Revealed: the Kremlin files which prove that Nato never betrayed Russia

Secret official records contradict the stab-in-the-back myth that justifies Russian expansionism

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

Nato is taken more seriously in Russia than in the West. Here, Nato is largely seen as yet another international bureaucracy, as useless as the rest of them. But to a former KGB officer like Vladimir Putin, the Cold War has never really ended, and Nato is an exceptionally dangerous and perfidious enemy. You may not criticise corruption in Russia, he says, as that would play into Nato’s hands. Putin had no choice but to invade Ukraine — in the Ukrainians’ own interests, to protect them against a Natotakeover.

Putin’s case against Nato is that it has deceived Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev says he agreed to withdraw from Soviet central Europe only after being promised that ‘Nato would not move a centimetre to the east’. This claim would seem to be corroborated by the handwritten notes of James Baker, the former US Secretary of State. ‘Nato — whose juris. would not move eastward,’ he scribbled during a conversation with Gorbachev in 1990. He then wrote to Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, that he had offered the Soviets ‘assurances that Nato’s jurisdiction would not shift one inch eastward from its present position’. Since then, however, as many as ten eastern European countries have joined Nato, and Ukraine seems to be next in line. So Moscow seeks to justify the invasion as no more than a defensive move, taken in response to Nato’s treachery and expansionism.

Baker’s notes and Gorbachev’s recollections are all very interesting, but after all, the Soviets themselves were meticulous note keepers. Every word said by their leaders was recorded, and the transcripts circulated to those who needed to know. If Nato leaders really had given assurances to Gorbachev, the Kremlin would have it in black and white. Ten years ago, it seemed as if these files would be open to the public: Gorbachev’s former aides preserved their own copies, and let historians see them. Putin’s aides intervened to stop this outrageous spreading of state secrets. But not before I had copied the documents and smuggled them out of Russia.

The records show no trace of a promise that Nato would not expand. It’s quite clear that Nato expansion was already on the cards: indeed, Gorbachev was talking about joining the alliance. No promise was broken because none was made. And if the idea of a broken promise is being used as casus belli in Ukraine, it is being used fraudulently.

The records show that, on 25 May 1990, Gorbachev spoke to President François Mitterrand of France, referring to ‘some voices’ in eastern Europe ‘advocating these countries leaving the Warsaw Pact and joining Nato’. He then commented:

My own attitude to such changes is far from dramatic. We have recognised the right of those countries to have such social systems and ways of life as they may freely choose. All the more so since this does not prevent co-operation between us. Let them choose to organise their lives in such forms as they please.

Had Gorbachev demanded assurances of no Nato expansion at the time, they would probably have been readily given. But in fact he demanded the opposite. On 31 May 1990 he told US President George H.W. Bush:

I see your efforts to change the functions of Nato, to try and involve new members into that organisation. If you seriously take a course towards a transformation of the alliance and its political diffusion in the common European process, that, of course, makes it an entirely different matter. But that would raise the question about turning Nato into a genuinely open organisation, whose doors would not be closed to any country. Then, perhaps, we also might think about a Nato membership for ourselves.

On 8 June 1990, Gorbachev told Margaret Thatcher:

Reforming both Nato and the Warsaw Treaty Organisation, and an agreement between them, would lead to a situation when any country would be able to join either of those organisations. Maybe someone else would want to join the Nato. And what if we, the USSR, decide to join the Nato?

On 5 March 1991, Gorbachev told John Major: ‘To subvert Nato from within, we [Russia] are going to write an application to join Nato.’ Major answered: ‘It is better to apply for membership in the European Community.’ To which Mr Gorbachev replied: ‘If we are talking about Europe from Atlantics to Urals, we should look at the military organisations through the same spectacles. You just cannot sit on two chairs at the same time. Parts of you may get pinched between them.’

So where is the naive Gorbachev of the Russian myth, with his gullible acceptance of Nato’s false promises? He was talking of a much wider alliance.

And what of James Baker’s notes? Phrases like ‘not an inch eastwards’ were in fact used in a very different context: an issue which arose out of the unification between West Germany, where Nato troops were stationed, and East Germany, with its Soviet troops. It was agreed that, for a few years’ transitional period, all troops would stay where they were. The Soviets would be given time to prepare their withdrawal, while the Nato troops would not move an inch eastwards into former East German territory.

But there was a bigger deal that Gorbachev wanted (and secured). Nato would be ‘reformed’ into a ‘political’ organisation and open its doors to co-operation with the East, which would result in its eventual ‘political diffusion in the common European process’.

‘If it is not against us that Nato is meant to fight, then against whom? Not against Germany, by any chance?’ asks Gorbachev in one conversation with the US President. ‘As I said, against instability,’ replies Bush.

The promise really given in 1990 was to ‘politicise’ Nato in this way. That promise was faithfully kept, with unfortunate consequences. During the first Cold War, the strength of Nato was its structure as a straightforward defensive alliance. If you attacked one Nato member, you were at war with all others, simple as that. It was this certainty that deterred the Soviet threat and secured peace in Europe for over 40 years. Today, Nato is little more than just one of several international talking shops. It is not keen to spell out what, if anything, it would do if Latvia or Estonia followed Ukraine on to Putin’s hit list.

As Putin actually knows, the West was every bit as good as its word: Nato has been defanged, and is no longer a threat. The consequences of that attempt at appeasement of Russia are now unravelling in eastern Ukraine.

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  • MountainousIpswich

    Gorbachev was a truly great and wise man. Putin’s a f*cking pygmy goat with rabies.

    • RWJ

      Gorachev was a great man….this is what the west says….they always are great when they weaken their country and allow the west to rule it….or try to.

      • David S

        You are Sergey Lavrov and I claim my £5.

        • rtj1211

          I think you are more likely to get your desire through barter these days, aren’t you?? Ask for a Chelsea match day ticket, or a meal at Les Gavroches, or an intro to some hot Russian totty?!

      • MountainousIpswich

        Why on earth would the West want Russia?

        • RWJ

          Ask all those in the EEC who are warmed by their gas. Their oil and minerals. That’s why the west wants Russia you fool.

        • rtj1211

          They do have stupendously ravishing women you know. They still have strong family values, which the West lost decades ago. They have sanity where ‘global warming’ is concerned. And now that their middle class is prospering, any sane Western business person with decent products to sell will consider selling them over there too.

          I’m sure Savills praise the Lord every Sunday for Russian oligarch-induced mega-commissions, after all…….

    • RWJ

      Clearly….you are an oaf.

  • brotherbaldrick

    And the Elephant in the room is completely ignored! The EU is busy building itself an empire right under the nose of the Russians and they are supposed to just ignore it!? Blame for this whole fiasco can be laid squarely at the feet of Cathy Ashdown and the EU megalomaniacs. I have no sympathy for this bunch of power hungry fools.

    • RWJ

      Putin fears for the loss of the balance of power his country brings to the world. Uncontrolled rule of the world by the USA would bring massive human tragedy and poverty for the eastern block…..Africa and central America. Putin should stop them now for all our sakes. Mind you China is not to be forgotten….they will side with Russia if push comes to shove.

      • Rintintin

        God help us all if the Russians go unchecked. They are a menace to the free world…..as are you judging by the unhinged gibberish you believe.

        • RWJ

          Russia didn’t invade Iraq and Libya and allow it to fall into ISIS hands…..Syria too was your plan to allow ISIS in there. Russia fought these idiots in Afghanistan in the 80s under a different name. America armed those same idiots. When the Russians moved out YOU started fighting them in Afghanistan …..the same guys you armed in the 80s. You armed your own enemies you dork….and you say I talk gibberish………you oaf.

          • Fernando Cárdenas

            Stop talking nonsense… Russia has done absolutely nothing for the world except to arm terrorists. Is Russia actually going to send troops to fight ISIS? I doubt it… They’d probably get their asses handed to them by ISIS… All they do is talk and insult. Real Alpha nations like the US and UK assert themselves and act. Russia squawks like a little bitch and then attacks little Ukraine to show their “muscle”…

            Kick the little guy who’s simply trying to build a better life that’s separate from them… Real macho. Kinda like Putin…

          • Baron

            So, Fernando, give us an example of the success of our invading (say) Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan … Are the unwashed in those countries living in eternal peace, now, is bread cheaper for them, are they re-joicing in the streets thanking us for the invasions? Arghhh

          • Fernando Cárdenas

            That’s a riduclous thing to say. You can’t blame the coalition forces for the rise of the Taliban and other insurgents (who btw are mostly Afghans themselves…) Afghanistan has a democracy, but they are not willing to fight to preserve it… Iraq are fighting the ISIS forces, but they lack the morale and the equipment to do so… These things are not the fault of the coalition forces… You are presuming that these nations are somehow our vassal states. We have no control over what they do with their own countries. But we can help the decent people fight for it. Russia has done none of these things… They sit back and sell military equipment to dictators who use them to oppress their own people… That’s because they admire dictators themselves… We in the western world admire democracies and down to earth effective leaders… Totally different ways of thinking…

          • joboost

            We in the Western world live in ‘1984’ and beyond.
            Our Plutocracies are ruled by the same Oligarch swhich we criticize Russia for -but we installed them through IFM and World Bank.

          • rtj1211

            For pete’s sake, who do you think are the biggest arms manufacturers in the World?? Number One, by an overwhelming margin: the USA. NUMBER TWO: UK.

            The West has always admired dictators, so long as they are pliant to Western interests. Nicaragua, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Saddam Hussein etc etc. It’s only when they got uppity that the West started demonising them.

          • Chris Barker

            the top weapon exporting country is the USA but seconded is Russia, the UK is at 6th. Do research instead of making presumption

          • Ron Todd

            Americans have got it wrong since they tried to pick the good red Indians from the bad red indians and give guns to the good ones.

          • Alexander Kelso Shiels

            er…Ukraine had the second largest army in Europe (after Russia) at the start of this conflict…so not exactly the “little guy”

          • Danny Smith

            yes they did, they also had the third largest nuclear arsenal and gave it up with assurances from other countries that would protect Ukraine from attack.. Russia signed that agreement.. and is now attacking Ukraine..

            dead bodies of Russian soldiers are proof.. Russian armaments in Ukraine are proof

            Putin is still KGB, he is still fighting the cold war, to him it never ended

          • Of course Putin is still KGB and he and his buddies who rule Russia are doing all in their power to ensure that the substance of ancient oppressive systems, Tsarist or Stalinist, survives intact.

          • Roger Hudson

            Soviet ‘communists’ wanted to change your way of life, other Russian dictators ,before or since, don’t.

          • What? I never worried that the Soviets would change my life — but I was indignant about the trampling on Russian freedom (as an admirer of Shostakovich etc.) and still more on the freedom of fellow-Europeans in Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague. Now I share the anguish of many Russians as they see their glimpsed freedoms evaporate and also of many Estonians etc. We should bring Russia into the EU and put an end to this dangerous development of totalitarism and military adventurism on the continent.

          • Chris Barker

            The government in Kiev has roughly 130,000 battle-ready soldiers and officers at its disposal, according to official estimates. Russia, by contrast, has more than five times that number. The last time Ukraine had armed forces comparable to Russia’s roughly 800,000 soldiers was at the end of the Cold War in 1991.

          • Roger Hudson

            Why do those 130,000 regulars leave fighting to the ‘right wing’ volunteer battalions like ‘Azov’ then. ?

          • joboost

            Nobody in the world has installed, armed, and kept more dictators than the US of A.
            The same is true of terrorists.
            Tell us: Who armed and strengthened Taliban, the chaos mob of Libya, the Syrian “rebels” who now show their true face?
            Yes -it’s more Qatar and Saudia, but do they act without US?

          • rtj1211

            And when Saddam or Gadaafi decided to ‘build a life away from the petrodollar’ what did the USA/UK do to them then, eh??

            Don’t delude yourself that we went to war on principle, we went to war to enforce the petrodollar standard and stop Hussein and Gadaafi selling oil in Euros.

            So macho bombing the hell out of defenceless people, spraying depleted uranium all over pregnant women and women of child-bearing age, isn’t it??

            You need to look in the mirror of historical fact a bit. Stop believing what the US and UK media tell you and look at what actually HAPPENS.

            So now Putin sets up a BRICS bank and aims to trade Russian oil and gas away from the dollar standard.

            Is that war or ‘trying to build a better life that’s separate from them’, eh??

            Come on: tell us, oh fount of eternal wisdom and truth!!

          • Pavel

            Fernando, you are either blind or deaf. Do you know from where at ISIS weapons? From where they have a lot of weapons? From the Americans that they gave the wrong hands of the Iraqi army, and they demon compunction left and fled when they were attacked by ISIS. So sir do not write that you do not know! Russia did not create al-Qaeda, it created the United States to fight against the Soviet Union, or you did not know this, too? basis of ISIS are who? those who arrived in Syria or those who basically Broly with Assad. And who gave money to the United States brorbu Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So keep quiet about democracy is nothing to do with. United States create their own monster for their own purposes and then can not control it.

          • Mareks Macānovs

            Fernando, you are total imbecile. Russians armed terrorists? Uhuh, which ones exactly then? Which Islamic military groups were created by Russian intelligence then? Was it Taliban? ISIS? Hamas? Which of both sides have thousand military bases up-running around globe?

            [little Ukraine] – That little Ukraine is 3rd largest country in Europe (first 2 being Russia and France), which during Cold War was largest tank and heavy military equipment storage for whole USSR. There is much equipment that War in Donbass can continue for next 25 years. I would love to see how NATO would do against such country, which is equipped with Soviet successor equipment, and I mean real equipment, not rusty old Chinese copy crap like it was in Iraq, Afghanistan.

            [attacks] – Sorry, but there is no any Russian invasion in Ukraine. Even if there was, that is not Western concern about it, as war is happening in Novorossiya, democratically separated state.

            Are there Russian agents there? Yes and nothing special about it, as there are also CIA and other NATO country intelligence agents operating there.

          • We all know that America’s crimes have eclipsed Russia’s, but it is still frightening that we now face the prospect of Europe becoming once again a theatre of war.

        • Baron

          They indeed may be a menace, Rintintin, but this ‘menace’ haven’t invaded yet as many countries as the Yanks have. And a fat lot of good did it do to the people in those countries, too. But that’s OK with you, is it?

          • Whataboutery — you might as well say that Hitler invaded Poland so what’s so terrible about minor intrusions in little places like Ukraine. Point is that Putin is preventing Russia from becoming a free country and is reviving war policies that could make Europe a theatre of war.

          • Baron

            It pains Baron to say it, Joseph, but you appear to know FA about Russia, its contemporary environment, have no feel for what the bulk of the unwashed think. If it were up to them the whole of the Russian Army would be in Ukraine now. Are you aware that many members of the political party in the Duma that’s close to our LideDems are ctitical of Putin for not doing enough to help the Russians in Ukraine?

            You speak Russian? Get yourself a subscription to ‘the rain’ (google it), a Moscow based internet TV, it’s about eight quit, watch, listen, then talk. And these are the people more than critical of Vlad.

            Incidentally, how would you feel if The Scots did vote Yes, then closed the borders, started kicking the English living there. You would do what, sit on your ar$e, applaud the kicking, did nothing?

          • So you are in favor of the whole army invading? Looking for a casus belli? No, I don’t speak Russian, but I see you speak Russian propaganda.

        • FootLong

          America is an empire that stands for multiculturalism and all its ensuing horrors in the long run. I certainly don´t want an unchecked Russia but I also don´t want an unchecked USA.

          • Meltonmark

            Try watching ‘Secrets of the Seven Sisters’ vids on YouTube. Tells you all need to know about American imperialism.

        • Faisal Rashid

          No way

      • Fernando Cárdenas

        Russia doesn’t bring any balance to the rest of the world… What are you talking about?

        • RWJ

          More balance than the USA you stupid man….if it wasn’t for Russia your hip hop idiot in the White House would have tried to bomb Syria and ISIS would own that country like it owns Iraq and Libya

          • Sure sign of a paid Russian troll: they start going for the ad-hominems on the first reply.

          • Baron

            That’s the standard answer of someone who’s lost the argument, labelling instead of furnishing facts, evidence, logical arguments to counter the opponent.

            Who pays you then? The BBC?

          • Fernando Cárdenas

            Russia cannot provide any balance, PERIOD… That is a self made statement…

          • rtj1211

            Your statement is a blanket one, entirely without evidential back up.

            Just because you say this doesn’t make it true you know….

          • Stan Theman

            “Hip-hop idiot”-who graduated from Harvard?
            You did know that, right?

          • Meltonmark

            America is the most corrupt nation on this planet. Every significant war of my lifetime has been caused by American imperialism, together with every proxy war, and every social ill.

          • Stan Theman

            Wow-so much stupid in so little space.

          • Meltonmark

            Pity you never attempted to disprove the comment. Whining rhetoric is the refuge of those who have no answers.

          • RWJ

            Stan….The Russians don’t want insipid Jews running their country like the USA does……OK Stan. bleed the USA dry…..you are not wanted in the east.

          • RWJ

            So reduced to correcting spelling mistakes as an argument eh Stan. Sad boy.

          • FootLong

            Affirmative Action. Without the teleprompter he is just another celebrity incompetent who starts major crises like in Syria when veering off the thing and drawing lines in the sand. Had a half a million dollar education and hasn´t been able to articulate an original idea in his life.

          • FootLong

            The figure of fun, the imbecile Sarah Palin predicted the Ukraine crisis and Bush told us in 2007 exactly what would happen in Iraq if one would do what Obama did. What does this tell us? Obama is an intellectual dwarf. An experiment never to be repeated.

      • I hope the Russian people appreciate how lucky they’ve been for Putin to be around at the right time
        The war mongering maniacs in the West were planning to asset strip, and plunder Russia, claiming its natural resources while funding serial inter-ethnic tribal wars (just like ISIS and Talibans) just like in Congo,Angola….
        In the 1990s, Russian people were driven into starvation and collective suicide under pro American Yeltsin (whom sold the industry to oligarchs) , but Putin kicked the CIA EU Mossad lunatics out and has been re-building a Russia into a world power ever since.
        The West is now asset stripping Ukraine , enslaving it into IMF debt , and its people will be driven to mass poverty and extreme hardship.

        Let’s hope Putin saves Western White European Christian civilization and the children of England and the West from abuse caused by state sponsored neo Marxist multiculturalism and Islamic third world immigration .

        My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the 1800 English children sacrificed by the labour pro sharia council …and many tens of thousands more across England .

        • Aris Katsaris

          Putin was Yeltsin’s right-hand man, so don’t pretend that Putin & Yeltsin were really opponents or had a different ideology — they followed merely different phases of the same plan, with Yeltsin being the one that would pretend to be pals with the West while destroying his people, so that Putin would then come up and say “look how the West destroyed our people!”.

          If Russia was a healthy democracy, with Yeltsin being perceived as a failure, some *opponent* of Yeltsin would have been elected. But the Russia’s establishment hold on power was so strong that they could actually have Yeltsin’s right-hand elected!

        • Yeltsin and his buddies must take responsibility for their own stripping of Russia.

        • could this be another planted propagandist? his user history is private

        • Anton

          We appreciate the trust)! except for a couple of corrupt bitches)! I read and laugh over Nektorov naimvnymi commentators whose apparent lack of skill and self-samopoznaiya))) do not have that kind of logic even our most beautiful girls))) and those who have boitsya simply never communicated with Russian and do not realize that to motivate those or other actions))) even argue with them do not want to), we have an expression “the dog barks, the caravan moves on”))) And another catch phrase of the cult film brother 2: “what is the force brother? He answers: Power in the money. “No power in the truth”

      • Aris Katsaris

        LOL, Russia bringing “balance”… Russia, to justify her annexation of Crimea, has been recently arguing for the same interpretation of “self-determination” that was expressed in point 1 in Hiltler’s nazi party manifesto, and which treats every minority in the *world* as a justification to grab the territory from a neighboring nation, all in the name of “self-determination”.

        By the same reasoning that *Russia* so advocated, Hungary has the right to grab a piece of Romania, and Albania has the right to grab a piece of the Republic of Macedonia, and Greece to grab a piece of Albania, and Turkey has the right to grab a piece of Greece, and so forth and so forth… Every minority becomes an excuse for a landgrab, and any country hosting a minority needs find a way to dilute or disperse it.

        In short, what Russia far from “balance” what Russia is advocating is endless war of every nation against every nations, wars filled or concluding in ethnic cleansing.

        Prime example of such is what happened because of the Serbs (Russia’s allies) in Yugoslavia in the first half of the 1990s. (That NATO later supported Kosovo’s independence from Yugoslavia is something that I opposed as I considered it to be rewarding Albanian imperialism, but at least NATO had the excuse of Yugoslavia having aggressively attempted to split the territory of its neighbours *first*, before the same was done on it)

      • Ron Todd

        China will side with who ever it is in there best interests to side with

      • I see no good results from Putin’s sabre rattling. War thinking will increase the already endemic corruption in Russia, the already tight control of the media and suppression of civil liberties, and will certainly not guarantee greater freedom to the reconquered territories. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/putin-s-expansionist-war-in-europe-1.1919460

    • dalai guevara

      The elephant in the room surely is that 28 member states build what 28 member states build. It’s gonna be the size of 28 member states. A pretty big elephant that.

    • Aris Katsaris

      The EU is a voluntary union of nations that has never forced any nation to join and is forcing no nation to remain in it.

      So frankly, shame on you for treating voluntary union of countries as if it’s the same thing as an empire forged by military aggression.

      • Meltonmark

        The EU is part of the New World Order. It has slavery at its heart.

        • Aris Katsaris

          Can you tell me some countries in the world which aren’t part of this “New World Order” you mention? I want to compare the rights that those countries’ citizens enjoy with the rights enjoyed by most EU citizens.

          • Meltonmark

            at these 11 ‘recommendations’ from this Marxist school of doctrine that most
            politicians follow:

            1. The creation of racism offences.

            2. Continual change to create confusion

            3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

            4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

            5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

            6. The promotion of excessive drinking

            7. Emptying of churches

            8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

            9. Dependency on the state or state benefits

            10. Control and dumbing down of media

            11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

            You might also care to read this


            Then take a look at
            The Secret of the Seven Sisters (YouTube vids x3)
            Confessions of an Economic Hitman
            Bilderberg Group
            Trilateral Commission
            The UN Proposition 21

          • Aris Katsaris

            I didn’t ask for what you mean by New World Order or the grievances you have against it, I asked you: “Can you tell me some countries in the world which aren’t part of this “New World Order” you mention? I want to compare the rights that those countries’ citizens enjoy with the rights enjoyed by most EU citizens.”

      • rtj1211

        The EU is an involuntary club of nations, none of whom are allowed to leave its irreversible move toward ‘ever closer union’. When nations rejected the Lisbon Treaty, they were told to vote again to ‘produce the right result’, which is usually in any sane person’s mind precisely the result that freely choosing electorates happen to deliver.

        • Aris Katsaris

          The Lisbon Treaty itself, for the first time, gave the nations an explicit right to remove themselves from the Union. No nation needs to ask anyone’s permission to leave.

          So if you want to leave the EU, just vote for a government that so wants to leave it. Unlike the case of Soviet tanks with Hungary and Chechoslovakia, unlike the case of Russian tanks with Chechnya and Ukraine, no EU tanks will ever roll into your capital to force you to stay. I give you my personal assurance as to that.

        • We in Ireland did indeed vote for Lisbon the second time. But no one threatened to invade us if we ever left the EU. Your analogy actually shows what is so monstrous in Putin’s activities — he has made all ex-Soviet territories feel that if they give the slightest apparent pretext he could send his troops on to his territory. He seems to see them as Russia’s back yard just as the USA saw Latin America in the bad old days.

    • Faisal Rashid

      The EU is not Russia’s worry at all. It is the insidious power-crazy neo-cons of the USA and it’s influence over the EU that is the problem

    • M P Jones

      Absolutely right. What we should strive for is a wide alliance between Europe and Russia, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This is the context in which the remarks quoted in the article should be seen.

    • The fiasco is a fiasco for Russia too, now more firmly than even in the grip of a KGB oligarchy. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/may/05/russia-anti-putin-protests-arrests

  • Glyndwr Watkins

    Does NATO go in killing innocent people?

  • Jose Martins

    This is not about what happened 20 years ago.
    It’s about what’s been happening since then.

    Nato, the U.S., the E.U., they’ve all looked at Russia as something irrelevant, and they acted accordingly.
    All the movements to the East were made ignoring Russian sensibilities, treating them with a not disguised contempt.

    Ukraine is the inevitable consequence of twenty years of irresponsibility, vanity, historical ignorance. And the irony is that it’s we, the proud West, who’s being treated with contempt, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    • Des Demona

      Russia is essentially a gangster state. If it wasn’t for their massive natural resources then they would indeed be irrelevant.

      • RWJ

        America is ruled by gangsters……the Cuban bay of pigs was to keep the stinking Mafia happy while desperately poor Cubans suffered hardship. Cuba has been treated like dirt for the crime of kicking the USA out. Decades of US imposed misery that they are trying on the Russians now.

        • Des Demona

          Oh good grief. How extraordinarily blinkered. You want to talk about the sixties? How about mentioning what your beloved Russia did to the Poles, the Czechs, the Hungarians and the population of every other country behind the Iron curtain. No wonder they were desperate to break away as soon as they got the chance.

          • RWJ

            The USA has killed multi millions with its intervention from central America the middle east and Asia. You can lecture no one Des.

          • Des Demona

            I’m not lecturing, I’m stating facts. How many millions were killed in Russia’s Gulags? Terror and mass murder were the only way Russia could keep control of not only its own people but also of those of other countries under their control. You seem happy to ignore this in your attempted excoriation of the West.

          • George

            Yes, you are right, but Gulag is Russian for Russians, Soviet for Soviets? don’t you dare comparing aborigines in colonies sterilised for WASP to be dominant, Anglo-Burr… concentration camps, Sipai rebels torn by canons, Hindu starving, Korean Kitson style peacekeeping operation, Native americans scalped for ten bux, Masters of Hindukush slaughtering kids in Kabul, African colonial rule, Kanadsky playgames with redskins, Vietnam playboys, Indonesian bloodbath etc. I can not see any WASP suffering. It is inhouse things in Russia. Since when You (the WASPS) care about 28 millions of dead Soviets for your happily loaned by gold credit cards lifestyle? What a enormous time you spent by mourning those in Gulag? Your comments stink as BALANDA in GULAG. It is none of Your business,
            learn at first where is Bashkiria, Yakutia, Koryakia, Chuvashia and Perm…Astrakhan near Ukraine borders, then probably you can send your fleet to
            the shores of Belarus and direct refugees from Ukraine toward mountains of Rostov. The last one I will leav upon you decide is it on DON or the other one. Educate those Psaki and Yanks. Send them to Harrow or Eaton; teach them what is to be human being but not cowboy.

          • Des Demona

            ”It is inhouse things in Russia ”
            Surely a joke post?

          • Rintintin

            Des….you’re wasting your time arguing with these pro Russian, Western-phobes. It’s all the West’s fault and always has been….apparently.

          • Des Demona

            To be honest, ”it is inhouse things in Russia” was about the only line of that gibberish I understood, so not much arguing going on 🙂

          • rtj1211

            It’s no more all the West’s fault than it is all Russia’s fault.

            It’s no more true that the West is idealistic and pure than Russia is pure and virginal.

            It is, however, true that Russia has had no global imperial goals for 25 years and that the USA and the UK have never stopped having them.

            It is also true that Russia supplies gas to half of Europe and the USA finds that very unsettling, it stops the Europeans being US serfs. They owe more to Russia than to America suddenly…….

            It is also true that Eastern European parts of EU are far more anti-Russian than Western parts. With good reason historically.

            Both sets of ideologues on this site are idiots of the first order.

          • Baron

            Des, for the wise there is the distinction to be made between the Nazi ideology, the Germans, the Communist ideology, the Russian, or for that matter the Shinto ideology, the Japanese. It’s only the brainless, and you seem to fit in this club, to mix up the two, certainly in the case of the Russians.

          • Des Demona

            I do try to avoid ad hominem comments like yours, however for clarification I am referring to the Russian Government and power brokers, not its people, just as I assume you are referring to the US Government and power brokers and not its people, unless you are in that brainless club you mention?
            No mention of the Crimea land grab? The arming of Serbs in the Bosnian war, the invasion of Chechyna, and on and on?
            Putin is an ex KGB gangster, Russia is one of the most corrupt countries on earth ranked 127th out of 177!!
            You are attempting to defend the indefensible by attacking the west and USA in particular while ignoring the many abuses by the Russian government. I don’t think many people are going to be fooled.

          • Baron

            But they’re ‘fooled’, many of them, you obviously are not aware the American hoi polloi in a major survey recently said they would prefer the KGB colonel to what they have by a ratio 2 to 1. Unlike the messiah, the one who loves stripping to the waist doesn’t go around saying ‘the world community this or the other’, he bats for Russia, because it’s Russia that elected him.

            Have you ever lived in Russia, either before or after the communism, speak the language. Or are you fed the ‘truth’ by the likes of the BBC, MSM?

            And another thing. Indeed corruption in Russia is endemic, as it is in other former satellites of Kremlin, but it’s worse in Ukraine, something you failed to mention. Perhaps Russia taking over Ukraine is to lower the corruption rating there.

          • Des Demona

            You think it’s a good thing that he cares not a jot for world peace but only for what is good for Russia? I guess you do.
            Given the media control and reporting restrictions in Russia you really are having a laugh criticising western MSM.
            The levels of corruption endemic in Russia and its former satellites is symptomatic of the fragility of their democracies and the venality of their leaders. If your only argument is ‘it’s even worse in Ukraine” when that was one of the reasons the populace overthrew the incumbent government then is really not much of an argument on any score.

            Unless you’re arguing that the Russian people should do the same? In which case you have my entire support.

          • Baron

            That’s the last time Baron bothers to talk to you, Des, so listen carefully.

            First, the minor points. If you speak Russian google ‘the rain’, it’s an online TV station broadcasting from Moscow on subscription. If you find an equivalent TV channel here as critical of our political elites as these youngsters are of Vlad, Baron will bow to you.

            Yup, Baron reckons if every country’s elites cared about their own, talked with others when problems arose, made compromises, the world would be a happier place.

            Of course, the former lands of the communist thugs are corrupt, devious, bribery’s rife. That’s the most appalling legacy of the former regimes, not the decaying infrastructure, ruined economy, half fallen housing stock, it will take generations to iron out of the unwashed, it’s doable, but gradually, Baron believes.

            To think there will be less corruption in Ukraine with the US puppet in charge goes beyond parody. Does Burisma Holdings say anything to you? Google burisma holdings boiling frogs post.

            Now, the main point. Baron doesn’t bat either for the KGB colonel, or the West, he’s his own team, backs the colonel because if he goes it won’t be the Pussy Riot lot that gets to govern Russia, but the other lot, far nastier than Putin. Baron likes the other lot far less than he does the KGB colonel, he knows what it was like when true dictators were in charge, he inside.

            So, you take your neo-con friends, go, mess up another country. China would seem to be worth the try.

          • Des Demona

            Good. Anyone who refers to themselves in the 3rd party is clearly deluded.

          • He is a hired Putin propagandist, scarcely bothering to conceal it. As to his free speech claims, see http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2014/08/13/ive-been-arrested-at-six-anti-putin-protests-in-russia/

          • Never heard of “The Rain” but we know that Russia allows token free speech zones such as “The Moscow Times” so as to make the total control of the media less obvious.

          • Baron

            You, Joseph, have a legitimate complaint with Him for leaving your cranium empty when dishing out brains.

            Ever thought of taking up knitting?

          • “What is good for Russia” is not Putin — Holy Mother of God, deliver Russia from Putin!

          • Danny Smith

            Untrue statement Corruption is worse in Russia look at how many Oligarch who are billionaires.. even Putin KGB has $70Bn and what has he done to earn that amount of money, does he have a company that generates that money? its all stolen from the Russian people.. that includes you dum ass.. he steals from your children and you still stand up for what he does.. Durak!!

          • I looked for the paid Putin plant on this website, and I believe I have identified him.

          • Baron

            It’s better to be taken for a Putin’s plant by a brainless buffoon who feeds on the BBC than be one you.

            For once, just answer any of the points Baron’s made, if you can.

          • Danny Smith

            Des you are arguing with people who watch RT News channel and believe everything it shows as truth.. enough said I think

          • RWJ

            You wanted a US base in Cuba……to do what ?……to torture people….that’s what. Yanks don’t have the backbone to torture in their own country. Many countries in this world can dictate about human rights…..America can not.

          • Des Demona

            Your argument, such as it is makes little sense. Guantanamo Bay has been under US administration since 1903, so unless they had a time machine or predicted the Gulf wars then really you are just spouting garbage.
            On the basis that the USA has the death penalty is enough for me to query their human rights record, but your blinkered approach to the record of Russia is beyond laughable.

          • Baron

            The people in the countries you mention broke away from communism, Des, as did the Russians. It was the evil doctrine derived from Marx’s deluded scribbling ‘what did it’, the Russian were but a conduit for it, suffered, too, and for longer, but there is nothing inherent in the Russian DNA that would predispose them to behave badly, as there isn’t anything in the German DNA that would make them gas thousands, kill millions, but they did.

          • Russia has never been a democracy. Authoritarianism is deep in Russian history and has not been dislodged.

        • Fernando Cárdenas

          What a bunch of crap.. You guys do realise Russia is the most racist nation on the planet right? Sure the West has its problems, but they stem from legacy… Russia on the other hand has no legacy (or at least they want us to think that) yet they are all more racist that anyone else… Explain why Russia has more skinheads than any other nation in the world?? Explain why they call their military export variants of tanks and other weapons etc “monkey models”??

          Russia at the moment under Putin is a huge terrorist state… Arming all the world’s terrorists, rebel, and insurgents… The AK47 and the RPG…. Causing death and destruction to everyone everywhere. I for one most certainly don’t want to abide by Russian rule… EVER.

          • Andri Ksenofontov

            Fernando, as Russia seems to have the monopoly for all the bad things then why not to nuke Russia? Take Russia out of the picture and it will be all good.

          • Fernando Cárdenas

            Russia has 140 million people. Its hard to think that they are all bad. But when you read things like 50% of all Russians are xenophobic and racist, and that they actually like and elect macho leaders like Putin. (The best President Russia has ever had was Dmitry Medvedev). That guy was totally likable, normal and approachable. Where-as Putin is like Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe… Plain dictator material.

            The problem is that Russian politics tend to be dominated by far rights who live in nostalgia and the past… They simply can’t move on… They still think that military muscle and force is what gives influence… They haven’t figured out that building a large democracy and economy and using it for good (generally) will naturally give you the most important influence of all… Cultural. With that people will WANT to follow… (You will not have to invade them and install puppets… Only to have them overthrow it later and hate you forever…). Not to mention that with a large economy, you will naturally be able to afford a large military and have more hi tech progress and be a world leader etc etc…

            Russians seem to be too thick to understand democratic concepts… They want to do things the quick and easy way… Like a person who sees people having nice stuff, and wants them too. But instead of getting training and a good job. He just goes and steals or muscles other peoples hard earn stuff… Not very good…

          • Kennie

            Sorry, you cannot mention USA and Culture in the same sentence, or indeed, in the same article.

          • Baron

            Good point, Kennie. A good definition of America is ‘the country that moved from barbarism to decadence without being touched by civilisation’.

          • RWJ

            America’s culture consists of Micky Mouse and a Hotdog. The real culture of the USA is the north American Indian. The true Americans treated like garbage from the immigrant dross that today’s USA is run by.

      • rtj1211

        You’ll be telling me next that Britain isn’t a fully fledged police state too?!

        Hell will have no fury greater than a political ideologue whose eyes are opened to the lies of their master’s propaganda after all…..

        • Des Demona

          ”You’ll be telling me next that Britain isn’t a fully fledged police state too?!”
          Compared to where?

  • RWJ

    Its NATO’s job to destroy Russia….or any country that the USA does not like. NATO is in the Yanks pocket….as is the UN. NATO prepared the way for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is either a rues for war or a result that even the most inept intelligence service would have spotted. ISIS is wanted and desired by the west as an excuse to rule Iraq…Libya and Syria by making these countries failed states. The UN and NATO have the same agenda as the right wing in the USA have.

    • Fernando Cárdenas

      NATO is a defensive alliance…

      WARSAW’s job was to destroy Europe… NATO’s job was to defend against a WARSAW attack. All of NATO’s military systems are primarily defensive in nature… From our heavily armoured tanks to air-forces etc. Russia is the only nation that has an aggressive strike first nuclear policy, whilst NATO’s is retaliation only. To put it simply… If Russia doesn’t strike first, the NATO pact will never be utilized…

      Russia is now in the process of striking first… Which means the NATO pact WILL be initialized…

      At the end of the day Putin is a self-important child, who can’t taking being out of the spotlight. The Western economic style has brought prosperity to all that embraced it. From China, to South Korea, Japan, India, to Brazil, Mexico, Canada to the EU, and yes RUSSIA…

      The US economy is $16.5 trillion strong, the EU’s is $17 trillion, China’s is 10 trillion, Russia’s is 2 trillion…. What balance can Russia keep?? Its economy is smaller than the UK’s… This crap about Russia keeping the balance is non-existent. Russia is NOT WARSAW… Stop this kid propaganda… Plus no one wants to go back to communism anyway… That is why the former USSR,/PACT allies are now joining the EU and NATO…

      You are assuming way to much…

      • Baron

        They let you out too early, Fernando, things have progressed alot whilst you were kept under observation, catch up, the talk.

      • Kennie

        “The US economy is $16.5 trillion strong…”
        The USA is $22 trillion in debt, the UK is £2trillion in debt. The rest of the EU do not tell of their debts, they live in a dream bubble.

      • rtj1211

        You may be surprised to learn that, when Fred Goodwin went on a spree of buying worthless crap like ABN Amro, the GDP/aka the ‘economy contributed by RBS’ went up hugely.

        Shame that RBS went tits up and needed a £40bn bail out, wasn’t it??

        I suggest you make an historical study of some parts of the Italian pharmacueticals sector – I was most interested to learn about 15 years ago that several companies contract their top line sales by 75% and went from being virtually insolvent to well-run profitable concerns.

        A £100m T/O business making £30m a year profits is a more attractive one to me than a £2bn T/O business making £400m of losses………

  • Alberto Dietz

    No serious person seems to know this Stroilov chap. Should he really exist it would appear he boasts of being a traitor who smuggled secrets out of Mother Russia.
    In addition, his far from convincing piece has no chance against real info from real pros like Jim W. Dean, Gordon Duff, Robert Parry, Paul Craig Roberts, Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo, Gerald Celente, Mike Whitney, Ron Unz, William Engdahl or Pepe Escobar, to name just a few. Game, set, match Vlad, as usual.

  • “Putin had no choice but to invade Ukraine — in the Ukrainians’ own interests, to protect them against a Natotakeover…Putin’s case against Nato is that it has deceived Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev says he agreed to withdraw from Soviet central Europe only after being promised that ‘Nato would not move a centimetre to the east’.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, Pavel Stroilov is a KGB operative passing off misinformation/disinformation. Soviet troops weren’t an occupying force in Eastern Europe, but partners with their Communist counterparts behind the Iron Curtain.

    For those not in the know, the so-called Ukrainian “separatists” are actually Russian Spetsnaz and Guards Airborne troops, which is why a Russian colonel, Igor Strelkov, is in command and not a Ukrainian.*

    These disguised Russian military units entered the Ukraine last February when the Ukrainian population, nationwide, revolted against the Communist government in Kiev,** the cause for the revolt being the weakened security apparatus within the nation, where most of the Ukrainian Army was in either Syria or Iraq, or preparing to enter Iraq from Turkey, pretending to be Muslim “Jihadists” (Islamic State). The Islamic State “Jihadists” wearing the silly masks are the Ukrainians, hiding their pale Caucasian/Slavic identities.

    Now that the rebellion in the Ukraine is winding down, Putin can “…sign off on some kind of compromise peace deal with the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, there will be millions of Russians brainwashed by months of state television’s patriotic propaganda who will agree with Strelkov that Moscow is selling the rebels down the river.”

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

    Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

    Part II of II

    While we don’t know when exactly the Democratic Party was co-opted by Marxists, thanks to the peculiar historical nature surrounding the founding of the Republican Party, we do know when exactly the party of Lincoln was co-opted…

    Marxists/Socialists who after the failed 1848 revolution in Germany came to the United States. Upon arrival to the United States they infiltrated the embryonic Republican Party, many forming voluntary Germanic Union Armies and becoming General Officers themselves within the Union Army, such as…

    (1) Brigadier General Joseph WEYDEMEYER of the Union Army was a close friend of Karl MARX and Fredrick Engels in the London Communist League (Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. DANA —close friend of Marx, published with Joseph Weydemyer a number of Communist Journals and, also “The Communist Manifesto,” commissioned by Karl Marx. As a member of the Communist/Socialist Fourier Society in America, Dana was well acquainted with Marx and Marx’s colleague in Communism, Fredrick Engels. Dana, also, was a friend of all Marxists in the Republican Party, offering assistance to them almost upon their arrival on the American continent.);

    (2) Brigadier General Louis BLENKER, Union Army—radical socialist/Communist from Germany—was remarkably successful in encouraging German immigrants to join the Union Army and the Republican Party;

    (3) Major General August WILLICH—often called “The Reddest of the Red ‘48ers” was a member of the London Communist League with Karl MARX and Fredrick ENGLES. Before seeking refuge in the U.S. Willich was a personal acquaintance of Karl MARX;

    (4) Major Robert ROSA, of the Union Army, was a proud member of the New York Communist Club;

    (5) Brigadier General Carl SCHURZ –as a young socialist, was noted for helping Gottfried Kinkel of Bonn escape from Spandau while imprisoned there for his socialist activities in the ’48 Revolts. Schurz came to America in 1848. He was a forty-eighter who became very active in the development of the Republican Party and in politics. He was given a high position by Lincoln in the Union Army;

    (6) Brigadier General Alexander Von Schimmelfenning, like most of the other MARXISTS /Socialist/Communists who came to the U.S. after their failed uprising in 1848;

    (7) Major General Franz SIEGEL, thought to be one of Lincoln’s most controversial and the poorest of his generals;

    (8) Commander Friedrich Karl Franz HECKER, (exact military title not known) known as “Red” and “Flagrant Friedrich.” Educated in Germany, received his doctor of law degree in Munich. He was expelled from Prussia. Arriving in the U.S., he took part in the creation of the Republican Party, encouraged the proliferation of German newspapers carrying the Socialist propaganda, aided in the election of Lincoln, and propagandized heavily among German immigrants for volunteers for the Union Army. He was named Commander of a regiment he raised of Germans;

    (9) General John C. FREMONT was noted for his close association with all of the socialist/communists whom Lincoln placed in positions of command in his army. Fremont was the first Republican candidate for president. He was considered to be the “darling” of the most radical socialists. His chief of staff, early in the war, was Hungarian socialist revolutionary;

    (10) Brevet Major General Frederick Charles SALOMON, one of a group of four radical socialist brothers, with highly similar names– three of whom were in the group of Socialist 1848ers. Frederick began his career in the Union Army as a Captain in MO, wound up as a Colonel in the Ninth Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment, then a brigadier general and a brevet major general;

    11. Brevetted Brigadier General Charles E. Salomon, also started his American military career with a bunch of MO volunteers. Born in Prussia, he, also, was one of the radical socialists arriving in the U.S. after the 1848 Socialist uprising failure and was a brother to Frederick Charles;

    12. Governor Edward Salomon, a third Salomon brother, also born in Prussia, did not do military service, but ran for political office in Wisconsin, was elected lieutenant governor, becoming Governor of Wisconsin when the elected Governor “drowned”; and

    13. Colonel Fritz ANNEKE/ANNECKE was a Forty-eighter, with a strong leftward tilt. He was a Communist League member and a Baden Revolt veteran…the list goes on…

    The failed 1848 revolutions thought Marxists a powerful lesson, that lesson being they couldn’t win overtly, so they adopted the tactic of infiltration of the West’s political parties/institutions.

    Charles Dana was Lincoln’s last Assistant Secretary of War. He was also Marx’s confident in the United States, who when a newspaper editor earlier in his professional life published all of Marx’s writings for his newspaper the New York Daily Tribune. He also published the first American printing of Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’.



    **As hundreds of statues of Lenin were being toppled throughout the Ukraine, statues that were supposed to have been toppled back in 1991 if the collapse of the USSR were real and not the strategic ruse it is.

    • SUSUL

      Oh, yes! Such nonsense can be written only Ukrainian =)

      How about Biden’s visit? Putin is not sitting in the chair of President of Ukraine in February.

      Maybe Russia is helping to repel aggression USA to Ukraine?

  • Paul

    Gorbachev and Putin are totally different animals. The former was cool, collected and wise. The latter is hot-headed, reactionary and so rooted in the period BEFORE Gorbachev, that he is unable to see the current situation with any real clarity.

    • “Gorbachev and Putin are totally different animals.”

      Both are figure heads, of course.* The Communist Party of Russia controls Russia. All one has to do is take a cursory examination of the “former” USSR to know that the “collapse” was a strategic ruse, which means the West was co-opted long before the “collapse”, otherwise the West would have VERIFIED the “collapse”, since the survival of the West depends on such verification.
      *You really still believe that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union allowed one man to have total control of the state apparatus after Stalin’s death!

  • Diggery Whiggery

    I don’t think it’s really important whether there was or was not a promise. Considering that NATO has not been purely defensive since the bombing of Serbia and that it’s attached to a Western foreign policy that at times seems completely immune form public opinion, I would not want it expanding up to my border if I was Russian (never mind Putin).

    NATO is now an offensive military tool for achieving Western foreign policy objectives and not just an alliance for mutual defence. Consider also that both Russia and the EU are democracies in name only and that their foreign policies are thus insulated from the electorate. As such these two powers fronting up is an extremely dangerous undertaking.

    The EU has had a foreign policy for barely a few years and in that time she’s managed to bring us to the brink of a needless war. Whether it will end up a hot or cold war barely matters, it’s in no-one’s interests except those of the elites on both sides.

  • RWJ

    2011 Pakistan Osama Bin Laden. Killing of a captured man.
    2003 Iraq Saddam Hussein and his two sons. Two killings and a semi-judicial execution.
    2002 Afghanistan Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Islamic leader and warlord
    2001 Afghanistan Invasion of Afghanistan, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to catch Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora. No
    1998 Afghanistan Osama bin Laden, leading Islamic militant. Cruise missiles followed by a full-scale invasion.
    1993 Somalia Mohamed Farah Aideed, prominent clan leader. Failed attempt but he died later.
    1991 Iraq Saddam Hussein, leader. Attempt to kill him?
    1985 Lebanon Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Shiite leader (80 people killed in the attempt)
    1984 Nicaragua The nine comandantes of the Sandinista National Directorate
    1983 Nicaragua Miguel d’Escoto, Foreign Minister
    1983 Morocco Gen. Ahmed Dlimi, Army commander
    1982 Iran Ayatollah Khomeini, leader
    1986 Libya Muammar Qaddafi, leader, several plots and attempts upon his life
    1976 Jamaica Michael Manley, Prime Minister Maybe
    1976 Chile exiled Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier is blown up in Washington DC, part of Operation Condor with at least tacit US support ?
    1975 Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko, President.
    1972 Panama General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Intelligence. Captured alive and been imprisoned ever since.
    1981 Panama General Omar Torrijos,
    1970 Chile Gen. Rene Schneider, Commander-in-Chief of Army.
    1970 Chile Salvador Allende, President unsuccesful US supported coup “Project FUBELT” No
    1967 Bolivia Che Guevara, revolutionary leader. CIA-organized military operation ends in capture and execution by the Bolivian Army.
    1965 –
    1956 France Charles de Gaulle, President
    1965 Dominican Republic Francisco Caamaño, opposition leader
    1965 Zaire President overthrown and replaced by Mobutu, see entry for 1961, deposing of Lumumbu.
    1960s Cuba Raúl Castro, high official in government Maybe
    1960s –
    1970s Cuba Fidel Castro, President, many attempts on his life including poisoned cigars.
    1963 South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, President. Successful attempt to replace one puppet leader with another.
    1963 Iraq The CIA supports the Ba’athists, including Saddam Hussein, in a coup in Iraq against the Qassim government.[1][2][3} [4]
    1961 Dominican Republic Gen. Rafael Trujillo, dictator since 1930 shot dead in 1961.[5][6] Yes
    1961 Zaire In June 1960, Patrice Lumumba became the Congo’s first prime minister after independence from Belgium. Calls for the nation’s economic liberation and is branded a communist. Eleven days later, the mineral rich Katanga province, owned by Belgium and prominent Eisenhower administration officials, seceedes. Lumumba dismissed in September at the instigation of the United States, and in Jan 1961 assassinated at the express request of Dwight Eisenhower. Several years of civil conflict and chaos end in the CIA backed deposing of President Joseph Kasavubu and the 1965 accession to power of the CIA linked Mobutu Sese Seko. Mobutu ruled and robbed the country for more than 30 years (a “kleptocracy”) while the Zairian people lived in abject poverty. No
    1961 Haiti Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, leader
    1970s Costa Rica José Figueres, President, two attempts on his life
    1960 Iraq Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Kassem, leader
    1959 Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk, leader. And again, 1963, 1969.
    1957 Egypt Gamal Abdul Nasser, President
    1955 India Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister
    1951 Iran Mohammed Mossadegh, Prime Minister
    1951 North Korea Kim Il Sung, Premier
    1950s (mid) Philippines Claro M. Recto, opposition leader
    1950s, 1962 Indonesia Sukarno, President.
    1950s China Prime minister Chou En-lai, several attempts on his life.
    1950s Germany CIA/Neo-Nazi hit list of more than 200 political figures in West Germany to be “put out of the way” in the event of a Soviet invasion.
    1949 Korea Kim Koo, opposition leader.

    • RWJ

      Above is the list of countries that the USA has tried to subvert or kill their leaders.

  • Baron

    Baron has said it before, nobody seems to have noticed.

    After WW1, the victorious nations blamed the German Folk for the killing fields, imposed reparations, annexed a chunk of Germans lands, and stuff like that. The German unwashed resented it, and rightly so, the Vienna house painter fed on the resentment, Europe was plunged into another deadly conflict in about 20 years.

    Those doing the thinking after WW2, blamed the Nazi ideology, not the German Volk for the killing fields, put together Marshall Plan, invited Germany into newly formed clubs ….. We are still enjoying the fruits of this wise thinking.

    After the collapse of communism in Russia, the winning West couldn’t wait to let every dick and harry country to join NATO, (created initially as an outfit to counter the communist Russia), surrounded the post communist Russia more tightly than the communist monstrosity before. The Russian unwashed resented it, the KGB colonel feeds on the resentment, hence the massive approval in domestic polls, backing by many outside Russia.

    And if you fail to notice it, the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in Russia has just passed.

    • Fernando Cárdenas

      But yet the autocracy is still alive and kicking…

      • Baron

        Fernando, what you call the ‘autocracy’ is still alive and kicking in other east European countries, the ones run from the Kremlin when the Red Menace was in charge, but we are quite friendly with these people, accept them as MEPs, in other EU institutions, NATO. Some of them were members of the Communist Party, some even had jobs with the secret police, or were informers for the secret police under the communist regime.

        Why didn’t we replicate the same vis-a-vis Russia? It’s no longer a one party set-up there, they have regular elections, whatever the BBC says they have freedom of expression (google ‘the rain’, novaya gazeta’, nezavysymaya gazeta for inst.), freedom of movement, of association. The construct is far from ideal, but the seeds of democracy have been sown.

        The point is, had we treated the Russian people as worthy of genuine democracy and not as a pariah tribe of Slavonic savages that NATO had to encircle, they may have elected someone better than the KGB colonel.

      • SUSUL


        Maybe in Russia and autocracy

        But what to call it when, after the United States dictate the European leaders, how to behave and what to do? European leaders do not hear their electorates, but they hear Obama …

        This is a democracy, or colonialism?

        • Fernando Cárdenas

          The US doesn’t dictate EU leaders and their politics at all. What they do “dictate” is EU defense (as the primary and largest power in NATO), and that is because the EU simply will not put their differences aside and band together as a single united strong liberal economic and military federation ie a United States of Europe”… Until they do that, “NATO” will always be superior to the “CSDP” (Common Security and Defense Policy) ie. the EU Military as the primary defense organisation.

          It’s a ridiculous sort of situation that the EU is in at the moment. A large amount of small mindedness on the part of individual member states and thus half-heartedness when it comes to unified foreign policy dominates their political landscape. The US federal government for instance would never put up with large single states (like say California or Texas) trying to dictate the defense and foreign policy of the USA, or allow NATO to be superior to their military command structures when it comes to continental US defense… But that is what happens with the EU. They are content to sit back and let the US (through NATO) take the lead and do all the work AND of course spend all the money when it comes to foreign policy and military matters. This is despite the fact that the EU is the largest economy in the world (with $17.2 trillion & 500 million people, vs the US with $16.5 trillion and 300 million…

          The EU via their internal bickering simply cannot be united and “Alpha” like the US. They literally see unity as evil. Until that changes the EU will always be the America’s “squabbling bitch”… to put it lightly of course. That is why Russia, though far weaker than the EU, can pull off stunts like this in the EU’s backyard… And Putin knows it.

  • goatmince

    Correct – NATO remains the biggest threat to Russian territorial thinking. That is why they have made a move in Ukraine.
    Poland and the Baltic states were lost years ago, Putin is simply trying to pool those who still side with Russia in the state next on the list of those who would welcome anyone joining the European club of nations, especially if that territory (unlike Turkey) was actually in Europe.

  • Michael Bear

    Yeah right bollocks!

  • Sam Malone

    The author only took excerpts of the agreement to suit the article’s headline.

    Clearly it was obvious to everyone that Russia would never approve of such expansion in the same sense that USA didn’t approve of Russian missiles in Cuba.

    Stop trying to rewrite history and insult your reader’s intelligence….

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    I’ve noticed they’re selling vodka in Lidl called ” Putinoff”.

    • Seldom Seen

      Put me down for a case, would you?

  • pke

    Uhmmm you forgot to show us the documents you supposedly copied.

  • Seldom Seen

    Putin had to find something to do after his role as Dobby in the Harry Potter film franchise ended, so invading a few countries here and there seemed the best option

  • Meltonmark

    Today’s propaganda article.

  • LordJustin

    The real “fraud” is the repeated lie that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Apart from the rantings of Ukrainian politicians keen on joining NATO, there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever for this assertion – which is more than a little surprising when the satellites beamed on the warzone are capable of detecting a wart on the end of a babushka’s nose. The nation state’s greatest weapons of war are the oft-repeated lie and the gullibility of its people.

    • Simon_in_London

      Fair play to the western-Ukraineans, but if Russia did actually invade Ukraine, the war would be over pretty quick.

  • Thetruth

    NATO is nothing more than an institution papering over the cracks. As is the UN.

  • BoiledCabbage

    All this huffing and puffing ! The Russians – in 2013 – stationed Iskander tactical nuke missiles in Kaliningrad, pointing into Poland and the Baltics. No wonder these countries now want NATO protection. Russia is reverting to type – the problem, not the solution.

    • SUSUL

      First Poland joins NATO, and only then appear Iskander.

      Where the reason for the disturbance Russian policy?

  • IAS2011

    Some or many may evidently say that it is the US who has been shoving its nose in from the outset when Ukraine history with Russia exceeds that with the West. This is where the conflict grew – as soon as the US started offering financial support to Ukraine.

    Could you ever imagine Russia – or any other nation – poking its nose into a dispute between the US and one of its closest neighbours? Wouldn’t the US be doing exactly what Russia is doing?

    So, who is wrong? Or, is it simply a about another nation protecting its interest – and the US and UK seem to get away with doing it – so why not Russia?

    What do you think? One rule for the US, UK… and another for…

  • Pete

    Stroilov’s contrary version of events that reverses what everyone else said is definitely the kind of journalism that is most likely to pay well

  • Tim

    Absolute poppycock, from beginning to end. But: let’s dispense with the niceties: if NATO (America) can do as it pleases, or what it can get away with, while attempting to suggest it is behaving according to International Law: so can Russia. End of.

  • redfox

    “Nato has been defanged, and is no longer a threat”
    Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan Martians bombed.


    How can betrey to Russia an alliance, created to destroy Russia and Europe ?

  • Bill Ballmer Nadella

    What is the goal of NATO? Answer, please. Russia can defend itself.

  • Chatted with a Gorbachev admirer here in St Petersburg last night, and what he had to say about Putin was very disturbing.

  • I have no doubt that there is a little army of propagandists hired to infiltrated websites such as this, planting distracting whataboutery on Western Imperialism and boosting the potential justifications for Russian invasions of the territories Mr Putin longs to reconquer.

    • Martin

      Down with Russian propaganda, we have our own propagandists to believe.

  • Инна Холод

    C’mon, do not betrayed!))) Who are you lying? Look at a map of the spread of NATO bases after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and all will understand. And Russia believed NATO and withdrew its troops from Eastern Europe (and in vain)! NATO, the most deceitful and hypocritical organization in the world.

  • юрий игнатенко

    “НАТО стала безобидной организацией, не представляющей больше угрозы”:
    на Югославию, Ирак и Афганистан печенье сбрасывали .

  • Martin

    Well, taking into account the support Poroshenko saw from the UK, Brits will definitely bomb the Scots into submission after 9/18, just like the Ukrainian guy did with his two rebellous provinces. And NATO is then going to start a bombing campaign against the UK, just like they did with Serbia back then in the 90ies. I mean, if the West is not some bunch of hypocrites, that is.

  • One of the Putin propagandists here held up Novaya Gazeta as a bastion of free speech in Russia. But when I googled the title of this news paper I learned that Four Novaya Gazeta journalists, including Yury Shchekochikhin and Anna Politkovskaya, have been murdered since 2001.

  • Pax Orbis

    “The records show no trace of a promise that Nato would not expand. ”

    Going by the English Contractual Law:

    “Once an offer is made, the general rule is the offeree must communicate her acceptance in order to have a binding agreement. Notification of acceptance must actually reach a point where the
    offeror could reasonably be expected to know, although if the recipient
    is at fault, for instance, by not putting enough ink in their fax
    machine for a message arriving in office hours to be printed, the
    recipient will still be bound. This goes for all methods of communication, whether oral, by phone, through telex, fax or email”

    So, if the agreement was made verbally, there can’t be any trace of records, can there? Which is the point – the western politicians cannot be trusted. All their promises are annulled when their successors take charge.

    “Nato has been defanged, and is no longer a threat.”

    Who are you kidding?

  • Алексей Николаев

    чисто оборонительный и безобидный альянс НАТО умудрился разбомбить Югославию, Ливию, Ирак и как он оказался в Афганистане? Хватит уже дурить публику: память ещё ни у кого не отшибло.

    purely defensive and harmless Alliance, NATO has managed to bomb Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, and how he came to be in Afghanistan? Enough to fool the audience: memory hadn’t been knocked.

  • irastraus

    Excellent article. Accurate. And important.
    Baker later regretted, in The Washington Quarterly 2001, having blown off Gorbachev’s overtures to discuss joining NATO. Same was done to Yeltsin after Dec. 1991, That was the one real betrayal of Russia.
    Ira Straus
    U.S. Coordinator, Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO

  • Simon_in_London

    Hmm. It sounds as if the promise was that the zone of **US military control** would not move east, while the US implement ‘NATO’ would become something other than a defensive alliance. The Russians were all ‘common European home’, but instead they got looted, and saw NATO bomb Serbia on behalf of the KLA.
    Things were more complex than a straightforward promise that NATO would not move east, but I can still see why they feel aggrieved, even before Ukraine.

  • NATO is not expanding because of its own “expansionism” but because new countries REQUEST being added to NATO, like Poland. And they do that exclusively because they don’t feel save having unpredictable neighbour who has just restarted a new wave of nationalism and imperialism.

  • PorKoshenko Ukr Pres

    excuse me , you, propagandists for 4 cents
    but about which invasion are you talking ?
    Speak me … now and for the next few years
    we will be forced any time to argue about whether or not there was a Russian invasion
    as well as by years you was trying to impose the history
    that Russia invaded Georgia ?

  • PorKoshenko Ukr Pres

    Second but not last
    problem isn’t if NATo promised or not promised to Gorby something
    Problem is that since the fall of Berlin wall
    NATo is unequivocally encircling russia

    enough to think that they were able to put NATO bases
    in Asia, in Kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan and afghanistan .