyone we must be more tolerant.

  • sam stevenson

    After colonizing the world, now Britain is in turn colonized. Except this time around, the native population has been convinced it’s actually for their own good. I guess this speaks to the average IQ of the Briton.

    • Simon_in_London

      Swedes have been convinced it’s for their own good too – they never had a colonial empire, and if anything they may be higher IQ than native Brits! High IQ =/= functioning survival intinct. In fact lower IQ populations are often more resistant to propaganda. The University-educated are often the most indoctrinated.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Rather than IQ I would put it as education or modern education to be more precise, in inverse relationship to healthy survival instincts.

        And there’s nothing worse, or more vulnerable to indoctrination, than the half-educated person as most grads now are.

        • Chris Morriss

          Even worse than the education fiasco, is the fact that too many parents have no interest at all in giving their children any moral guidance of any form at all.

      • They are like isolated populations of animals with no natural predators, who are then threatened by invasive species.

      • getlost

        Unfortunately, the religious are not as intelligent as the non religious. 63 scientific studies stretching back almost a century have proven this.


        Therefore, being that until recently Briton was a peacefully secular country, the average Briton is probably quite bright. But it only takes a small but aggressively determined minority of the dim witted zealot stripe, being led by those who just want power and don’t really believe any of the rubbish they are selling (like most religious leaders) to turn society upside down. This is what we are now seeing with Islam.

        • Lydia Robinson

          “the dim witted zealot stripe” and that, coupled with the dim witted zealots of Cultural Marxism who hold influential posts in public services, is a fatal and catastrophic combination, as we’ve seen in Rotherham.

  • ohforheavensake

    Damian- they’re expressing their horror and outrage. But that isn’t what’s being reported.

  • Callan

    Backlash? I remember saying to a police officer in Scotland Yard just after Broadwater Farm and the savage racial murder of PC Blakelock that there would be a public backlash. He took me over to a window and asked “how many do you think are out there”? He answered his own question, “Far too many for there to be any backlash”. That was decades ago. How many are out there now?

  • AlecM

    Of course we don’t like them. They view us as vermin and want to kill us all. There is no peace in Sunni Islam. Shia Islam is built on Zoroastrian roots so may be recoverable from satanic control.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Shia is too embedded in Islam whatever roots it may have in Zoroastrianism. There are however some strains of Sufism which are peaceful & focussed on interior spirituality (they also seem to have links to pre-muslim religions). I think these strains of Islam are our best hope – there is in fact a British Sufi council which of course is not backed by the government but is far more Britain-friendly than the MCB.

      • Simon_in_London

        I don’t think it’s helpful or accurate to talk about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ strains of Islam. What can be said is that many strains of Islam are under attack from the Wahabbi/Salafi/Deobandi strain of Sunni Islam which oil money and US support has made dominant. Because they are mostly concerned with survival, they (including Shia Islam) are not a current threat to the West, and may be allies, if not friends.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Yes I would agree. I see all strains of Islam as ticking time bombs because of their foundational text, the Koran. They all have the potential to turn nasty.

          • Simon_in_London

            I just read a William S Lind ( https://www.traditionalright.com/author/wslind/ ) piece on Iran, arguing that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon capacity not for (suicidal) use against Israel, but to oppose Pakistan’s already-existant ‘Sunni bomb’. I don’t think a Pakistani nuclear attack on Iran is likely – but only because it would greatly favour India, Pakistan’s more powerful enemy. And India does have nukes. It is conceivable that even more anti-Shia Sunni-Islamist radicals could take power in Pakistan and decide to attack Iran, but it doesn’t seem hugely likely. I guess the main effect of an Iranian bomb would allow Iran to act more freely in Afghanistan, and reduce Pakistan’s influence.

          • Damaris Tighe


      • Chris Morriss

        But Sufism has always been an esoteric form of Islam, and it has no attraction for the average street thug. However outraged Sufis might be that IS and their hangers on are destroying centuries old shrines of Sufi Saints (Sunni Islam has no truck with saints), they have no power to do anything.

        • Damaris Tighe

          True. “Our best hope” was a bit of wishful thinking, I admit.

    • Chris Morriss

      Shia Islam is a very, very long way removed from Zoroastrianism. They probably think that Mazda is only the name of a car manufacturer.

  • jesseventura2

    How many people think the taxi drivers and filthy take away Pakistani workers are only doing their grooming in Rotherham and not Birmingham,Cardiff, Nottingham,Luton, Londonistan etc.etc. wherever the uneducated uncivilized vermin are?
    The labour and lib dem luvvies with help from corrupt police and social workers councillorsb etc are trying to keep a lid on these unwanted sub human dogs.
    Referendum across the EU asking do we want these vermin returned to islamic hell holes would return a resounding YES

  • Pootles

    ‘Its tactics were crafty. In BNP leaflets, the adjective ‘Pakistani’ was replaced by ‘Muslim’. Nick Griffin praised Sikh and Hindu activists who had tried to draw attention to the ‘Muslim sex gangs’.’ Crafty or accurate ? The latter, I think.

    • Simon_in_London

      While the BNP is a racialist organisation, I think it’s fair to say that they learned that not all south-Asians are the same, and adjusted their views accordingly, as well as their propaganda. Also the immigrants themselves have changed over time; some communities have integrated, while others have radicalised. And even undifferentiated racialists must be sensitive to the views of the general public – eg the BNP may still dislike West Indian immigrants, but the white working class generally get along fine with them, so the BNP have moved away from a general anti-Afro-Caribbean stance just as they’ve moved away from anti-Semitism.

  • William_Brown

    Typical. Let’s use a picture of the BNP to illustrate our intolerance of those who plot against us.

    Get it into your psyche Spectator, that just because we are asking questions regarding immigration policy and what to do with Jihadi elements residing in our country, that does not make us either fascist, or racists. You’re just perpetuating the myth that the Guardian likes to promote. Shame, we expect better from you.

    • getlost

      At least we’re allowed to comment here. On the Guardian, no matter how polite and factual you are, any comment pointing out how dangerous Islam is is immediately removed.

  • BoiledCabbage

    Could be a blip in British ‘tolerance’, we might for a moment abandon our doormat posture, shrugging our shoulders at election fraud in muslim areas [Tower Hamlets], allowing the Police to treat muslims with different rules [Rotherham], or the undermining of our legal system by Sharia courts.

    By December will will be drunk or tranquillised, and just waiting for the new TV series to keep our attention off the hell being slowly created outside.

  • Jaysonrex

    UK allowed unrestricted Muslim immigration and is presently facing a very serious dilemma: how to repatriate them all to their ancestors’ lands and thus save the nation from Islam – the most backward ‘ideology cum religion’ ever invented by humans.

    Actually, ALL Western nations are facing similar survival crisis but none succeeded in devising a clear cut solution to this terrible problem.

    Appeasement did not work in 1938 and it will not work now. As the old but rather silly saying goes, “one cannot have the cake and eat it too”. In other words, freedom is ONLY for those that deserve it and everything indicates that the believers in the notorious Muhammad the so-called “last prophet” don’t deserve one iota of freedom.

    Just like the Nazis, Muslims demand everything for themselves and are ready to sacrifice ALL Christians (that refuse to convert to Islam) on the “sacred” altar of Islamic terrorism – as they did on and off for the last 1400 years.

    Finally, from a European point of view the only good Muslims are the notorious Palestinians and their ‘peaceful’ (LOL) organizations – Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. and etc. This is why Israel, the Jewish state, must accept them all, whatever it takes.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Anyone wanting to understand the mindset of the Rotherham authorities should go to today’s article on http://www.frontpagemag.com titled ‘Diversity Re-education for Rotherham Whistleblower’. It’s a shocker.

  • Jenny_Tells

    You are driving through a town and you get lost. You find yourself in a Muslim area. You are stopped by Muslim youths and told that you must turn around as your presence is unwelcome in a Muslim only area, or face being set upon. This happened only last week in the town where I live. Little or no action was taken by the authorities, and nobody was taken to court for breaking the Race Relations Act.

    You are in a crowded bus and a Muslim gets on with a rucksack on his back. Does it cross your mind that these may be the last minutes of your life?

    There are 3 million Muslims in Britain. It only takes a few hate preachers to radicalise 1 in 10,000, and there would be 300 possible terrorists in our towns and cities. It took only 4 people to cause the 7/7 bombings, so the potential for widespread havoc is evident.

    As individuals, we are running scared of Islam. The authorities and government are similarly frightened, since the ECHR always acts in favour of minorities, not the majority. There is no easy solution to this. The first step would be to secularise all schooling, and since we cannot be selective, this would include all religions. It would be the only way to unify different sections of society. It may not work, but we cannot continue to segregate along religious lines. Why should the taxpayer be funding religious indoctrination of whatever brand? Indeed, why should the taxpayer be funding religious extremism in some schools?

    • johnny Longleg

      you forgot about the open ISIS leaflet recruitment on London’s Oxford Streets – apparently it’s totally acceptable in Britain today to invite people to go and do some beheading and burying women and children alive in the name of their death cult

    • Coastliner

      Making education totally secular would not solve the problem. Many children from muslim homes are sent to study in private ‘madrasses’ after school. Totally unregulated. One can only imagine what is passed on there…..

      • Mr_Ominous

        Only banning Islam and repatriating Muslims will stop Islam taking over England.

        • getlost

          But secular schooling is a good idea regardless and it might save at least some of these children. Religion needs to get you when you are young, it’s why religious zealots are so intent on early brainwashing. Teaching dogma to a 20 year old almost always results in laughter, not unquestioning obedience.

          Great cartoon to that effect. How to suck at your religion.

    • Mr_Ominous

      By 2030 there is predicted to be around 6 million Muslims in England it is quite clear on the current trajectory we are on that there will be severe civil conflict by then. ‘White flight’ is only a temporary escape since eventually there will be nowhere left in the UK that doesn’t have a growing Muslim population. There is only a small window of opportunity for action which is rapidly closing. At the moment it looks like the non-Muslim population is happy to tolerate the Islamification of their lives and the towns and cities in which they live.

      • FootLong

        This is the only possible solution. It was floated in the 80s already. Lobby your MPs for this. Everything else is suicide.


        • Mr_Ominous

          Yes, that does seem the only rational way of dealing with the situation. Unfortunately it seems that it will never happen here.

        • Ron Todd

          My MP is a liberal, I am white working class, what would be the point of me lobbying him?

      • Lydia Robinson

        I moved to a suburb in Surrey to get away from the Multi-Kulti garbage but I’ve noticed a few hijabs and even burkas moving in.

    • FootLong

      I am against the secularization of schooling. Why should I be punished because Muslims act their natural way? The problem has to be solved differently.

    • Lydia Robinson

      “The first step would be to secularise all schooling, and since we cannot
      be selective, this would include all religions. It would be the only
      way to unify different sections of society.”

      This is why the French have been so successful in banning the hijab and burka. Even the obstructive ECHR was unable to overturn the bans.

      • DonnaTxx

        France has banned the burka, but there has been very few prosecutions for obvious reasons.

    • Chris Morriss

      I certainly agree about secular schools. I cannot understand how religious-based schools get state funding in this country. I am not so sure that privately funded religious schools should be banned, but considering how much money the gulf states have to spare, there would be the worry that they would simply fund the construction of Muslim private schools. So, in spite of my normal libertarian views, it may be best at the moment to ban all religious-based schools.

  • Simon_in_London

    The Islamic/cultural Marxist nexus has lost authority since the news of Rotherham. There is less of a dhimmi attitude from many non-Muslims on the streets, now, I think – less of the cultural Marxist inculcated ‘cultural cringe’. Women in burkhas are more prominent than ever in my neighbourhood, but they don’t seem to inspire the same level of dismay. It’s the opposite of the 9/11 effect. ISIS atrocities may also be a factor – again they seem to have the opposite effect of 9/11.

    • Damaris Tighe

      So if the sight of burkhas doesn’t inspire dismay in your area any more, what feelings do they inspire?

      • Simon_in_London

        For me it’s an “I know what reaction they want, and I’m not going to let it get to me anymore.” They love it when we look dismayed. The best thing was once when one took me by surprise, and for some reason I just laughed out loud. Exactly the opposite of the reaction she wanted. The look of dismay in *her* eyes was priceless! >:)

        • Damaris Tighe

          Tee hee. I remember in the 80s I saw masked women from the Gulf in the West End (not abeyas or burkhas, the distinctive ‘butterfly’ masks). I was so outraged I used to glare at them.

        • Newton Unthank

          Laughter and/or mockery is the best response IMHO.

          • getlost

            I find it a little hard to laugh at human rights abuses. But yes, mockery serves a purpose.

      • Coastliner

        They should inspire REVULSION from any normal individual.

    • Simon_in_London

      It cannot be overstated how badly the Western elites reacted to 9/11. The combination of anti ‘Islamaphobia’ campaigns & reduced civil liberties for all at home, plus hopeless nation building and unprovoked invasion of an innocent country (Iraq) overseas, was incredibly toxic. If the current reaction to ISIS murdering journalists and aid workers seems marginally more sane, well that’s easy by comparison with the previous decade.

  • pointlesswasteoftime

    “averting their eyes from western decadence”…would be easier if they had not chosen to live in UK.

    By the way, I regularly argue in support of those practising peaceful Islam and have spoken up for immigrants who wish to settle here. But I don’t think we are decadent and if people consider we are, they should choose to move elsewhere. If they have become British citizens, they have the right to freedom of movement within the EU. Maybe RC Poland or Croatia would be more to their liking?

    • Blindsideflanker

      I understand a Muslim convert went to Saudi Arabia and got beaten up by their police for paying a women cashier in a supermarket, then come back here and bleats about it.

      You have just got to laugh.

      • Donafugata

        I can believe it, the sort of case that human rights lawyers love and often win large amounts of compensation for, never mind that the beating didn’t even happen here, it’s Britain’s fault.

    • Newton Unthank

      They’d get a rousing reception in Poland and Croatia!

  • Simon_in_London

    “Pew research in 2006 found that British Muslims were more hostile to western values than their German, French or Spanish counterparts. In the four countries, the ‘mismatch’ between friendly attitudes towards Muslims and unfriendly attitudes towards the host society was greatest in the UK. That should make us uneasy.”

    This is a common phenomenon. In the USA, whites’ attitudes to blacks have improved just as blacks’ attitudes to whites have declined: the fall in white hosility to blacks was matched by a rise in black hostility to whites. One factor is media messaging; a consistent media message that whites are racist to blacks and should be ashamed of themselves, while blacks are innocent victims of white racism, improves white attitudes and worsens black attitudes. The same is true of Muslims in Britain.

    Another factor is that Britain is more socially liberal than Germany, France, or Spain, making the gulf between socially conservative immigrant populations and the host population wider. The American parrallel would be with Mexican immigrants, who get along much better with socially conservative Anglo-Texans than socially liberal Anglo-Californians.

    • Lydia Robinson

      “Another factor is that Britain is more socially liberal than Germany,
      France, or Spain, making the gulf between socially conservative
      immigrant populations and the host population wider”

      Nail on head, there. Germany especially follows very strict social rules – woe betide you if you are rowdy after 10 at night or on a Sunday. France, Spain and Italy are also pretty conservative. Yes, it’s nice to live in a country where people are not looking over your shoulder the whole time and tutting but we have now got to a point where a certain type of incomer is abusing our hospitality. This must end.

  • JoeDM

    The Sun was reporting this morning that the murder who beheaded that woman in North London yesterday was an islamic convert !!!

    Has it been confirmed?

    • johnny Longleg

      “shocker”, said nobody ever

    • Damaris Tighe

      The Telegraph & Standard also reporting this but saying not confirmed – information from neighbours only.

      • Coastliner

        The neighbours will be correct.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Expect so. Beheaders of Lee Rigby were also converts & like this man seems to be, Africans.

    • William_Brown

      No. Just speculation at best, for now.

    • Newton Unthank

      I will admit that was my first thought when I heard about on the news – “I bet he’s a Muslim”.

      • Donafugata

        Me too especially as only hours after the murder we were being told that it had nothing to do with Islam.

        How could anyone possibly be sure of this, one way or the other, far too early in the investigation.

        Since beheading is the Muslim’s method of choice, someone, somewhere in the MSN clearly thought it judicious to stop any speculation in the bud.
        The primary concern whenever there is an islamiclly motivated atrocity is not with the victim or their family but to staunch any possible backlash.

        • Newton Unthank

          I am willing to bet that it will turn out to be some person of the Muslim persuasion with actual mental problems who was “inspired” by the notorious beheading video.

        • getlost

          If it was an Islamist who did this, this needs to be as widely publicised as possible. There’s going to be bloodshed at some point because at some point Islamists are going to attack non Islamists. Better now than when there are too many to defend against.

          If this was an Islamist now is the perfect time for “moderates” to stand up and say NO MORE. But they won’t.

          We will see who the “moderates” really are. When Islamists attack anyone who believes in freedom of thought and specch, moderates will fight against Islamists who behead women. Bet there are at least a dozen of them.

    • CO Jones

      Depends who you believe: Breitbart is reporting the perpetrator as being a Nicolas Salvadore, a Nigerian muslim convert. Sounds like the same sort of nutter who murdered Lee Rigby.


    • Guest


  • Dave Cockayne

    I have no issue with a person because he was born in Germany. I do have an issue with a person that thinks Hitler was a messenger from god and walk around around our streets dressed as a Nazi praying that we are all destroyed for the glory of the German people.

    Likewise there is no place in Britain for people that follow Mohammed or his teachings.

    Tolerance of this sort of intolerance isn’t tolerance it is cowardice and self delusion.

  • Lennoxlad

    It’s the creeping influence on society of the “non violent” but still unintegrated Muslims rather than a few mouthy youths that worries me. Aided and abetted by the ConLibLab establishment because they know that the “Muslim Elders” can deliver votes in shovels if they suck up to them enough.

  • Diggery Whiggery

    IMHO a ‘moderate and peaceful muslim’ assuming that such a thing exists, is moderate despite his religion not because of it.

    It’s time to clear out the redoubt, but we lack the leaders with the courage to do what is necessary and the imagination to pull it off relatively peacefully. They’ll keep kicking the can down the road until those at the front end will have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

    The inaction of our political elites is frankly dangerous. It’s not enough to slow immigration, it has to be reversed for certain communities. As a father of a daughter I don’t want Islam to have any influence over our institutions or politics whatsoever, but unless something is done, demographics will make that the future.

    • Lydia Robinson

      Indeed. If they’d “embraced Islam” they’d have been welcomed in!

  • picquet

    Move along. Nothing to see here. Ignore the bodies.

  • My view of islam and muslims? Well .. I am a homosexual: I have as much disdain for this nasty ideology as it has for me. And I can’t wait for the day this ideology is gone from the world.

    • johnny Longleg

      let me ask you mate:

      what on earth is wrong with gays defending Islamism, Hamas and other ilk along those lines? It has always baffled me – are people really this retarded?

      • Johnny: everything is wrong with those gay men and women who protest alongside the apologists for Hamas, islamism etc.
        It has to do with the old link of Labour/socialism being pro-gay. Some gays are so up their own arse (pun intended) when it comes to chosing left or right in politics, that they cannot see that the left-wing has long abandoned them in favour of the people that want to hang them, and FGM women.
        Old habits die hard I guess. And the left propaganda is very sophisticated and persuasive for the less educated.
        But it is only a small minority in the gay community that still think like this. Most gay people know the risk of the creeping islamification of the West. Actually most gays are actually very conservative (small c, but also big C).
        This gay guy here will stand at the front line to protect the values of Great Britain and the West!

        • Coastliner

          Well said – the pathetic sight of ‘Queers for Palestine’ just shows how mentally unbalanced those indoctrinated by leftist propaganda are. To support a people / regime / ideology that openly demands your death must surely be the definition of madness?

          • They are never well educated (in employment) gay people that walk amongst these people.

        • DonnaTxx

          Well done Hendrik!

    • Donafugata

      Absolutely, Hendrik.

      Globally expunged would be ideal but at least throw it out of Europe.
      Take down the mosques, ban halal and bring in something akin to the Nuremberg Laws which will leave many Muslims unable to practise and therefore encourage them to quit the country.

      I do realise that this will be regarded as harsh but this is necessary for the sake of self preservation.

      Israel was accused of disproportionate response but why should it or we have to be half-hearted for wanting to survive?

      • getlost

        As I watched the latest episodes of Utopia, I found myself wishing they had a way to identify the DNA that causes religious fanaticism and simply make those people sterile. Religious zealotry is the cause of so much terror and hatred an has dragged science and human progress backwards so many times.

  • tjamesjones

    I think this is well put DT. Now to venture into the comments section – could get ugly!

    • getlost

      Try it. Nearly every single person knows the truth and is speaking it. Ugly indeed when people try to justify savage and barbaric behaviours that belong in the dark ages by coating them with religion.

  • tolpuddle1

    The British are “tolerant of minority religions” – but Islam will soon be Britain’s majority religion.

    And UK Moslems will destroy much of what is British – for them NOT to do so would, truly, be to betray Islam.

    As for “hatred”, tell the Moslem street-gangs, not readers of The Spectator.

    • Damaris Tighe

      And to become Britain’s majority religion they don’t even have to be the numerical majority in the population: with native Brits giving up their native religion in droves the largest religious group will be Muslims very soon.

      • mustbenice

        British people do not have and have never had a native religion, unless you count paganism. It is a secular society. All religion is poison. Islam is just more poisonous than others. You won’t save the country by replacing one poison with another. Root out all the brainwashing toxins, think for yourselves and stop conditioning and indoctrinating your children. Accept the words “I don’t know”. Because nobody does. Look for answers all you want. But stop filling in the gaps with god putty and pretending you know anything at all about the nature of the universe or what happens when you die. You don’t.

        Believe whatever you like. Stop claiming you know things you don’t. And belief in god or an afterlife has nothing, at all, to do with religion. Religion is a man fabricated method of control and an attempt to understand the world when we were too backward to do so.

        Religion is dying, and rightly so. It might have had some uses back when the bronze aged goat herders who wrote the “holy” books copied the stories of the ancient Egyptians (amongst others) and pretended they were god’s word. Now, it is without use to us except as a historical lesson on why sheeple mentality is extremely dangerous and how far we have come as a society.

        The only reason Islam isn’t yet dying is that they are living thousands of years behind the West. In the past, Christians were just as barbaric and horrific as Islamists. As civilisations evolve, religion first becomes less barbaric, then it dies. That’s the fate of all religion, assuming the religious don’t manage to destroy the world first.

        Accept it. Move on. There is nothing you can do.

  • QED

    This article is irrational and biased on many levels. For example:
    “… the embarrassing Richard Dawkins, has taken to attacking Muslims…” Thompson may be embarassed by a man with impeccable logical credentials pointing out the problems which Islam causes in any society, but this is embarassing for Thompson, not for Dawkins.
    “One in ten children under the age of four is a Muslim.” A child under the age of four cannot be a Muslim any more than he or she can be a nuclear physicist. What Thompson means is that 10% of children in Britain are subject to brain damage as a result of being indoctrinated from birth into a 7th century cult, which cult teaches that these same children should be killed if they ever reject the indoctrination.

    • getlost

      Exactly right. No child is born with a religion.

  • Mr_Ominous

    Will white women jettison their feminist ideals and increase the amount of children they have to avoid becoming a minority in their own country and avert their own extinction?

    • getlost

      Get lost you creepy little weirdo. Grow some courage and defend yourself. No, women are not going back to the dark ages so you can “save” the white race. If the only way to “save” people is for you to use women as breeding farms then there is zero point in saving anyone. Half the human race won’t be told that their bodies should be used by you or anybody else, forced birthing is the equivalent of rape.

      Better to let the whole human race die out than go back to the dark ages and start this shit again. Go and join Islam, you sound exactly like a Muslim, backwards, ignorant, making excuses for using and abusing women. Sickening.

      What women will be doing, while you whine behind them, is fighting off anybody who comes to steal their country and their freedom, whatever their colour, by whatever means necessary.

      • Dave Cockayne

        Quite a rant there, are you on the rag?

      • Mr_Ominous

        “Grow some courage and defend yourself.”

        I can defend myself quite adequately it is women who expect the government to protect them. Daddy government didn’t do a good job in Rotherham did he?

        “No, women are not going back to the dark ages”

        Well, they (white women) will be going back to the dark ages eventually as Muslims are out breeding them and Islamic fundamentalism takes an ever more greater influence over the country (and the EU).

        “If the only way to “save” people is for you to use women as breeding farms then there is zero point in saving anyone.”

        It’s simple to understand. To maintain your own culture and heritage you must maintain your own native population. Importing millions of foreign people, giving their cultural norms protected status and paying them to out breed the native population via a generous welfare state will lead to an eventual eradication of the host population, their traditions, culture and heritage. The only way to avert this is for native women to start having the required amount of children to sustain or grow the population to neuter the pretense (politicians use) that mass immigration is needed to grow the economy.

        “What women will be doing, while you whine behind them, is fighting off anybody who comes to steal their country and their freedom, whatever their colour, by whatever means necessary.”

        You seem to have gone off on a tangent that is irrelevant to what I wrote. I won’t be whining behind women I’ll be laughing at them as they have to face up to the consequence of their choices. (White) Women couldn’t care less that they are being replaced by third worlders with primitive patriarchal norms and progressively being made second class citizens in their own country. You are deluded. Women aren’t fighting anybody who comes to steal their country and never will. Women will expect the government to do it for them which is why the government loves female voters so much because the government has no intention of protecting (white) women (or men) from people who come to steal their country which has been clearly illustrated with the Rotherham abuse revelations.

        • getlost

          Yes, yes I get it you want to use women as breeding farms and you are too shit scared to actually defend yourself but will hide behind women instead.

          Got it. Conversation over.

          • Mr_Ominous

            What is this to scared to defend yourself rubbish? You are crazy woman. Answer my points or STFU.

      • Vuil

        Obviously you are arithmetically challenged. Mr_Ominous was trying to make the point that Britain will simply be conquered through demographics – no beheadings required.

        Currently 1 in 10 babies in the UK is Muslim. Since their birth rate is more than double that of whites they will become the majority and the British way of life and whites will be a distant memory.

        Remember every time a Muslim has a baby they are doing it for Allah. The few remaining white woman won’t be fighting. They’ll be acquiescing on pain of death.

        And you can’t see that unfortunately.

        • getlost

          Any man who wishes to use women as breeding farms is equally vile whatever their colour or belief.

          What you are saying, literally, is that Islamists behave like savage barbarians to women so we need to behave like savage barbarians to women to beat them.

          No. What women and men who are not cowards will be doing is continuing to fight for the freedom of both sexes to live their lives as they choose to live them. Not as breeding farms for babies.

          A world where women are breeding farms is not a world worth living in for half the human race and is indeed one of the many reasons we are fighting Islam.

          Have the courage to defend yourself and don’t try to turn women into voiceless creatures with no say in their own lives like the Islamists do.

          There is no discussion here. Better dead than raped and abused and locked into a burka. Better dead than turned into nothing but a breeding farm.

          As there is nothing further to add, I won’t be.

          If you disagree, join Islam because you are voicing their ideal lifestyle.

          • Vuil

            I suggest treatment for your problem. Hatred of men is unseemly when they are the very people who protect you from the vicissitudes of the real world.

            You need to spend some time in the third world to be grateful for the decent men in Britain. In the third world they’d swat you and your little tantrum aside and you’d submit or be beaten or die.

            Get f***ing real.

  • English Majority


    Damian, I’m shocked at how out-of-touch you are.

    The ONLY thing stopping the inevitable anti-Islam backlash is the grotesquely over-inflated police, and the sinister totalitarian laws that stop people from acting/speaking/associating freely. That, and the fear of being killed by Muslim hordes.

    That’s literally all that’s stopping it.

    I promise you, the majority want Muslims removed from this country. And the majority dislike/hate Islam.

    There’s many polls that show this clearly, not that we need polls to confirm these facts in any case.

  • EllenO

    My start estimate for the British Civil War is sometime around 2030/35. By then Islam will be a formidable force in the UK with ever creasing demands possibly to become the state religion and for places like St Paul’s and Westminster Abbey to be modified to reflect Islamic beliefs. They did it in St Sophia so there is a precedent.

    Expect the King Charles version of the Q’oran specifically softened for Western consumption.

    A point will be reached where the PC police a.k.a the British Police will no longer be able to suppress the dwindling whites who will be driven by desperation to take up arms as they see the last vestiges of the old Britain melting away.

    Weapons for whites will be smuggled in from the US via Ireland while the Muzzies will, of course, be getting funding and weapons from the Arab states and France.

    Should be quite a spectacular war. Pretty dirty and vicious on both sides. Lots of decapitations for example. Pity we can’t wake Enoch up to watch the fireworks.

    • Liz

      Who’s going to fight it? Loads of morbidly obese binge drinkers and porn addicts? The British male is not what he once was. In fact I’m starting to wonder if he ever was – they never succeeded in seeing off an invader.

      • EllenO

        Fair point, though perhaps the restrictions on booze due to Islam will cause minor ructions. And in fairness Muslims are the chief consumers of porn in the world.

      • getlost

        Women are just as good at war as men. Proven throughout history. Most adult people who are capable of holding a weapon will stand and defend themselves against Islam. Women have even more to lose than men, rampant zealots of any stripe always rape women and take them captive. Better dead than raped and locked up in a burka.

        A couple of weeks of fighting and there will be very few obese women or men left.

        We’re not going back to the dark ages. If Islam tries to drag us there, we all go down fighting.

      • Dave Cockayne

        Apart from the Spanish, French, Dutch, Danes, Germans, Irish and let us not leave out the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth, Scottish.

        Perhaps if it wasn’t for passive aggressive feminists British men wouldn’t be driven to booze and porn?

    • getlost

      The war will break out long before that. Give it five years, tops, unless the authorities finally grow some courage.

      • Lydia Robinson

        I reckon we’re about five bombs/terror outrages away from a far right Government.

    • avi15

      This conflict is likely to be between Muslims + their fellow travellers (i.e. leftists, liberals, the diehard PC brigade) vs everyone else.

      • CO Jones

        Good. That means we can get rid of two sets of undesirables at one go …

      • DonnaTxx

        Watch the radical feminists capitulate without a fight.

    • CO Jones

      “My start estimate for the British Civil War is sometime around 2030/35”.

      I am afraid you are mistaken: the hostilities have already started, but so far only the muslims are fighting.

      • Ron Todd

        we will have surrendered long before then.

  • Liz

    Muslims are the new Normans. Scotland will go independent, Wales will stay boring and inaccessible and England will be subsumed while Arabic will become fashionable and elite. In a thousand years people won’t remember why they make fun of kids with mousy brown hair.

    • getlost

      The Scottish have a chance to get away from these demented policies of grovelling to Islam for good now. Lucky devils. Escape while you can Scotland and make damn sure you recruit a huge standing army, you will need it when the Islamists attack your southern neighbours and then come for you.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Far more Muslims here than there were Normans. Normans were a tiny elite.

      • anon

        Indeed. And well educated and forward thinking for their time too. The exactly opposite of today’s face of Islam in fact.

        If Islamists get to rule the UK, it will be a barbaric place indeed, there will be nothing fashionable or elite about it at all, unless you consider rape, enslavement of women and girls and slaughter of anybody who disagrees with you to be fashionable and elite.

    • Lydia Robinson

      The decision by Scotland to go independent is starting to look like a wise one. Knowing how much they value their culture, they won’t let it be trashed by hostile incomers.

    • Richard

      I agree, excepting for the thousand years bit. That is far too long.

  • Stephen Milroy

    Mass immigration from the colonies coupled with a failure to defend the Judeo/Christian culture has resulted in large groups of Muslims who are not only indifferent to us but contemptive and actively hostile. They are savages, and they are laughing at us. And until you tell the excuse industry of the human rights brigade and the political dithering left to put a sock in it, such incidents will keep happening.

  • Kasperlos

    So, let’s see, the headlines in today’s UK papers give an account of the beheading of an 82 year old grandmother in Edmonton, London, UK by a convert to radical Islam – as if there is any other. In and unless the British people rise up to put a full stop to the Islamification of the UK, and the West in general, more of the same can be expected from the internal threat that is an open ended ruthless jihad on the West. Not since World War II has the West seen an existential threat, and most in these islands are sleepwalking into the abyss, falsely comforted by their smart (dumb) phone toys, games, television, drink and paralysis based on unfounded helplessness – that ordinary people must feel not to have any say or take action in the matters of their very own survival – foisted upon them by the pro-globalist leftist Marxist academic, media, political and business elites who stand to profit from the wholesale demise of the West and its ancient culture. Go ahead, party like it’s 1999, because the way things are going by 2029 Shariah Law will have ended the festivities.

    • Lydia Robinson

      Converts to Islam are rife in prisons and mental health facilities. So every time one of these people is released onto the streets, you can expect a story like this. The authorities could begin by banning Imams from prisons and hospitals – if they had the bottle.

  • Augustus

    It is naïve to treat incidents like the Foley and Sotloff beheadings as though they are somehow exceptional to Islam. All Islamic terrorists seek to create a worldwide Islamic caliphate by using the same tactics that the Prophet Mohammed endorsed, and which spread Islam as far as it could go from the seventh century onwards. This model brought about popular methods of terrorizing entire populations by capturing women and children and selling them into slavery and the beheading of Jews and enemy prisoners. The proselytizing imams are able to fool western leaders, while fostering tensions and agitating young Muslims across a number of immigrant countries creating a hard-core of followers who then join those same mujahedeen who decapitate infidels in the name of Allah and his Prophet. They join the ranks of the Islamic State group and the Nusra Front in Syria and Iraq, helping to realize their doctrinal Islamic vision of conquest and submission of others. The more prominent figures in political Islam may go through the motions of publicly repudiating a few barbaric acts, but these political Islamists also seek to destroy the West, which from their point of view denies them their essential worldview of Islam’s supremacy.

  • JP

    What the article doesn’t consider is that Rotherham is ‘Jihad by other means’.

  • avi15

    Britain is a powder keg. We have foolishly imported millions of people from a backward culture who hate ours. This in turn causes deep resentment among everyone else. The ruling elites – politicians, the media, etc. are in deep denial, such is the fear and terror generated by this awful situation. No-one knows when the spark will be created that will set this country ablaze.

  • ArchiePonsonby

    “Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?” Yes, and about bloody time!

  • Ade

    Taqqiya from the muslim community.

  • CO Jones

    The Labour-run local authority in Rotherham is alleged to have “done nothing” in the matter of the abuse and rape the 1,400 Rotherham children. This is not quite true.

    In fact, they knew it was happening, they knew where it was happening, they knew who was doing it. They did not “do nothing”. They acted.

    Every time they could have done something to stop it, they took action to ensure it continued. They covered up reports. Deleted e-mails and documents. Sacked or sent staff on diversity courses. Lost physical evidence to prevent prosecutions. Arrested whistle-blowers for hate speech. Arrested parents trying to rescue their children and arrested victims instead of the rapists That is much worse than “doing nothing”.

    Adding all that mass of action together, you have a Labour authority that effectively ensured a de facto decriminalisation of the brutally violent and repeated gang rape of working-class white children by muslim perverts.

    Labour effectively decriminalised child rape.

    That is sickening. That is how perverse Labour’s obsession with the vile and divisive ideology of Political Correctness has become. Labour decriminalised child rape.

    This is all of a piece with the support given by Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and other Labour party members for the Paedophile Information Exchange, promoting sexual relations between children and adults.

    NO MORE! Arrest and charge them all.

    (With acknowledgements to Dogzzz for his original post on this subject)

    • Lydia Robinson

      The vilest story coming out is how a young pregnant girl had her abuser invited by social workers to attend her ante-natal classes. The man was in his thirties and married with children!

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?”
    I do hope so.

    • Rogsie

      Now that they’ve seen Rotherham (etc, etc.) and the sheer savagery of Islam in Syria and Iraq (not to mention Greenwich) the repressed British view of Islam has now crystalised and is coming to the fore. Have you noticed how articles like this are starting to appear – you wouldn’t have seen this six months ago. Also comments on sites like this are much less likely to be removed or ‘moderated’. It is starting to look as if the tide has turned, not before time.

  • Kasperlos

    Today in Germany the electronic and print media have headlined the story out of the large city of Wuppertal where radical Islamic Salafist sect/movement (closely connected to Saudi Arabia) are patrolling the city streets imposing strict Shariah Law on the local populace – Muslim and non-Muslim alike, forbidding phones, ‘inappropriate’ attire, gambling, drinking, etc. They wear orange vests with ‘Sharia Police’ emblazoned on them. Thanks to the stranglehold of the sinister political correctness the citizens there are as though they were in a Batman film playing the role of the helpless and hapless while Gotham’s mayor dithers. While this event is causing a huge verbal uproar will it lead to any tangible action to stop this insidious fifth column now deeply ensconced throughout the West? One has to be skeptical as the past 50 years of school indoctrination has brainwashed the masses of the West, i.e.to happily reject their own traditions. The UK governing, groveling and corrupt elite have embraced Shariah Law in England (with the notion that they themselves are immune to Islam, but only the masses will feel the its sting), and one sees self-annointed religious police roaming high streets threatening Muslim and non-Muslim alike while tolerated by the police. It is a world not only gone upside down, but utterly insane.

    • Bring Back Free Speech

      Thanks for that. This hasn’t been reported in the British press , which maintains a sinister Omerta on anything negative to do with the religion of submission,

  • Alienwoman

    Unfortunately, many things, distasteful to us are sanctified by the Qu’ran, including sex slaves, child ‘marriage’, FGM, killing Jews and seeing the rest of us as kuffar.
    How is that supposed to work in a Western democracy?
    Having read of the high percentage of women taking to jihad, does it make sense to keep allowing the burka?
    Not in my view.

    • DonnaTxx

      The Human Rights Court has recently ruled that banning the hijab, does NOT constitute a violation of human rights.

  • Lorenzo

    “But current headlines give reason to fear that might change.”

    But current beheadings give reason to fear that might change.

    Fixed that for you, as they say

    • Vuil

      Still not right

      But current beheadings give reason to think that unless the Muslim ideology is stopped in the UK, the UK might change (to a Muslim society).

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    The problem with Islam is that it lends itself to ideology so completely. And that the Islamic identity, orients itself in a position of conflict, in relation to the national identity. many Muslims were very critical of British involvement in Afghanistan, but were happy to join Isis.

  • PP Linnet Hammer
  • Vuil

    My God, this piece of politically correct crap glossing over the barbarities of Islam is put out not by some leftist politically correct rag, but by The Spectator.

    You know Britain is doomed and destined to an Islamic fate when even The Spectator does not have the balls to call out Islam for what it really is, a catastrophe that through simple demographics is set to conquer Britain.

    Every new little Muzzie popping out in Britain marches the country further along the path to Islamization. One in ten babies now, one in five babies within twenty years and so it goes.

    And the best we get from a heretofore sensible magazine is this pap: “But current headlines give reason to fear that might change.”

    Stuff the fear. It better bloody change or The Spectator, among many other British institutions, will only be a quaint memory from a pre-Islamic time.

    • DonnaTxx

      The multi cultural society is in an advanced state of decay and the stench is so overwhelming now, that even the former cheerleaders can’t ignore it.

      But propaganda pieces like this prove that there is some quarters that are in complete denial. Such is the brainwashing…

      • Alexander British

        Multi-culti society in Britain is hanging on a machine and responding to impulses dictated by the media: it is clinically dead!

        Its advanced state of decay has had a whitewash attempt in the guise of “civic society”, which is an utopian illusion designed to grab votes from an increasing number of electorate who’s objectives in reality are to implant their own lifestyle and their own ethnic kind in Britain in SUBSTITUTION of British Society.

  • Lydia Robinson

    “26 per cent of us have ‘unfavourable’ attitudes towards Muslims in this
    country; compare that to 46 per cent in Spain, 53 per cent in Greece and
    63 per cent in Italy.”

    This is because those countries value their own culture. It’s England that has had its culture trashed in a way that would never have been tolerated in Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Because London was the epi-centre of the financial world and the South East is where all the money was concentrated, there was a concerted effort by New Labour, the left and even Tories to fill the country up with incomers hostile to the native culture.

    • Vuil

      No, the British Bias Corporation is just more successful at brainwashing than the European networks. The Beeb has got the “you are a bad racist person unless you tolerate Muslims” message down to a fine art.

      • Simon_in_London

        I think the BBC has to be a factor in the weirdness of modern British social & moral attitudes, yes.

  • darwins beard

    This type of article really is part of the problem. Calling ISIS “so called Islamic state” is dismissive in the extreme, these people are not making up the justification to behead, rape and ethnically cleanse, its all there in their holy book and most importantly in the example set by their prophet. The fact that we don’t see more violence in the UK is simply a numbers game and as I am sure as it has been pointed out why is there so little action by the Muslim community to stop this, is it because they are too happy in their role as perpetual victims incapable of doing no wrong because they are a minority or is it the reverse of the “white man’s burden” in which we simply accept a level of intolerance, disgusting backward views and violence from Muslims because they are brown skinned and know no better? Its time the law was enforced with justice to ALL people.

  • benbecula

    The security services can deal with the jihadi’s, but the self segregating ” muslim community” here in Britain pose an existential threat to our way of life which will become more alarming as time goes by – the demographics are on their side.

  • Vuil

    Every time a British Muslim man goes to bed with one of his wives he shouts, at climax, Allah Akbar knowing that another impregnation will be one more step on the road to conquering Britain.

    And all this little twit Damian Thompson does is ventilate over how – horrors – Britain might not be so welcoming to the Muslims. There is an existential threat to Britain and sweet Damian is worried that, gasp, so far the Muslims have “weathered the storm”.

    Hello Damian – I know British education has gone to the dogs, but you surely can work out that demographics is destiny. (Alas there is ample evidence Damian is a f***wit.)

    THAT ladies and gentleman is why I have stopped subscribing to The Spectator. Much easier to cut to the chase and read The New Statesman and get political correctness full blast without pretense.

  • Raddiy

    In the first instance we should completely ban any further immigration from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and end the ability of other communiities with extreme cultural practices such as the Somali community, to decamp on mass from Holland, and become a massive drain on our economy, and but for the freedom of movement in the EU, should never have been here in the first place.

    Their cultures and values are totally incompatable with western values, arranged marriages, FGM and misogyny are perpetuating the delay of the normal historical absorbtion into the host community that eventually always takes place. If they insist on perpetuating their bizarre and genetically unhealthy first cousin marriage culture, then the British born partner should go and live in the ancestral country.

    If the current political establishment don’t act, then they will eventually be replaced with somebody who will.

  • chouenlai

    I bloody well hope so.

  • Richard

    It is no surprise that Muslims in Britain are more hostile to Britain than in France and Germany, and that is because the indigenous people in those countries define themselves, have an identity and culture, and do not possesses the same nihilistic self-hatred that Brits manifest. Some years ago, immigrants from the Third World, who are the overwhelming proportion of immigrants to the UK, exceeding that from the EU over that period, were asked about whether there was any existing British identity. They almost all said there was not, and that there might have been once. In other words, Brits are hedonistic, aimless, and offer nothing into which to acculturate. People will only treat you with as much respect as you show to yourself, and people in the UK have very little self-respect. That is why this land is being overwhelmed by immigration, with no opposition. People can do what they like in contempt of the ghost-like non-people who live here already. The only people ever described as “vibrant” and “interesting” are the Third World immigrants. The rest are boring, meaningless wallpaper, self-described as such, who look to immigrants to give their lives meaning. With this type of society, what more can be expected? Annihilation and oblivion awaits.

    • donthinkso

      No, the UK inhabitants were always just polite and preferred not to be hostile to other cultures if possible. It is interesting that you see self hatred in a nation, when you are using self hating slurs about (presumably) your own nation. You are projecting your own feelings onto others.

      It really doesn’t matter what third world immigrants thought, even assuming your claims to be true, as naturally they were biased.

      The basic politeness of people from the UK manifested itself in consistent behaviours like saying excuse me, not shoving in queues and generally showing respect to other cultures.

      However, politeness has its bounds. And as we can see from these comments, finally people have had enough. Even the politest and most decent of nations, as the UK is well known to have been, has its tipping point.

      • Richard

        I am a person of British ancestry from an Old Commonwealth country. Some years ago, I made the decision to live in the land of my ancestors, the UK, and what I write is what I find. I am seen as more foreign than a Muslim born in the UK, and my existence as a white person of British extraction is seen as an embarrassment, that I am an “imposter” in the land of my birth. Yet migrants from other parts of the world are welcomed and are “British” no matter what odious views or behaviour they manifest. That there is self-loathing is entirely evident, I’m afraid. People in my position of, say, German descent, are regarded as Germans, and Germans are proud of them, and of their culture (whilst acknowledging past events) which is simply not the case with the majority of Brits. I always thought I was a sort of Brit, but I realise that the definition of that is so ephemeral as to be meaningless. German or French is much more enduring. Britain has betrayed its Commonwealth relations as surely as it betrays itself.

        • donthinkso

          Ah, so you’re a foreigner slagging the UK off. Got it.

          You have stated your opinion, and it is only an opinion. I have already answered it. Nothing more need be said.

          • Richard

            Indeed. Of course, you do know that Germans and French extend nationality to grandchildren of citizens (such as myself) whereas Britain does not. I don’t understand why stating a viewpoint is “slagging off”, but there we go.

          • GreatCatSbee

            The French have the same self-loathing problem. It was brought in by Algerians after the war. They poured in France and kept telling their kids that France was bad. Now France is doomed. They should have left them in Algeria, where they belong.

          • Vuil

            @donthinkso – What a miserable answer. I guess you wouldn’t say that if you thought Richard was not white. He, however, makes a valid point which you seem to miss. Somehow the lunacy of political correctness has destroyed your and the country’s common sense I suspect.

            In the land of manic PC far better to be even a brown clown with a beard than the most competent white man. Britain (and you Richard) deserve what is coming down the road. A good Muslim state that will brook no dissension.

            Problem is there are lot of decent ‘real’ British that don’t deserve what is coming to us. No one asked whether we wanted Britain to commit national suicide, but there it is.

            A once great country now brought low by self hatred. And the sanctimonious refusal to see the most obvious signs of the mess to come.

            See I got it too.

          • UKSteve

            Great reply.

          • Richard

            Why do I deserve it, too? I am a foreigner, according to @dontthinkso, and probably most Brits these days. I realise I misconstrued the civilisation of this country. As much as I question myself, I am always left with the feeling that I do have more self-respect than most modern Brits, and a far more secure sense of identity. I think it’s time to be moving on; I made a bad mistake in overestimating the national character. I know I won’t be missed (cue violin music) and can’t really offer much to any sort of (non-existent) national debate, because I come from a fundamentally different jumping-off point. Fortunately my skills are transferable quite easily. I think it may have been all those hammer-and-sickle flags at yesterday’s London march that pushed me over the edge, and the almost complete lack of British faces from Lambeth through to where the A3 changes to the national speed limit.

          • Dar4id

            He’s not slagging off the UK. He’s giving you English a badly needed wake-up call.

        • Dar4id

          You are correct Richard. Many of the English commenting here are in denial of their own subservient docility. Many simply don’t care.

          After all the Muslim terror and rape events I’m still waiting for the response? Where is it? Where is the reaction? Where are the riots? Where are the people on the streets of Rotherham? I have just watched a video of the hundreds at the Britain First demonstration at the weekend in Rotherham and if they cared I would have expected thousands upon thousands given the seriousness. Why are more not out there and making news headlines? What is wrong with you English that football or TV is more important?

          • Richard

            I suspect much of the problem has to do with effortless power. People in the UK do not understand what it is not to have your own country, or to be powerless in the one in which you live. It is a sort of arrogance of ignorance. In my life I have met many people afflicted with terminal medical conditions, and you would be surprised to know how many either refuse to acknowledge it, or refuse to believe it will kill them once they do acknowledge it. Many pray for some unlikely (and very, very seldom seen) miracle. And then many trust blindly in the experts, the doctors, who don’t always know what’s best.

    • UKSteve

      Well, no, actually.

      The reason “….this land is being overwhelmed by immigration, with no opposition….” is because people voted Labour.



      The reason we can’t do anything about it is because of the EU, happily acceded to, embraced and absorbed by Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown.

      In 2010, and despite knowing all of this above, 85% of those who voted did so for these very parties.

      • Richard

        I know that. That is my point. Who else would vote for Labour but somebody with self-hate and and the strong desire to eliminate themselves and their culture? To vote for TB once is a bad choice, to vote for him twice is carelessness, to vote for him thrice is a sign of deep psychological problems (in my opinion).

        • UKSteve

          Well, it wasn’t mentioned, as I approached what you wrote from a different angle. Anyway, I can’t agree with this: “…people in the UK have very little self-respect.”

          I think they have (had?) a lot, but I agree that the debasement of our education systems is deeply worrying, and that we’ve been betrayed by mainstream politicians, that they (other people) keep voting for.

          If TB is Tony Blair, then the answer is simple. Between 2001 – 5, the Labour party lost 64% of its membership (over Iraq, mainly), but in the 2005 general election, enough non-Labour voters sat on their fat arses watching Eastenders or Coronation St, while the big turnouts happened in the NE, NW, Midlands and London. So Blair got back in purely because of Labour support in these heartlands. The rest of the map was very mixed.

          But long-term polling trends (over last 12 – 15 months) are putting Milliband in No. 10 next May – we may as well be a 2-party state, like America.

          • Richard

            The fact that more Labour supporters bothered than non-Labour voters supports my hypothesis. It is difficult for me to explain to you (foreigner than I am) but Brits seem to see the world only through ideological filters. Perhaps others do too, but that is not an excuse. For instance, huge increases in crime with the advent in mass-immigration is simply ignored, gazes are averted, finger-are-placed-in-the-ears and la-la-la is sung. Incredible Islamic barbarity enjoys the same treatment, even if both are exposed in the media. In the wilds, if an elephant sees a lion approaching, it will chase it off, and the herd will offer support. In the UK, the lions are not chased off, indeed, they are invited to approach in greater numbers. And the elephants are told they are evil if they resist the attacks of the lions. I don’t know, it seems as if this is a land of insane people. Self-preservation tends to be the sine qua non of survival; in the UK, it seems to be quite low on the national list.

          • UKSteve

            Well, for a “foreigner”, Richard, your command of English is superb, IIMS.

            Anyhow, this is key for me: For instance, huge increases in crime with the advent in mass-immigration is simply ignored, gazes are averted, finger-are-placed-in-the-ears and la-la-la is sung.

            I think you’re confusing ordinary English people – like me – with our ruling classes who reside (mentally) on other planets. Most desperately for the last 40 years, Labour’s betrayal of working class people, particularly indigenous ones, has been the most obscene since 1971.

            When people spoke out about ethnically sourced crime, they were labelled “racist” by the entire mainstream media in this country. I’ve watched it all my life. Teachers wouldn’t speak out if they saw standards of English dropping – look at Ray Honeyford in Bradford. Recently on BBC1 Question Time, Peter Hitchens said he wanted a more responsible immigration policy. The disgusting and shameful MP Alan Johnson (Lab.) said he was using “…’the language of Oswald Mosley…..and yes, Adolf Hitler.”

            Years ago (1999?), they used to announce gun crime statistics from the Home Office by region. They stopped. I asked someone in my region “who would know”, what they were: 88% African -Caribbean, 8% South Asian, 4% white.

            One officer I know had to investigate the spraying of a Midlands cafe with an Uzi in broad daylight, where, miraculously, no one was seriously injured or killed. It involved a notorious gang of Afro-Caribbeans. Not a peep on the radio, or in the papers.

            The Left’s greatest victories in the last 50 years are the destruction of the post-war British society by mass immigration and cancerous multiculturalism, and shutting down debate with cries of “racist”. The Right’s worst crimes are that by fear and timidity, they have allowed this to happen unchallenged, and unassailed, and done nothing about it when in power.

            So really, it doesn’t matter which of the loser parties you elect, it will be more of the same. Time for some different thinking by the voter, if they can turn away from Eastenders.

  • Cassiope

    I am far less tolerant to muslims as i walk around London now, i catch myself sneering at the beards and hijabs whereas before it never really bothered me. I honestly feel there are far too many in the country that have never wanted to integrate but will now try if only to make life easier for themselves. Personally i think it’s too little too late.

    • GreatCatSbee

      They have no respect for our culture, I don’t even know what they’re doing here.

      • Cincinnatus

        They come not as immigrants seeking to assimilate and become British, they instead come as settlers looking to conquer Britain.

        • Damaris Tighe

          A very important distinction.

      • Bob339

        I hope you never find out. Their plan is to take us over by breeding themselves into the majority.

  • WorthSayingAgain

    The media elite in London are very tolerant of the rest of us suffering because of mass uncontrolled immigration.

  • Roy

    “Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?”
    If it isn’t it should.

    • GreatCatSbee

      True. Muslims should learn to behave or leave.

      • Bob339

        No just leave.

  • will91

    “The embarrassing Richard Dawkins, has taken to attacking Muslims with the ferocity of an inquisitor.”

    Poor Richard Dawkins. If only if he’d stuck to making jokes about Catholic priests and Rabbis, by attacking muslims, he’s now incurred the wrath of the metropolitan socialist trendies (you know the Owen Jones and Laurie Penny’s of this world)

    However, I’m sure he’s delighted that he’s managed to rid himself of anyone who appears to be incapable of cognitive functioning once someone’s made a disparaging remark about Islam/Muslims.

    • getlost

      And the thing is, Richard Dawkins has never done any such thing. He has simply repeatedly pointed out factually that Islam is a barbaric death cult. Only he uses much more polite phraseology. He uses Islam’s own behaviour and their own words and they hoist themselves with their own petard.

      This is something some people don’t seem to be able to understand. You can be of any political persuasion, any religious persuasion, any lack of religious belief and still deplore Islam. All it takes to be terrified of Islam is a reasonable IQ, an ability to understand that women should be treated with equal respect to men, and a lack of desire to slaughter anybody who disagrees with you or doesn’t share your beliefs. That covers most of the UK.

      What is truly puzzling is how many politicians of both parties have struggled with those simple notions, and how politicians of both parties have ignored the onslaught of Islamists for decades.

      One would almost think politicians were more interested in power and money and their own selfish aims than looking after the rights and liberties of the people they have been elected to govern.

      • Damaris Tighe

        “and a lack of desire to slaughter anybody who disagrees with you or doesn’t share your beliefs”: I agree entirely & would only add, a lack of desire also to bully & libel anybody who partially disagrees with you or doesn’t share you beliefs”.

        Anyone who would like to see how getlost puts her principles into practice should go to the Spectator’s article on r*pe & read her responses to other people’s posts.

        • getlost

          Haha! Bloody brilliant. Fan mail from my rapist stalker!

          So, to recap, this mental case made about 12 screeching attacks on me to try to stop me calling out people making pro rape comments. I just ignored them. They didn’t like that 🙂

          But then he crossed the line and started promoting rape. At which point I called him a rapist. Which he is, all too sadly, either that or just really (REALLY) in favour of it. After I called him a rapist he finally started to back down and amend his posts, but not before firing off a few more comments that owed a lot to acid flashbacks and maybe a good dose of syphilis:D

          Having made my point I went back to ignoring Insano McTrollerson completely and went about my business. And he went batshit INSANE with fury over that. Even the other pro rape commenters were quietly distancing themselves from Crackhead McRaperson here as he went on trolling on 😀

          As a result, he is now now stalking me from post to post and forum to forum. Meanwhile, he’s hidden his 3,400 odd comments and is pretending to be a woman. As you do.

          Oh, it just doesn’t get much more stalker trolling Rapy McRaperson than that 😀

          Please, do feel free to check out my comments. If you feel like being Stalky McStalkerson like our pro rape commenter chum here, you can easily see my comments, because I’m not pretending to be a bloke and hiding them.

          Nice work ya mental case, you really made my day!

          So glad I happened across this comment, I never check my replies, lucky accident 🙂

          Oh, and I’ll go back to ignoring you now Captain Crazypants. Try not to have an aneurysm 😀

          • Damaris Tighe

            You are a compulsive liar. You KNOW this is the only post of yours I’ve replied to outside the R*pe article. And you KNOW I’m a woman.

            Why doesn’t it surprise me that you don’t check your replies? It confirms my statement on that thread that you’e not interested in anyone who has even slightly different opinions from your own.

            But glad to see I’ve riled ya. My case rests m’lud. Ciao. Have a good day.

  • investigator

    After the civil war between Muslims and the rest in the Balkans, the Muslims got their own little state, Kosovo.
    Which part of England do you think will be excised to form the Muslim state in the British Isles?
    The Muslims will not want to be completely surrounded by infidels; they will want their own port/ sea access. Which will it be; Bath, Brighton, Bristol?
    Possibly Liverpool.
    Who would have thought that the East End of London would become such a Muslim stronghold that Jews dare not go there.
    So it is no more improbable that, after the brutal civil war, Liverpool will become The Islamic State of Shariastan where anyone playing rock and roll, particularly the Beetles, will be either imprisoned, if male, or stoned, if female.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Actually they got Bosnia as well as Kosovo.

  • Sage Ham

    This is the very reason why I feel I have a stake in Britishness even though I am not Brit and brown to boot. Even after incontrovertible evidence, (MB/Taliban/ISIS/Nex Gen Orgs), Rotheram, Sharia.. you still are trying to be fair and wish ascribe the issue to a few people. Please spend time listening to the one Brit that understand – Douglas Murray. This is the time to just drive immigration for 20 more years and build the majority. Post which all these discussion are just academic. As +beenzgrud points out – These are 2 and 3rd gen Mooslems. Its not going to get better here or in Europe.

  • stuartMilan

    a tolerance which allows this special-privilege group to rape with impunity is not a tolerance worth having

  • MathMan

    Is it me? I can’t see any upside to these people. They have proved to be violent and destructive in every society they have invaded. They are medieval and simply don’t fit into a western democracy.Why do the come to the west? Like all immigrants, they come because they can’t build a functioning society of their own eg Pakistan, all of Sub-Saharan Africa -all failed states.They come because we give them free housing, money, access to schools and the NHS. So, if they can’t build their own society, what chance of them being any use to our country? None I’m afraid.

    • rogerrabbit

      Spot on.

  • UKSteve

    Like a few on here, I was wondering about the sanity of the Speccie, publishing an article with this headline. Then I saw this.

  • cartimandua

    But Damian you are on the side of people claiming special privileges for their version of religion.
    Muslims should not “keep their heads down”. They should actively reject the failed state customs fundamentalists claim falsely are intrinsic to belief.
    We don’t “do” public religion here apart from the mild ceremony of the C of E.
    That allows everyone freedom to believe as they choose.

    • Damian Thompson

      You’ve just accused me of saying the precise opposite of what I say in my last par. Read it again.

      • cartimandua

        I am talking about your persistent support for religion even in the face
        of evidence of primitive fundamentalism.
        Obviously the behaviour of many British Muslims lends support in their actions for fundamentalist and literalist interpretations of the Koran.
        Some are going out of this country to join in in killing people.
        The only way for there to be freedom of belief for individuals in this country and civil peace is if
        religiosity is rejected.
        Faith is not the same as religiosity. Religiosity is associated with terrorism.

  • sammi

    You Sir, have said what the political
    opportunists and apologists refuse to acknowledge. The ‘mother-ship’ of Islamic
    extremism is rooted in the beliefs of the faith. The moderate, normal,
    muslim-next-door has chosen to turn a blind eye to the toxic and unsavoury
    passages of the Quran and Hadiths in order to assimilate into modern society.
    He, however, cannot deny or denounce those who follow the tenets with greater
    fervour. For if he does, he will then invite open himself the charge of
    apostasy. And, we have all witnessed in Iraq and Syria, how those who are not
    constrained to temper their Islamic faith by adherence to “western values” deal
    with apostates. ISIS has revealed what the uncompromising Muslim is obliged to
    do if he believes that the Quran is the immutable, absolute word of God.

  • Mae Hemm

    Is Britain hardening its heart against hate preachers?

    Is Britain finally realising that by adapting a fearful deference to “Muslim sensibilities” and customs you have, in fact, denied the diversity of Muslim communities and empowered only the most reactionary and retrograde voices among them as their authentic representatives? Is that perhaps the betrayal of British Muslims this article alludes to?

    Is Britain finally waking up to the creeping mono-culturalism they have been fostering in the name of multi-culturalism?

    Is Britain willing to admit that in the UK in 2014, the danger of organized and violent fascism is not blue eyed and blond haired but dark haired and brown faced?

    Is Britain willing to recognise that even among the so-called “moderate” Muslims, the idea that we should all live under Sharia is a mainstream and popular view?

    Is Britain willing to see that the political dimension of Islam is the epitome of imperialism and totalitarianism?

    Is Britain fed up with deluding itself, hoping it will all blow away if only we do not “offend”?

    Is Britain tired of hearing David Cameron say who does and does not represent Islam, as if anyone considers him an authority on the matter?

    Is Britain tired of being told the real problem is that all these Jihadis are misunderstanding Islam?

    Is Britain tired of being told that in a world increasingly torn apart by Jihadi terrorism, the real problem are you Islamophobes?

    Is Britain no longer willing to be told that one religion may not be openly discussed, dissected, analysed, mocked and ridiculed?

    God, I hope so.

    You’ve hit your lowest point, I think, when your own police force chooses to hide the mass rape of non-Muslim children by a gang of Muslim Pakistanis because what they really worry about is being perceived as racist “Islamophobes”. All the while you’re haemorrhaging homicidal Muslim lunatics to engage in ethnic cleansing in Syria and Iraq, unchecked.

    This is not going to blow over. It’s not going to get better before it gets worse.
    Grow a spine. Don’t submit. Expose the hate preachers who teach anti-Semitism and who advocate the legitimacy of murdering Westerners every Friday in their sermons. Tell the cultural relativists and Leftist apologists speaking about US imperialism and Muslim grievances that, at the end of the day, they are nothing but infidels too. Investigate organised gangs of pederasts and lock them up, be they white or brown or blue, Christian or Muslim or Jedi Masters. Denounce the creeping influence of Sharia in the UK as a double standard that denies full equality under British Law. Do not allow Jihadi tourists to return to your country.

    • Richard

      There is too much self-loathing to make anything of what you say even remotely possible. Imagine a government minister saying this (Jack Straw from the Labour Party) and his party still winning elections: “the English are potentially very aggressive, very violent. We have used this propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Then we used it in Europe and with our empire…” See my comments below.

      • Mae Hemm

        I both share your pessimism and still hope we might be pleasantly surprised. It is getting to be so obvious that it is silly not to admit the writing on the wall.

        Fort Hood, Texas, remember? The shooter was a Muslim and in court he declared himself as a warrior fighting in the name of his Muslim brothers against infidels. Before the shooting he had a few discussions with colleagues which freaked them out. Some of his superiors admitted they were not comfortable with the man’s stated opinions, but they were unwilling to complain for fear of being accused of Islamophobia and losing their job. The FBI report on the incident speaks about it as a case of workplace violence, caused by a burnt out worker. Not a mention of his religious and political ideology. He was just stressed.

        The FBI actually published a report on domestic violence in the USA over the past few years.and Islamic terrorism is not mentioned. They mention animal rights activists, anarchists… But no mention of the Boston Marathon attack. It has only been 13 years since the biggest Islamist terror attack on US soil and now, thanks to the campaign of “Islamophobia” and the influence by lobbies like CAIR, American intelligence agencies are not allowed to talk about Islamist terrorism. It reminds me of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.. the evil one whose name must not be mentioned.

        How many people are really so self-loathing to not be able to see the cover-up?

        And how is this cover-up working out for us?

        Has denial diminished the threat? From what I can tell it has grown.

        A Muslim convert just happens to have a machete lying around his house, as you would, and he just happens to choose his white 80 year old non-Muslim neighbour to kill, which he just happens to choose to do by beheading the poor woman, which just happens to be what the Qur’an recommends you do when fighting infidels, but the police immediately assured us it had “Nothing To Do With Terrorism” (which really means “nothing to do with Islam”, as terrorism is not an ideology, it’s a tool). I’m sure the guy was a nut case who finally snapped. But the fact that his chosen victim was one of his few non-Muslim white neighbours and his method is the preferred way Jihadis deal with infidels…

        You can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

        The higher percentage of people distrusting Muslims in Spain compared to the UK might have something to do with tangible historical reminders in Spain of the threat posed by Islam throughout its expansionist phases. The memory of Santiago Matamoros, politically incorrect though many feel it is today, is the reminder of a real war that Spain did not ask for. Even those old castle towers you admired overlooking the beach on your summer holiday in Alicante, they were built to watch out for incoming corsair raids from the Barbary states, looking for slaves to ransom, much as Jihadis do today.

        Every day we hear Islamists talk about their holy duty to reconquer Spain one day, as well as Jerusalem, Rome…. It’s an old threat among Jihadis. The only thing that has changed is that this last year, with the coming of ISIS, they are talking about the day coming soon. Since Al Andalus was once a colony of an Islamic empire, they figure it still belongs to them.

        But in terms of physical presence of Jihadis and “radicalized” Muslims, it is not actually Spain that should worry in the short term. France and the UK run the highest risk. The conservative estimate is 600 Jihadi fighters from the UK, others place it closer to 2,000.

        Imagine that. Not even the most retrograde, old-fashioned, black people hating Neo-Nazi white fascist alive in the UK today, would tell you Britain must re-invade all its former colonies and reconstitute the old empire. But many Muslims, and not only the gun toting Jihadis, openly discuss the conquest of Europe, by means of war or through immigration numbers, as the mission of their religion. Reconquer all your old colonies, then take over the rest.

        All my Leftist friends who love to remind you of the evils of imperialism in the case of “American imperialism” and British imperialism, spectacularly fail to see what is so imperialist about the ambitions of political Islam.

        • Richard

          I lived in South Africa for many years, and the West was entirely blind to the problems the political change would bring. Imagine living there, and looking north, and seeing nothing but dictatorships, poverty, slavery by Muslims of non-Muslims, extensive cannibalism (yes there was, and still is, though that is usually censored out of my comments), witchcraft, war, ad infinitum. But, the West was entirely willing to sacrifice the country because it was temporarily expedient to do so. Even now it will not accept what is happening there, and turns a blind eye (fingers-in-the-ears-and-la-la-la). In other words, there is only short-termism in the West, and the more I think about it, only long-termism in Islam. I am not the first to say they are playing the long game, and I have no doubt will win the end. The US *might* come to its senses but the UK is lost to reason. A small example: when we lived in Africa, we employed servants, whom we treated firmly but fairly. When I came to the UK I told people we had had servants, just in passing. For this I was excoriated. Having servants was evil, under any circumstances. Even if it was the only employment and they would have no other chance of work? Even so. It was degrading and dehumanising, and I must be some sort of terrible person to have servants. End of discussion. That is the sort of mentality you have to fight against in the UK; I think it is cloud-cuckoo land with people unable to intersect with reality. Soft, easy prey for Islam or anybody else. My instincts tell me that it is only Germany in Europe that might offer any alternative to Islam, and then the US for the rest. Perhaps it was the suffering of the War that killed Britain, but something certainly lobotomised this country.

        • DonnaTxx

          The politicised police came out just a bit to quickly to deny that this ISIS style execution had nothing to do with terrorism.

          I bet Salvadore had been watching ISIS beheading vids and became inspired. Off course, for political reasons this will be covered up, keep the Sheeple in the dark until its too late.

          This was an elderly Christian lady who had an absolute right to go about her business without being so brutal slaughtered.

          Britain has become a safe haven for Islam extremists, this is well documented. They are protected by the subversive human rights lobby, and woe betide you if you object to the state of Britain today.

          Because of our appeasement, we have created grave diplomatic incidents with America and Italy. Our only hope (and I think it’s on the cards), is that the CIA comes to Britain to address the situation with islamic extremists. One can only hope they are not hampered by the human rights lobby.

      • Damaris Tighe

        What an incredibly stupid comment. He should have looked at how the Belgians & Germans behaved in their colonies if he really wanted to see violent empire-building. The British Empire was saintly in comparison.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    This is how it went down:
    -New Labour facilitated mass immigration as a deliberate self-serving policy.
    -Generous benefits especially in areas controlled by Labour councils attracted the least privileged from the most backward regions.
    -The assumption was these third-worlders would settle in Britain, hence rush to facilitate citizenship and voting rights.
    -Having imported their own voters, Labour were anxious to play down and cover up the downside of Islamic third worlders residing in a advanced capitalist country. The MSM were particularly culpable here.
    -All of which led directly to the Pakistani child rape gangs and not just in Rotherham.

    If the British electorate has any sense (big if), this should be the kiss of death to Labour`s prospects in the 2015 General Election. So be sure to barack Labour candidates.
    ‘Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?’ I should damn well hope so, but the real target for righteous wrath should be reserved for those Labour traitors.
    Jack, Japan Alps

    • Mae Hemm

      I concur. This is also what Nick Cohen wrote about in his excellent “What’s Left”.

    • Richard

      PS: Commonwealth citizens can vote the moment they settle. So Pakistanis are like instant money in the bank for Labour, as are Nigerians.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Coat-trailer Thompson.

  • Mae Hemm

    ERROR: I meant to say that the FBI report was about domestic terrorism, not domestic violence

  • Roger Hudson

    I can remember when islam was just a religion, the Sufi hippy phase etc. English people could be English muslims. What we have now is alien culture islam, people who brought not only religion but vile oppressive practices towards women, aggressive opposition to the native religion of the country and many bad things.

  • Mary Kilderry

    It is mealy-mouthed, spineless articles by so-called ‘conservative’ journalists that make me the most furious about this whole issue. More concerned about belly-aching over some imaginary ‘backlash’ (which somehow never transpires) against Muslims in Britain than they are about standing up for what’s right, the media has been complicit in the blanket of silence over Muslim rape gangs. The media has known for decades about this story and Thompson needs to explain why the media has once again failed the people of Britain and why it continues to do so. The media has as much to answer for here as the police and social workers of Rotherham, if not more. I know for a fact that many people have gone to the papers with this story over the years and their stories have been killed by journalists and editors too gutless to investigate and expose the story. The whole thing makes me sick and to be honest, I long for the day that this mythical ‘backlash’ actually happens as then I could believe that the British still have a backbone. Unfortuntely though, I know it will never happen as nobody is game enough to risk their careers and reputations against the powerful race and grievance lobby and their apparatchiks. If anyone even tried to do so, ‘right-wing’ pundits like Thompson would be racing his lefty colleagues to the front of the queue to kick them into submission with cries of ‘racist’ and ‘hate-monger’. God Orwell would weep to see what Britain has become but more than that he would be sick to his stomach at the dregs who now occupy positions of influence in the media who are nothing more than officialdom’s obedient cringing gatekeepers to the truth.

  • Cincinnatus

    This warning from the Bishop of Mosul, Iraq will of course be ignored, future generations will wonder why:

    “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said the archbishop.

    “Please, try to understand us,” he said. “Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles.You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal,” said Archbishop Nona. “Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”

  • robert d

    My irrational self has really surprised me as I’ve started looking negatively on anything muslim. Then my rational self crept in. Probably 90% of the Muslims I have known personally (work/ neighbours) are little different to me and mine (now – middle aged, white, working class) other than I am an atheist. Of that 90% none follow clothing ‘fashions’, a small number of women wear a ‘modest’ hair covering most don’t. On the basis that the Koran rules women should dress ‘modestly’, they argue that wearing hijab etc in the UK would attract attention to themselves and therefore would not be ‘modest’. Eating laws may be followed, but all I’ve eaten with take whatever is on offer, other than pork but most are vegetarian, and offer a slightly more exotic version of what I’d eat at home when at their table. Most follow prayer rules but not all. In Ramadan some fast others treat is as many Christians treat lent. They send their kids to the local state schools who, on the evidence of conversation and shared photos, enjoy Christmas and chocolate at Easter. like most religions or divisions they have all married within their faith.
    All they want to do earn a living and contribute to the (in these instances) local community.
    Other than skin colour that 90% are little different from my wife, children or myself.

    In recent months my irrational self has been lumping muslims together, but my rational self keeps reminding me there is a huge difference between muslim and Islamist.

    • Joe Long

      Well perhaps your “irrational self” is a better guide – you would do well to note the warning of the Bishop of Mosul posted by Cincinnatus below

      Your impressions gained by superficial contact is worthless, “There’s no art. To find the mind’s construction in the face.” – Macbeth

      In Rotherham there is a Pakistani population of about 8000, say 2500 males of relevant age; and there are 1400 victims over the period. That argues for a substantial degree of community involvement in this horror; and there is a conspiracy of silence; they are in denial about it still.

      And the only reason we know about Rotherham in such detail is simply because the files were leaked to the Times. It must be as bad, or much worse given the relatively small Pakistani population in Rotherham, in towns and cities across the Midlands and the North.

      Hot off the press


      Time for them to go home

      • Damaris Tighe

        I’m guessing here, but the Pakistani population of Rotherham are probably very different, more insular & backward, than robert d’s muslim friends & acquaintances who may not even all be of Pakistani origin & are probably middle-class.

        Some educated Bangladeshis look down their nose at the descendants of the villagers of Silhet who live in Tower Hamlets.

        Pakistanis & Muslims in general are not an undifferentiated lump. To see them that way is to be as collectivist as any socialist who only sees identity groups, not individuals.

        • Joe Long

          Apparently some 70% of “British” Pakistanis are of Mirpuri/Kashmiri origin and given the level of inbreeding and their propensity for highly undesirable collective action in their own interests(vote rigging) and various pathologies,notably grooming and rape, it seems to me quite legitimate to regard them as an undifferentiated lump.

          The situation regarding Bangladeshis and Somalis is doubtless scarcely less undesirable, as Tower Hamlets demonstrates.

          Membership of the middle class is no bar to the default attitudes on apostasy, kuffars and so forth which underlie radicalisation so-called.

          The infamous Mehdi Hasan videos are a prime example of that

          We are being rapidly colonised by dangerous and incompatible aliens. Our young girls have been put through hell. We don’t have the time to concern ourselves with the fine distinctions amongst the colonists. We either have the will to survive or we don’t

      • robert d

        Pakistan isn’t the only muslim country and Rotherham doesn’t – unfortunately have a monopoly of abuse. Admittedly, the most notorious long term serial abuser of children and the vulnerable was from that part of the world, he was a white disc jokey.
        Do you have the same fear of catholics given their history of abuse?

        • Joe Long

          Your comment about Savile is completely idiotic – he was a lone serial abuser, give or take his driver possibly ; incidentally Savile was disinterred a few months after the 3rd and thus far major Rochdale grooming trial. There is much about Yewtree that has the smokescreen about it; a motley collection of ancient celebs, mostly tcharged with indecent assault.

          This is not, repeat not, at all comparable with the Muslim, overwhelmingly Pakistani, grooming epidemic. This involves targeted grooming, gang rape, sometimes torture, trafficking, pimping and prostitution. Evidence now suggests that whereas previously the groups/gangs used to use our girls for their personal gratification they are now prostituting them on an increasing scale. Underlying this is racial and religious contempt for the kaffir.

          The level of vicious depravity is appalling, and this is what has been imported by the cretinous and treasonable political class into our country

          “sexual atrocities, torture”


          If 1400 girls have been abused in Rotherham alone in the most dreadful way by overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslim gangs, then what must the nation wide total be?

          Your comment is only excusable if it is based upon ignorance, and if that’s the case here is some enlightenment for you




          Obviously the Catholic priesthood has an institutional issue with paedophilia, but here there is an institutional issue with an imported alien community, which was forced upon the people of this country, without so much as a by your leave.

          Roman Catholicism was of course the religion of England for many centuries, nevertheless here and on the Continent there was religious war during the 16th and 17th century. Islam is a Dark Age supremacist faith, and by importing it into our country, and letting the Islamic population double every 12 years, that is precisely where we are headed.

          Listen to what the Archbishop of Mosul, bitter experience teaches

          • UKSteve

            And some fine commentators and sharp comedians have observed, if the Catholic Church could drag itself flailing and screaming into the 20th (sic) century, and dropped celibacy among its clergy, it may help matters.

        • mohdanga

          “Do you have the same fear of catholics given their history of abuse?” Actually, it was a small number of Catholic priests abusing boys, I doubt many Catholic worshippers would turn a blind eye to the abuse nor condone it nor be entitled to threaten the authorities with riots and charges of ‘racism’ should the abuse be made public.
          Once the Catholic abuse scandal was made public the press were all over it. Would the Rotherham authorities tip toe around the abuse if it was by Catholic priests? Hardly, in fact it would have probably been seen as a feather in the cap of the ‘authorities’ for outing this terrible behaviour. Not so with the Muslims.

          • robert d

            There is no denying the fact that Asian men were the ring leaders and perpetrators in Rotherham (In my opinion anyone who can do what has been reported to a child doesn’t deserve to live, but I expect the law and government to be better than me) but the excuses the children’s services and police are coming up with don’t wash.
            I’ll wait for all the facts to come to light on this case, I have a feeling a wider community will also be implicated.
            The comments being made by some of the victims are really damning the SYP. Rightly or wrongly they have a very poor reputation.

            My earlier point was, similar (but no where near as extreme cases) have been recorded in other parts of the UK and the perpetrators, Asian, black, white, indigenous and foreign have been dealt with before this level has been reached.

    • GreatCatSbee

      The real problem is the will to convert others. If there was none of that, your rational self would be right.

    • Guest

      As someone elsewhere said, Radical Islam will murder you. Moderate Islam will just watch while they do so.

      When “moderates” form a breakaway arm of Islam that specifically state that they will NOT murder those who leave Islam, NOT murder those who do not follow Islam and NOT enslave or rape children and women then there will be a huge difference between Muslim and Islamist.

      • robert d

        Somewhat agree. But, if Christians and Jews interpreted their holy books as zealously as the Islamists, and they have in the past, there would be similar outcomes.

        African, Asian, Australian and in particular the Americas’ history is littered with similar atrocities in the name of one saint, prophet or god. I am not in any way excusing the vile actions of Islamists that infest our world, but forgetting other ‘civilised’ religions have had their dark days does humanity a disservice.

        “Jews had to endure the sword too. Millions of Jews from the fourth century CE until the 20th Century were forced to “kiss the sword” of Christ, or be put to death by that sword. Therefore, many, many Jews died at the hands of Christians in the name of Jesus.”
        (Stone & Fogelman)

        I’m sure someone somewhere commented there is no such thing as a moderate Christian (or Jew).

    • Vuil

      “In recent months my irrational self has been lumping muslims together,
      but my rational self keeps reminding me there is a huge difference
      between muslim and Islamist.”

      Time to listen to your irrational – a.k.a. as subconscious mind – that knows viscerally that Muslims are a danger plain and simple.

      And don’t give me the twaddle about them being the same: you have been infected by too much political correctness. In much the same way that Germans were complicit in what the Nazis did because they turned a blind eye so too are the ‘regular’ Muslims. I worked with a bunch of Muslims – nice regular type guys – who were ecstatic when the London bombing happened and then realizing that was not ‘correct’ they shut up.

      Go and look up the meaning of Taqiyya. That is what the ‘good ones’ practice. Deceit against the Infidels plain and simple.

      Ask yourself the following question, when the chips are down who would they support, other Muslims or those white Brits who complain about Islam.

      If you believe they’ll support the whities please contact me. As the Americans say, I have a bridge to sell you.

      Time to grow a pair and face the fact that the world is not politically correct. The only ‘good’ Muslims are the ones not living in the UK.

  • Joe Long

    “The press blame ‘political correctness’, but there is a more specific explanation. The authorities were terrified that grooming would be seized upon by racists playing the Muslim card. Their fears weren’t unfounded. In 2004 the British National Party won a council seat in Keighley West with 51 per cent of the vote by exploiting local outrage over a grooming scandal. Its tactics were crafty. In BNP leaflets, the adjective ‘Pakistani’ was replaced by ‘Muslim’. Nick Griffin praised Sikh and Hindu activists who had tried to draw attention to the ‘Muslim sex gangs’.

    The BNP has since imploded, but not before popularising the idea that the sexual appetites of Pakistani thugs were fuelled by Islam.”

    This is a weasel conflation. If BNP leaflets had used the adjective Pakistani, that would have led to immediate arrests under race legislation. That the “authorities” were quite prepared to sacrifice our girls to the vilest horror in pursuit of political objectives is a shocking condemnation of them, no wonder we may be looking at the last days of the Empire of Britain. When Thompson talks of Sikh “activists” this too is cant for he must know that Sikh girls have long been targeted by Muslim gangs.

    As for the notion that “Pakistani thugs” have nothing to do with Islam that canard has been wholly debunked by Taj Hargey


    Truth is we have been far too “tolerant”, tolerance is no virtue when it comes tolerating the intolerant, it is resigned, despairing appeasement. We never wanted any of this, it was rammed down our throats. And if people are at last waking up to the danger we are in, it has not come a moment too soon

    • UKSteve

      A pint for you, Sir, should ever our paths cross!

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Doing a bit of damage control, Damian? Bit late in the day for that.

  • picquet


  • c777

    Preventing Saudi Arabia from financing Mosques to spread its medieval expansionist doctrine via the cloak of Islam might be a good idea as well.

  • Bob339

    Multi-culture does not work.Time to send these guys home.

  • sebastian2

    I don’t think Britain is wholesale hardening its heart against mohammedans – but if they are, it’s because successive governments have taken British tolerance and forbearance for granted with an open-door immigration policy, hopeless monitoring and tracking down of illegals and grossly disproportionate indulgence of mohammedan sensitivities and demands. This, over time, has caused indignation and offence – and quite right too. However ………….. despite all, we remain broadly tolerant.

    What has altered though, are levels of benevolent naivety: that amiable multiculturalism so committed to “positive image” building and community cohesion that much about mohammedism that is unattractive or repellent has been sidelined. That is now changing and the public is more informed about this cult than ever before. We see it better for what it is. And it is so often highly unattractive and objectionable: FGM; grooming; terrorism; Isis; bigotry; misogyny; cousin marriages; slavery of conscience; shari’ia ……………and so forth. All this is coming into the spotlight, along with a better informed sense of mohammedan history – the origins of their sacred texts and the facts (rather than the myths) about their founder. We also learn more about the true nature of life in an islamic state today: Pakistan; KSA; Sudan, Afghanistan and others.

    So the “favourable” multicultural narrative of before, is disintegrating as a fuller and often less amenable historical and contemporary account emerges. The RoP and the perfect “Final Testament” boasts become ever more fallible and implausible. Mohammedism is not – as we now perceive – the infallible and sublime, ineffable doctrine mohammedans claim it to be. To some, it appears as a compendium of plagiarised texts rather incoherently arranged and contradictory in content. Worse still, their deity may even be a Qurayshi tribal moon god (Al ‘Lah), elevated to imperial proportions by its most deluded, megalomaniac disciple and foisted onto his brutally conquered peoples. No more than that; and not the god of Jews and Christians.

    Much is coming out in the wash.

    Because of this, the mood has shifted. This is a knowledge based re-positioning that is still going on. With it, comes a diminishing sympathy – which is the emotional corollary to greater, critical understanding. It is unfortunate but perhaps inevitable that this diminishing sympathy sometimes hardens into outright hostility – though it must be said that provocation (mohammedan hate literature; hate speeches; open contempt for Britain; self-segregation) has been severe. Either way, no intelligent and truly informed person could swallow the conventional mohammedan narrative which now seems more like poison peddled as cordial than anything else. Or at best, deeply flawed and improbable.

  • Jaysonrex

    The moment UK allowed Muslims unlimited entry, the Kingdom was doomed.
    It is only a matter of time before UK will become part of the future Caliphate. Then what?

    Rowan Williams, ex Archbishop of Canterbury, can claim “I told you so” when he suggested that Sharia be incorporated into the British Common Law in order to avoid the internal war that is now about to explode. Maybe he was right. But then the Brits never, never, never, never give up.

    As we all know, Muslims must follow the percepts of the Koran that demands from all ‘believers’ to become Jihadists and whenever possible martyrs. This clearly indicates that there is no possibility of peaceful coexistence with Islamists. They want to impose their utter ignorance and total backwardness upon the civilized world (Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) and this is not acceptable to any individual or nation that is not an integral part of Islam.

    UK is presently getting ready for a whole series of terrorist attacks against the populace. Can we co-exist with Islamists? I frankly doubt.

  • David Webb


  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    No I don’t think so, personally. One thing in common between people of any or non religious intent here in the UK may well be that old adage ” don’t shoot the messenger” – Cutting edge stuff.. and very important.

  • mahatmacoatmabag

    As usual you are wrong Thompson , your drug addiction has damaged your ability to clearly asses the danger of Islam to western Judeo-Christian democratic countries

    It is incumbent on all true Muslims to wage holy war ( Jihad ) against the unbelievers that is to say Kuffirs everywhere by every means available , including murder , rape, slavery , extortion , fraud , deception , violence and all means of subversion.

    Thus the organized & numerous Muslim Pedophile Rape Gangs in the UK must be seen as part & parcel of the Jihad being waged against Kuffirs at all levels up & down the UK as in Europe , Africa & the Mid-East

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Clearly Rotherham is the tip of an extremely unpleasant iceberg. The sheer number of underage girls brutalized in Rotherham is staggering, but nationwide… “Welcome to Britain, child rape capital of the civilized world”. One aspect of the Rotherham child rape outrages hardly mentioned is the damage to the image and reputation of the British police. As contempt, going on hatred for the police rises ever higher in the social stratum, this surely must compromise their ability to clear up crime, as law-abiding citizens increasingly say to themselves, “I wouldn`t lift a finger to help those *astards”. While the de Menezes state sponsored killing might be excused as an unfortunate one-off over reaction, ignoring 16 years of systematic child rape by Muslim immigrants, can only be characterized as deliberate, and a direct result of the police becoming politicized. All of which means the police are increasingly seen as “the enemy”. A sea-change if ever I saw one.
    Jack, Japan Alps

    • picquet

      The de Menezes killing was a tragic accident, attributable only to incompetence. It can’t be used in that context.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Oh yes it can, as an example of a sea change in the relationship between public and police.

  • CO Jones

    And meanwhile, in other news: Shaun Wright, the police and crime commissioner who oversaw the abuse and rape of so many children in Rotherham without taking any action whatsoever against it, and whose resignation was called for by Theresa May and David Cameron, has been nominated to …. a Home Office task
    force combating child sexual violence!

    This is the very man who, as a councillor, was in charge of children’s services in the town between 2005 and 2010, while the abuse and rapes were going on, before taking up his current position as the police watchdog.

    I begin to feel that we, the long-suffering public, are being taken for complete mugs.


    • UKSteve

      “I begin to feel that we, the long-suffering public, are being taken for complete mugs.”

      Been happening for the last 50 years (mass immigration, multiculturalism, Common Market / EEC / EU, etc., etc.), why should they stop now?

  • Roger Khan

    The atrocities of ISIS are sanctified by the Koran and the life of Muhammad, that’s the problem! Anyone can google the Koran and see it written in black and white – I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

  • Vuil

    All this ventilating by the posters on the obvious iniquities of the ghastly British Muslims and Damian Thompson’s embarrassing politically correct concern for them does not alter the one hideous fact.

    The British Muslim population is growing at a faster rate than any other group in Britain. It is growing exponentially and sometime in the next 50 years they will reach parity and then overtake the sad indoctrinated politically correct whites in Britain.

    And Britain will become a Muslim country with a minaret in every village and Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s repurposed as mosques.

    This is not hysteria. This is an arithmetic fact. They will be the majority.

    Only an innumerate idiot like Thompson with Oxbridge and LSE degrees (where they train you to be stupid) cannot see the obvious.

  • I got news for the guy in that picture holding the placard: if you’re preaching the Quran, you’re preaching hate. Some more than others maybe. But plenty of hate.

  • ThomasER916

    The entire White race lost World War 2.

    That’s what we’re witnessing now.

  • D Cripps

    People have not been told the truth about “Islam”. Islamic reformer and author Tawfik Hamid was a member of terrorist organisation Jamaah Islamiyah with Ayman al-Zawahiri (now leader of al-Qaeda), and is currently a senior fellow and chair of the study of Islamic radicalisation at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. Acknowledging that moderate Muslims (such as himself) do exist, in a recent article Dr Hamid has pointed out that the weight of mainstream traditional Islamic scholarship supports the reasoning of the Islamic State…

    He gives the example of Quran 9:29, “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth [i.e Islam] from those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humiliated.” This verse is stating that, unless they convert to Islam, Jews and Christians (“those who were given the Scripture”, also known as ‘People of the Book’) are to be fought “until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humiliated” (for other translations of this verse, see corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp?chapter=9&verse=29). Dr Hamid states “A basic search of almost ALL approved interpretations for the Koran supports the same violent conclusion. The 25 leading approved Koran Interpretations (commentaries) – that are usually used by Muslims to understand the Koran – unambiguously support the violent understanding of the verse.” For other non-Muslims the option of jizyah does not inevitably apply (as seen with the Islamic State and the Yezidis). Beheading (“smiting the neck”) and slavery (including rape-slavery) is supported within traditional Islamic teachings.

    Simply, Dr Hamid states “Saying that ‘Islam is the religion of Peace’ or condemning the IS as being ‘un-Islamic’ without condemning the principle that Muslims must fight non-Muslims to subjugate them to Islam is not just hypocritical but also counterproductive as it hides the true cause of the problem and impedes the efforts to solve it.

    “Similarly, not calling the IS the Islamic State (to avoid using the word Islamic) – as suggested by some Islamic scholars – is not going to change the painful fact that the IS is using an approved and unchallenged principle of the Islamic theology. Such scholars need to work on providing peaceful alternatives to the current violent theology instead of asking the world not to call the IS the Islamic State.”

    Islamic scholar Muhammad Zareef concurs…

    We have a grave problem in our midst and internationally. Some Muslims are sincere in claiming that their intentions are for peaceful and equitable co-existence rather than inimical dominance, but others may be putting on a show (taqiyya, as explained in traditional Islamic teaching), or using words that do not actually mean what has been self-reassuringly inferred by non-Muslim hearers. (On the matter of not killing fellow Muslims, those deemed guilty of blasphemy and apostasy may be killed, even if those same people do not consider themselves blasphemous or as having left Islam; for example holding that the earth orbits the sun carries the death penalty for blasphemy and hence apostasy in Saudi Arabia.)

    Raymond Ibrahim, in his article Islam’s Doctrines of Deception (http://www.meforum.org/2095/islams-doctrines-of-deception), explains that “the Quran contains both peaceful and tolerant verses, as well as violent and intolerant ones.

    “The ulema [literally ‘they who know’, i.e scholars] were uncertain which verses to codify into sharia’s worldview. For instance, should they use the one that states there is no coercion in religion (2:256), or the ones that command believers to fight all non-Muslims until they either convert or at least submit to Islam (9:5, 9:29)? To solve this quandary, they developed the doctrine of abrogation – naskh, supported by Quran 2:105. This essentially states that verses ‘revealed’ later in Muhammad’s career take precedence over those revealed earlier whenever there is a discrepancy.

    “Why the contradiction in the first place? The standard answer has been that, because Muhammad and his community were far outnumbered by the infidels in the early years of Islam, a message of peace and co-existence was in order. However, after Muhammad migrated to Medina and grew in military strength and numbers, the militant or intolerant verses were revealed, urging Muslims to go on the offensive.

    “According to this standard view, circumstance dictates which verses are to be implemented. When Muslims are weak, they should preach and behave according to the Meccan verses; when strong, they should go on the offensive, according to the Medinan verses. Many Islamic books extensively deal with the doctrine of abrogation, or Al-Nasikh Wa Al-Mansukh.”

    As a matter of national security, full clarity is required by British non-Muslims on the range of Quranic abrogations and other Islamic teachings inimical to non-Muslims and seditious toward our and other nation-states. Some Muslims support a non-supremacist and benevolent alternative (not just minor alterations) to mainstream traditional models of Islam, but evidence is yet to be provided that they are the majority nationally and internationally among the estimated c. 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. For examples of abrogations, see…
    wikiislam.net/wiki/Abrogation_(Naskh); wikiislam.net/wiki/List_of_Abrogations_in_the_Qur’an;

    Grounds exist for considering mainstream traditional models of Islam psychologically as ‘destructive cults’. Articles/essays on this may be found online, such as by Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels…
    …and former Muslim Ali Sina…
    …Here is one point of evidence. In 2013 Pew Research Center published results of a poll conducted among Muslims of 20 countries (but not the UK)…
    …Percentages in favour of the death penalty for leaving Islam were shown per country but not for the sum of Muslims polled; but a rough estimate suggests that above one-third of those surveyed favoured the death-penalty; the survey did not include Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, perhaps the three most sharia-compliant countries in the world (nationalreview.com/corner/347095/huge-flaw-pew-survey-muslim-views-about-sharia). In a Policy Exchange poll of over 1,000 UK Muslims published in 2007, 36% of 16 – 24 year-olds believed that converting from Islam to another religion should be punishable by death.

    In the USA, The Clarion Project’s national security analyst and adjunct professor of homeland security Ryan Mauro, has suggested a forward-process. He acknowledges that it will be a challenge…

  • Kidon

    Lookout Brits! Greedy British (and French) Corporations and Politicians dug you into this hole…. They opened the floodgates and allowed hundreds of thousands of Oil -Rich Arabs flood your communities. Now you guys are surprised that there is a clash of civilizations acting out in the middle of Europe? What did you think would happen when you take people who have been living 3000 in the past and bring them to a civilized western city? They bring there way of life to you. So if they lived in Saudi Arabia and they are used to women covered from head to toe, killing, maiming, beheading as the norm… Why do you expect that this way of thinking will vanish the minute they step foot in the UK? Sure there are plenty of moderate Muslims who have managed to assimilate but unfortunately, they are a small minority of the British Muslim communities. The majority may not be ISIS but they are Islamic sympathizers so they will never vote, side, or act with Britain first. They will certainly never fight for Britain. Good thing the U.S. wasn’t as stupid. We put the breaks on Arab immigration after the Carter administration. Good Luck! You’ll need it.

  • Mick

    Islam has had its chance in the western hemisphere …Its now past time to call it quits and ban the evil cult

    It is nothing but harmful to anyone it touches

  • michael moore

    OF course part of the problem in Britain and North america has always been that we are allowing people to live in our country,and the country they come from is having the daylights bombed out of it by our governments! DUh! THIS is not rocket science.HOw do you think they feel,especially if they still have loved ones living there.They hate us especially since we are frequently going after them for something as stupid as oil.Again duh.Heaven help us all.

  • Joanna

    Islam haters dont need to do a thing. The muslims are already instigating the coming backlash. By how they behave. Fact is, far right activists dont need to lift a finger. The muslims are doing all the hard work tfor hem.

  • spiderbucket

    PLEASE, Brits. I have so much love for your country, this is breaking my heart. I have always appreciated that even your ‘hate-mongers’ are more polite and reasonable than half of our population, but England is slipping through your fingers. This writer blames everyone BUT the people who are at the root of the problem. And I am not a conservative, btw. I would leave here and fight for your country – why won’t so many of you ?

  • Damien Chall

    good drive them out they should never have been allowed into western countries No third worlder should have been

  • Andy

    Kick all of the f*ckers out. This is England. My grandfather fought the Germans so I didn’t have to put up with this shjte.
    There are millions of true Brits just taking this cr*p and its going to explode one day. Hundreds of ex-Millwall and West Ham football generals just waiting for a reason to kick off. This country is full of them.
    So what if most of us are anti-Muslim, our history dictates that we have always been anti-muslim and for good reason.

  • Shannon

    It’s not a matter of hate. Islam cannot co-exist with any western’s culture or ideals. It is in their books to take over from within. England, please, stop this madness. If you do then perhaps Europe has a chance. This is your country, you fought and bleed for land and now your allowing the worst of mankind to take it over. I loved traveling to the UK throughout but now I’m fearful of the terrorist from within. It’s your country, kick them out, take away the passports, stop immigration until your culture returns and then allow only immigrants who want to follow your great cultures. Islam cannot co-exist even in their own countries.

  • wayne

    The reason why there is such an aggressive Muslim community in the UK compared to it’s European counterparts has mostly to do with a massive diaspora of backward uneducated Pakistani’s(&Bengali’s from Bangladesh) from northern Pakistani villages near Kashmir. They are steeped in backward traditions and traditional cults. This is the point that most non Pakistani’s seem to not grasp or are not aware off. Although there is a 3rd and 4th generation in the UK, they still have the strong influences of there parents and peers. Also, many grow up in UK Pakistani/Bengali/Indian ghetto’s and are affected by this mindset. So, even if they are living in some middle class area of say Bristol, they still have that mentality from there upbringing. It’s similar for Indian’s , but to a lesser extent,from particular region’s of India, but they seem to keep there head down and operate quietly. What’s needed is a balance of there own culture and ethnic identity with that of Britishness. It’s probably very difficult and creates an internal conflict.

  • Joanna

    Muslim apologist article.

  • Marie Shanahan

    It’s been indicated that muslim men don’t actually see attacking and raping a non-muslim woman as a crime. Especially since they are so infamous for attacking their own, muslim women. These fellows are prowling around Europe like a candy store. They are targeting mostly school girls. I’m no genius, but what does this say – aside from knowing now that many Muslims are actually child molesters, on top of being quite willing to rape a woman. Do you suppose it’s a sort of “war declaration” on British and European society? They are raping and torturing their children right under their nose. Where they live. Where they sleep. Deportation is the only answer. This is about race. They are racist against white, non muslims. So yes, race is the big word here and they are the aggressors. I read a story of four Iraqi soldiers living in Colorado. They were sponsored to stay in the US by an army captain who vouched for their good character as he fought with them in Iraq. They were not on US very long before an elderly Colorado woman who must have known them in passing invited them in for some lemonade one night. (She was a friend of the army captain.) Once inside, They gang raped this 60 year old woman so viciously, she nearly died. Please forgive the graphic, but one man shoved his fist so high into her rectum, he damaged her intestine. Deportation is the only answer. I’m sorry to the good ones, I am. But this is too hellish and violent to go on.

  • sam moore

    Hi, I am from the Netherlands. We were always very tolerant towards Muslims, Turks and people from Morocco. First they start complaining that Dutch people treat them badly (believe me, it’s all in their game), than they build Mosques, have their own schools and want their own teachers and books, take over big parts of your City or any other places were they live, as they start buying everything, start demanding more and more from governments until they are in the Parlement also. Make a lot children. Their treating blond women terrible, even their women behave bad in shopping Centres, simply by pushing their trollies hard towards yours, so you are forced to move asside for them, on the street women walk with 5 persons in a wide line so you are forced to walk over the street. They rape young girls with excuus that they are scantily dressed, in other words they expect you to live and dress like them!!! and have no respect for your country nore your people. Protect their churches with guards and force you to walk on the other side of the road. Even at schools girls wanted to dye their hair because they were threatened or insulted being a whore by (young) men and women. My daughter hates them for it. She was
    vomiting before she went to school, so afraid she was for them. Young guys in groups over streets with sticks ..claiming it as their territory. When I talked about it
    with the municipality or at school, nothing was done about it and the only thing we hear is that we are discrimminating. I bet it would be a different story if it concerns a daughter of their own. In a way we also have a problem with people from Suriname for we have a tradition for children “Sinterklaas” with his helpers “Pieten” who use foundation in black on their skin and soon we got many discussions that we discrimminate them for their “black” colour while this is only ment for children. I wonder some times if they hate white people so much that they want to take over from us, being our superiour. I worked as cleaner with a woman from Indonesia and she was the one who treated us “white” women bad while she was kind towards women from other countries. No body ever said a word about it. I don’t understand this .. for they can treat us like dirt ..in our own country and governments say nothing .. even when they rape our children. So you start wondering … who .. treats … who bad?

  • disqus_F4dE7idHYQ

    The best solution to resolve the muslim problem is to deport all muslims from Europe. Whether 1st,2nd or whatever generation. They are never ever going to change. Their goal is the eventual conquest of europe. And as long as europe continues to allow their entry they will multiply in numbers to ultimately become the majority population. Europeans will become the minority eventually.And then when that happens the bloodbath will begin as has happened in muslims countries where christians are or were a minority.In the middle east christians have been persecuted and massacred for centuries.Examples: Turkey progragated the genocide of armenian,greek and assyrians christians resulting in the death of millions of christians.In Egypt christians have been massacred and in Iraq once again christian massacres are occuring. This is the fate that awaits Europe. Take action now before it’s too late. Expel the parasitic desease before the European body succumbs to the destructive vermin.

  • fulham2014

    Why do you call Muslims as Asians?? Asian for me is a Chinese, Thay, or Japanese.
    Is there a problem referring a Muslim as Muslim??

  • MushtaqDean

    The murder of Christian couple at Kot Radha Kishan, Punjab, through beating them, dragging them on the ground, breaking their legs and finally throwing them into burning brick kiln for incineration is an occurrence never witnessed before.

    Since the victims are poor and minority, people do not hold strong hopes against the perpetrators. Threats, bribes, compensation, recommendations, religious harmony, sycophant approach and political influence etc would come forward to help them. However, most of people hit the incident with indignation and developments that have occurred so far are encouraging.

    Chairman Pakistan Islamic Council demanded Judicial Inquiry of the case and visited the affected family along with 50 Islamic Scholars. A number of Dignitaries notably CM Punjab, Amir Jamat-e-Islami, Father James Chanon and MQM delegation paid visit to the wretched family. The national and International community, media, NGOS and organizations stood shoulder to
    shoulder with the affected people.

    Prime Minister, Mr Nawaz Shrif showed his frown calling the incident “unacceptable”

    Chief Minister Punjab, reputed as an Eagle-eyed administrator, is determined to take strict action against the perpetrators.

    Chief Justice Supreme Court Pakistan, Mr Nasir ul Mulk has taken SUO Moto Notice on the incident. That has raised the expectations for justice.

    The World is watching the proceeding knowing that outcome would restore the good image of Pakistan and certainly would comfort the spirit of Quaid-e-Azam who said minorities are “asset” of Pakistan

  • freespeechisahumanright777

    Britain, France, Germany, Spain – remember your roots. Islam has tried to invade your lands before but your Kings prevented it. Now you are ruled de-facto by the international banksters. And your lands are being grabbed up. Exert your sovereighnty and end their immigration and then find ways to deport them out of your lands. It is your human right, your indigenous right, and your duty.

  • papa

    We unfortunately bend the rules for others which the British born Brits have had to abide by all their lives, so why do we do allow strangers/foreigners preferential treatment. We are a soft touch and that is why we are a top immigration country. Schools have had uniforms for years where the girls wore skirts and that was that. Now Muslim girls are allowed to bend/break those rules by wearing trousers when in my opinion this shouldn’t happen. This is England, this is an English school. This is how we operate. It is clearly discrimination toward the British.
    All British schools now serve Halal meat regardless if you are white British, Polish, French, whatever you are going to get served Halal food in a British school. So 95% of the butchers are Muslim which has taken all the business away from British butchers. The slaughtering process until very recently was breaking the animal cruelty/food laws in this country which are very clear because of the throat slitting and bleeding them to death as the Muslim religion requires. Now they are required to stun them first which doesn’t always happen. I hate the fact that we bend over backwards to accommodate anyone but our countrymen. If you have rules, the one and only way to make things fair is for all to follow them equally and not cherry pick who does and who is exempt. I also hate the fact that our very culture and traditions are fading away into oblivion and there is barely anything English left about us until we have no identity anymore.
    I miss Britain for what it was and what it stood for because now we are a melting pot of nothing and our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought to the death for our freedom but they (newcomers) don’t give a shit. We built this country, the roads, the houses, the businesses and that is why we are not a 3rd world country because we worked together but we are being driven towards being a third world country now because no-one has decency, pride or togetherness anymore as its every man for themselves and that upsets me deeply. I no longer want to be part of this

  • justintime22

    “reason to fear it might change” SERIOUSLY??? FEAR??? it has to change!! you should fear if it does not change!!! what the hell is wrong with people 😮 send them home!

  • andre

    deport all muslims

  • vermilion J

    ‘The 2005 bombings and the murder of Lee Rigby last year could not plausibly be blamed on whole communities’.

    They can’t even plausibly be blamed on muslims. Inside jobs.

  • Gordon Wilson

    In 1888 the Ripper Murders were carried out by two Jews, one a Polish immigrant, the other born and bred in the East End of London, the Metropolitan police did all they could to play down the Jewish connection, they knew, the Ripper case is not unsolved, they knew then who it was, it was played down because of tensions between the communities at the time. We see the same here today, I’m not a racist, I am anti religious, Why? Because although they all claim to be ‘Peaceful’, they’re anything but, from the Crusades, to the Evangelical Christian Government of America declaring a Crusade on Iraq, and in between then, Irish Catholics and Protestants killing each other, it’s time for the sane people of the world to speak up, Ban all religion. There won’t be peace as long as backward people cling to such beliefs as God wants you to kill those who don’t think like you. Religion is poison, it’s followers are all mentally ill, over generalisation? No, fact. Nobody wants to listen to their mad ramblings, their solution is to kill, then a minority of ‘moderate’ believers, or ‘apologists’ say that’s not Islam, that’s not Judaism, that’s not Christianity. Time to ditch that Medieval mindset. Ban it, close the Mosques, the churches, the synagogues, and those that wish to practice it, go to the middle east, the place you all want to own, and kill each other, leave the rational people of the world to live their lives free of the crap that your heads are filled with.

  • Ayatolla Howmany

    AGAIN the normal PC dissembling, conflating ‘muslim’ with ‘islam’, the person with the ideology. “It’s no secret that Asian grooming gangs…” NO, you deceitful toad, it is MUSLIM; not all Asians are muslims.
    ISLAM is the problem- that supremacist, totalitarian, fascist doctrine of terror you seek to hide under the cloak of religion.
    Ordinary rational folk everywhere [excluding you delusional leftist fools] are seeing through your taqiyya; too late, since civil war appears inevitable now- unless measures are taken very soon to STOP islamic immigration, close mosques and deport terrorists.
    Muslims who apostate from Islam are welcome to stay. And those who won’t can go elsewhere- there are huge empty areas in Saudi & Yemen that would be paradise for them… Palestinians would be welcome there, too.

  • Wideworld

    There is perhaps a growing realization that Islam is indeed a cancer in our society. Unfortunately, we cannot yet cure cancer.

  • Haley Schmitterbach

    Here we find a brief introduction to Obama’s war against the middle class: http://www.savageleft.com/resources/hostility.html

  • amazingman

    I think that what we are seeing is the Israel – Palestine (Islam) relationship. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to find reasonable ground and make peace, Islam wants you dead. Thats the only way Muslims will be happy – if the western democracy is eradicated and we bow down to Sharia Law.

    The west is living in the same state of life as Israel.

  • Lisa Anderson

    I love how the liberal assholes, who have no care, or concern for true brits, skew the statistical data. Do they really think we are that stupid? The alleged 26% figure, does not include the swarms of muslims and other foreigners who are going to obviously vote the other way. You must take them out of the equation because frankly they should have never been there to begin with and their vote would obviously be self-serving.

  • Zach Watkins

    Those God Damn Sand Niggers need to go back to the Middle East.

  • m f

    British public opinion, you mean what british are allowed to say, It’s not true opinion. I sometimes wonder who makes the rules in the UK

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    My view is not optimistic. I believe that this religious ideology will continue to take the lives of westerners, that those who back extreme liberal views will do nothing but raise their hands in helplessness. I believe that people will get so tired of it, they will vote in extremist right wing parties. I believe that right wing parties will handle the situation.

    Why not avoid that altogether by setting some serious limits on immigration for a few decades with very severe penalties?

    Get control of this before the people realize that the only ones offering to preserve the lives of westerners, are people who will take some harsh steps.

  • dltaylor51

    Once Islam gets a toehold in a country there will be no peace forever,its best to just keep them contained in their own country’s so we dont have to look over our shoulders watching out for the next attack.

  • Bob

    None of this is new. It’s just that the UK has no significant experience in this area. Rather, it is the peripheries of continental Europe, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia that have the longest and most complex relationships with islam in Europe.

    However, in all these cases the muslims came as military aggressors first, so it is slightly different scenario to the post 1960’s muslim immigrants for employment.

    But it is insightful to study: 500 years ago Spain had entire autonomous muslim entities in the south that refused to accept christian rule and fought against it, ending in their defeat. Even after the defeats and forced conversions the christians still saw the ex muslims as behaving autonomously and refusing to integrate into christian rule, after all that conflict the result was mass muslim expulsion.

    The Balkans were no less painful, the Ottoman muslims military expansions saw great violence. The Ottomans ran the last muslim caliphate that after centuries of conquest ranged from Jerusalem to Sarajevo. The Christian Serbs lost much territory and the bulk of the population fled north, for those that remained it was very repressive, conversion or heavy extra taxation to remain christian. Bosnia was largely Ottoman occupied with similar results, and with nowhere to flee much higher slav conversion rates. The Austrian’s were so concerned with the threat next door they relocated many Serbs and Orthodox Christians to the north west Bosnian border area with free land to act as proxy militia barrier, the Krajina (frontier). South Bulgaria had similar experiences. Greece was bound to protracted Ottoman conflict for a century and suffered a brief muslim occupation, and would ultimately fight two large scale and demographically seismic Balkans wars with the Ottomans . After all that the Ottoman muslims were pushed back to Turkey incrementally, but like Spain it was a 500 year exercise that took the first world war to finish.

    Even then it wasn’t over, the 19990’s saw the Bosnian civil war, that was a conflict of entrenched old antagonisms between the converted slavs and orthodox, with the catholics slavs changing political alliances at times.

    Conclusion, these were military aggressive muslim expansions into adjoining Europe, the results were very violent and very long term with messy conclusions.

    So what will be the results of a large scale worker muslim immigrant program in Europe in next decades, autonomy and conflict or assimilation?

  • Bob

    None of this is new. It’s just that the UK has no significant experience in this area. Rather, it is the peripheries of continental Europe, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia that have the longest and most complex relationships with islam in Europe.

    However, in all these cases the muslims came as military aggressors first, so it is slightly different scenario to the post 1960’s muslim immigrants for employment.

    But it is insightful to study: 500 years ago Spain had entire autonomous muslim entities in the south that refused to accept christian rule and fought against it, ending in their defeat. Even after the defeats and forced conversions the christians still saw the ex muslims as behaving autonomously and refusing to integrate into christian rule, after all that conflict the result was mass muslim expulsion.

    The Balkans were no less painful, the Ottoman muslims military expansions saw great violence. The Ottomans ran the last muslim caliphate that after centuries of conquest ranged from Jerusalem to Sarajevo. The Christian Serbs lost much territory and the bulk of the population fled north, for those that remained it was very repressive, conversion or heavy extra taxation to remain christian. Bosnia was largely Ottoman occupied with similar results, and with nowhere to flee much higher slav conversion rates. The Austrian’s were so concerned with the threat next door th

    None of this is new. It’s just that the UK has no significant experience in this area. Rather, it is the peripheries of continental Europe, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia that have the longest and most complex relationships with islam in Europe.

    However, in all these cases the muslims came as military aggressors first, so it is slightly different scenario to the post 1960’s muslim immigrants for employment.

    But it is insightful to study: 500 years ago Spain had entire autonomous muslim entities in the south that refused to accept christian rule and fought against it, ending in muslim defeat. Even after their defeats and forced christian conversions the ex muslims were seen as behaving autonomously and refusing to integrate into christian rule, after all that conflict the result was mass muslim expulsion.

    The Balkans were no less painful, the Ottoman muslims military expansions saw vast violence. The Ottomans ran the last muslim caliphate that after centuries of conquest ranged from Jerusalem to Sarajevo. The christian Serbs lost much territory and the bulk of the population fled north, for those that remained it was very repressive, conversion or heavy extra taxation to remain christian. Bosnia was largely Ottoman occupied with similar results, and with nowhere to flee much higher slav conversion rates. The Austrian’s were so concerned with the threat next door they relocated many Serbs and other orthodox christians to the north west Bosnian border area, gifted free land to act as proxy militia barrier, the Krajina (frontier). South Bulgaria had similar occupations. Greece was bound to protracted Ottoman conflict for a century and suffered a brief muslim occupation, and would ultimately fight two large scale and demographically seismic Balkans wars with the Ottomans . After all that the Ottoman muslims were pushed back to Turkey incrementally, but it was a 500 year exercise that took the first world war to finish.

    Even then it wasn’t over, the 19990’s saw the Bosnian civil war, that was a conflict of entrenched old antagonisms between the converted slavs and orthodox slavs, with the catholics slavs changing political alliances at times.

    Conclusion, these were military aggressive muslim expansions into adjoining Europe, the results were very violent and very long term with huge disruptions.

    So, what will be the results of a large scale worker muslim immigrant program into Europe in next decades? Autonomy and conflict or assimilation

  • gamer2012

    The political leaders Tory and Labor alike have lied about Islam for decades to the British.

    Islam’s goal is to conquer and subjugate. The only solution to save Europe is to expel all Muslims. No half-measures will work.

  • Erik Larson

    When Putin’s Russia invades the Baltic States, Germany (NATO’s front line of defense) will either join the Russians or try to back out of NATO in order to remain neutral. Remember, the world killed all of their barbarians, so they’re all pacifists now. Anyway, buy the time war spreads across the globe, and it will, tolerance for BS created by criminals, nuts, and religious zealots will come to an abrupt end. At this point the entire western world will become far less socially liberal overnight, and those who take the reins of government will rid our societies of all the filth that has been allowed to accumulate over the past 70 years. On that day, if you’re a bleeding heart, multiculturalist liberal you might simply want to shut up because you’re likely going to be viewed as part of “The Problem.” And if I were running the show, those who are the friends of my enemies would all be shot right beside them. No one who thinks like me would ever have brought this trash into the western world in the first place, and there are many who think just like me. All of you pacifistic liberals should be very concerned indeed.

  • hadenough48

    Your cranial rectally reversed tolerance is going to reduce you British caucasians to extinction in a few short years. What idiots to let your country be invaded and ditto for my country which is becoming amerikah instead of America.

  • Sgt Nick Conklin

    If this happens….fair is fair…kick out all westerners even those vacationing from Muslim countries. Yea the thousands of old white farts who flock to Malaysia..Indonesia etc b.c their wives left the,. The hundreds of thousands of Europeans who visit Muslim nations shouldn’t be allowed to vacation or live in ese Muslim countries as expatriates. Also if any mass Muslim expulsion should happen….all oil should be stopped to the western world. Lol we will see how they will come begging crawling so they can drive their gas guzzling SUV to go pick up junior from soccer practice

    Honestly who wanted to live in Europe anyway? It’s a decaying mess….go to Asia for a better life. Asian cities look like the future…Rome looks like trash LOL

  • Sgt Nick Conklin

    Kick out all European expatriate from Muslim nations like Indonesia….Malaysia….Dubai. If any. Also stark Arabia should halt ALL oil exports to Europe and America if Muslims are kicked out.

  • freespeechisahumanright777

    I see a beautiful thing starting to happen. Western brothers and sisters are coming together in a beautiful way to expel Muslims from our countries. It is building. In America everyone is arming. It is unmistakeable. And their are cries in America that are now being heard that their sovereignty has been violated and anger is everywhere. I see this momentum growing and then snow balling. In my opinion what is coming can’t be stopped. God Bless the West.

  • thesecretdog

    All Muslims are vermin filth, servants of the devil. Come for me now you servants of satan, because you have already been found to be deceivers, evil beyond belief. You disgust me satan, and your servants the muslims. Every Christian women you rape every free journalist you murder reminds me of who you serve. Don’t rape another Christian women. Don’t murder another another Christian, you filth, you vermin you scum, come for me.

  • Sikandar Ali

    Shannon: I saw your comment and still I am respecting
    your thinking, but not agree what you have said about entire Muslim countries. I
    would advise you that please go into the details first, dig out all relevant proofs
    for the support of your comment. I am inviting you in my country to see what
    our people are doing and what their think are?

    You said all country, where Islam has the majority
    they are killing, raping and attacking? No this is not true, I tell you about
    my country. We have four major provinces and four different languages, but
    since our country came into being we are united on the basis of Islam. Moreover
    there are 22 richest families who control total wealth of our country and by
    now they have build their houses, business in UK, USA, France and elsewhere.

    Since the British left this place they handed
    over the government to their favorite people and since then they are so much
    strong that they created an atmosphere and system that no one can come in to power.
    There is not a single education institution, where poor people can have good

    If the concern will not provide a basic necessity
    to their public then there would be law and order situation, which can lead
    towards unwanted incident.

    Every society has criminals and their activities
    cannot be ruled out, since your society is bit controlled by your law enforcement
    agencies, so you think that you are better then others, I think you may be
    wrong. Can you assess what your poor people think? Those who don’t have shelter
    to live, to have good food?

    As long as the rape is concerned in every
    society man wants to have sex either through legal way or when man get an opportunity
    to control over the female and you tell me there is no rape in your country I think
    lots of rape, see your news reports.

    There is lots of international politics
    which destabilized the world, see Iraq/Afghanistan war, what happen, did they
    found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Then why they attacked on Iraq? Why they
    attacked on Afghanistan? Afghanistan is going through war since 1979, I think
    before your birth and you don’t know what has happened with the poor public,
    who lost their beloved and how many injured and cannot find bread to eat.

    Neither have I wanted to come into your
    country nor do I have any desire, but I do respect human all over the world. Please
    don’t offend.

  • The King

    We’ve spent 1000 years fighting the dogma of religious ‘orders’. We have successfully illuminated Western Europe and what I call the free world into moderate thinking and acceptance of moderation in all religions.

    There now arises the problem of the past 30 years. Suddenly, our society has become 5% muslim, and they do not assimilate with our laws or our convictions. We have even allowed them to practise outside our laws.

    Why? It should have been one law, and all obey it regardless of religion. You want a divorce, you go to the courts of the land, and not to Islamic interpretation. Go to a country where this applies.

    5% now! How many in 50 years? How many in 100 years? In theory, 100 years from now we will be living under the muslim banner as the majority of people will be muslim in the Western World.

    The question is, what to do about it?

  • Stopredtape

    Britain and Europe are facing an Islamic invation, it’s a clash of civilization, the western world is extremely naive, and the politics are around the political incorrectness, at the same time the Islamic Ideology is taking advantage of this stupidity, the whole fabric of a modern and civilized world is getting destroy systematically, step by step, Islam is a an midieval age archaic Ideology that will never never assimilate to the western world, Islam wants to conquer the world and this has being their goal from the last 700 hundred years, we must stop it now !

  • Mia Seths

    It is not hateful to want your children and grandchildren to live in a free society. Your ancestors who fought and died for your freedoms would be appalled by your appeasement of Islam. Your descendants will feel the same. Shame on you!

  • prez

    “and no one expects British Muslims to buy the argument that these atrocities are sanctified by the Koran.” But they are though. The Qu’ran is full of passages concerning the killing of infidels etc . It’s just that you apologists like to skip those parts and just shout “islamaphobe” at anyone who disagrees.

  • Ralf

    not discuss same fact.. can´t be to hard enough really!!

    because for hit isis weak side … NO BUSINESS WITHOUT GOODWILL…they not have no understanding what it means

  • Carole

    I personalu think they are a danger to our values. Rabin school in Luton does not allow girls to access the school lab and only lets them do knitting and sewing in technology classes. Girls work placements are all in a kids nursery and they are still operating.

    I blame both the muslims and wider society ie us that lets this happen. The school is still operating and all this was discovered last May.

    • qertyiou

      They take over whole areas! Lodge Lane in Liverpool leads on to Sefton Park
      which has to be one of the best parks anywhere, and they have bought the whole road. It was a bit run down, but the banks won’t lend to the locals – even if if they have serious equity in their property.
      Likewise, they have bought all of the hotels in the center of SanFrancisco and turned the place into a slum. Last time I was there I was living at the edge of this “square mile”, and my bank was at the edge of the financial district. Every time I needed to go to the bank I would try to find a route wherby I would not be subjected to the smell of urine; but never managed it.
      The city (council) tries to keep the place clean, but this means hosing down the streets at 6am, which obviously wakes everybody up.
      We really need to put a stop to them now, enough is enough.

  • Nicole4Gaza

    France, the UK, and Israel have become beyond wealthy exploiting Muslim land and carving out the Middle East. Skies Picot Agreement which had NOTHING to do with Muslims. I find it very convenient Western world wants to paint Muslims as the problem. This is all a result of imperialism and bullying. Germany has been forced to pay Israel billions of dollars so Jewish colonizers can move into Palestinian land because God (according to the Jewish written book) claims the land belongs to them, Mind you… The Torah acknowledged the Cannonites were the natives. Again, typical religious ideologist terrorism. Throw all Muslims out of the West including converts. Do not forget to pay back all the money that has been stolen from these Muslim countries as restitution. Round up all Jews and Christians and pay for them to get out of Muslim countries as well. Then.. Everyone is happy.

  • mfhussain

    But current headlines give reason to fear that might change . Why may I ask is there a “fear” it’s your tolerant failed social experiment that has bought an irreconcilable violent philosophy into your midst.

  • Unfortunately even amongst the more supposed benign Asian communities, such as Sikhs, who appear at least on the surface through material possessions and wealth to have embraced and integrated Western values, their traditional philosophies and beliefs are deeply embedded even amongst 2nd and 3rd generations. Many of these philosophies are completely at odds with Western life: women eating separately and afterwards from men, the caste system, honour killings. And often breaking from these traditions is a very brave act resulting in complete estrangement or threats to their life. Their Western clothes, jobs and modern cars are merely a foil for a community which is centuries behind the English in terms of civilisation and who are by and large barbaric towards their own, let alone others.

    The reason why later generations have not integrated is obvious – the suffocating extended family with several older generations, often with a very strong Matriach, all living under the same roof. This structure doesn’t exist in the West. The link to their motherland and traditions is all too apparent. So whilst many have come to the West to grow their wealth they have in fact remained culturally in a timewarp.

    Having worked with one Asian woman who had married an English man she explained that both she and her sister had initially been threatened and then ostracised by her family. So it takes a very brave individual to step outside the community. Another English woman who had a relationship with a Sikh man (who was apparently of high caste) eventually left him because she was appalled at his apparent light heartedness when discussing the killing of a cousin in India. He believed that this ritualistic ideology was perfectly acceptable. So this is why 60 years after the first large arrival of Indians from the sub continent to England the vast majority are still no nearer to encompassing Western values.

  • qertyiou

    How can Indians and Pakistanis who were not born in this country possibly be effective in social services when they don’t understand the British culture. It’s hard for Brits to properly communicate with them, and they seem to regard us with contempt. Maybe because of their “caste” system they are even more intolerant than the most closed minded of us. When in Rome do as the Romans is a part of our culture, but certainly not thiers.

  • Tej Pal Singh Saran

    we should all read history about muslims and what they have done in the past , they invaded india and destroy it completely , i think they just want many salve gals which they will call wife’s and produce many children for their holy war against west (white race). i think islam is a religion of destruction . their is only one rule in islam either convert to islam or be enemy of islam . They are coming to ur country like buggers for job and better life and after fulfilling their basic needs they become terrorist and want to convert the western countries into fuckshit countries like their

  • Denise Lance

    After the Oxford rape and Grooming of our children. I now would be happy if I never saw another muslim in my life

  • Melody Szabo

    Spain Greece and Italy have had 1400 years history of Muslims coming ashore and killing their men and raping their women and children. This is new in the UK. We should talk to our southern neighbours and learn of the Islamic Holocaust of the last 1400 years.

  • KingHasNoClothes

    Time to wake up and take action.

  • Dutch Schultz

    The U.K.’s native people are so brainwashed with white guilt they rather watch their children raped, ancestors graves dug up, and genocide committed against themselves then have someone accuse them of being racist…. Morons, I hope your children kick the Muslims out and make you spineless cowards take an one way trip to Mecca with them.

  • Saurabh Kukreti

    from india……..dont get fooled anymore…………muslims will eat your society as a termite from inside………its happening worldover……….i praise those muslim guys who were transperent regarding their views ….and joined isis …..or did suicide bombings and sacrificed themselves for thier mission ,……even if it was wrong……..more dangerous are the muslims…….who remain in the society and support terrorists secretly………rotherham sex scandel ….is it possible that none of the muslim women or old age men were aware of these things …….they are all together …..when it comes to ruining the lives of non muslim girls……..most questionable role is of the muslim women……..because this what they teach there sons….

  • jack_foobar

    All Muslims are the enemy of Life on Earth.

  • WTF

    Of course attitudes are hardening towards Muslims or more specifically against Islam given the events of the past two decades. The UK has been a natural haven for immigranmts seeking to come here, get a job, adopt our culture and integrate but sadly the opposite is true with most Muslims. There are essentially four types of Muslims living in the UK today and are best described in the following manner.

    Group one, the smallest group of Muslims are those who have totally abandoned barbaric Islamic customs, they choose to ignore many parts of Islam draconian scriptures and as a result they have integrated into Britain like all previous ethnic groups. They’ll have a drink, eat a bacon sandwich and mix with non believers. In a sense, they are the equivalent of Catholics who ignore the Vatican rulings on birth control and abortion. They comprise less than 5% of the UK Muslim population.

    Group two has the majority of Muslims comprising around 70% of their group who obey Islamic teachings, have dropped the most extreme elements of their scriptures and although not integrated into the UK they nonetheless aren’t a real threat. Its a shame they haven’t adopted a British culture but they can best be compared with Orthodox Jews who similarly keep themselves to themselves. Unlike Judaism, due to the teachings of Islam, this group will give tacit support to the next two groups by looking the other way and not standing up against terrorism, rape and other criminal acts carried out by some Muslim men.

    Group three has around 20% of Muslims who are the vocal equivalent of ISIS Jihadists and are forever demanding a Islamic state inside a western democracy. They use every trick in the book to gain advantages, they claim racism against them and persecution at a drop of a hat. They demand ALL the benefits of a welfare state BUT similarly demand (and get) special treatment such as polygamy, lower sentencing for hate crimes (if even charged) and until recently, even got away with FMG, honour killings, gang rape & racially motivated sexual grooming of underage white girls. These are the ones who have tarred all Muslims with the same brush and its the fault of (a) the authorities & government AND (b) their communities who have turned a blind eye to whats been going on. This group also gives real support to group four Muslims in logistics but are too scared to carry out acts of violence themselves.

    Group four, the smallest group are the actual terrorist and Jihadists that have been spawned within the UK for the same reasons that group three have grown to ‘represent’ the mouth piece of Islam and the Muslim communities. The authorities have looked the other way and allowed Islamic hate preachers like Anjem Chowdary to radicalize social misfits and mental retards to do Islam bidding.

    The simple adage is “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and thats something that most if not all Brits do abroad (or suffer the consequences) as well as all other ethnic minorities who come to the UK and integrate with no serious issues.

    As western governments lack the will to close this pandoras box of trouble they created, its up to Muslims to wake up and smell the coffee. Its really down to the enlightened group 1 Muslims to ‘educate’ the 70% of group 2 Muslims over what is expected from them and then the majority of Muslims in the UK need to ‘squash’ the hate and terrorist elements in groups 3 and 4.

    People in the west have had enough of this cr** and unless they sort their own issues out and integrate, it will all end in tears for them.

  • PM

    What’s wrong Britain, run out of tolerance? I’m sure people who weren’t as tolerant as you were telling you not to be so tolerant, but you wouldn’t listen. Now you wish you did listen. Too late now limp wrists. You have been Islamised, bend over kiss the ground and lose your head.

  • knight

    We need to awaken and take back our lands, to drive them out.

    That is not revenge, as revenge would be do the same attrocities they have done to us.

    Romans 12:19
    New International Version (NIV)

    19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] says the Lord.

  • DP111

    no one expects British Muslims to buy the argument that these atrocities are sanctified by the Koran.

    They are. Not just by the koran but by the Hadiths. The important thing to note is that wherever Muslims become a near majority, the non-Muslims are persecuted, raped and driven out. That is the history of Islam. I hope it doesn’t happen in Europe, but history of Islam is not re-assuring.

  • nittia

    Stop talking just shoot the dirty bastards. Meaning scum Muslims. If we do nothing now then they will delete us soon. wake up Britain. these Muslims should not be a load to live they are evil scum of the earth

  • Albert Zbingswiki

    Rerun that survey now, see how most of us feel.
    It’s a pressure cooker. And it will soon explode.
    But, sadly, the government will protect the “peaceful”, enriching beheaders as they will us all. After all, we have to be sensitive to their cultural practices, don’t we?
    We are so, so fucked.

  • L.M. Keefer

    Britain and France are right to be concerned about the number of Muslims in their country.

    Every leaders’ FIRST responsibility is to protect their own citizens, laws, fiscal security, culture and freedoms. Muslims tend to have 5 children to every 1.5 Western child. Britain will be predominantly Muslim by mid-century given current birth rates and immigration without these additional refugees. Then, will they vote in Muslim politicians and Sharia Law? In 2014 Mohammed was the most popular baby boys’ birth name in Britain. The future is already here and being born hourly. Little things tell you big things.

    What happens to the great Cathedrals, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament when Muslims outnumber non-Muslims in Britain? If the moderate Muslims can’t keep the radical Muslims out – and how could they – will these be blown up like we’ve seen happen in Syria this month to all of their antiquities? Possibly. Probably. Radical Muslims hate Western culture and the ‘infidels’. We saw last week what one Muslim extremist tried to do with a submachine gun, boxcutters, fuel and a knife to 500 passengers on their way to Paris.

    The Muslim population of France reached an estimated 6.5 million in 2013. In England, with the Muslim birth rate and immigration, the census indicates that number doubles every 10 years, so 13 million Muslims in 2023, 26 million Muslims in 2033, 52 million Muslims in France in 2043. One out of every third birth in France is a Muslim baby.

    Gallup says Muslims will be the majority in the world by 2070. Should the West let in so many Muslims they are outnumbered in their countries by Muslims in a generation or two? Who will preserve democracy, the great Western art, freedom for women, freedom for gays?

    There is an old Arab proverb, perhaps Arab for a reason: “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.” Muslim refugees are the nose of the camel. We can not let the camel’s body fill Britain and Europe.

    Let the Muslim countries take in their Muslim brothers and sisters. Why wouldn’t a Muslim want to go to other Muslim countries? Why do they want to come to the West you have to ask? There are 20 million Muslims living in Syria – presumably most would leave if they could. Should the West take 20 million Muslims who in 10 years will be 40 million Muslims and 20 years 80 million Muslims, the size of a European country? And when we don’t have enough jobs for them, which we won’t, will their disaffected children become radicalized?

    Most European, British countries and the U.S. have debts trying to support the immigrants we already have within our borders as well as our own citizens. About 75% of immigrants in western countries get welfare. The U.S. Government Economists told Congress our welfare spending is “fiscally unsustainable” and the U.S. will have a “financial crisis” in the next 10 years. It will do NO good to civilization if all of the great Western countries grow broke trying to support Muslim immigrants along with their own citizens who need help succeeding and surviving in a modern world. France, Britain, the U.S., Germany, Australia, Canada need to protect our nation’s citizens and sovereignty.

    Germany, Britain, Australia, Canada, France and the U.S. should say no to Muslim refugees and protect Western civilization,freedoms and their countries’ security and let the Muslim countries take in these Muslim refugees. The West can offer to help transport these refugees to the rich Muslim countries who can afford to take them.

  • gcullison

    Too late.

  • Brazen

    Not only Rotherham, also Aylesbury and Oxford and these are only the ones that have, so far, come to light.

  • Roundhead 1649

    English up for it again, ha ha, here we go lads, no castles no mansions and no more Landlord Mr Ali with adverse possession, lets go all for one one for all.

  • Murray Snudge

    This is England, a once ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ where Islam has no place. I will NEVER forget Lee Rigby.

  • Michelle

    I want to know what help I can get to leave Bradford because I’m sick of being White, Christian and a woman who has had bad race hatred and sexual advances by Muslim taxi drivers and even followed by one Asian Muslim lad while on disabled scooter and had to get security so my lad doesn’t want me to go anywhere in a taxi or Bradford alone and I have had enough even to a Muslim Christian hater taxi driver last night but feel Bradford police do nothing to admit and stop these things and would rather you keep quiet so you can’t go to the police so where can I get help as I’m sick of being a prisoner in my own home and my son can’t be at uni and with me every time ?

    • Robin

      Whoa, one comma in the whole of your comment Michelle. Take a breath occasionally and give others time to pause as well.

  • Murphy MacMannus

    And this is why the Brittish will be lost to the history books! Hahahahaha bye bye Limeys!

    • Core Macro

      This article from 6 September 2014 and only yours and one other comment. You’re probably correct, nobody cares.

  • The Trumpet

    If you want to know what islam is about get to know the Quoran. Its really incredibly stupid to argue that these acts are not sanctioned by the Quoran.
    Muslims are not here to assimilate they are here to take over the UK. London has fallen and thats only the start.
    Your pride in being so tolerant will lead to your downfall as when these Muslims take over they will also take your heads as well. Laugh now and weep in years to come. You are giving away your country becuase you are petrified of words like racist and Islamophobia etc. Sheer cowardice.
    You sneer at Farage who has faithfully warned of the immigration problems for many years. Can there be any doubt at all he is being proved right in front og your eyes.
    The Globalisys are having you for breakfast. Vote Brexit and save the UK.
    How foolish do you get!