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A Muslim’s ambush: how I was stitched up by Australian breakfast TV

Channel Seven producers shamelessly exploited my goodwill project

10 January 2015

9:00 AM

10 January 2015

9:00 AM

On a recent trip to Australia I was booked by Ch7’s Weekend Sunrise to discuss Project Rozana, an Israeli-Palestinian initiative to train West Bank physicians (predominantly Palestinian Muslims)in Israel’s Hadassah hospital. As an ambassador for the Project, I was lock step with my ideals both as a physician and as an observing Muslim opposed to virulently anti-Semitic Islamism.

A veteran media commentator, my suspicions should have been raised when the producers didn’t indicate the nature of my interview, nor even confirm that I would be discussing Project Rozana. Minutes before live broadcast, the young segment producer Maddy still ‘didn’t know’ what the anchors would be asking.

The cameras began rolling and I described my experiences at The Technion, The RamBam Medical Center and at Hadassah Hospital, responding to the anchors’ evident curiosity. The close knit and fully integrated coexistence with which Israeli and Arab Palestinian scientists and physicians interact with their equally diverse Israeli and Arab Palestinian patients surprised my interviewers.

Later we discussed Islamism, a movement which as a Muslim I recognise masquerades as the great monotheism of Islam but is starkly totalitarian in ideology with a foundational tenet of subjugating democracy. More significantly, Islamism harbors cosmic enmity to all Jewish and by extension Israeli entities and institutions. It is because I am an observing Muslim that I can emphatically reject Islamism – neither anti-Semitism nor anti-Zionism have basis in Islam.

Ending the segment, the anchors were broadly smiling and engaged. This had been the last of 27 scheduled commitments for my eight-day visit. Satisfied I had been informative and shared a novel perspective, I moved to exit the studio.

An elegant woman stopped me in my tracks. Meeting her blue-gray eyes, I was surprised to find tears filling to the brim. Touching her heart, she said: ‘I am the senior producer of this segment.  I am very close to the Palestinian people of Gaza, but after hearing you speak, you have opened me to new ideas.’ She confirmed she was of Egyptian heritage and like me, also Muslim. Intrigued, I suggested coffee.

Tears promptly dissipating, she grabbed her wallet. Over lattes we compared notes, talked about the Project and spoke about Gaza. The woman mentioned that she had formed an independent documentary production company. Immediately, I invited her to collaborate with Project Rozana – by chance the Project is keen to do a documentary on Israeli medicine to reveal the kind of coexistence to which I had referred. We left on a high note. I felt my work in Australia had ended in the best possible way.

Hours later, I received the link of the broadcast (you can watch it here). The shock was physical as I witnessed my exploitation. At each description of the pluralism and egalitarianism I had witnessed in Israeli medicine, the screen split to show the rubble of decimated North Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war, or the launching of an Iron Dome interception missile.Then the screen split to the Security Wall, shown from the Palestinian, not Israeli side.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 13.20.41

Mortally wounded Palestinian children, injured in conflict were broadcast liberally.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 13.23.18

The war footage had clearly been assembled in advance of my live interview without prior knowledge of what I would say. In an unseen control room, to the producers’ signal, as I responded with words like ‘coexistence’, ‘integration’ or ‘pluralism’, a technician pulled the trigger and rolled the stock ‘Israel as a terrorist state’ footage; detonating my truthful and universal message.

I had been reduced to an instrument of rank media opportunism. In my ignorance, I had unwittingly collaborated in my own exploitation by the Australian broadcaster who chose to cast me not as an anti-Islamist Muslim physician volunteering in pursuit of coexistence but as a vapid tool serving the malignant media construct of a two-dimensional anti-Semitic caricature of Zionism. This was a deliberate and opportunistic objectification of my identity as a Muslim and a physician, of the Jewish state reduced to an anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist mannequin, and of my political position as an opponent of Islamism; a position which entails significant personal and professional risk. This is neither journalism nor broadcasting; it’s pure pro-Hamas propaganda .

The producers hadn’t bothered to insert Hamas foot-soldiers which include recruited Palestinian children and youth who wage war on Israelis, nor reveal the damage wrought by its hundreds of rockets on Israeli civilians (of whom 23% are non Jewish – mostly Sunni Muslim), nor did Australians see the industrially rendered labyrinth of Hamas tunnels so central to the recent conflict. Weekend Sunrise prostituted my goodwill in the service of personal or official anti-Israeli and pro-Hamas propaganda.

This is what Israel faces, that which no other nation embattled with the lethal threat of Islamism wrestles: the battle over narrative. While Pakistan wages a far more indiscriminate campaign against Islamists in tribal areas, while Afghanistan has been under siege by the Taliban for a decade and a half, while Britain, Canada and America target, prosecute and eliminate Islamists, while Egypt wages war on Islamists and criminalizes their ideology, while Saudi Arabia incarcerates Islamists, while France defends Mali from Islamists, while Kenya and Nigeria flail against Islamists, only Israelis are to be dehumanized, judged apart from humanity as they face Islamist threats on every border. Only Israel must be denigrated, reviled and excoriated in her efforts to secure citizens and territories from the ambitions of genocidal anti-Semitic Islamism.

I felt intensely angry. To be whored out as I strive as an ambassador for a philanthropic mission with universal reach, to be debased as an instrument despite my decades long authority as a physician and Muslim humanist is nothing but obscene.

An on-air apology wouldn’t come amiss.

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Qanta A Ahmed is a British journalist and author living in Manhattan. Follow her on twitter @MissDiagnosis

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  • Yael L. Berman

    People are unbelievable! Thank you for denouncing this, for fighting for truth and for what is right, and for all your invaluable work in so many fields. You amaze and move me every time. Hats off to you, and all the best!

    • Carl

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  • Yonatan Shaked

    It will be interesting to see whether Seven’s Weekend Sunrise will respond to this article.

    • Grace Ironwood

      Australia’s ch 7 will ignore it until forced to address the matter. They have their own system of complaints that they boast is much more efficient- let’s see it.

      Please spend the time to make the complaint Dr. Ahmed.

      • weejonnie

        Don’t worry – lessons will be learnt.

    • L_King

      They did below. They are unrepentant.

  • Danderson

    In Australia we have a media regulatory body, ACMA, who deal with citizen complaints. They’re mostly impotent but it’s something; might force an apology/correction out of them.

    You need to complain to the broadcaster first, which can be done through the site.


    Do cite the specific code item you feel is breached i.e.

    Commercial Television Industry codes of practice 2010
    News and Current Affairs Programs
    4.3 In broadcasting news and current affairs programs, licensees:
    4.3.1 must broadcast factual material accurately and represent viewpoints fairly, having regard to the circumstances at the time of preparing and broadcasting the program; An assessment of whether the factual material is accurate is to be determined in the context of the segment in its entirety.

    http://tinyurl.com/ltbyrl4 [PDF]

    • Picquet

      Please do this. Behaviour of that kind is wholly unacceptable.

    • miggsie

      nothing was done when ABC and the government colluded and made entirely false accusations of paedophile rings amongst the aborigine’s so they could steal their land (again). Fact is Australians will do anything to paint anyone who isn’t of white European descent in a negative light, which is why your ‘multi-culural’ country has all white TV, all white sports teams and racism written into it’s constitution. give the Aborigine’s their common law rights back yet? no, didn’t think so.

      • Mel

        Which Australian sport team is all white, Miggsie? I would hate to support any sports team that may be racist..pretty sure Greg Inglis, Majak Daw, Jonathan Thurston, Tim Cahill, Anthony Mundine, Kathy Freeman and more would be outraged. And does the NITV network only show ‘white’ content? I must have missed this while watching episodes of ‘Living Black’, ‘The Marngrook Footy Show’ and ‘Black Comedy’.

      • David Alderton

        Racist bigot you are.And a purveyor of untruths.

      • Andrew O’Keefe

        You haven’t watched the segment she was talking about have you?

        • Popular Front

          If you are THE Andrew O’Keefe then you are a know-nothing airhead who should have stuck to being a mediocre game show host.

      • Richard

        Sounds a bit like modern South Africa, which tries as hard as possible to exclude whites from all media, especially television adverts. I hope you’re outraged about that, too? No? Thought not.

        • miggsie

          I love the way you continually defend your countries appalling humanm rights abuses by sayin ‘people in the middle of a civil war do it too’

          Just about sums you smiling Nazi’s up.

          Sick sick nation of sick racist twats

          • Richard

            South Africa is in a civil war? What makes you think I have anything to do with Australia? However, I can see the faults in what you say, and discuss them.

            Many countries were and are founded on stolen land. South Africa is one, Zimbabwe another, Turkey another, most of North Africa was invaded by Arabs who wiped out the indigenous people. Do you think you see Bushmen on television in South Africa? Greeks on television in Turkey? Berbers on television in North Africa?

            Unless you specifically wish to introduce quotas, Aborigines should comprise no more than 3% of the people appearing in television programming in Australia. In the UK, conversely, ethnic minorities are way, way over-represented, especially in advertising. In South Africa, they (whites, mixed-race, Asians, etc) are way, way under-represented. When you over-represent one group, you under-represent another. It is always at somebody else’s expense.

    • Phillip Pasmanick

      Thank you Danderson!

      I pray Dr. Qanta Ahmed sees this post of yours, and urge her to take the appropriate measures in voicing her outrage to the proper authorities.

      Whereas many times we see nothing come of it, these obscene violations of journalistic integrity follow the scumbags that exploit such underhanded tactics, and future honorable employers think twice before allowing such trash under their watch.

    • global city

      Is C7 one of those stations controlled by the Australian ugly Left?

      • Grace Ironwood

        The ugly left is represented today by Miggsy above with her one- eyed nonsense about a collaboration between the ABC (heavily left ) and the right wing government to dispossess helpless Aborigines.


        • miggsie

          yet totally accurate. I guess you think the reason the aborigines have the lowest life expectancy of any race on Eartyh by 5 years, and 35 years less than white australians is all their fault too, or probably deny your govt’s own figures. As for ‘left’ lol, Australian doesn’t have a left, it has a centre right, a right, a far right and Facist, you slot some where between the last two at the moment, so much that even the useless UN has finally started to criticise your xenophobic policies. The only reason you got rid of the aborigine act is because Sth Africa was getting grief, nothing to do with conscience at all, first chance you got you removed their common law rights in 1999 and evicted them from areas around the Olympic park so the world wouldn’t see what you’re like behind your ‘g’day mate’ falseness. And then there’s the pittance you offered the victims of 30 years of slavery under the Aborigine act. in 2008 you finally awarded them the grand sum of $2000, and most of you complained about that.
          you don’t even question why your TV, advertising and international sports teams are all white, because racism is so ingrained it’s considered normal.

          • Patricia

            Thank you Miggsie for proving you don’t need a long neck to be a goose!! LOL

          • Jethro Asquith

            Then they do have a left wing – you mention it there – Facism

          • Richard

            All the indigenous people in South Africa were ethnically-cleansed by invading black Africans from the Great Lakes area. Outraged? No? Thought not.

          • Richard

            Asians from Uganda were raped, harassed, expelled, in the1970s, because of their race. Outraged? No? Thought not,

          • miggsie

            Not as outraged as I am about an alledgedly ‘civilised’ country not in the throes of civil war that has been using biological warfare on the children of their ‘first nation’ since 2004. how many kids were removed today for forced infection of third world disease? 200? 300? of course they were all aborigine, because Asutralian know that only white people know how to look after children properly. In 2007 you spent $1b on the child welfare act removing aborigine children from their families to ‘protect’ them, less than 1% of that amount was spent actually helping them, the rest was used to move them to disease riden camps.
            It’s no surprise when you look at post WW2 history, Your country let in 1000’s of the WORST Nazi war criminals, ones being hunted for their crimes against humanity, the prison guards, the Jew hunters, welcomed with open arms, I guess you saw yourselves in the, then gave them new Identities and got them to continue what they were doing.

            you are a Sick sick nation, you still have racism written into your constitution for chrsit sake, how backward is that?
            Worst place I ever visited and full of the shallowest people on Earth.

          • Slartybartfast

            Then don’t come back. You’re full of baseless accusations that you won’t back up with evidence, and you are clearly full of venomous hatred for Australians, who are among the most welcoming people on Earth. What we don’t want are filth bags like you in our country. I for one am tired of being called a racist simply because I am a white Australian (which makes people like you anti-Australian RACISTS). My ancestors on both sides were Irish immigrants who came to the country as free settlers and did not go around killing Aboriginals.

          • Slartybartfast

            And what’s with the accusation that we let in ‘thousands’ of Nazi War criminals?? They didn’t come anywhere near us, idiot, as we were an Allied nation which was committed to bringing them to justice. Learn your history!!! They pretty much fled to South America – READ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117093/Secret-files-reveal-9-000-Nazi-war-criminals-fled-South-America-WWII.html

            You’re a lying, ignorant, bigoted, anti-Australian noob full of leftard swill.

          • miggsie

            aborigines lost their rights until 2022, had their land stolen in 2007, and what did you lovelyt aussies do about it? vote for more of the same. You are the most superficial bunch of fear ridden cowards the world has seen since 1945.
            Aborigines are the only decreasing race in the world
            Aborigines have the lowest life expectancy in the world, lower by 5 years than the chronically alcogholic inuits who have the worst diet and live in the most inhospitible place in the world
            Jews in Iran and Muslims in Israel have more rights

            These are all facts, but like most Germans Aussies just deny what people are starting to notice.
            I hope you reap what you sow

          • Slartybartfast

            You still haven’t taken back or justified your preposterous proposition about Australia being a Nazi haven. Name ONE NAZI who ‘fled’ to Australia, IF. YOU. CAN.

            And just now you were saying that we let in “thousands of the WORST Nazi war criminals” (YOUR WORDS).

            If you don’t think Australia is a good country, then you have every right to GTFO and never come back. Go and live in Iraq and see how the Kurds are treated and then come back and talk to me about ‘genocide’ in this country. Go and get in the faces of ISIL militants who are butchering anyone who so much as thinks they can walk the street freely. Go and tell them how much evil you think of Australians for not being ‘nicer’ in their attitude towards those men who behead and rape little girls. Your own tongue will be cut out before you’ve even had the slightest chance to get down and kiss their feet. If you are not a practicing Sunni (you probably are ignorant that they kill even other types of Muslims in a split second)

            Either you’re an ignorant, bigoted and racist troll or just one of the most pitifully stupid and baseless morons that the world has churned out.

            Or both.

            Your weedy attacks and vile vitriol are so obsequious that you cannot even see how ridiculous your attacks are. So the Aborigines only lost their land in 2007? Wasn’t that about the time that then-PM Kevin Rudd publicly apologised on Parliament lawn to the indigenous people for past wrongs committed by Australian governments? And he said that there would be efforts to make restitution? Or are you so wilfully blind to facts that you cannot believe that anyone in Australia would recognize injustice?

            That’s all the attention I’m going to give your sorry, sorry posterior now. Don’t forget your medication!

            Stupid-ass biatch

          • miggsie

            I’ll start with Karoly Zentai, a Nazi jew hunter, (you know, like Landau in Inglorious Basterds), has been protected by the Aussies from extradition to Hungary to face crimes against humanity charges for years.
            But it’s hard to trace them, when the government gives them new identities and helps obfuscate the trail.

          • Slartybartfast


            You’re a complete fucking twat and a waste of time.

            So you just googled “australia” and “Nazi” and his name is what came up. But you didn’t even read about him!!!


          • miggsie

            well, I couldn’t exactly go through all 22million ‘nazi australian’ results could I? but it’s well known that the Australian government gave safe harbour to the scummiest of the wanted Nazi war criminals and employed them. It’s also known how after WW2 and the horrors witnessed Australia introduced it’s own ‘final solution’ or the aborigine act.
            It’s also a known fact that white Australians have the 2nd longest life span in the world and their ‘first nation’ have the lowest, almost half of that. You are a nation of the most superficial and socially backward people in the western world by a country mile, the fact that most of the aussies on here have replied by using examples of 19th century and civil war torn countries to justify it “Idi amin did it in 1970 did it so why can’t we do it in 2007′ your fucking scum as a nation, you bitch of Putins homophobia at the same time you steal 10,000 children every year for being ‘the wrong colour’

          • Bobby

            As an indigenous Australian I ask you to shut your ill-informed mouth. My grandmother and father grew up in a mission (which you wrongfully call disease ridden camps). The stolen generation was 3 generations ago. Australia took in Jewish refugee’s from WW2. How dare you speak of something you know nothing about. You are not helping our cause but hurting. This country has come far in reconciliation and we don’t need ignorant know-nothing know-it-alls (like you) from outside our country inflaming issues that WE as a nation are addressing ourselves.

          • miggsie

            yeah, the intervention act is all a lie, the UN are full of shit,
            Been to your country, sick place of the most superficial and racist people I ever met in my life.

          • Slartybartfast

            Australian Aboriginals are entitled to far more benefits than non-Aboriginals (e.g. Abstudy), and there was no forced removal of ANY children in the 2000s. There are no ‘disease riden camps’ (sic). You’re a sick minded individual motivated by a totally misplaced hatred.

          • Bobby

            As wrong as she is I can tell you as an aboriginal person, despite the different names…Abstudy is the same amount as Austudy.

          • Richard

            Idi Amin killed and ate his opponents. Black Africans from the Great Lakes chased the indigenous people into the desert, where they died of starvation, and into the mountains, with similar results. Their cave paintings show their pitiful deaths at the hands of these marauders.

            In the Congo, Pygmies (not really regarded as human) are hunted like animals and eaten. Muslims enslave blacks (to this very day).

            Nazis were welcomed into Ireland, the US, UK, many, many countries. I can’t tell you why, I wasn’t even born. I also can’t tell you why Idi Amin killed and ate his opponents, nor why black Africans ethnically cleansed the indigenous inhabitants of southern Africa. I also can’t tell you why Homo Sapiens destroyed the Neanderthals.

            Islamic countries discriminate against non-Muslims, and women. They call their countries names like “The Islamic Republic of Syria” for example.

            Does any of the above outrage you?

            Why do you think it is so bad to use race as a criterion of identity or not? Do you think it is worse than what is happening elsewhere, or is it simply a particular issue with you? In Saudi, say, 50% of the population is discriminated against, as opposed to a few percent in Australia.

          • miggsie

            glad you used muslim Countries, unsurprisingly really when you consider how Xenophobic all you wonderful ‘christians’ are,I think the last people to vote for ‘good old chrstian values’ as expunged by the xenophobic cowardly gobshite you all flocked to vote for, although tbh he’s a fair reflection of the mentallity of your backward nation who are still stuck in the 19th century socially. You are 100 more likely to be murdered by a white lorry driver than a muslim in OZ, where’s the parades and outpouring of anger towards them?, oh, and jews in Iran have more rights, and a far longer life expectancy, than Australian Aborigines, Even the innuits live 5 years longer, this and they have the same chronic alcoholism as all peoples born without hope have, they also haveby far the worst diet and live in the harshest environment on Earth, but then the discrimination against them actually has stopped.
            53% of Australians freely admit to being racist, the other 46.99% just pretend they aren’t but are probably worse, the other 0.01% are human.

            As to the ‘few %’ why is that? Is it because for the last 200 years you have been trying to wipe them out of existence, Hitler would be impressed, for all his camps and chambers he didn’t do half as well as you, you actually have meade a whole race almost extinct, but then you have been doing it 100 longer than they did.

            And congratualtions, you have proved as a nation Aussies are sla slight improvement on Idi Amin, though he has been dead for how many years?

            Oh, and most Germans denied they were killing Jews and pronounced it all propaganda, much like you lot do

            Australia is a lovely place filled with the worst people I think I have ever met.

          • Ed  

            OK, so you’re brimming over with Australian details, and you’re not even Australian. Which horrific country are you from, and what are you doing about their frightening evil?

          • Ed  

            Whoops, you lost me at “right, far right and fascist”.


            You see, fascists and national socialists are socialists.


          • Henrik Larsen

            You are right, the political “periodic table” is a collar, not a line going left-right, coming together very nicely at both ends in the fascist and communist socialism joint.

          • Mike Samuibungy

            In fairness, fascism and socialism are not the same mate- they are almost mirror opposites. National socialism is a type of fascism but it is not a type of socialism (that’s a bit like saying the DRC or DRK are democratic just because they say so). The use of the word ‘socialism’ is handy because of its connotations of power sharing, community organisation, worker ownership etc (which are really communist ideals) and is used to manipulate people into accepting fascism. The communist/ socialist regimes of the past that we may identify (Leninist or Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Khmer Rouge Cambodia and the National ‘Socialists of the Nazis…) all fail to live up to ANY communist or socialist ideals and so are only regarded as communist because that is what them leaders wanted it to be called. Now, that being said… some would argue that to achieve a communist society you need to increase the powers of the state leading to the road to fascism (Hayek talked about this) but that is a theory. We have yet to have a society where the workers owned the places of work (and shared in the profits), produced their own food and all they needed etc locally for cost price and power was shared in a truly democratic way… that is communism (socialism is not this far).. we literally have never done that… or, it’s not been recorded for thousands of years at least. As for Australia.. it is probably the same as the U.S and Britain.. the left has been destroyed by a media owned by billionaires and a political class/ elite dependent on billionaires.. there is no left anymore.

          • Ed  

            Gotta give the left credit; they’ve expended an awful lot of effort hiding from their association with the national socialists. I’d say you’ve bought a number of their sleights of hand.

      • Inessa

        Pretty much all stations in Australia are. This is the problem when people complain that Jews conflate antisemitism with anti-Zionism. It is not antisemitic to criticize Israel or Israel’s policies. It is antisemitic to single the only Jewish state out for manipulative demonization. It would be like someone was talking about their experience at Pearl Harbour and the image was of the Hiroshima bomb explosions.

        • Henry Picklebottom

          I find this type of rhetoric all too common today: ‘if you criticise US without criticising THEM at the same time then you are biased and [insert ad hominem attack] [insert abject failure to respond to critique]’. It’s a neat formula for shutting down intelligent debate. I hate to say it, Inessa, but you just volunteered for the forces of ignorance. I respectfully urge you to reconsider your position if peace and tolerance are your true ambitions.

    • ShirlinOz

      Thank you for this. I was about to suggest the same.

  • Dick Mackintosh

    Oh dear have the Goyim been defaming the chosen people again?

    • TNT

      At least they ARE people, unlike the Muslim vermin you champion.

      • Samson

        Do you think the Palestinian doctors co-operating with Israelis in Project Rozana are vermin? Matching the idiocy of anti-semitism with the total dehumanization of people into ‘vermin’ is tragic. Do better.

        • TNT

          No. F*ck off.

          • Samson


    • Shorne

      Why have you named yourself after a condom?

    • Samson


    • Damaris Tighe

      Antisemites are like people with a tik under their skin: it’s always there & they can’t resist scratching it.

    • L.S.

      What has this got to do with the original article? The doctor is proud of the task she has undertaken and is angry that it was misrepresented by the footage on Channel 7. That’s all.

  • sebastian2

    “starkly totalitarian in ideology with a foundational tenet of subjugating democracy” and ” cosmic enmity to all Jewish”. If you reject this, you reject a large part of mohammedism’s core doctrine. You cannot, then, be an observant, practising mohammedan. You have departed from the creed in all but name. Mazal tov and keep up the good work in hospitals.

    • Samson

      You can be observant without being fundamentalist. All the Christians who ignore Jesus’ command to give all of their wealth to the poor, which is every well-off or rich Christian on earth, are still able to be an observant Christian.

      • Ross M

        Jesus didn’t command every one of his followers to give all of their wealth to the poor- he told a rich young man to do so. The point being that the man loved money more than God.

        • Ivan Ewan

          Correct – after all, wealth redistribution doesn’t have any place in the Ten Commandments – but worship of other gods/idols/institutions IS covered there, and the love of money does count.

          Also, Jesus at one point said that “the poor will always be with you”. We’ve also observed throughout the 20th century that when you take away wealth so that they end up with no more than anyone else, they have no real reason or resources to build things that people want to use, resulting in universal poverty.

          He also said “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s”, indicating that economics, taxation, and government authority are all concerns of mankind and of the world – further backed up by the statement “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

          Charity is a cherished principle of Christianity, and sacrificing all you have to save others is a theme that beats like a steady drum through the Bible – but there is no command that all men must give all their wealth to everyone else.

          Especially since it means, in a hypothetical 100% Christianity world, that every single person would be involved in an endless pipeline of money that nobody may actually have. And in a hypothetical 50% Christian, 50% Islamist world…. I don’t want to think about the implications of that, but it would be like foreign aid nowadays, but a thousand times worse.

      • sebastian2

        That means you are heedless of the fundamentals. Where mohammedism’s concerned, this is a very good thing – but it’s not Islamic. If anything, the lady is a good Samaritan. For that, we and those she serves, should be grateful.

      • Inessa

        Yes. My point was that neither Jews nor Christians pelt people with stones, even though it’s in the Okd Testament.

    • Inessa

      I suspect not all of Islam is concerned with attitude to Jews or other infidels. I’m quite sure there is much more there to focus on. The Old Testament has lots of violent stories and commandments, but it’s Israel’s neighbours and not Jews who are refining stoning.

      • Damaris Tighe

        The rabbis reformed stoning away 2000 years ago.

  • EricHobsbawmtwit

    Sue them.

    • Kennybhoy

      Agreed. This is WAY beyond a regulatory matter. Way beyond civil law even. This sort of thing should actually be a criminal offence punishable by massive fines and imprisonment.

  • Penny

    This is dire, but I have seen hints of it elsewhere. I have also seen TV stations showing clips that, had they the time to check them out, would have revealed a rather less honest scene than is conveyed by the images.

    I hope you are able to find other online sources who will publish your article.

  • Bonkim

    Channel 7 is Scum! Remember the fake interview with the Queen that resulted in the doctor involved committing suicide.

    • Samson

      Wasn’t that a radio station that did the fake Queen phone call?

      • Bonkim

        Yes someone feigning to be the Queen calling the Nursing Home.

        • Esther

          That was Radio station 2 Day FM not Channel 7

          • Bonkim

            Thanks – similar episode.

          • Inessa

            Similar only in that it was from Australia. It was an ill-conceived joke with very unintentional consequences. One of the presenters resigned over it. The fallout was massive – all over the world. The presenters and the station apologized profusely, sent money to the family, and definitely did not claim to have been in the right. Here, the presentation was completely deliberate, no one apologized, and the only fallout has been for Qanta

          • Bonkim

            Don’t trust the media – they are there to get jazzy copy and readers/viewers. Dog eats man is not news but man eats dog is.

          • Bob Hope

            I don’t like to be a pedant amid this light and airy discussion, but I think you will find that a dog eating a man would make the news headlines.

          • Bonkim

            Yes – in China or Viet Nam man eating dog is not news.

          • Bob Hope

            Sorry Bonkim, I guess I thinking of Tring rather than Trang! I stand corrected.

          • Bob Hope

            Yes, Trang then but not in Tring.

          • Bonkim

            ‘You can always tell when a man’s well-informed. His views are pretty much like yours.’

    • Inessa

      That wasn’t channel 7.

  • Samson

    Very interesting article. Sad to hear of this exploitation. But I’m glad there is Palestinian-Israeli co-operation – I hadn’t heard of Project Rozana, sounds great.

  • Polly Radial

    Stitched up like a Kipper.
    Well, almost.

    • trace9

      Is that a cooking kipper you can smell, or just any fish.. Pity Thingy didn’t..

  • Richard

    It is quite simple: Islamism and Arabism are “cool’, whilst Judaism and Israel aren’t, and have never been. Jews are seen as nasty interlopers into somebody else’s country. History means nothing, especially when it goes against notions of “cool”.

    A fine example is that of slavery. It isn’t cool to think that blacks or other non-whites could ever be involved in this, excepting as slaves themselves. How often do you hear of the Barbary Pirates and the one-and-a-half million European slaves? How often do you hear of the white slave trade? How often do you hear of present-day slavery? How often do you hear about Turkish imperialism? Just recently, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan spoke out about the terrible imperialism of the West. Turkey!

    There is nothing to do with reason in any of this. It is all about what is fashionable. That is all.

    • Kennybhoy

      “… whilst Judaism and Israel aren’t, and have never been.”

      Utterly incorrect. Israel was VERY cool from 1948 until the end of the Mapai/ILP/Histradut hegemony in the late 70s/early 80s.

      • Damaris Tighe

        A sadly short interregnum before everything as usual again.

        • Kennybhoy

          Aye, the temporal proximity of HaShoah and the previously mentioned Mapai/ILP/Histradut hegemony pushed antisemitism underground for one short generation. Not for nothing is it known as the “eternal hatred”…

    • Michael Goldblatt

      The use of the word interlopers reminds me of the observation from a 19th century sociologist that then European instinctively regards the Jew as an alien intruder from another continent. I wonder whether the American is free of this instinct because Christopher Columbus was him self an alien intruder etc.

      • Inessa

        Slightly OT – it’s like some of the reports from Paris. There were 12 innocent brave French people or French journalists or cartoonists and policemen killed at Charlie Hebdo. Then there was the kosher supermarket – there were 4 hostages killed or 4 Jews or Jewish hostages. I’m not saying it’s antisemitic – it is quite correct that they were killed because they were Jews, but few reports said that another 4 French people or described them as French. Would it matter if they were born in France or had lived there for generations?even if they lived there for 300 years, they are Jews, not French whose religion is Judaism.

    • Samson

      Anti-semitism sadly continues on, and it’s an injustice that stretches back for centuries. But reducing everything down to fashion is a bit weird. Certainly there are handwringers who obsess about the brutalities done by, rather than to, their own nations throughout history, but they, like most people, think Ipods are fashionable, bad music, terrible films, stupidly expensive handbags and shoes. If Islam was cool or fashionable you’d be seeing a lot more people in hijabs, and they’d be sold in Topshop. The modern obsession with fashion leeches away at culture, because people stop reading and stare mindlessly at their Iphone for ten hours a day instead. In that way, fashion does also contribute to idiot kids likening Israel to Nazi Germany or whatever, because it helps make them stupid. That doesn’t make any religion fashionable, though. Centuries old, or millenia old, religions tend not to bring the coolness factor, not least because those religions don’t exactly court coolness. “Hey kids, wanna worship God for a few hours and read some ancient texts? I hear the kids are really down with it these days!” … “I would but I’m replaying Halo, sorry gramps.”

  • The Great Satan™

    Dr. Qanta Ahmed, you’re a champion and as a Jew I thank you for your words and courage. Despite the despicable actions of the lowlifes at W.S., I’m sure your humanity and compassion overshadowed the recycled islamist propaganda. Over a dozen conflicts on the globe have a common denominator: radical islamists. Yet you have those so deluded and intellectually illiterate that they see Israel/Jews as a greater threat. It’s an anti-Semitic psychosis.

    During an Israeli/Palestinian conflict some years ago I was reading an American blog and there were over 50,000 comments, the vast majority of which were by Jew hating leftists, nazis, and assorted trash. I began commenting at these people and received a flurry of anti-Semitic slurs. Soon a Muslim joined me in attacking the vile leftwing Jew haters. The Muslim was making fantastic points and courageously revealed he was an Egyptian professor and named the university he taught at. One of his comments was “if a Muslim extends his hand out in peace to a Jew he will receive a thousand hands in return.” There are amazing Muslims out there like the professor and Dr. Ahmed, unfortunately you have Westerners that want to silence these voices as much as the islamists. Its an unholy alliance between jihadists and leftists.

    “”The Romans in full view of the crowds in the Coliseum were
    going to feed a Jew to the lions. They dug a hole five feet deep, put in the
    Jew standing up and buried him to his neck, so that only his head was above
    ground. They then let out the lion that was starved for two days. The lion with
    his mouth drooling went straight for the Jew and circled his prey before eating
    it. When it got close, the Jew bit it. It yelped and ran away. From the stands
    of the Coliseum, someone screamed, “Jew, Fight Fair!””

    • global city

      The Left exploits the Palestinians in the most appalling way….but this is typical of the way they use all of their ‘interest groups’.

      they are merely indulging in a secular variant of collecting souls, which they believe will bring down the west when enough are counted. They are mental but evil.

      • Grace Ironwood

        “The secular version of collecting souls”

        An interesting, pithy analysis.

        Many women don’t feel like feminism is anything but another front for the left. Ditto Palestine, ditto LGBT rights, even racism – now captured by the left – all have one thing in common- the destruction of Western Values.

    • Grace Ironwood

      The Eygyptians seem like the hope for rational Islam at present, despite their heavy hand directed at the brotherhood.

      See Sisi’s speech on radicalisms threat to the Umma.

      Someone’s gotta do the the dirty work.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Thank you for reminding me of the Jew in the Coliseum joke: I’ve always wanted to use it when replying to the idiots who bleat about how Israel prosecuted the war with Hamas.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Thank you for reminding me of the joke in your final paragraph. I always want to use it when posters bleat on about the way Israel prosecuted its war with Hamas.

    • Henry Picklebottom

      I fear you might be somewhat misinformed about Australian leftism. I am Australian and consider myself a “lefty”. The lefties I associate with universally support cultural and religious tolerance, reasoned diplomacy and the great Australian institution (real or imagined!) of a “fair go” for all. They are the least likely people I know to hold anti-semitic views and they are vocally critical of violence, including islamist jihad. I’ll balance this by saying many of the Australian “righties” in my acquaintance share similar values. I fear your views might be based on foreign observations and, at best, simply don’t apply to the story at hand. At worst they risk fostering a false dichotomy here in my country. I’d be glad to correspond with you if you world like to know more (I’d be interested to know more about ostensible pro-jihad leftism – sounds like quite a problem?), but at the very least I can assure you that none of my Aussie lefty friends would support media manipulation or your reported “unholy alliance”! Thanks.

  • Esther

    Thank you for this article Qanta Ahmed. Your anger is palpable and completely justifiable. Thank you also not only for the great work you’re doing, but for exposing these media lowlifes.

  • Ivan Ewan

    Qanta, your work is a blessing to the world. If I thought I could save the world, I would say that I believe yours is the Real Islam. But then I wouldn’t be telling the truth.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” – Jesus, the the 8th and 9th of the Beatitudes.

    But that is Christianity. In Islam:

    “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other.” – Koran 5:51

    You found the act of working together for a common good to feel instinctively right. In Judaism and Christianity, God wants people to be happy and free.

    In Islam, if something Allah commands feels bad or shameful, it’s always a case of “Allah knows best”.

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    I suppose technically , what seems like the loss of control of this “goodwill”, might be prevented by recording the interview as it happened and even uploading it, as they say, into the public space, as it happens. this would be for the purposes of personal accountability to one and all.

    Of course every proverbial crow and viper could have a go at the data thus made available..but the real goodwill bit is truly incorruptible and shines through eventually anyway. So hey! it’s all good publicity.

  • zoid

    dr.ahmed, i’d never heard of your project prior to reading this, but think that you are a wonderful example of the good that co-operation can bring and a shining example of humanity.

    people like you give me hope for this world.

  • Robert Lipschitz

    Well written and well said. We face a battle between rationality and darkness.

  • Perseus Slade

    If the Israelis and Palestinians woke up one morning forgetful of religion, they would not have anything left to fight about.

    • Inessa

      Hate may be based in religion but then takes on its own life. It’s like chronic pain that persist long after the injury healed. Just like Hitler, many Palestenians don’t care what the Jews believe in.

  • Perseus Slade

    “Muslim humanist” WOW

  • global city

    Respect to you Quanta Ahmed.

  • Marigold

    Shame on Sunrise

  • concerned whiteman

    does not suprise. QATAR probably own a stake in it .

  • teepee

    So, multiculturalism’s latest squeeze, but can someone who writes ‘…neither anti-Semitism nor anti-Zionism have basis in Islam’ really be trusted?’ Wafa Sultan/Ayaan Hirsi she is not.

    • Inessa

      In some ways, she is better – to promote an existing model of co-existence, mutual respect, working together, demonstrates what peace actually looks like. Strongly speaking out against the other side doesn’t provide solutions! In the case of BDS, it causes destruction of peaceful co-existence and absolutely no possibility of mutual benefit.

    • justsomeone

      But she, at least, is a practicing Muslim who is against these things, and by speaking to Muslims can do a lot of good. Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are spectacular but can hardly influence practicing Muslims.

      • teepee

        I prefer that we speak the truth – to Muslims and each other.. Asserting that anti-Semitism has no basis in Islam implies she is disingenuous, or ignorant of her own faith. How trustworthy is such a person?

        • justsomeone

          She seems very trustworthy to me. And she doesn’t hide that the problem is wide-spread and endemic.

  • Read some history

    Thank you Qanta Ahmed — a rare heroine of our times.

  • annie baker

    Sadly our breakfast shows have been hijacked by the left. And sadly, the people who watch them, believe them. Please believe we are not all like that. Most like to hear both sides of the story, and I feel for Israel, a democracy trapped between madness. My apologies again.

  • Sara Finn

    Thank you Dr Qanta Ahmed. You are a great example to everyone for speaking the truth even though it may be difficult or even dangerous for you. I am a physiotherapist who works in hospitals and old age homes in Israel. I have worked alongside many wonderful Muslim Drs, nurses, physios and care assistants and have treated many lovely Muslim patients over the years. There has always been excellent coexistence between all religions wherever I have worked. This is something that you never see in any news broadcast anywhere.
    Please continue to pursue the truth and your great work with project Rozana because the world needs to hear that Israelis are not as bad as they are portrayed in the media.
    Thank you!!!

  • Pelo Nord

    I know from friends in Israel and Palestine that there’s much co-operation in medicine as well as business and education. Not what the racist left want to hear though.

    Keep up the great work Qanta – all the very best to you and your colleagues.

  • Tony Jacobs

    Probably the most important article to be written on Islamism, the Arab conflict with Israel and the institutional anti Semitism/Zionism of Western media.

  • Andrew O’Keefe

    Dear Qanta

    Our names are Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright, and we were the hosts who interviewed you on Weekend Sunrise. We were also partially behind the decision to invite you on to our show, having read about and admired your work for some time. It is with great sadness, and some surprise, that we now read your article “A Muslim’s Ambush: How I was stitched up by Australian breakfast TV”.

    We both recall very fondly that you took the time, on the day, to remark upon the very pleasing content andconduct of the interview in question. As you said in the interview itself, it was “refreshing”. And indeed, anyone who watches the
    interview could only conclude that we were very sympathetic to your points
    about Islamism, very interested in exploring the profound ethical and
    humanitarian collaboration between doctors of different backgrounds at
    Hadassah, and very open to your discussion of Israel as a liberal pluralistic

    Your suggestions that you were somehow set up as a stooge, that you were in any way “ambushed” or exploited, or that our producer Iman had anything other than your best interests at heart in constructing the segment, are completely false. We have known and worked with Iman for some time now, and she is a woman of the highest integrity and the most inquiring disposition. We also know that oursegment producer Roy was never asked by the intermediary at the Israeli Embassy (through whom the interview was organized) to provide you with any questions prior to the day of the interview. Though, given that you were in Australia to promote Project Rozana for Hadassah, and given your very public stance on Islamism, it was more than reasonable to expect that the interview would centre on those topics, which is precisely what it did. What’s more, it did so in a way that was extremely sympathetic to you and the Project and which gave great exposure for your work and your views. (Please also note that the “Maddy” to whom you referred in your article was not a producer, as you state, but our
    guest-greeter. She has no involvement in the construction of the

    Your objection to the segment appears largely to be centred around the overlay footage of the Gaza conflict which accompanied some of your responses. Some of the footage we used showed children in Palestinian hospitals without referencing the conflict at all. Other parts of the footage was, perhaps, too bluntly illustrative of tensions between Muslim and Jewish populations in Israel and Palestine, on which so much of the Islamist hostility you discussed is based. And admittedly, we did use some footage that was inappropriate to what you were discussing at the exact moment it was played, but was very illustrative of what had been discussed prior to its display i.e. the grave injuries, both psychological and physical, sustained by children as a result of ongoing conflicts between Israel and Palestine. This was merely an issue of timing and was in no way intended to cast you as “tool serving the malignant media construct of a two-dimensional anti-Semitic caricature of Zionism”. There was nothing “deliberate” or “opportunistic” about it. As a “veteran media commentator” you must know that, from time to
    time, especially when the hosts veer off script to follow a particular train of thought of the guest, the wrong vision goes up at the wrong time. For that, I apologise. Sometimes these things happen on morning television.

    But taken as a whole, we cannot see how any reasonable person could argue that we exploited you in any way. Indeed, the comments from our viewers afterwards demonstrated that your position was taken for exactly what it is. To
    suggest that we came with any agenda, either designed to promote Hamas or to
    debase you, is insulting in the extreme. It also shows an absence of inquiry into our long record of promoting reasoned discussion, even when the tone of that discussion cuts across the prevailing orthodoxies. I encourage all readers of your article to watch the segment and judge for themselves: https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/25585233/the-muslim-supporting-israel/

    Finally, we are perplexed that a person of your high ethical standards would see fit to publish this article without first raising your concerns with our production. To impugn our show and our staff publicly and in such a hostile and defamatory fashion based solely on your own preconceptions about supposed media bias is plainly unethical.

    We have here apologized for our minor mistake. You should seriously
    consider apologizing for your baseless and libelous comments against our staff.

    Having said that, we continue to admire your work very much, and we wish you every success with Project Rozana in future. For our part, we will continue to promote a nuanced view of Israel and the Israel-Palestine conflict, as well as to de-couple Islam from Islamism in all our reportage, as we have always sought to do.


    Andrew O’Keefe & Monique Wright
    Weekend Sunrise, Seven Network Australia

    • Historicus

      “But taken as a whole, we cannot see how any reasonable person could argue that we exploited you in any way”
      What a load of hokum. A shred of decency would have at the very least caused Qanta to be asked if she agreed to the videos being added.
      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Qanta has a right to be offended and you should be ashamed of yourselves. She was indeed set up

      Can you imagine the response from Abbott if you had interviewed him and shown simultaneously clips of his false promises prior to the election. Peta would have had you for breakfast

      • Inessa

        Why would you expect her to raise her concerns with you in private, when you saw fit to to display those images without consulting her. This was not just an issue of timing. The foundation raises money for treatment of seriously ill Palestinian children at Hadassa hospital and for training of Palestenian doctors so that more care can be provided in hospitals in Palestinian territories. It is not care specific to the Gaza conflict. There could be a multitude of images you could have shown of Hadassa hospital and Palestenian children receiving treatment at Hadassa hospital and of Arab and Jewish doctors and nurses working together. As it was, the interview was fine, but the images, both the timing and lack of any context, almost made a mockery of what she was saying. Can you imagine talking to one of the hostages of the Lindt cafe, after the siege, and cutting to a video of the police storming the cafe and shooting Manis without providing the background information about the siege and the fact that he took then hostage. Imagine this in the setting of there having been many articles about police brutality recently.
        By being a practicing Muslim and speaking out against Islamists and even being pro-Israel, she is already taking major risks with her very life from these Islamist extremists. By speaking positively of the work an Israeli hospital is doing to help Palestinian children while you show images of devastation in Gaza but without the context of thousands of rockets fired from Gaza, an extremist would think she is promoting the destruction of Gaza. Your interview was good, but you know about the picture being worth 1000 words. There is no excuse in you thinking it’s a minor timing error.

    • Inessa

      My comment below was to you but I must have accidentally posted to the commenter who replied to you first.

    • cba

      I hope you will read and take to heart the excellent response of Inessa.

    • L_King

      “Finally, we are perplexed that a person of your high ethical standards
      would see fit to publish this article without first raising your
      concerns with our production”

      A direct contrast no doubt to your own extremely low ethical standards in not informing Dr. Quanta of your intent to exploit her presence to construct a propaganda piece. And now you have the unmitigated gall to criticize her for doing what you denied her on your program – the right to frame a response.

    • L_King

      One should also take you to task for two dumba## statements in your “interview”. Unlike the Jews, the Palestinians are not facing threats of genocide, nor are southern Christians in the US trying to “stamp out Judaism”.

      Then again, interviewers on morning television are rarely selected for their intelligence, rather it’s their supposed affability. Nor should people hold you necessarily responsible for the inserted clips.

    • justsomeone

      Perhaps you can devote hours to showing pictures of devastation in the neighborhoods and towns of the Islamic State, bombed by Britain and America. We’ve seen a few images, which are indistinguishable from the buildings in Gaza. You can ask the Islamic State for more footage. They’ll be glad to oblige once they understand you’ll use this footage to their advantage in an effort to end the assault on the Islamic State. They’ll be thrilled. Tell them you’re particularly interested in footage of the injured brought to hospital, especially when they’re not wearing military uniform, and that they’re to send as much footage of children on stretchers as possible. Tell them not to let any of that invaluable footage get away, as you’ll happily broadcast it for hours, aligning your attitude to the West’s actions with your line on Israel’s actions. Since you’re surely not hypocrites, I’ll hold my breath till you begin broadcasting this material.

      • Andrew O’Keefe

        Well yes, we’ve covered that extensively too. You can stop holding your breath.

        • justsomeone

          Every single day, just like you presumably did with Gaza? I doubt it.
          And breaking news anytime people die in the British and American bombings attacks on the Islamic State?
          The West bombs every day, all day, day after day, so it’s possible to report on it repeatedly every day, several times a day, and to show footage of people on stretchers in the Islamic State, injured by the West’s bombs every day. Just like Gaza back in their war.
          We certainly haven’t been seeing that on Sky or on the BBC.
          Of course, the media has an excuse of not showing footage of people on stretchers because they have no reporters in the Islamic State, but ISIS will be happy to provide you with such footage every day if they’ll know you’ll put it to good use.

      • Henry Picklebottom

        justsomeone I have to ask: would you support a cessation of attacks against IS? Would you support a dissolution of the Israel-US-UK alliance? Because your comment really only makes sense if you would. But I suspect you wouldn’t: i suspect you are a victim of the “two wrongs make a right” fallacy I commented about earlier in response to Inessa.

        • justsomeone

          What I’ve done is point out that your coverage regarding people killed in Syria and Iraq by Britain and America should surely be as extensive as your coverage in Gaza was. Equal treatment. Either your coverage of deaths in Gaza should have been similar to your coverage of deaths in Syria and Iraq now or vice versa, your coverage now should involve zooming in on death and injury at the hands of British and American forces every day, several times a day, with the same shrill voice, the same grave intonations, the same images (endlessly repeated) of people carried on stretchers, filling the news.
          The same platform that you offered Hamas ought to be given to IS to rubbish us. You either have to do it now, just as you did then, or else you shouldn’t have done it then, just as you don’t now.

          This isn’t – or shouldn’t be – about whether you like Hamas (which is a Jihadist group) and hate IS (another Jihadist group), nor about whether you support a cessation of attacks against IS.
          . You ought to be unbiased reporters, not political activists trying to engineer social change. You can be one or the other, not both. When you try to be both, you betray the public’s trust and manipulate the public as much as you manipulate the news.

  • Inessa

    They should definitely be sued, and not just because they completely misrepresented the fantastic work that Dr Ahmed does. There is a much bigger problem with this. As Dr Ahmed pointed out, being a Muslim and speaking out against Islamism publicly, and moreover speaking in support of Israel means she is taking a real risk on her life. By showing those images completely out of context, channel 7 is encouraging incitement against Israel, as surely as Hamas or PA do. By pairing those images with Dr Ahmed speaking in support of Israel, creates the impression that she actively supports violence against Palestinians without any other context. People have got death threats for less. Channel 7 have a lot to answer for.

  • Rafael24

    Dr Qanta Ahmed, you presented very well, and it was encouraging to hear about this important Hadassah hospital initiative, where Australia is playing a positive role. Your initiative needs to be heard, and plays a positive role in Israel / Palestinian interaction. I continue to be astounded at the Israeli willingness to provide medical support to the Palestinians, even to a grandson of the Hamas leader, and to Syrians as well.

    You are correct that the film footage was outrageous and inappropriate, although your message still came through well. To juxtapose your comments about the constructive effort with bombed out buildiings was particularly blatant. It is a classic reminder of Gaza war interview manipulations where Israelis are aggressively quizzed and their comments linked to footage of wounded Gazans – cognitive dissonance, where the pro-Palestinian visual narrative will outweigh any pro-Israel words. We are fighting a Leftist Islamist Alliance (LLL) and you are a very positive force.

    Having said that, I would be more cynical about the ABC and Fairfax than Channel 7 Sunrise. Maybe I am naive, but your interviewers seemed genuine even if the editor and footage were cut maliciously. I don’t know if you had relevant film footage that you gave the TV people. If you did so, and they chose to show this instead, it would be particularly egregious.

    We’re delighted that Australia recently voted on Israel’s side in a Security Council resolution. The vote was particularly ironic since Australia’s position on the Security Council was thanks to Bob Carr’s efforts, who would not nearly have been as supportive if Labor was still in power.

    Reason and good-will won out there, and it will also do so with your important efforts.

  • cba

    You can donate to Project Rozana here http://www.projectrozana.org/rozana-story.html

  • pacificwaters

    What I don’t get is, as an intelligent, educated women you can read the koran and many of the hadiths yet remain an “observing muslim.”

  • sjajames

    Well done for coming forward, this happens in nearly every western media publication and newsreel

  • Andrew O’Keefe

    Oh my Lord. Seriously, did ANY of you watch the interview??

    We invited Dr Ahmed on the show (when none of the other mainstream media were going anywhere near her), for the express purpose of promoting her work with Rozana and Hadassah. We did so because we felt she was a person who sought to sew unity among discord, a notion that has always been central to the ethos of our programme. We spent eight minutes joyously celebrating her work and investigating her views on Islamism. She herself called the interview “refreshing”.

    Okay, there was some poor decision-making re some of the overlay. It was clunky. Fair cop. But only people determined to see a conspiracy where none exists, only people whose world view is perverted by paranoia, could claim that we were ‘out to get’ her. We deeply admired Dr Ahmed.

    Yes, we use the term ‘Palestine’ as a historical and notional reference to the homelands of the Palestinian people. Yes, we referred to Christian persecution of Jews in the US (anyone remember the KKK? Anyone remember the numerous synagogue and holocaust memorial attacks over the last 20 years??).

    But if what we did constitutes unethical behaviour, and spitting in the face that seeks to do you a favour constitutes ethical behaviour, then the task of peace seems hopeless. This ‘debate’ does a disservice to the aims and values which Dr Ahmed, and we, seek to promote.

    Btwm, I did provide the whole interview to The Spectator, but if you’d like to see out for yourself, google “Qanta Ahmed weekend sunrise the muslim supporting israel”

    Shalom everyone.

    Andrew O’Keefe

    • vildechaye

      I watched it. I think “poor decision-making re some of the overlay” has to qualify as an extremely serious understatement. The film had nothing, zero, zip to do with what she was discussing, and everything to do with someone’s predetermined notions about “suffering in Gaza.” When she’s talking about collaboration between physicians, the images are of bombed out buildings without people anywhere. Later, longlasting shots of the separation barrier while she’s discussing something that has nothing to do with the wall. That’s a bit more than just poor decision making. It’s actually purposeful, political and extremely biased. I don’t blame your or your co-host, who did a reasonable job (other than your false equivalence about Christianity in the South and Islamic extremism: after all, how many journalists or Jews have southern Christians murdered lately?)

  • redwood05090

    Got to know beforehand what type of characters you deal with.
    media is no place for amateurs. Dr.’s know about health
    but little about media subversion, propaganda and
    exploitation of the media to dive a narrative.

  • Chaos Noir

    Our morning shows are a joke.

  • Arfons Glockenspiel

    The interviewers were straight. It’s the side-by-side visuals that are dishonest. And on a live show, that is the call of the director in the control room. THAT is the person whose agenda-driven sabotage of a quite enlightening piece is grossly unprofessional, in fact despicable. Dr Ahmed’s issue is with the actions of that person (yes, probably one person, though it may be more than one) AND the channel that put that person in the position to, literally, call the shots.

  • Sean L

    Well said. Excellent penultimate paragraph.

  • P Mahone

    This woman is a bit of a howley-bag.

    Honestly, she got eight and a half minutes of clear air to put her case without any antagonistic questioning. She seemed to make valid points but her project is news in Australia, surely, because it runs against the background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to show what can’t have been more than a few seconds of one of its most controversial, and recognisable elements, the wall, is surely not out of order?

    The other footage, of people being delivered to hospital and operated on, fitted into her storyline. She was introduced as a “remarkable, courageous advocate for peace” and the story proceeded from there but, it was a story, not a paid advert that she had full editorial control over. That she has come to develop such expectations of the media is worrying, to put it mildly.

    • guest

      Yay… finally someone with some sense. Thank you P Mahone

  • John

    Wow! They’re not a news outfit they’re a PR firm for Hamas

  • Alastair_Gordon

    Liberalism will be the death of all that Liberalism claims to hold dear.

  • Todebate

    I think this goes to the naivety and lack of professionalism of Australian media….They just don’t get nor make an effort to understand the broad context and complexities of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. Rather, they simply tow the line of Western media which is leftist in its thinking. It works along the lines of protecting the supposed ‘underdog’ which makes good television, radio, newspaper coverage etc:….The showing of inappropriate footage during the interview smacks of unprofessionalism at best and hidden agendas at worst…..Shame Aussie media. Get your act together and do your assigned jobs as balanced social commentators.

  • That’s why I don’t watch Sunrise.

  • Alana Smith

    This kind of media mongering has to stop. It has to stop because it promotes the wars the murders the inability to co exist when people do really try to make a change for the best, this is not a show that has an intelligent agenda, it is a show where a woman was utilised to make egos swell with the final output, an output which is a total lie. Not once did they take into play just how much these doctors and scientists in the last few years have worked together and passed to us amazing medical and technical advances in medicine – shame on them, they are grubs.

  • Jeff McCormack

    All these discussion won’t disguise the fact that the creation of the Jewish state, and most of the Arab nations were mistakes. Once the west fiddled with a ‘no go zone’ like the Middle East, the whole area was doomed, in the same way that Afghanistan will never function as well. We should have left them to sort out their own problems, but we had to first colonise them, then exploit them and then leave them to either fall apart, or survive under autocracies. The mistakes made in the past can never be undone and will inevitably snowball until the whole world will be permanently destabilised by the non-functioning states and conflicts. I admire what she does, but it is a drop of water on a hot stone.

  • Austin

    Don’t fret, most Australian viewers won’t have made the connection. The substance of your interview will override the images mistakenly portrayed. Sure the interviewers were out of their depth, but I wouldn’t take that personally.

  • bullet2354

    All media from Gaza is completely faked…. Just look up ‘photoshopped news’ and you will see for your self. Truth is of no value to those barbarians.

  • Lauren

    The program you appeared on is the weekend sunrise program – unlike the weekday version, the weekend edition is often simply a platform for the unbelievable arrogant and obnoxious presenter Andrew O’Keefe and his dim witted side kick Monique to air their extremely biased and, yes, thoroughly left wing opinions to a national audience. It is an appalling breakfast show which only serves in letting the host spew his vile political rhetoric and insinuate anyone who doesn’t agree with him is moronic. He talks over the top of guests and uses his ego to determine what goes to air – as an ex lawyer it appears he has everyone at that station bluffed. Andrew O’Keefe is a disgrace as a media personality and should be removed from air in this format. I am sorry that your messages were overshadowed and manipulated by his need to spread his opinions. But you are not alone, unfortunately. He makes a habit of it!

  • madethatway

    Yes, the rest of the thinking world really should be warned about Sunrise.

    Be it the weekday or weekend version – it’s a festering pit of verbal and visual sewerage presented by what appear to be simpletons; loud-mouthed, opinionated, self-aggrandizing, hags.

    Specializing in gossip, personal judgments and sarcastic opinions about total strangers are fed to the public – and that’s after fabricating and presenting their idea of what they think passes for ‘news’.

    It appears that nobody’s ever informed them that fabricated news isn’t actually ‘news’ – it’s just gossip and s**t stirring.

    I think one can safely assume they’d all leap off the nearest cliff in a heartbeat – like any other gathering of sheople – particularly the bald twit who seems to be under the delusion that he’s somehow relevant but who asks, “how high?” when his master pats him on his shiny cue-ball and tells him to ‘jump’.

    Perhaps the most grating of all are the loud-mouthed females – who sound just like a barn yard of screeching cackling chickens – also, it seems, under the same delusion that they’re somehow relevant.

    That, in a nutshell, is the Sunrise program – on any day of the week – in my opinion and judgment.

  • Butseriously

    The entire conflict was initiated by Christians. The Balfour Corruption, the White Paper, creation of Jordan, West Bank and Arab Palestinians. Silence, if not full support by Christians will not surprise.