What The Theory of Everything doesn’t tell you about Stephen Hawking

Based on his first wife’s memoir, the film refuses to tell her complicated and disturbing story

10 January 2015

9:00 AM

10 January 2015

9:00 AM

Stephen Hawking is a misogynist; and also, quite possibly, a narcissist. You wouldn’t know it from watching The Theory Of Everything, the new biopic from Working Title, in which you are invited only to weep when he discovers he has motor neurone disease at 21, and then marvel at his achievements in physics. It goes wild on the obvious cognitive dissonance of Hawking’s life and work — trapped in his body, yet transported in his mind to the stars.

I cried as Eddie Redmayne — as Hawking — falls, rises and is redeemed with medals too numerous to type; he is very good, but he only goes where the script allows him. But I do not like being manipulated by cinema, unless I know I am being manipulated; and Working Title is usually Steven Spielberg transported to the UK — all sudsy soap and sticky emotion. I am still angry that The Imitation Game, which was supposed to honour the mathematician Alan Turing, managed instead to call him a traitor. It stuck a Soviet spy in his hut, made him blackmail Turing, and he went along with it for fear of being outed as homosexual; less tribute than fiction.

So I read the book this film was based on. It is a memoir by Jane Wilde, Hawking’s wife of 30 years, and it is called Travelling to Infinity. (‘Infinity’, in this case, means ‘divorce’.) She wrote an earlier, angrier memoir, Music to Move the Stars; but this is now ‘revised’. Hawking too has written a memoir — My Brief History. This would never make a film, because it is too brief. It is almost an absence. So the film-makers turned to Jane for their story. They have used her shoddily.

Jane knew Hawking might not live long when they married in 1965. The original prognosis was two years. Even so, they made a home, they travelled to conferences abroad, they had three children. She abandoned her scholarly ambitions — the medieval lyric poetry of the Iberian peninsula, if you care, and he didn’t — to support his. Her sacrifice deserves thanks, but no thanks came; when he became the youngest fellow of the Royal Society at 32, he made a speech, but he did not mention his wife. And why would he? She had become ‘chauffeur, nurse, valet, cup-bearer, and interpreter, as well as companion wife’; that common ghost that haunts university cities — ‘a physics widow’. (Jane notes that Albert Einstein’s first wife, Mileva, named ‘physics’ as the co-respondent in her divorce proceedings.) In Cambridge in the 1960s, she writes, ‘The role of a wife — and possibly a mother — was a one-way ticket to outer darkness.’ The talents of the women around her had been ‘spurned by a system that refused to acknowledge that wives and mothers might be capable of an intellectual identity of their own’. This is the hinterland in which a disabled man became a master of the universe; and that is why I call Hawking a misogynist. He may be a talented, or even extraordinary, physicist, but he was a very ordinary husband of his own space and time. He repeatedly refused Jane’s requests for more assistance caring for him. Would he have done more for her, if he could? I doubt it.

Eddie Redmayne stars as Stephen Hawking

Jane began to ‘lose her identity’, although she tried not to. She continued her studies; she sang in a choir; she cared for their children. It was essential, she says, not to abandon them for their father, who used his oldest son, Robert, as nurse and helpmeet from the age of nine; she insists that they are a family and no person is more important than another, even if Hawking yearned for ‘a pedestal’ and wanted her to travel everywhere with him, which she would not do, because she would not leave the children. Hawking resented this; why could he not be a king in his family, when strangers — especially after the publication of his bestseller A Brief History of Time in 1988 — were so adoring? Things became worse after he became world-famous, because people believed he had ‘beaten’ motor neurone disease and the family lived without struggle. This denial extended to his own parents, who would not help Jane; any plea for assistance, she writes, was interpreted as ‘disloyalty’.

The cruellest thing was his refusal to discuss his illness. ‘It was,’ she writes, ‘the very lack of communication that was hardest to bear.’ He insisted on ‘a facade of normality’; yet if he could not acknowledge his own suffering — he ‘never’ talked about the illness — how could he acknowledge hers? He was ‘a child possessed of a massive and fractious ego’, surrounded by a growing entourage of acolytes. Husband and wife became ‘master’ and ‘slave’. They famously fought about religion — he is an atheist, she a Christian, but this feels like a proxy argument. It was the illness that had become ‘a barrier of anguish between us’.

Her revenge on her ‘master’, the ‘all-powerful emperor’, was typical of the voiceless, in that it was passive-aggressive and unanswerable; she fell in love with an organist called Jonathan Jones, and invited him, apparently with her husband’s consent, to spend time with the family. (The relationship was, she insists, initially chaste; they are now married.) Hawking responded by further immersing himself in an entourage that worshipped him and reduced his family to ‘second-class’ citizens. He left Jane in February 1990; the next day he telephoned to invite her to be photographed to publicise the film of A Brief History of Time. He married his chief acolyte, his nurse Elaine Mason; later he divorced her.

Stephen Hawking and his former wife Jane attend the premiere of ‘The Theory of Everything’

Early in her book, Jane says Hawking identified with the hero of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, ‘cursed to roam the seas through storm and wind until he could find someone who would sacrifice herself for love of him’. And that was Jane Hawking’s experience of marriage; except she didn’t let herself drown. This is a story about disability and the wounds it cuts, although it is not the story you will see in The Theory of Everything.

I do not write to insult Professor Hawking. I wouldn’t have written this article at all, but Hawking has endorsed The Theory of Everything, so he must like the portrait of himself that it presents — and torn from his own wife’s furious memoir! To call the disabled saintly when they are not is as prejudiced as calling them sinful; and he of all people should know it. A genius Professor Hawking may be — what do I know of physics? — but he was, if you believe his wife, and I do — a very bad husband indeed.

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  • Bob Caruthers

    Stephen Hawking is a misogynist? Who cares. I’m more worried about the legions of bullying feminists who write silly articles like this.

    • Brogan75

      Same kind who gets annoyed by the shirt a young scientist is wearing after landing a probe on a comet.

      • justejudexultionis

        By ‘kind’ do you mean ‘woman’? If so, couldn’t you just write that instead?

        • Brogan75

          Can you read ? clearly i’m referring to “bullying feminists”

          • Walter Poe

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          • con

            never mind, you can’t have everything.

          • cfc912

            “I don’t have any counter points so let me imagine he has a small dick”

            Great job f@ggot

          • Leslie

            If the size of his penis is the deciding criteria for the validity of his argument then are you saying that no woman’s argument is valid because she has no penis at all?

          • Lisa W.

            yes but she has access to ahem alternatives and if hes got a wee willy, then wtf, end of haha

          • Walter Poe


          • Indra Blade

            No need to warn us you’re coming.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            nowadays a feminist could be a Swedish man, you know.;)

        • Solid Bow

          Lots of male feminists these days too

          • Ed_Burroughs

            Probably a few Jewish Nazis, back in the day.

          • nuncha

            yes hawkings is also hates jews. that makes him a nazi misogynist

          • Ed_Burroughs

            Capital ‘H, no ‘s’. What a pathetic comment. At the very least educate yourself of the fact that Jew hatred is not peculiar to Nazis; is he a Muslim perhaps?

          • nuncha

            Eddie I can assure you as a JEW that I know plenty so I would shut your mouth before you make yourself into any bigger bullshit. We are discussing the pig fucker hawkings not muslims or do you love the terrorists too like you love hawkings. Keep your shit straight. I promise you in school I went all the way.

          • Ed_Burroughs

            How can a man in his condition fuck pigs? Do try to keep up. Once again I must tell you that there is no ‘s’ in his name.

          • Lisa W.

            is his name not Steven? oh shit im on the wrong site altogether hahaha

          • Ed_Burroughs

            No, his name is not “not Steven”.

          • Lisa W.

            ok Mr Burroughs I have tried to see if that was even a valid point, (the 2nd one) considering it is more of a condescending smartass remark rather than a valid point, you said his name had no s but it clearly does so shame on you, then i see that you actually said you “must” tell someone again (implying its not the 1st time you have felt the need to try to prove your superiority over us commoners) Am I correct?
            ah ah…..
            Im not finished…. your original comment said “Do try to keep up. Once again I must tell you that there is no ‘s’ in his name”
            that got me thinking ‘what is this man trying to even say, no S? His friggin christian name begins with an S so it threw me sightly to see you claiming the S does not exist in his name….. Keep up now I can feel your interest waning I wont be long, I just wanted to say that your reply to me of “no, his name is not “not Steven” was both a waste of our time, because you admittedly said that there is no s in his name, at the end of the day you simply did not explain your point clearly enough, so to then try to shift your needsin my direction by making slight fun of me grants you the title of failed grammar Nazi, you are welcome 😀 xxx

          • Ed_Burroughs

            Calm down Dear!

          • Lisa W.

            bitty a dick then eh

          • Marie Benoit

            Men can’t be feminists.

          • Charlie

            Of course they can’t. Just like there were no white people at MLK’s Million Man March, there aren’t any straight people at gay pride rallies, and no human is allowed to stick up for animal rights. All of those categories that aren’t straight white men – respectively – have to do it alone.


          • Marie Benoit

            All men benefit from a system of male domination and female subjugation,
            whether they like it, or reject it, or not. A very small percentage of
            males with a social conscience will champion social justice causes,
            including feminism. This however, does not automatically make them “a
            feminist”, but a “feminist ally”, in the same way a white person working
            for black justice is an ally. This is in part because the ally is not
            part of that oppressed class of persons, and most probably comes from
            the group oppressing them. Feminist is also an honourific title,
            reserved for females, because it is the only social justice movement
            dedicated to females. It is a mark of respect (to the oppressed) to call
            yourself an ally, rather than appropriate that group’s term for

          • Kalie

            You’re a fucking idiot.

          • Marie Benoit

            You disagree with feminist theory therefore I am an idiot? Okay then.

          • Robby Cooper

            equal pay and rights is what feminist are about, we men are cool with being equals just when you take it to the next level of men are evil is when we start to get pissed.

            if you are talking about socially then stop being passive with people around you in real life and tell them to fuck off.

            but please spare us the people of the internet your fem nazi crap.

          • Into soul winter I fly

            No, it means women’s liberation from male violence and male supremacy aka patriarchy.

          • Whothehell Cares

            Your an idiot in your own right.

          • Robert Jones

            No, Kalie called you an idiot because you haven’t any proper education on the social dynamism of post-postmodernism.

          • Estwald

            All men benefit from a system of male domination and female subjugation…

            We only wish we did.

          • Victoria

            You’re not seeing, then. I don’t understand this defensiveness. I, as a white person, can see how being white has given me an advantage in housing and other areas; this awareness does not frighten me, so I don’t understand why a man would be so threatened by observing his status as compared to a woman’s. “Awareness” doesn’t even imply you have to do anything about the priviledge you benefit from, so what’s the big deal with seeing it for what it is?

          • Robert Jones

            Go tell that to a man that just lost everything after his wife cheated on him while he was trying to bring home the bacon. That’s what I thought. You haven’t a clue.

          • Victoria

            Finally, someone who makes sense.

          • Jennyvstheworld


          • Marie Benoit

            No. Men cannot be victims of sexism. Women have a right to our own liberation movement.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Your dogmatism is appalling. How can someone have a sense of all the nuanced contextual elements of social dynamics when their opinion is so narrow?

          • Marie Benoit

            This is only the basics. Every social theory as its principles to stand on.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Quite – good social theory and bad social theory. Theory that is based on false propositions will always be flawed.

          • Marie Benoit

            Of course someone with internalized misogyny will see the WOMEN’S lib movement as bad.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Women’s rights are extremely important. However, feminism is a dangerous cult that actually threatens women’s rights by maintaining divisive discourse based on identifying people only by their gender.

            The fact that normal members of society are now termed misogynists demonstrates how separate feminism now is from a society that does actually believe in women’s rights.

            The aggression feminists receive is not down to a hatred of women that raise their heads, as you believe; it is the natural reaction to arrogance and assumed moral superiority.

          • Marie Benoit

            You can’t believe in women’s rights and think a movement that focuses on women as a class is dangerous, lol.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Oh dear.

            To believe in women’s rights is to acknowledge that, within the many and varied contraventions of human rights that exist, there are some that affect women specifically – and, obviously, to be against that.

            Yes, feminism takes that dynamic as a starting point. However – despite various schisms and outliers – it has at its core a doctrine that has grown unchecked, fueled by (admittedly, well-meaning) obsessives that have largely abandoned critical reasoning. It is divisive and contrary, in that it reduces us all to classes and therefore actually reinforces the problems it sets out to combat. By reinforcing divisions, it also exacerbates many of the limiting beliefs and negative reinforcement that set women back in the first place.

            The doctrinal manner of feminist belief, and its lack of sophistication in some of its basic principles, start to become laid bare in those schisms I mentioned before. For example, a feminist principle concerns the concept of gender, and 9/10 feminists will quote Cordelia Fine as the sole authority on the issue these days. However, this concept has no real answer to the question of gender-dysphoria, immediately creating TERFS, because one can’t equally be a full card-carrying feminist and also support trans-rights. Another example would be the core belief that no one should ever tell a woman what to do with her body. But that throws up all sorts of issues when it comes to discussing the rights of the unborn child. In both these case, the feminist principles do not possess the ability to adapt across the spectrum of human dilemmas and that is why it is dangerous.

          • Bomvana Ka Ma-ntsundu

            Wow, took me a while to get your point but I’m getting it now and you’re right.

          • Radium

            Jenny, I’m not so sure that feminism was ever anything more than adolescent girl petulance manifested in adult women. I think much of the SJW narrative is similar. Logic, reason, and accountability are all absent.

          • Robert Jones

            And where are fathers in all this? They don’t get a say in their child’s life at all? You aren’t even suggesting men have rights to their children — which is true. They don’t. But you’re further enabling this idea as if it’s something to be proud of. Not having a father is nothing to boast about. It’s ruining children in the development of contemporary ethics. The world doesn’t revolve around women. But neither, does it revolve around men. It’s a two-way street. Always will be. Stop acting like this isn’t a problem. If you had no say over the right to life of your child, the entire female sex would be up in arms… But suddenly — it’s a no-brainer when it comes to a woman’s opinion? That’s class-A hypocrisy ladies. That’s unacceptable.

          • Turbosloth

            lol fuck off, whore.

          • James Barker

            Tell that to the men who commit suicide because it’s not ‘manly’ to show emotion and ask for help, and so it isn’t until it gets serious that other people notice that anything is wrong.

            Women are more oppressed as a group in general, however men are not completely unaffected by sexism. Also women can and do oppress other women.

          • Marie Benoit

            “Tell that to the men who commit suicide because it’s not ‘manly’ to show
            emotion and ask for help, and so it isn’t until it gets serious that
            other people notice that anything is wrong.”

            That ideal was created by men to prop up male supremacy. They have themselves as a class to blame.

          • Whothehell Cares

            And you have only your classless self.

          • Vuyisile Junior Sibeko

            “That ideal was created by men to prop up male supremacy. They have themselves as a class to blame.”

            Ladies and Gentlemen….Feminism!

          • Robert Jones

            Oppressed? Maybe universally, but not in the west… Not at all. Women have more rights than men, at the cost of men. I never knew of any “oppressors” to have less rights than the “oppressed”.

          • Estwald

            Women have a right to our own liberation movement.

            …as do men. We’ll leave you alone to have yours when you leave us alone to have our – non-feminist – movement.

          • Jennei

            Um, Excuse me, but yes, men can be feminists. Just as women can be chauvinistic.

            There is a difference, between fighting for equality, and fighting to oppress. and lately, women have been crossing that line in my opinion.

          • Estwald

            Men can’t be feminists.

            …and wouldn’t want to be.

          • Marie Benoit

            In the current circumstances of a patriarchy, all men benefit from a system of male domination and female subjugation, whether they like it, or reject it, or not. A very small percentage of males with a social conscience will champion social justice causes, including feminism. This however, does not automatically make them “a feminist”, but a “feminist ally”, in the same way a white person working for black justice is an ally. This is in part because the ally is not part of that oppressed class of persons, and most probably comes from the group oppressing them. Feminist is also an honourific title, reserved for females, because it is the only social justice movement dedicated to females. It is a mark of respect (to the oppressed) to call yourself an ally, rather than appropriate that group’s term for themselves.

            Most men however, do nothing towards female liberation, enjoying the privilege of male domination, even if they themselves are not violent enforcers of male domination. There are a small percentage of men dedicated to opposing feminists, and bolstering up the status quo of male domination, and perhaps increase it. These are MRAs, or “male rights activists” but they function more like a terrorist group against feminists. They are the political opposites, or ‘enemies’, of feminists and feminism.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Behold, a feminist has arrived to ‘femsplain’ her femsplainy view.

          • Marie Benoit

            “Femsplaining” is not a real thing because feminists are not a privileged group. Men are.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Being a pompous windbag is not only a ‘real thing’, but also a practice indulged in by a great many feminists, many of whom – even by your own interpretation – are hugely privileged.

            You are in possession of an opinion, albeit one that has been finely honed into group-think doctrine, but it remains only that. Just because, in your little exclusive cliques, you silence any criticism, does not make it any less than simply an opinion. When you foist that onto people, dismissing their own views, that makes you belligerent. Equating yourself by sex with the genuinely oppressed does not change that.

          • Marie Benoit

            You offer no evidence that feminists are a privileged group.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            Once again, you are pursuing an argument that exists only within the narrow confines of your own concepts. Concepts that other people disagree with.

          • Marie Benoit

            Women are not a concept, they are people. Oppression is not just an idea, it is a material reality.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            I agree. But I don’t see your point. Women are real and oppression is real so a anything that you say about those two things in relation to each other is inherently correct? Dreadful logic.

          • Marie Benoit

            Women are an oppressed class.

          • Jennyvstheworld

            This is like arguing with a fortune cookie. You can’t deviate from your script can you? Simply offer up maxims.

            Fortunately, people like you are slipping further from significance. Women’s rights are actually progressing far better without you, whilst feminism is split between the teenage zeitgeist of Buzzfeed and the entrenched extremists of quasi-academic obsessives.

          • Whothehell Cares

            Stick your femsplaining where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • Marie Benoit

            “Femsplaining” is not a real thing because feminists are not a group with institutional power.

          • Radium

            You do understand that women make up the majority of the electorate, right? Maybe you can explain how the single largest voting demographic has managed not to have institutional power.

          • lisa

            Oh here comes the man hater again. Yawn….

          • Marie Benoit

            I hate male violence.

          • Brian

            Violence is not a gendered issue, since both, men and women are guilty of it. Making it a gendered issue does nothing to solve the problem.

          • Marie Benoit

            What’s wrong with hating your oppressors?

          • Radium

            Maybe you can enlighten us as to exactly how women are being oppressed? Do you understand that women make up the majority of the electorate? Do you understand that women spend about $0.75 to $0.78 for every consumer dollar spent? Do you understand that women get custody of their kids by default, and if they are married, they also get custody of the house they share with their spouse and a sizable portion of their spouse’s income? Do you understand that women make up more than half of the DV perpetrators, while there is virtually no resources dedicated to helping male victims of DV? Does this sound like oppression to you? If it does, I can use more oppression in my life.

          • Victoria

            There don’t seem to be many of them, but they certainly know how to flood a comments section with vitriol and defensiveness.

        • Don

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        • Not all women are misandrists, too.

        • Brian

          Not all feminists are women, and not all women are feminists. Not all women are digging for things to get offended over, mainly because those women are too busy accomplishing things to care about other things that have nothing to do with them.

      • kurtrussellscareer

        What a shit thread of comments. Nuclear option please.

    • ardenjm

      Well, it’s a zero-sum game if you ask me:
      Men who bully and women who avenge themselves.
      Although, on average, I expect far more womens’ bones are broken than mens’….even if far more mens’ wallets are emptied than womens’.

      But this is not a silly article at all.
      We can distinguish between the work a person accomplishes and the life they lead but to separate them as if they have nothing to do with each other – that’s the silliness.

      Beethoven drove his nephew mad. Madhouse and all.
      Do you want to absolutely separate his work from his life? Fine.
      Then follow your logic all the way:

      Mengele’s work on burns was used by Allied doctors after the war. Very “useful” results….

      We can distinguish – I enjoy Beethoven and am in awe of his gifts.
      But we mustn’t separate: there was no justification for his actions.
      No great art, no great physics, no great burns research merits the destruction of another life.
      And the damaging of another one – of several – Jane and her childrens’ by the sound of things: That’s most certainly worth adding the the story.
      It’s an integral part of the story. We airbrush it away, as this film does, because of our refusal to look at the whole picture.

      • Thor Alexander Michelsen

        The article is silly on the premise it went into it with a conclusion ignoring all other explanations for the behaviour, which primarily are, a dying man with a body that dosnt work, doing everything he can to ignore that that has happened. Which could also be the reason for it.

        • Jan

          I don’t agree that the article’s premise is silly, although I think it overstates the degree to which the film ignores the impact on Hawking’s family. But I agree with your compassionate assessment of his situation (which I think the film supports) and that this is part of the story. Stephen Hawking’s achievements and resilience don’t need airbrushing. Why should the unsurprising fact that Hawking is a normal, flawed person as well as a genius be a problem? He has no doubt paid some dues for past mistakes, and it’s good to see that he apparently has a more amicable relationship with Jane and his family these days.

      • Ben

        Your point makes so much sense; too bad so many here don’t have the sense to get it.

      • Vuyisile Junior Sibeko

        This article is incredibly silly from the effing head line to the end.

        It’s one thing to call someone a narcissist. In order to be great you need a certain level of self delusion, otherwise reality will beat the shit out of you.

        So I could understand that. But this article isn’t saying that.

        It’s calling him a MISOGYNIST.

        It’s clearly stating that he hates women just because he had issues with his wife. That’s utter bullshit. Hates WOMEN because of his relationship with his wife? That’s a hyperbole at best and just straight defamation at worst, this was not an article set out to point out flaws, or to say ‘hey he’s human’. It’s an article set to deliberately pain him as another human being entirely. Just look at the example inside of your own comment: Mengele? Really Josef Mengele? You couldn’t just use Hitler? You couldn’t just say “If we ignore the holocaust, then Hitler was a talent artist, speaker and helped improve health care.” Or would that have felt a little ‘far’? Because of issues with his wife you’re associating him with murderers, not others who had issues with ttheir spouses alla Einstein, Mandela etc. Nope you went straight for the top shelf because thts what the article wanted.

        The article claims he had his son looking after him too, so it clearly wasn’t really an issue of a “women’s work”.

        I’m always stunned by articles and comments like this. If his movie was him jerking himself off, then clearly this woman’s memoirs are exactly the same.

        Really? She’s just this innocent wife? Who didn’t realise what he was? Doing everything she can possibly for the family(I am fine believing until we hit this point) while the abusive man trapped in his own body so bad he would not move unless you moved him? Who held strong, doing nothing but sacrifice and sacrifice while still holding onto a dream of love, family and her own academic dream, while he thought of her as an object to use and abuse with his illness he had no control over? She then fell in love with another man but held onto her vows, nice and tight until he dumped her and she could be free. All while the egotistic monster went on to chew other women up one by one, and by chewing I can only mean women put themselves in blenders pureed themselves and fed themselves to him.

        None of that smells like self felating hyperbolic bullshit? Now look whos starting to sound like a ‘saint’ Even the film paints him as flawed, his acceptance of the film means he has some understanding of his flaws. Where as the memoirs seem to describe the flawess. Both stories should be taken with a grain of salt. But theyre not.

        Do I believe he is a perfect guy? Nope. Do I believe he’s a flawed human being with great ideas. Yup. Does this article even try to say that? Try is way too strong a word…

        Jesus…Josef Mengele…ffs…

      • mrs 1234

        I had to read a lot of rather nasty comments before I got to yours. It was a relief to get to your and it makes the most valid point.

    • M P Jones

      I prefer reading his equations to his spurned ex’ tripe.

    • Jo

      Well of course you are; you’re a man.

      • LucasQuaid1

        shut up, cunt. contribute something tangible to the universe, or just shut up.

        Men will never be threatened as long as all you can bring to the table is your own selfish ME; ME; ME attitude.

      • Estwald

        Maybe that is why men, who prefer to read his equations, are dominating STEM fields, and women, who prefer to read his “spurned ex’s tripe are not.

    • justejudexultionis

      ‘Legions’ lol. They are swarming over the ramparts! Retreat to the keep!

      Feeling threatened are we, Mr Caruthers?

  • JonahK

    What a nasty article.

    • ardenjm

      There’s nothing nasty in it at all.

      Just a bit more honesty.
      Hawking’s behaviour was shoddy.

      • Thor Alexander Michelsen

        Also normal for people with possibly terminal and disabling illness doing everything they can do to not think about or acknowladge it.

      • Jethro Asquith

        Most people’s behaviour is shoddy

  • Bonkim

    Regrettably that is life. Geniuses have their failings.

  • John Lea

    What a load of whingeing feminist crap. Hawking was a misogynist because he failed to mention his ex-wife in some acceptance speech, failed to support her academic pursuits, and because she supposedly sacrificed her life in order to care for him. Even if true, it was her choice.

    • ardenjm

      She could have just waltzed off and left him to change the kids’ nappies….

      You have no idea.

      • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

        I think almost all of those commentating have no idea, Tanya was not saying he was a bad physicist. She was saying he was a bad husband. And he was. Get over it.

        • Nat K

          That’s still no excuse for applying that hate-mongering feminist buzzword “misogynist” to him. People are people, and when a man does something wrong, that’s not misogyny, that’s just humanity not being perfect.

          • John Dizzle

            I have to agree here. Just because someone is a shitty husband does not make them a misogynist. The author was way off base drawing that parallel

          • nuncha

            this asshole was so self absorbed with his legend in his own mind he was a woman hater. probably hated his mommy too he hates jews so why not?

          • Brett

            Exterminate all Jews in Dachau!

          • Everybody who pleads to Israel to stop killing Palestnians is not an antisemite you racist, brainwashed loser. Get over it, or come to Europe sometime.

          • Mister Rible

            oh those poor Palestinians, if they only let those evil Israelis, launch missiles at them in peace already….

          • Oh yes, these missiles are a menace! They kill over 3 Israeli secure forces a year!
            If only they used more humane methods, like demolishing bulidings, attacking UN schools and killing young boys palying football on the beach!
            Next time your country is occupied and there is an agressive resettlement of your enemy in your lands, buy them flowers.

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            An assumption too far I venture to suggest.

          • Jethro Asquith

            Hurrah for you. Well said.

          • Nat K

            Thanks, although to be quite honest, I don’t understand why this isn’t the general consensus. People love to hate, exaggerate, and use words they don’t quite understand. They think they’re clever, when in actual fact it just makes them sound like complete and utter arseholes.

          • nuncha

            Nat you likely have a third grade reading level education. The rest of us went ALL the way in school. Here you go. and yes he MISTREATED his WIFE.

            Misogynistic reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.

          • Damon

            Funny you don’t mention his interesting relationship with his second wife. Presumably she was a ‘misandrist’?

          • Robby Cooper

            so what don’t have babies with him then she made a choice either way she could of left anytime and she finally did.

            some women get far worse then lots of money and a nice place to live she was just not happy with her lover like many woman after so many years

            no need to make him look like a bad guy so we understand why shes banging some other dude

          • Nat K

            So, let me put this theory to you. If Hawking were gay, and his wife was a man, would that make him a misandrist?
            Make a misogynist, a bad husband makes not.

            Let us stop hating based on gender, and concentrate in humanity and individuals.

            There are two types of people in the world: Good people, and bad people. It ends there. The only thing anyone can do to stop bad things happening in the world, is for each individual to strive to be a good person.

            In this comment, you are not being a good person, you are sullen, and sarcastic, and expressing a lot of hatred at me.
            If it makes you feel better, go for it, it’s better you do it here at me on the internet, than do it to someone in real life who may hurt you.

          • nuncha

            you likely have a 90 iq so I dont think it matters much what you think

          • Nat K

            Ah well, I’ve tried, but you can’t argue with stupid. Enjoy your anger and resentment to the world.

          • Matthew Yeo

            Women, plural, as in the class, not the individual. The basic logical error of this piece is generalization. She generalizes from poor treatment of one woman to poor treatment of women in general, but the reality was that Hawking treated his entire family poorly, including his three children, two of which were male.

            His issue clearly is ego, not misogyny.

          • nuncha

            if he could get another woman he didn’t pay for that might be true but he is a circus freak. so therefor ergo he may well in fact in MY OPINION be a fucking woman hating sociopathic asshole yes.

          • nuncha

            ate mongering? you are a misogynist clearly by ranting hate speech about the author you probably havent been laid in 40 years either

          • Nat K

            Please explain to me the logic which led you to this conclusion.
            I must stress there was no hate speech or name calling in what I said, I merely disagreed with the author’s use of the word “misogynist”.
            My only logical conclusion on how you came to regard my comment as “ranting hate speech” is this:
            You are a woman with a lot of pride who has been hurt by a man/men in the past (possibly you cannot get the alpha male you long for). You have been caught up in feminist lore, and been taught that any male being is inherently evil.
            Being proud, you cannot stand to have anyone disagree with you, or with what you agree, and will defend it to the hilt.
            The last part of the comment, about my sex life… Well, that just makes me believe that you aren’t exactly God’s gift to men (perhaps another reason for your dislike of them?) and you yourself cannot get laid.
            I’d like to point out now, before you think I’m some basement dweller neckbeard, that I am in fact, a 28 year old lady, in an extremely loving and physical long term relationship, and I live in an apartment in a decent area.

            *drops mic*

        • Shawn Stipe

          Obviously you can’t read. We are talking about the marriage and not his professional life. A man as severely disabled has Dr Hawking is, goes through a lot of emotional and physical anguish on a daily bases most of us can’t even begin to understand. He can’t help is wife with anything but money, and if here not able to make money from his theories of the universe then he would not even be able to do that. His situation is unique and very complicated. It is amazing he lived 50 more years than he should have. He was supposed to die in 1965. It’s also amazing he is still an atheist since there is no logical reason he should still be alive.

          • anna

            Nothing to do with God that Hawking is still alive. A doctor friend of mine tells me that he has a very rare form of the disease that does not attack the lungs. Once the lungs of MND sufferers are damaged, death follows, usually within two years. His lungs are OK, hence he can keep breathing.

    • Justice Eladrof

      “Her choice?” No it wasn’t. To be perfectly blunt, when they married, he was going to die within a few years; that was what all the medical experts were predicting at the time. I think she loved him and believed they would have a few short years together, and that, at least, would be better than nothing. I don’t think she ever expected he would still be alive thirty years later, or that she would be acting as his full time carer for all of that time, not to mention bringing up children virtually on her own. Only someone who has been a carer 24/7 for years on end understands how gruelling and soul-destroying it can be. As for his refusal to let her even use respite carers, that’s just downright selfish. A bit of occasional respite for carers isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.
      Next you’ll be coming out with the old classic line “I never asked you to do it.”

      • Jethro Asquith

        A lot of thinking there…..

        • Guest

          This is a forum where people express their opinion. I thought you’d noticed.

        • Justice Eladrof

          This is a forum where people express their opinion. Just in case you hadn’t noticed.

      • hdb

        So we have a ‘misogynist’ against someone who wishes her cripple husband had gone off and died a bit sooner? I’m not sure either side is looking like a moral paragon …

        • Justice Eladrof

          It’s not a case of “wishing he’d gone off and died a bit sooner.” The simple fact is, that was what everyone, including Hawking himself, was expecting at the time. If she’d believed otherwise, then no doubt people would have vilified her for “not accepting the reality of the situation.” Thy whys and wherefores notwithstanding, it still doesn’t make the situation that she eventually found herself in any easier to cope with. Being a full time carer is a very gruelling job even without children thrown into the mix. And can you imagine how the media would have crucified her if she had thrown in the towel; “World’s Worst Wife” or “Selfish Woman Abandons Genius” would have been the kindest headline she could have hoped for. If she had been allowed to use a bit of respite care, it may have well made all the difference. I guess we’ll never know.

        • anna

          Just try 24/7 caring, hdb, and then make your moral judgements. I care 24/7 for my severely disabled husband who is not the happy, loving man I married but a grumpy, frustrated curmudgeon. With good reason – his life is sh*t. But so is mine.

          It’s amazing how many people will offer advice/criticism and moral judgement but don’t do the feeding/bottom wiping and haven’t a notion of the mental, emotional and physical stresses carers endure. I do it because there’s no one else to do it. I’m not sure carers in a home would treat him kindly – he’s difficult and un-co-operative and he might provoke them -so I soldier on.

          • Robby Cooper

            then leave him find someone else and be happy retard.
            you owe no one anything in this world.

          • anna

            But I do owe him: he was a good and loving husband and father for many years, and now it’s payback time. And anyway, I made a promise – ‘for better, for worse, in sickness and in health’. I want to keep that promise. All I’m saying is that it’s damned hard work and anyone who hasn’t done the job of full time caring doesn’t know the half of it, and shouldn’t presume to offer advice. And that includes you.

    • nuncha

      it takes one to know one john. you likely are divorced or better yet sterile.

    • Tqwt

      Because he did not die within the expected two years. Hawking is a misogynist because he overcame the syndrome and is still alive.

  • grammarschoolman

    Whatever you think of this article, at least Tanya Gold can spell ‘misogynist’, which is more than you can say for The Spectator’s sub-editors.

  • Ambientereal

    It is well known that people gifted in an issue have shortcomings somewhere else. Precisely people with high IQ are bad in social life and are mostly hated by their family. On top of it the same use to be true for people with physiological disabilities. They concentrate so much in their disease that they become tremendously selfish. So I believe that Stephen more than misogynist was selfish and unpractical too, because he had enough financial resources to hire care persons and leave some freedom to his wife and children. A little acknowledgement also cost nothing and produce very good results. More flies can be attracted with sugar than with vinegar.

    • Richard

      Not all people with high IQs are bad in social life and hated by their families. Those who are that way, though, tend to be highly visible, probably because they are prepared to sacrifice everything else in order to pursue their work, and by virtue of being highly capable, are very successful.

      • Ambientereal

        Sure!!, not all, but quite a bit. That´s why in fiction, scientists are pictured in the way I described above.

    • justejudexultionis

      There are millions of people out there without any ‘physiological disabilities’ to speak of who are profoundly socially inept and egotistical.

  • Sean L

    Sounds like a man of purpose, a type that can be attractive and intriguing to women in spite of themselves. Whereas they soon get bored with men who bend to their every whim. And that’s the cause of most marriage break-ups, the majority of which are initiated by women. Women aren’t attracted to nice guys, the type we’re supposed to emulate, whatever they might *say*. Watch what they do not what they say. As for what they might claim retrospectively. . . please. . .

    • not my real name

      I very much doubt that Hawking was sexually attractive to many women. Which of course is or was part of his problem.

      • Sean L

        Sure. I never said he was, merely that singlemindedness can be an attractive quality.

        • Jody Taylor

          Singlemindedness as euphemism for “narcissist”. Yes, I think he appears, on the basis of the evidence in this article, to be a narcissist. He’s in good company nowadays.

    • MofromRo

      Some women would marry an orangutan if it were rich and famous enough. In fact they’d find such an ape extremely attractive and intriguing. Even some rich and famous women. Case in point Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Okay, Onassis was a few bananas short of an ape, but she probably didn’t care what he looked like or if he was a nasty sod or not. That said, millions of women like nice, respectful, ordinary men too, and spend a great deal of their time hoping for one of their own. I’m glad Mr Hawking’s first wife eventually found hers.

    • Ssejy

      You sound rather like an embittered PUA.

      • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

        PUA and embittered don´t go together. If a guy is a PUA, he can´t be bitter, since he gets laid.

  • Nat K

    I’d bet any money that if the genders were reversed, and Professor Hawking was a woman, this article would be singing her praises and calling this film the best film ever made, and that, my friends, is what you call Double Standards. Men and women are BOTH capable of bad behaviour in and out of relationships, and that’s just how human beings are. All human beings. We are not perfect. All you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself, not go shouting about how its men’s fault, or society’s fault, or other such eye-roll inducing bollocks.
    You feminists go on all the time about how feminism is about gender equality etc, so why all the man hate? Why all the double standards!? It is clear to me that modern feminism is less about equality and more about a bunch of butthurt ladies who want everyone to bow down to them and kiss their ass while they earn all the dough.
    Just sit down, shut up and do something worthwhile to earn that respect you go on about all the time.

    • nuncha

      Nat you are clearly alone. no one loves you, you were likely bottle fed from a crack whore. I am sick of seeing your piss stupid comments. go back to jerking yourself off.

  • not my real name

    I do not like being manipulated by cinema, unless I know I am being manipulated
    I tend not to like it, even then. What I enjoy is a master of literature that is able to evoke reader sympathy (that could mean Wagner as much as Josephine Tey or Jane Austen). It’s one reason (among many more serious ones) why I am not a candidate for p— consumption. It might get at my lizard brain as such stuff is meant to do: but I don’t want my lizard brain (my hypothalamus, which is the size of an almond) or my limbic system got at that way.

  • James Morrison

    Quite frankly this article is missing the point completely. Science has been advanced by a man who’s personal and physical limitations did not stop him achieving so much more than the normal intellectuals.

    His wife was a dedicated, lover, carer and protector of Stephen and she did this by choice despite all the ways it impacted her life.

    You call him a bad husband… what do you expect him to do as a normal lover? Words can only go so far… actions speak louder than words often enough.

    Frankly you may have your bitter sexist thoughts about men rolling around in your pathetic little brain. But please keep them to yourself until you have discovered true love.

    True love can be multiplied by infinity, thought about for eternity but only those who have found it know that no words, songs or pictures can describe its overwhelming power in your life.

    • thesteelguy

      Thank you for your refreshing words. 🙂

  • Guest

    When my daughter and I saw the film the first thing she commented on was her disappointment that the great man was also a flawed man, who, true to many of his sex, took his wife for granted and, owing her so much, traded her in for a more adoring model when the opportunity came. She noted the sacrifice of Jane’s own ambitions and capacity for happiness. I think you underestimate the film’s portrayal of Hawking’s shortcomings as a spouse. (Personally, I’d have liked more science, but I suppose that’s not the story they were telling – it’s probably not possible to cover every base, for film-makers and geniuses alike.)

  • Jan

    When my daughter and I saw the film the first thing she commented on was her disappointment that the great man was also a flawed man, who, like many of his sex, took his wife for granted and, owing her so much, traded her in for a more adoring model when the opportunity came. She noted the sacrifice of Jane’s own ambitions and capacity for happiness. I think you underestimate the film’s portrayal of Hawking’s shortcomings as a spouse. (Personally, I’d have liked more science, but I suppose that’s not the story they were telling – it’s probably not possible to cover every base, for film-makers and geniuses alike.)

    • Walter Poe

      All things considered he gave her a lot of extra time before he traded her pussy in for one that had fewer miles. I don’t see what the big deal is.

      • Jody Taylor

        And what do you suppose he could actually DO with that “pussy” from his foetal position in that wheel chair?

      • nuncha

        that man was so fuck ugly inside and out the three kids God willing are someone elses. and likely walter you have never been laid in your life.

  • EricHobsbawmtwit

    “I do not write to insult Professor Hawking”

    Yes, you do.

    • not my real name

      Well perhaps he deserves it. What’s that Carly Simon lyric? ‘You can’t treat people like meat/without being brought to your knees now and then, baby’.

      • Walter Poe

        Shut up, bitch.

        • Jody Taylor

          Isn’t this site moderated? Your comments here are offensive to me.

          • Ed_Burroughs


          • not my real name

            Crawl back in your burrow.

          • Ed_Burroughs

            Its a sett, TYVM.

          • not my real name

            You live in a tartan? That’s the NHS for you.

          • not my real name

            Consider it flagged, Jody. No excuse for bad behaviour.

          • Jack Strawb

            And you believe you’ve actually said something.

          • Lisa W.

            well make like a tree n bloody leave then ya twit, are u cuffed to the pc thingy ur using to piss us all off with, no? ats wat i thought, irrelevant comment alert haha yoo sir have a humour tumour clearly

          • Lisa W.

            Guest Callipygian • 6 months ago
            Shut up, bitch. offensive? pah but methinks u dont like getting answered back haha grow up guest, if that is ur real name lol

        • not my real name

          Ah, behold the brave stallion, ‘Guest’! What a loser.

      • EricHobsbawmtwit

        You can if you’re a misandrist.

      • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

        Dudette, he is the Hawk. Did you found how the Universe works? No? Well, the dude did a lot in that matter. Basically, you owe him, I owe him, WE owe him. He can think whatever he wants about any person he wants. I don´t care.

        • Helen of Troy

          My universe worked just fine before Hawking and it works just fine whether he’s here or not. Why don’t you find some shoes to slobber over?

          • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

            You are writing in a computer invented by men like Hawking, on a thing called Internet invented by men like Hawking. All the things around you were made by men, some of them like Hawking.

          • Libeller

            So, basically, because Hawking did some awesome shit, he should get a free pass?

          • Mark Neil

            “So, basically, because Hawking did some awesome shit, he should get a free pass?”

            That’s what feminists tell those women who don’t agree with feminism…. except the awesome shit feminists supposedly done are usually co-opted from the successes of other movements, or based on false assumption.

          • Lisa W.

            feminists are a law unto themselves and most of the tim couldnt spell it never mind explain why they even preach half the guff they do! i prefer confused hypocrite with a motor mouth meself haha

          • Myopia

            What free pass, that he put his career first? She could have divorced him 30 years ago, I’m sure his priorities were in place right from the start and she knew that. He was given two years to live in 1965 and used every minute like it could be his last. And his crime? He didn’t hand over his life to someone else. The entitlement some people have for the lives of others is astounding. Nobody owes you anything. You have your own life to play with, consider the possibility that one is enough.

          • Lisa W.

            an she shud have divorced him 30 years ago, gave him bloody peace to get on with his career, how very dare she expect him to want to share at least some of the 2 years that turned into 50 cos by all accounts, genius or not he was a bit of a self centred dick!
            He put his career first cos it was clearly the obvious choice but you threw me by the ‘he didnt give his life to anybody else’ remark, lol probly cos nobody wanted it thanks very much pmsl, lighten up, when u marry are ur vows not along the lines of till death do u part? not till i explain this shit then die which im sorry but leaves no time for me to waste on you, a silly woman……
            go marry him if u feel so much love for the guy, u jus said nobody owes u anything but the whole point of this wee debate is the fact that some wacko actual came out n said we all do owe someone, not for giving us life, but for realising how it may or may not have begun and it is entirely irrelevant to me how the hell it got here or we got here, so stop telling us we owe anybody for them having a theory and it proved probly true, probly due to dumb luck and nothing else haha im jus playin now as you are all mad pelts haha

          • Evan Haines

            People like you should be loaded into a rocketship and shot into the sun.

          • Jack Strawb

            Yes, of course.

          • Lisa W.

            nope cos im actualy pretty awesome myself if i say so and i get nada!
            mibi I thought of this whole atom splitting black hole witever a long time before Hawking did i jus couldny b assed wi all the explaining, cos im a bit lackadaisical like that……

          • Helen of Troy

            ALL of the things? Twerp.

          • Mariana Bell

            I don’t think the guy would have got any attention if did not have his health problems, a bit like tuneless Andrea Boccelli being an opera singer….they both have a USP (unique selling point) which gets the marketing men salivating:

          • Lisa W.

            exactly cos it was my idea not his, like i said im a bit lazy and spilled my buckfast all over my notes cos ma stupid wife never put the lid back HAHAHA true story,,,,,,

          • Rose Boring

            We get it, you hate women. Go back to Reddit.

          • PiLoT

            ^ sexist generalisation

          • calbeck357

            Go to Reddit and tell its new CEO that. You’ll be banned for insulting Reddit.

            By the by, the new CEO is a feminist.

          • Whothehell Cares

            And already the feminist rot is setting in at Reddit.

          • Lisa W.

            wits a feminist then, pro or against women? im not kidding i don’t know, i thought it was a woman that if you held as much as a door open for her, ye better watch yer back MATE cos yer card is well marked n the pmt brigade are en route to bore u to death wi lectures of how we can hold our own door open thanks kindy thing…. no? i need to read up on this feminist carry on like, lol not that i will cos like i say itwas me that sussed the universe n couldny b arsed shavin m legs fur the speech etc, 😀

          • Fraga123

            Speak truth to power, Enlightened Sister!

          • ParasamGateZero

            I don’t understand why your movement doesn’t endorse separatism. Everything around you, your computer, your car, your house, all your appliances and all the males you’ve ever met – they’re all misogynistic according to feminists. Even E=MC^2 is misogynistic. Misogyny means _hatred_. So why aren’t you whiners screaming for separation? If you think everything and everyone around you is a woman hater, how can you stand to live here? Can’t you just demand a zone of your own where computers and cars and appliances and physics and males are not allowed?

          • Lisa W.

            i dont understand ur name mate and thats as much of that belter as i read lol xx

          • Lisa W.

            we do, its called misogniatopia, frig sake were there all the time, mate, u dont get it nearly as much as u would if we didny have this place to go to bitch about people in lol, yikes i for i was a bit misogyMC2 TOO! pah

          • Jesse James

            Yes! Yes they can demand a zone like that!

            They essentially pick any “zone” where men tend to predominate because it is natural to them, and declare it misogynistic, and therefore illegal. They then have it banned, if they can’t force it to allow women, or force men to pay women for some type of service.

            This is why there are no real “gentlemen’s clubs” anymore because if you google it, it will only be strip joints where men pay women to dance for them. Of course the single mother from multiple dads up on stage is heroic, and oppressed all at the same time. And the men paying her college tuition, and family court destroy-my-exes-attorneys fees are men who hate women because reasons.

            Why Augusta got hammered, and also why in complete hypocrisy, you can google hundreds of women only programs, and clubs that say right on the label “Men not allowed.”

            No feminist to cry about that!

            Try starting an old school barbershop, and wait all of five minutes for a butch feminist to walk in and demand a women centric hair cut she obviously does not get. Then, when told they only operate for male haircuts, she will take her already short male hair style, and decry the evil misogyny.

            That is the MO of feminists everywhere.

            Google FEMEN, which is ironically run by a man, and take a look at all their “totally, like totally equality-ish” glory.

          • Janet Wilkinson

            Cold hard facts mean someone hates women ? This explains why feminists ignore them then….

          • Charlie

            Oh yeah, because women never did anything and weren’t involved in developing any of those. Twat.

          • Um

            Hahahahahaha people like you are actually hilarious. I wonder if you actually know how many people in your life think you are an idiot? Hint: it’s a lot!

          • Lisa W.


          • AliceS

            They wouldn’t have done them things without wifey doing the donkey work at home. And quite often the science bit too, sans being credited.

          • Caractacus

            Many of whom managed to not treat their wives like utter shit.

            Anyway, Hawking’s behaviour isn’t the issue. The issue is that the film essentially made up a bunch of lies in a fawning hagiography. That does as much a disservice to Hawking as if the film had completely trashed him.

          • Lisa W.

            even tho i don’t know half they words i got the jist and ur right, but he loved it so is he living a lie too? cos they couldnt use his version as it was shit apparently, so they made it up! seems legit haha

          • Mariana Bell

            ….yep, poetic justice.

          • Lisa W.

            you are babbling nonsense about technology basically, there were a lot more people involved i ‘inventing’ this here internet (correct me if im wrong but I always thought it was the military…) at the end of this sentence the cold hard truth is although all ‘this’ was discovered and utilised by evolved human beings does not mean i am only here because of them!

            And regardless of what they discovered/proved/invented, they did not produce me and that makes me belong to or owe nobody anything (possibly my mum n dad should get some kudos) lol
            I will not be indebted to anyone simply for the fact that I exist, unless they are personally responsible for my life….
            sheesh ur a bit deep are you not? chill out, roll a doob and contemplate what may (if anything) be beyond this here universe that we do (and would still) inhabit regardless of whether or not da hawk was ever on it on it or not, crikey ur either really bored or really brainwashed into the thought of who owns the universe, quite naive if im honest, slight tunnel vision there too…… 😛
            dont preach, its not even very pleasant listening to professionals do it never mind ‘ill tell you who you owe pablo’

        • Lisa W.

          so can I,Pablo Martin Podhorzer,
          I can think whatever I want to of anyone I want to, but I dont have to like the person if I don’t find them to be a very nice type of a person because basically, I don’t care either!

          I owe the man nothing and people like you, who foolishly believe he is some kind of a god himself who should be worshipped because he (as you put it) ‘found out’ how the universe works, in my opinion is merely adding to the suggestions in the story being told,.

          he is NOT a god and we OWE him nothing, the universe is the universe and as far as im concerned, it is there and it would be there whether or not he ever existed as a part of it, if he was a bit of a dick then I have every right to think that,
          youre telling me to suppress feelings simply because you think I somehow owe him for telling me something that, lets be honest, didn’t exactly change any part of my own life one way or the other!….
          Dont forget that he never actually created the universe, so I don’t question how it works, i’m simply happy that it is there,
          hence we are here,.
          why do we need to analyse and theorise in an attempt to explain it?
          just accept it and feel some gratitude for te fact that although you cant say ‘how it works’ you know it is the reason for your very existence so is that not enough?
          It is for me, and I have respect for myself to be thankful without feeling that I actually owe him anything!

          My car works! no idea who found out how to do that either, someone did but i don’t feel as if i ‘owe’ him for anything (unless he came n fixed it when it breaks down lol) but i am grateful that it does work and that should be enough, no we owe him bloody anything whatsoever, and I dont care what he thinks of anyone else either, as long as its not me! and as long as he keeps his thoughts and dislikes to himself, lol

  • Thor Alexander Michelsen

    You know. The biggest problem you have with this article is that you went into it with a conclusion. There are several other factors that could contribute to why this was, which also if you talked to anyone about this case would tell you.

    Denying his illness, his illness is deadly and debilitating. Denial is a natural reacion, and someome people will cling to. People also rarely want to discuss their illness, especially if its lethal, they wan’t to ignore it.

    His body is useless, so he ingrosses himself in his work, which only relies on his body. Not exactly something that is hard to understand either. You might be right. But i highly doubt it. A man with a non functioning body, and lethal disease. Thats in denial about it, and tries to ignore it. Dosnt have anything to do with misogyni. Also he is extraordinarily smart, something that often comes with reduced social skills.

  • Solid Bow

    Pfff might as well just kill him. Think of what the world has lost when she had to “abandon her scholarly ambitions — the medieval lyric poetry of the Iberian peninsula” and was violently forced to have children. What a pig, didn’t even bow to her when he made some of the greatest scientific accomplishments in the last 50 years? What a monster.

    • nuncha

      who gives a shit that he theorizes about black holes hates the theory of God and hates JEWS ie he is a nazi. Clearly there are smarter better educated people who dont feel the need to be an asshole

      • Guest

        What God? We are talking about reality here. You can keep God inside of you, where He can help you.

        • Dtweet

          Nuncha (assuming he/she is american) can peacefully express his/her beliefs as he/she likes. Because a bunch of folks like me defend that right. Alot of us come home in body bags, so you can probably understand why that comment offends me on a level you’ll never understand. You have 0 authority and 0 ability to do anything about it. However, you are also free to be a pathetic internet tough guy. I wonder how weak a person has to be both mind and body before they have to cover their eyes/ears whenever sombody types or mentions the word god. If ur going to be an athiest (or whatever you claim to believe) then at least try and be more confident about it.

  • Solid Bow

    The absolute best part of this is when a man ruined in a relationship complains in public and is mocked and laughed at a-la Eron Gjoni. Women can write books about far better relationships being poor and get wide-spread acclaim. Hilarious.

    • thesteelguy

      Well the empathy gap is wired into us, don’t you think?

  • Daniel Williams

    “The cruellest [sic] thing was his refusal to discuss his illness.”

    Need you read any further?

  • Chris Read

    Having just seen the film and read this article once, I’m not sure I can comment on the accuracy of the article as it pertains to Hawkings, but I take issue with the comment on ‘The Imitation game’ (tIG)- One character called Turing a traitor at one point in the film – The whole film didn’t . In a piece critiquing “The theory of everything” (tToE) for not being ’rounded’, its not unreasonable to expect the writer to understand that for a ’rounded’ film different points of view are going to be expressed by different characters. Personally I thought tIG was both a more enjoyable film than tToE and a better one too.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Hawking. Common mistake… Among slipshod Muppets.

  • Brian

    what a shameful article…makes it appear as if Jane was a virtual slave…She had choices and FREE-WILL! Boo-hoo…he forgot to thank his wife during a speech. I doubt very much if the author of this attack on Stephen Hawking would have the courage to deal with the struggles that Stephen has had to endure!….yet another man-hating feminist who thinks all men are evil and all women are perfect. I side with one of the greatest minds ever to have lived….that will always be remembered….unlike this hack of a journalist.

    • Me

      I think the issue isn’t the ‘evil’ of Hawking so much as the validity of the film as a biopic; it’s meant to tell his personal story – not review his professional work. You’d expect there to be some Hollywood style gloss but it sounds like they failed to even acknowledge Jane’s foremost perspective on events despite using her memoir as their source material. Her feelings were inconvenient to the inspirational narrative they wanted so they completely ignored them. Hawking’s IS an inspirational story either way – obviously! – but real people are usually a mixture of dark and light; it would be nice if the film-makers had trusted their audience to cope with something a bit more authentic.

      • not my real name

        Well said.

  • Angelique Angel

    Tonya Gold, thank you for writing this. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and your perspective. Professor Hawking is very intelligent, but not especially wise. He obviously should’ve appreciated the wife that he had. It’s sort of a cautionary tale for us all in that we should be grateful for those that try to do good and make a difference in our lives.

  • Janey Moen

    So Hawking isn’t perfect. Nobody is, including the ex wife. Maybe what she saw as his refusal to discuss his illness was actually his refusal to feed her martyrdom. Maybe he wanted her to love him for himself and not for his illness. Maybe he recognized from the get that she thought she was signing up for a short journey with herself emerging at the end as the selfless girl who married a dying man. If he wanted authenticity and she wanted a sad tale, little wonder the marriage failed.

  • Walter Poe

    The picture of him and Jane at the premier just screams totally unfuckable for both of them. I’d rather have sex with a midget, or someone with leprosy.

    • Jody Taylor

      Gosh, where can I meet a sensitive new-age guy like you? Quickly now.

      • Jan

        Really! 😀 Trolls are so irresistible …

        • Jody Taylor

          To other trolls. The internet is full to the brim with socially disconnected/alienated individuals with WAY too much time on their hands.

          • nuncha

            yes! You rock. these men who dont know the definition of misogynist are not likely educated attractive brilliant or getting laid by anyone but their own family LOL

    • nuncha

      Walter I sincerely doubt that a midget (you fucking bigot) or someone ill would fuck you for all the tea in china. I see you as missing teeth and singing weeeehawwww

  • John Horn

    Although, I favor anything that enhances our understanding of something. I think that the quality of SH’s marriages have been known to be less than ideal for quite some time now. Whether it be because he was a workaholic or a misogynist, is irrelevant to me. I’m really more interested in the physics and science, and the incredible willpower of a brilliant scientist to work hard, and while doing so defy his own prognosis for death…

    Also, pragmatically speaking, the world is probably going to need the hard science of Hawking more than we’re going to need an understanding of Iberian medieval lyrics.
    I don’t see why the two should be considered equal in importance and impact.

    And you know what? Let’s say every fact in this article was true (as alleged by the ex-wife), and let’s for argument’s sake say that Stephen Hawking is a complete a-hole. Would that change 1 iota about his science, fascination with the natural world, and why we cherish him? Nope.

    Mel Gibson may be an antisemite asshole, but he has made some pretty good movies. I still say those movies are good, despite knowing he’s an asshole. People are complex.

  • lisa

    A pointless article in my opinion. You cannot discredit this man who I see as a man of great ethics no matter how hard you try.

    • not my real name

      Keep those blinkers on, lisa, whatever you do.

    • Marie Benoit

      “who I see” wow your world-changing anecdote though.

      • lisa

        Marie. take a hike love. My world changing anecdote? No just me, one individual with my impression and opinion. My oh my, hpw superior you are. NOT

        • Marie Benoit

          You are the essence of derp.

        • Marie Benoit

          I don’t believe in superiority. All women are valuable.

          • Robby Cooper

            are you trolling or really this way in real life?
            I hope you are trolling

          • Into soul winter I fly

            I am really this way in real life.

          • Into soul winter I fly

            No. I am a feminist and all womyn have value to me.

  • Apricot Chutney

    What does being a feminist have to do with expecting a husband to treat a wife with RESPECT and KINDNESS and FAIRNESS?!?!?! Some comments here are plain STUPID. He was selfish, and an ego maniac, who wanted the wife to be at his beck and call – that is wrong – and you don’t have to be a feminist to see that, you only need to be human.

    • Ahobz

      Best comment on this thread

      • Apricot Chutney

        Thank you Ahobz.

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      As she should, is Stephen Hawking, not a hipster “artist”. If she didn´t liked it, she could leave (as she did, with an organist? Way to go).

    • thesteelguy

      Don’t you understand the condition he was in? Plus, he was like that to everybody, not just his wife. Also how does that make him a ‘misogynist’?

  • davi koscianski vidal

    Sorry for being kind of devil’s attorney, but a genuine question: wasn’t he a regular husband for the given socio cultural context?

    I mean, my great father was, according to my great mother, a lot like Hawking, but she took care of him until the end and it seems to me that she is satisfied with the life they both had. Still today, 29 years of his death, she still misses him.

    I’m currently reading the book and, as a man, I’m disgusted by some parts. But from my limited experience and knowledge, it seems to me that that relationship would be pretty normal and, in some aspects, even great, at least on the same period here in Brazil.

    What do you think?

    • nuncha

      Regular husband? Does your wife change your diapers, wipe your ass, while raising your brood:? I doubt it. there is nothing regular about this sociopathic asshole.

      • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

        Do you understand that we owe him our understanding of the Universe? Does that enters into your little head? Would you prefer him to be an ignorant gentleman that could not hurt your feelings?

        • nuncha

          No I dont own him shit. regardless of his would be theories he can still be a jackwad asshole as a human being a narc self absorbed fuck tard ugly bastard. My head Pablo is full of a PHD. what do you have expect a fuck ugly name. My degree is in molecular biology? what is your in and ask me if I fucking care.

          • Robby Cooper

            when you die in about 100 years no one will remember.

            wanna bet hawk will be mentioned?

            so you can take your little molecular biology degree and shove it…

          • nuncha

            Robby you have no idea who I am. I am famous too. you are just smegma mama forgot to wipe off her ass after your daddy came.

  • Jody Taylor

    There were allegations of domestic violence about 10 years ago with Hawking reportedly admitted to a UK hospital. His then wife was alleged to be the perpetrator. I very well remember these reports at the time. What happened about this angle and does it appear in the film?

    • EricHobsbawmtwit

      Oh don’t be silly. Domestic violence against men by women isn’t actually domestic violence. They deserved it because they’re men. And don’t forget feminist thinking on male suicide either: More men commit suicide than women because men like killing things.

      • Jody Taylor

        You insult women and demonstrate your own misogyny with these comments.

        • nuncha

          and he is such a pussy who never gets any he registers as a guest. probably fuck ugly inside and out and relates to this jew hating woman hating God hating assfucker hawking

    • MofromRo

      You are right Jody, but that was when he was married to his nurse. The one he dumped his wife for. ’nuff said?

  • Tanya, I have to disagree with your over-the-top statements about the film. I was trying to find things that I “wouldn’t know by watching The Theory of Everything,” as this article so boldly claimed, but after reading this article, I didn’t learn anything new beyond what was already very nicely portrayed in the movie. The tension was there all the way through…all the subtleties of Hawking’s neglect to Jane, the narcissism, the denial to get extra help with the family, and lack of help from Hawking’s parents…IT WAS ALL CLEARLY SHOWN IN THE FILM! I came here to learn something new, but please carefully watch the movie next time before making such a ridiculous title and article.

    • Ssejy

      Blimey, really? I haven’t seen the film, but if what you say is the case then what a pointless, click-bait article this is!!

  • probuiltenterprises

    there is more history about Hawking than most know. I’m not knocking his work but the man is deficient as a man. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/jeffrey-epstein-brief-history-of-slime-786903

  • Guest

    Seriously, Tanya? What a load of BS. He is a brilliant man. Yes, perhaps he was not the best husband but your article is insulting, harsh and unnecessary. Can you say passive aggressive? Crap article.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Almost as offensive as Douglas Murray.

  • Ziggy Starburst

    You ‘do not like being manipulated by cinema’

    How you must have hated 12 years a slave!

  • LaVerne Neufeld

    I have no idea why the name calling is necessary. Stephen and Jane have been doing what they came here to do. It is not our job to make judgements on how they did that. When Jane was done her part, she left the relationship. There are many famous people who were awesomely productive in their field of endeavours but the way they treated others was highly questionable. What? We want them to be perfectly balanced human beings, too? They did their best at the time. I’m glad Stephen was around to do his profound work and I’m happy for their children that Jane stuck around until they were grown.

  • Thaddeus

    Another brilliant article by Tanya Gold. Very accurate and on the money. It is nice to hear his wife, Jane’s, point of view. Having read her books, Tanya does a brilliant job of exposing the real Hawking. Brilliant mind, narcissistic husband.

    As a Christian, Jane could be forgiven for perhaps wriiting “1 Corinthians 8:1 says, in part, “knowledge makes arrogant (puffs up) but love edifies (builds) up”

    Well done, Tanya!!

    Dr Thaddeus Irvine

    • Charlie

      “Knowledge makes arrogant ” …….

      Religion is the biggest hoax of all time.

      Lack of knowledge renders you stupid. Religious folks scare me with their intense delusions.

  • The film also doesn’t touch on Hawking’s scientific fraud, as discovered by me back in 2012, where I inadvertently discovered a law of nature…

    The Physics Community gives the constant 0 (zero) to Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE).


    The Physics community says that the constant is an arbitrary value (any value will do, they say), yet:

    (1) this value of 0 (zero) for GPE is necessarily 1, since the POTENTIAL of anything at its maximum is always 100%; and

    (2) a GPE of 0 (zero) is necessary for Stephen Hawking and others who use that value in order to prove that our universe popped up from nothing: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” – ‘God did not create the universe, says Hawking’, Reuters, By Michael Holden, LONDON | Thu Sep 2, 2010 9:08am EDT.


    For example, if the universe consisted of only the Earth and the Moon, and the Moon is catapulted so far away from the Earth that its gravitational energy no longer affects the Earth, the gravitational energy doesn’t disappear. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the gravitational energy becomes POTENTIAL energy (GPE). This GPE Stephen Hawking (and the Physics community) assigns the constant 0 (zero) to. Now, when we return the Moon back to Earth’s orbit, GPE is said to be -1, according to the Physics community.

    Here’s the math for Stephen Hawking and the Physics community and my correction:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [-1] = 0, so universes are for free,

    however if we use correct constants for what we are describing, the equation reads like this:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [0] = 1, so universes are not for free.

    Let’s further examine the above:

    When the Moon’s GPE ceases when back in Earth’s orbit, that is when ACTUAL Gravitational Kinetic Energy (GKE) is 100%, which would have a constant of 1. Now GKE is simply the CONVERSE of GPE, so now let’s move the Moon away from the Earth again. KGE declines as the Moon moves further away from the Earth (.9, .8, .7, .6 and so on), and conversely GPE increases (.1, .2, .3, .4, .5 and so on until the Moon has reached infinity distance from the Earth, in which case, logically, GPE would be 1, not 0).

    GKE and GPE are the same phenomena, just separated by space, not unlike the duel sides of a coin. This converse relationship between GKE and GPE is also the discovery of what I call the Gravitational Converse Principle.

    Stephen Hawking’s (and the Physics Community) assignment of the constant zero to GPE at infinity is inexplicable.


    1. If GPE is 0 (zero) at infinity, then there can be no GKE; and

    2. ask yourself how could Stephen Hawking and the Physics Community not know what “potential” means by assigning 0 (zero) to something (in this particular case, Gravitation POTENTIAL Energy) that is 100% potential? Obviously, if something is 100%, the constant one would use to quantify it is 1, and such a constant wouldn’t be an arbitrary assignment (as the Physics Community says the assignment of the constant zero to GPE is, it could be any number, they say), it would be a NECESSARY assignment.

    • Addendum:

      In fact, back in the mid 1990s I discovered a proof for the existence of God (quite elementary it is, like my discovery above concerning gravity)…

      Law of Beginning:

      “Since all things in our Universe, including our Universe, had a beginning (the Universe had a beginning; space had a beginning; time had a beginning; matter had a beginning; gravity had a beginning; stars had beginnings, life had a beginning, etc.), therefore there must have been an ultimate beginning to all things (“all things” meaning the physical realm that, if it exists, includes our Universe), otherwise the Universe’s and its constituent parts’ beginnings were arbitrary, but the Universe and its constituent parts can’t operate arbitrarily.

      Therefore, since inanimate matter itself cannot bring about the ultimate beginning of the physical realm [as affirmed by my discovery on gravity], only a conscious entity could do this, we therefore have proof that a God exists outside of space and time who created the physical realm that our Universe resides in.” — Dean Michael Jackson

      • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

        The worst people are not the ignorant, but the ignorant that believe that they are smart. Those are dangerous. Because they believe the crap that they write.

  • Brett

    Jesus freaks are probably behind this article. They cant get over the fact that Christianity is waning!

    • “They cant get over the fact that Christianity is waning!”

      In fact, Christianity has been re-discovered via the discovery I made back in 2012 (2012 was an amazing discovery year for me), to the dismay of the Marxist co-opted West*…

      The reality of the Gospels and Acts narratives were known to be fact by Roman subjects outside of Judea and Galilee/Levant, otherwise Roman subjects would never have accepted the Gospels’/Acts’ narratives where (1) a Roman governor allows a charismatic figure such as Jesus (called rebels by Rome) to go about His business for three years with twelve disciples, attracting large crowds and claiming to perform miracles; (2) when Jesus approaches Jerusalem with the mob the governor refuses to stop what Rome called insurrection, and allows the mob to proceed into the city, even though the governor was in Jerusalem since the previous week to prevent just such an action pulled off by Jesus; (3) after Pilate, the next nine Roman governors of Judea (37 AD – 66 AD, 66 AD being when the First Jewish Revolt occurred) refuse to arrest and execute Jesus’ apostles, who are still (i) attracting large crowds; and (ii) claiming to perform miracles; and (4) Roman governors in the eastern Roman provinces, outside the Levant, refuse to execute Paul & Peter as the two travel those eastern provinces, attracting large crowds.

      Now you have proof, from an unimpeachable, unbiased source–gentile Roman subjects living outside of the Levant–that the Gospels narratives are indeed fact, otherwise the Gospel stories would have been known forgeries, and Christianity would never have existed.

      We assume what is today known as the New Testament is fiction, then using proper historical knowledge for how the Roman Empire operated, we prove that the New Testament stories are fact because the stories were immediately known to be true, otherwise the stories would have ended there because even the most ignorant of Roman subjects 40 years after the fact would have been laughing at the obvious laughable a-historical lies the New Testament was pushing; the behaviors of the ten Roman governors of Judea (30 AD – 66 AD) towards Jesus and apostles are a hoot (as are the behaviors of Rome’s governors in the eastern provinces outside the Levant, where Paul & Peter are attracting large crowds in those provinces, but aren’t molested by Rome’s governors), and those laughable behaviors also prove that those governors’ behaviors weren’t individual, ad hoc, stand down policies towards Jesus & apostles, but instructions from the Emperor in Rome!

      Let’s perform a modern times analogy using a post World War II scenario where Germany won the war and rules the Western hemisphere:

      Germany has won World War II, and German governors rule the Western hemisphere, the Waffen SS being the equivalent of the Roman centurion.

      Though the war is over resistance to German occupation continues, including the French Resistance.

      Now, in France the leader of the French resistance and twelve lieutenants move openly about France for three years preaching rebellion and the German governor does nothing. After three years the leader of the French Resistance enters Paris with his twelve lieutenants and a mob and again the German governor refuses to arrest the thirteen, and roundup the mob.

      Finally the French mayor of Paris arrests the leader, but not the twelve lieutenants, and hands the leader over to the German governor who still doesn’t want to execute the leader, but does after left no other option.

      Now, after the leader of the French Resistance is dead not only are the twelve lieutenants allowed to live under that particular German governor’s remaining term of office, but aren’t touched by the next nine German governors to take office. In fact, the French Resistance is increasing by tens of thousands each year and German authorities simply sit by and watch.

      Now when one of those French Resistance travels outside France to spread the word of the rebellion in France, he is believed because everyone KNOWS the otherwise ludicrous story he’s telling is true. END OF ANALOGY.

      The above also tells us that the Jewish authorities in Judea & Galilee knew who Jesus was** and were waiting for a sign from Him indicating that it was time for His death. The sign came when Jesus entered Jerusalem with the mob, a not-to-be-mistaken provocation towards Pilate, who was in Jerusalem since the previous week to prevent just this sort of religious fervor, but, as usual, again Pilate refused to massacre Jesus & disciples along with the mob. To ensure Jesus was indeed signaling it was time for Him to die, the Sanhedrin conducted three night time Q&A sessions with Jesus (not trails, as under the Law of Moses trials can only take place during daylight hours, thereby also precluding any possibility of punishment). Jesus’ silence informed the Sanhedrin that Jesus was indeed ready to die.

      Now you know why Jesus only asked Paul why he was persecuting His followers. Notice, it’s only Paul Jesus speaks to on this subject, because the Roman and Jewish authorities are turning a blind eye to the increasing numbers defecting to the Jesus Sect. In fact, Paul’s trip to Gentile Damascus was an excuse to get him out of Judea, because Paul was causing chaos in Jerusalem, though the Jewish authorities refused Paul’s requests for the punishment of stoning.

      The above is a discovery I made in 2012, proving that Jesus was the Messiah as assessed (1) by a proper analysis of the Gospels and Acts narratives; and (2) by the fact that Roman subjects outside of the Levant accepted what would have otherwise been known to be laughably bad forgeries.

      The Roman Empire provided God with three necessary arrangements to fulfill His major objectives on this subject, those being (1) a scapegoat people, the Romans, who would be the pawns that carried out Jesus’ execution; because (2) God, being omniscient, knew that the Jewish authorities would never go along with executing the Messiah; and (3) the peculiar administration of Roman governors would provide the proof that Jesus was indeed who He claimed to be.

      *The failed socialist inspired and controlled pan-European revolutions that swept the continent in 1848 thought Marxists and socialists a powerful lesson, that lesson being they couldn’t win overtly, so they adopted the tactic of infiltration of the West’s political parties/institutions.

      Notice that not one political party in the West requested verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

      It gets worse–the “freed” Soviets and West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested/de-mobilized the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

      The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Marxists, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

      There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

      Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

      The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.

      The above means that the so-called “War on Terror” is an operation being carried out by the Marxist co-opted governments of the West in alliance with the USSR and other Communist nations, the purpose being to (1) destroy the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world, where the West is seen (i) invading nations without cause; (ii) causing chaos around the globe; and (iii) killing over one-million civilians and boasting of torture; (2) close off non-Russian supplies of oil for export, thereby increasing the price of oil, the higher price allowing oil exporting Russia to maintain economic stability while she modernizes and increases her military forces; (3) destroy the United States Armed Forces via the never-ending “War on Terror”; the ultimate purpose of the aforementioned to (4) bring about the demise of the United States in the world, opening up a political void to be filled by a new pan-national entity composed of Europe and Russia (replacing the European Union), a union “From the Atlantic to Vladivostok”; which will (5) see the end of NATO.

      Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West “lost” China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms, and proving that the Sino/Soviet Split was a ruse, as KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn told the West back in 1962), thereby (1) ensuring the Vietnam War would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; (3) breeding distrust between the American people and their government; and (4) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation. That’s why after the fake collapses of the East Bloc nations and USSR there was no mandatory Western verification process to ensure the Communists weren’t still in control.

      **We are in a position to clarify an issue that has perplexed New Testament scholarship for close to a century now, and that is the Testimonium Flavianum, the name given to the passage found in Book 18, Chapter 3, 3 of the “Antiquities of the Jews”, in which the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus describes the condemnation and crucifixion of Jesus at the hands of the Roman authorities, specifically referring to Jesus with the following, “He was [the] Christ.”

      It is this reference to Jesus as being “the Christ” (Messiah) that troubles New Testament scholars since we are told by the early Church Father Origen in his Commentary on Matthew (Book X, Chapter 17) that Josephus did not accept Jesus as Christ. Well, as my research above proves, Jewish officials in Judea and elsewhere KNEW Jesus to be the Messiah, though for political reasons kept that knowledge close to themselves.

      Josephus’ family was wealthy, and his his father came from the priestly order of the Jehoiarib, which was the first of the 24 orders of priests in the Temple in Jerusalem. Therefore, Josephus would have been well aware of the intelligence reports the Sanhedrin received concerning Jesus’ true nature, hence there would be no conflict with Josephus not only accepting Jesus as the Messiah, but knowing Jesus is the Messiah.

      • Jethro Asquith

        and you win the prize as the weirdest person to exist

        • “and you win the prize..”

          You’re right there, but I had a little help from the Holy Spirit!

    • kittydeer

      Yes how wonderful and look what is taking its place, lucky old you. Hope you have a beard and hate alcohol

    • nuncha

      Brett you need a spanking from your mommy for being born. incest is ugly and so are you.

      • Brett

        I need a ‘spanking’…lol. Sounds to me like old nuncha neeeds his head removed by ISIS stinking American sc*um!

        • nuncha

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          • Brett

            I dont recall saying that I was anti-sematic but it is obvious with your posts that you are a Kyke and a dumb broad at that! If your white bread husband wants to come to Bangkok be my guest!

  • Archibald Heatherington

    Bad husband? Yes, probably. Bad husband worth lionising? Absolutely.

  • James Morrison

    Let the female rights activists go to the middle east and see how women are treated in other areas of the world. Then return to the UK and see how well they are treated here by comparison. Hopefully then they will have a some appreciation of how developed our society actually is. Both men and women of any age in the UK have the right to make an informed decision, and it it turns out to be a bad decision…. you live you learn!

    • nuncha

      Were you in the military? Because my husband was. Your shit comment shows a deep disrespect for Women. No one has a right to be abusive. this asshole is abusive, hatesjes, :Loathes the theory of GOD why he would do well in the middle east. So shut your ass hole I mean your mouth. You should be horsewhipped for that comment.

  • zoid

    he may be a genius….but he’s a bds’er, which makes him an obnoxious tool in my book.

  • Very interesting

  • Partner

    Seems to me a perfectly valid criticism of the man in the face of an over simplified and over sentimentalised film. The sentimentalised myths of the cinema. The truth, as always, is far, far more interesting.

  • Ricki ‘Kestrel’ Cowin

    She married him knowing what illness he had and what was going to happen. Did she expect him to pay for a load of carers and nurses at his beck and call while she lay back and spent the money he made through his work?

    It’s like the oil barons wives. Life of luxury even if they divorce.

    Besides, why does anyone care if he was a bad husband? Not like you were married to him, or if he ignored her contributions actually affects your life at all.

    Get a grip on yourselves

    • nuncha

      OMG you are such a fucktard looser. get laid lately? not likely? got teeth? not likely asshole

      • Charlie

        NUNCHA! I wanted to formerly say hello and to say thank you. After initially laughing at your use of caps lock, my boyfriend and I intentionally sought your comments out and you are now a running joke in my house. Thank you for the comedic relief! You also inspired an in depth conversation on how lucky and grateful we are with our lives, and how incredibly fortunate we are to not have turned out like a person such as yourself! If your goals in life concern the triple threat of uneducated, insufferable, jerk – congratulations, you are right on track.

        • nuncha

          Charlie send me your mailing address in fuck yourself inbred hillbilly snowed in America. My husband and I will be happy to pay you a visit. We are both educated at MIT and live in Southern CA where it is 73 today. Enjoy. Boyfriend huh hasnt pulled the trigger yet. Please get yourself sterilized and do us all a favor cunt.

        • nuncha

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    • nuncha

      OMG I looked your fugly face up on FB and no wonder. wow you are such a loser hope you do not breed more like yalll

  • Sam_Beresford

    I don’t think being a bad husband makes you a misgynist. Why can’t you just say ‘he’s a bad husband, and probably not a very nice man’, Tanya? Why the need to label him a misogynist?

    • nuncha

      Because Sam if you read the definition in the Dictionary is is ACCURATE.
      reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.

      CLEARLY he mistreated his family and his wife. I would have left him to wipe his own ugly ass ASAP

      Sometimes, misogynic, misogynous.

      • Sam_Beresford

        But treating one woman badly doesn’t make you a misogynist, according to your own definition

  • disqus_9I6C4azbIA

    Jane we are told was a christian but somehow whilst being a married woman fell in love with an organist. Are we supposed to believe that falling in love is involuntary and is powerful enough to overcome our devotion to the teachings of Jesus?

  • gerronwithit

    From the above article I find both of their personal lives self centred and distasteful, but he was of public interest and she wasn’t – medieval lyric poetry of the Iberian peninsula for God’s sake. Seemed to have enough time subsequently to resume her studies, sing in a choir and take up with an organist.

  • balance_and_reason

    Yes, never mind the most brilliant scientist for a generation, he wasn’t a new man …….guess what, I’ll bet there wasn’t a load of birds queuing up to shag a MND sufferer…maybe he took any port in the storm, maybe it wasn’t true love on his part…is that his fault?
    He was developing a mind blowing new direction in Science; I think that forgives a bit of chaotic parenting and relationship management…he had more important things to do…..someone drag the stupid journalist off him and give her a kick up the arse.

    • soysauce1

      There is nothing more important than caring for your wife and children, all else is vanity.

      • balance_and_reason

        I’m afraid that you are just wrong.

        • soysauce1

          Then you are a very sad person.

          • balance_and_reason

            Actually I’m really not …sad that is.
            You remind me of the famous woman who resented her artist husbands genius and lack of attention to her…on his death, threw all the paintings they still owned on the fire.

  • hdb

    What on the EARTH is an article like this doing if the Spectator? This is almost a parody of the Guardian at its worst. Why does this magazine keep hiring people like Bindel and Gold who are surely only going to alienate its readership? This sort of ultra-feminism has already driven off enough long-term Guardian readers who are leftwing without being crazed manhaters. Do the management of this magazine really think it will bring them new readers rather than losing existing ones?

  • Ben

    So much knee-jerk reaction here. If you want to criticize the writer of this article, fine, but so many of you are confusing this article with the story of Hawking and his first wife. He could have accomplished nothing without her care. She gave it willingly-and then he leaves her! He didn’t even treat her as a human being. Are any “accomplishments” more important than how we treat one another? If it wasn’t Hawking, would we still be making excuses, and qualifying all our remarks (“I’m not saying he isn’t a brilliant scientist!”) when some average Joe treats his wife like crap? Screw his, or anyone’s accomplishments if they have no regard whatsoever of the needs of their fellow man, of their own family, of those who support and love them. Without those things, there is nothing and no one brilliant enough to make life worth living.

  • Charlie

    Anyone else dying laughing over how horribly insufferable “nuncha” and the author are? The story of Stephen Hawking is incredibly inspiring, especially to those seeking to accomplish hard feats in their lives as well, and it is absolutely pathetic of those grasping at anything and everything to tear it apart. I have to assume they are uneducated and bored with nothing to do but constantly troll the Internet. “Haters” are simple and basic creatures who end up destroying themselves in the end with all the hate they harbor for themselves. Also, imagining myself in Hawkings position, I would have to be fairly picky and selfish with whom my caretakers are, as being one of the most brilliant men to ever live coupled with an inability to move his entire body, would require an extreme amount of trust. There must have been a whole lot of people wanting him to fail… except back then you didn’t have the Internet and a computer to hide behind in attempts to tear people apart. Good luck haters, I feel sorry for anyone who can’t find invaluable inspiration from his story, as I’m sure anyone of importance pity you as well.

  • Charlie

    P.s. Charlie is my nickname, but I am female and I find your use of “misogyny” severely uneducated and frankly embarrassing on part of feminists everywhere.

  • Sam P

    Well he did refuse to allow his wife to hire him a nurse, told her that her doctoral studies were useless because she was needed in the home, constantly cheated on her once he DID get a nurse and then left her for that nurse. Whom he divorced after meeting ANOTHER young nurse with a romantic interest in him. Couple that with a consistent racist and sexist rhetoric and you’re left with a man who is as socially backward as he is progressive in physics.

  • FuchuBH

    “He may be a talented, or even extraordinary, physicist, but he was a very ordinary husband of his own space and time.”

    Regardless of the veracity of the author’s claims, this may be the most hack sentence ever written.

  • Mickey

    Pure bullsh*t. I can’t believe you get paid to write. A “narcissist”? “Misogynist”? You don’t even ATTEMPT to back up your libel with facts.

    Anything to get a writing credit, eh?

    Yes, every ex-wife’s story is absolutely accurate, unvarnished truth. Men are all evil, right?

    The reality is that most marriages that involve a catastrophic illness end in divorce, for a myriad of reasons. No one can honestly judge who hasn’t been there…..but you certainly did so anyway.

  • Mickey

    Michael Jordan was a misogynist because he didn’t skip his basketball career to support his wife’s career……right?

    Any man who isn’t an emasculated, cringing servant is a “misogynist.”

  • Mickey

    Lastly: You present the fact that Hawking did NOT savage his ex wife in his book, while she savaged HIM, as “proof” that she’s right and he’s a pig.

    Nice logic.

    I have no idea whether she was telling the truth or not, or to what extent she contributed to the marriage failing. (Neither do you.) But I DO know that when it came time to write books he chose to take the high road. She chose to cash in by rolling in mud.

  • Tipsy

    Okay so Hawking was a shit husband. If your definition of misogynist is anyone who is ever mean to a woman, and not that the discrimination is based on the fact that she is a woman, I think your misogyny is a useless idea.

    It’s a waste of time to call non-sexist violence against men misandry, and non sexist meanness and violence towards women misogyny. Because then we need extra words for the specifically sexist stuff.

    Misogyny is ONLY for specific abuse of women because they’re a woman, not abuse to a person who happens to be a women. All other abuse is just abuse.

    To the author of this article, get over yourself and your desire to inject fake feminism into every possible crag, it isn’t needed here. There are places where it is needed, this is not one of them.

  • abdulla galo

    The movie does not care mentioning any of his ideas, it is just a terrible melodrama which I would never reccommend. Extremely poor and predictable lines.

  • Solage 1386

    I do wish Professor Hawking wouldn’t slouch so much, as it sets a very bad example to children……..Also, if he is so bleedin’ clever, why hasn’t he yet invented a flying wheelchair? Eh?

    • If it could fly, it would hardly need to be a wheelchair. A magic carpet would do. And he could lie down on it: much more comfortable. The steering could be an issue, but I’m sure it would be a Smart Carpet, so no worries, really.

  • Dogsnob

    Impression I get here is that he is a crap physicist, because he is a…. that big word for naughty men.

  • Hilary

    Go away, Tanya. Nobody likes you.

    • Now now. You can be sure that lots of people do. Toleration and rainbow colours, eh? Life’s rich pageant etc.

  • gustavo

    We must understand that All scientists are also human being, and not all of them are example of an extraordinary ordinary life (even not having Hawking health conditions). Hawking is an extraordinary man in science, and his contribution to understand the Universe is just remarkable. His personal affair with his private life is not relevant for Science, but it is very relevant if you want to get involve with him.

  • Peter Battrick

    Most great minds are lousy, flawed people. Let’s recognise them for what they are, not for being perfect human beings

    • pobinr

      I am damn glad I am merely of average intelligence so therefore completely perfect

  • In the end, I wonder why we needed a film about Hawking at all? What were we supposed to learn from it? And I’m sure he was a dreadful husband but worse than that, he is anti-Israel, and that is the line separating the decent freedom-lovers from the sh_ts. And he falls on the wrong side, with the sh_ts.

    • Uncle Brian

      Does the Spectator censor the word “shit”? I don’t think so. They haven’t sunk that low.

      • Oh I dunno, I get spiked all the time for using normal words that aren’t even considered ‘rude’. Once the comment has been spiked, it is often impossible to post that comment at all, even with re-writes and/or redactions. So I just make it a habit to use dashes whenever I mention anything of the body or h=ll.

  • StephanieJCW

    You have no given one shred of evidence to support your claim that he is a misogynist. Undoubtedly he treated his wife shoddily – but how, exactly, does that make him a misogynist?

  • RaymondDance

    “Stephen Hawking is a misogynist; and also, quite possibly, a narcissist”

    Do you get paid to write this drivel?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Misogynist. Sack the headline writer.

    • Blimey. I never noticed. But that’s why self-editing is so hard: one so often sees what one knows should be there.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        When like me you’ve been doing it for some 40 years, errors do tend to leap out of the page.

    • Uncle Brian

      The Barclay brothers have already sacked all the copy editors. The poor old Torygraph can’t last much longer, and where will the Speccie be then?

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Lumbered with the likes of Damian Thompson and Tom Chivers.

  • colchar

    So just because his ex-wife says it we should accept it as the truth? She couldn’t possibly have an agenda could she?

  • “Stephen Hawking is a mysogynist. And The Theory of Everything is a whitewash”

    His physics is no better…

    The Physics Community gives the constant 0 (zero) to Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE).


    The Physics community says that the constant is an arbitrary value (any value will do, they say), yet:

    (1) this value of 0 (zero) for GPE is necessarily 1, since the POTENTIAL of anything at its maximum is always 100%; and

    (2) a GPE of 0 (zero) is necessary for Stephen Hawking and others who use that value in order to prove that our universe popped up from nothing: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” – ‘God did not create the universe, says Hawking’, Reuters, By Michael Holden, LONDON | Thu Sep 2, 2010 9:08am EDT.


    For example, if the universe consisted of only the Earth and the Moon, and the Moon is catapulted so far away from the Earth that its gravitational energy no longer affects the Earth, the gravitational energy doesn’t disappear. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the gravitational energy becomes POTENTIAL energy (GPE). This GPE Stephen Hawking (and the Physics community) assigns the constant 0 (zero) to. Now, when we return the Moon back to Earth’s orbit, GPE is said to be -1, according to the Physics community.

    Here’s the math for Stephen Hawking and the Physics community and my correction:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [-1] = 0, so universes are for free,

    however if we use correct constants for what we are describing, the equation reads like this:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [0] = 1, so universes are not for free.

    Let’s further examine the above:

    When the Moon’s GPE ceases when back in Earth’s orbit, that is when ACTUAL Gravitational Kinetic Energy (GKE) is 100%, which would have a constant of 1. Now GKE is simply the CONVERSE of GPE, so now let’s move the Moon away from the Earth again. KGE declines as the Moon moves further away from the Earth (.9, .8, .7, .6 and so on), and conversely GPE increases (.1, .2, .3, .4, .5 and so on until the Moon has reached infinity distance from the Earth, in which case, logically, GPE would be 1, not 0).

    GKE and GPE are the same phenomena, just separated by space, not unlike the duel sides of a coin. This converse relationship between GKE and GPE is also the discovery of what I call the Gravitational Converse Principle.

    Stephen Hawking’s (and the Physics Community) assignment of the constant zero to GPE at infinity is inexplicable.


    1. If GPE is 0 (zero) at infinity, then there can be no GKE; and

    2. ask yourself how could Stephen Hawking and the Physics Community not know what “potential” means by assigning 0 (zero) to something (in this particular case, Gravitation POTENTIAL Energy) that is 100% potential? Obviously, if something is 100%, the constant one would use to quantify it is 1, and such a constant wouldn’t be an arbitrary assignment (as the Physics Community says the assignment of the constant zero to GPE is, it could be any number, they say), it would be a NECESSARY assignment.

  • formonitoring

    Nasty, bitter, silly, ahistorical article. The marriage sounds pretty crappy but in a manner typical of pre-second wave feminism. That doesnt make him a misogynist. Perhaps he was insensitive at times, but really, it was someone else’s marriage a half century ago relayed in three different accounts. And in case you hadnt noticed, hs body was folding in on him like a concertina.
    Do you really feel competent to judge real people as opposed to the representations in media? More fool you if you do.
    As to narcissism and acolytes. Stephen Hawking reconstructed the science of cosmology and our understanding of the universe while living under the shadow of death. People were willing to attend to him because they valued physics and the work he was doing, and probably admired his courage too – and they appear to have made Jane’s life easier.
    That’s what Hawking did for a living. You, Tanya, make a living from sharing your feely feels about things, in article form. Who do you think is the greater narcisisist? It feels like a great strain of envy runs through this piece, and I suspect you have no idea how disastaeful it strikes people as being

    • Helen of Troy

      No, Hawking’s a jerk. He’s lousy on Israel and the rights of a free people to defend themselves from slavery, and there is no excuse for it, full stop. He can go to h-ll as far as I’m concerned.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        You need to realise that Israel is the second most hated nation in the world. Right after the United States of Torture.

  • Helen of Troy

    Does the Spectator have anyone ‘at home’ with respect to moderation? There is a commenter below spewing profanity and obscenity of a completely obnoxious kind (drugs?), yet many people have had coherent, polite comments spiked into oblivion without the presence of one possible trigger word. Someone needs to look at this, don’t you think? I wouldn’t want my site polluted by deliberate trolls probably addled by drugs, but that’s just me.

  • Just in case everyone here not remember that there is no one that can do something alone, I say to all of you that Stephen Hawking might not be who he is without help of his wife.

    • Justiça

      I would say his success is based on studies. And I would also say that his brain is probably more capable than ours (normal human beings)…
      But yeah, his wife must have an important part of his life!
      We can all achieve what he did tho… All we have to do is study, a LOT.

      • you’re right too! What I intend to explain is that sometimes we just do nothing without help or incentives from the others.

        • Justiça

          Yes, I agree 🙂

          • I know we disagree about our govern, but I still liking your politeness 🙂

          • Justiça

            There is no problem whatsoever in our disagreement about our government. I respect your opinion, and I appreciate your words… You too is so polite. It’s hard to find people that are able to talk without offensive language in here. I’m glad I find you!
            Have a nice day!

          • oh god, you’re so kind 🙂
            Sure I’m glad too.

  • redsionira

    I’m not surprised he treated his wife like garbage. He’s an egotistical a**ehole. He goes around specifically tearing down religion and insulting people. In my opinion, someone else would have worked out black holes down the line, and it would have been more worth it than this hatemonger continuing to live.

  • Helen of Troy

    I wonder why his estranged former wife Jane appeared with her former husband at the opening of ‘The Theory Of Everything’ (an overblown title if ever there was one).

  • Jennyvstheworld

    What a grubby article.

    • GraveDave

      She obviously hasn’t watched The Imitation Game properly either
      Or if she did -she wasn’t getting it.

  • Salvatore Monella

    Gold is a raging ableist.

  • Hassan

    I have never read something so untrue and offensive

  • Jason

    You genuinely disgust me with your ignorance, lack of compassion and empathy and your own self-egotistical motives to gain and draw attention to your bigoted opinions. I feel a great sense of distance from someone like you, who would try to objectify perhaps the most complex relationship and emotional journey in the world, or one of them. As I said though, what is most offensive is your profound sense of ignorance and idiocy.

  • Jason

    Actually, a better summary of the situation can be given in one equation. You = retarded.

  • Turbosloth

    Leave it to feminazis to try and make a severely disabled person seem like a “bad husband” and make excuses for your whoredom.

  • David Del Pozo Filíu

    Apparently his wife is completely okay with this movie, she actually likes it and says it protrays her marriage rather well: http://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/theory-of-everything/ ; It was a very difficult relationship for both of them. She wrote 2 books, one focusing on the negative, closer to the divorce, and another one, focusing on the positive aspects of their live together, some years later.

  • Lori

    I am not a fan of Stephen Hawking and while the movie certainly touched me in seeing how his body decayed from the ALS, my opinion of him did not improve any. His first wife certainly put in her time, and she deserves the happiness she found with her second husband. I am glad that for the sake of their children and grandchildren, that Stephen and Jane are able to work together and remain friends. I am especially glad that bitch Elaine is out of the picture. Ick.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    misogynist: the fact that you leave this spelling error in the title uncorrected for over one month tell me that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. UK Trash Culture where spelling errors simply don’t matter because no one can spell.

  • gobbledygook

    Steve’s a dick. He shorted me on a bag of weed bqck in the 80s and grabbed my girlfriends boobies and called her sugar tits.
    Not cool brah.

  • Guido Travaglini

    Nobody’s perfect. Perhaps most people ignore how difficult is to open up your mind and heart when your body fails at any instant of the day, and how continuous physical sufferance translates into interior sufferance. It’s virtually impossible to accept any permanent illness as if nothing had happened.

  • Richard Vicente

    who are you to judge his qualities as a husband or anything else? reading a memoir imparts exactly none of the knowledge or understanding required to even begin building a valid conception of the man and cherry-picking invectives to rapid-fire out of context does very little to consolidate your professed authority as an advocate of rectitude and rounded discourse

  • John Farrell

    The Geniuses do what they must
    The Talented do what they can
    The rest of us simply do what we’re told

  • Kirk

    You should be ashamed of yourself. While I understand your point, you should be a little less vitriolic with your words. When you have motor neuron disease and experience what it’s like, then you can talk.

  • racerxonthe8th

    Anyone else think that Stephen Hawking is overrated?

  • Arch Hold

    Totally agree. He should have put down his physics to make her more comfortable. In this modern age science needs to take a second role to women’s rights and safe spaces. Women live in eternal oppression and part of that oppression is science – less physics, more husband please!

  • Andrew Gillett

    It’s obviously not written as an insult to Hawking. He’s a brilliant mind but was a bad husband. Nobody’s perfect. We had the film to acknowledge his virtues, this article acknowledges his flaws. If you can’t accept he was capable of human flaws you turn him into an idol. That’s disrespectful to his family, the people who looked after him and got the genius so many of you admire to where he is today.

    • thesteelguy

      Still doesn’t validate her labeling with the feminist buzzword, ‘misogynist’.

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  • Latisha Nichols

    I never understood the hoopla regarding unproven scientific theories, and in the case of Stephen Hawking’s work “the Emperor has NO clothes”! As for his wife, its simple…She got burned out looking after Stephen all those years, and pleas for a little help fell on deaf ears until the money came in. When she finally did get help, it ended her marriage. The whole thing reads like an ironic tuppence halfpenny novel.

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  • And people wonder why it is increasingly common to view feminism as a hate movement?

  • Matthew

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think Mr. Hawking decided to act they way he did because of any hatred toward women. I don’t think he, even from your writing, did these things because he thought less of women. He may very well have been self-centred, it’s not uncommon amongst great scientist, but nothing of what was written here speaks toward the idea he treated his wife differently BECAUSE of her gender, as would be implied in the definition of misogyny. In fact, the author indicates that he used his own son as a nurse at the age of nine. If Mr. Hawking were a misogynist, he certainly wouldn’t have done that. So while Mr. Harking might come off as self-centred, to call him a misogynist is to continue the degradation of that term for the sake of a headline.

  • Stu

    Typical bitch. It’s all got to be about women. The man is one of, if not, the most genius scientist in the world, and that is who the movie is about, him, and his achievements. But no, it all must be reduced to what sort of husband he was. It’s all got to be about how a woman felt about him. Maybe he wore a shirt with cartoon semi naked women on it once too……off with his head……that worthless miserable excuse for a man.

  • ☆ Cyborgwolf ☆

    Fuck you.

  • So, she quit her scholarly ambitions – her choice, yes?

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      “She abandoned her scholarly ambitions — the medieval lyric poetry of the Iberian peninsula”

      I mean, come on! What are you going to do with that?

  • calbeck357

    Now waiting on the outrage on behalf of every husband who sacrificed options, career, personal identity and sometimes life itself on behalf of the betterment of their wives.

    Yeah, not holding my breath on that one. This author is a sexist pig.

  • Fraga123

    What a brave article. The patriarchal arrogance of the “Theory of Everything” needs to be addressed.

    And Hawking’s emotional abuse of his wife should have merited a prison sentence long ago.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Front-runner for the daftest comment of the week. But it’s a tight field.

      • Fraga123

        Male, you need to stop posting abusive comments.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          White women, what would you do with um?
          As little as possible once you grasp they haven’t cornered the market as home comforts providers. With their user-hostile attitude, what they are doing is raising their prices in a buyers’ market.
          Jack, Japan Alps
          Abusive? I haven’t even got my trousers off yet.

          • You are not allowed to wear trousers with an orange jumpsuit, you know that!

          • Fraga123

            Ahhh, the Hida Mountains. I know them well. Spent a lot of time on Shirouma and Tsubakuro.

      • An outright daydreaming fantasist complaining about the daftness of other commentators and their comments.

  • gush

    You fail to cite the reason for him refusing extra care (not enough money).
    Again, she always had a freedom to move one, and when she decided to have a “less than chaste” relationship with an organist, a friend, he had no objections (of course she would pretend it was chaste, giving her religiosity) mostly because he understood her struggles and his understanding that he couldn’t demand a thing.
    But that’s the thing, he couldn’t demand a thing, he never had any power beyond his own mind and voice.
    Now, I understand that caretakers sometimes come to vilify those in their care, that’s is natural. Painting those in need as all powerful monsters is the only way to justify carrying for someone so weak and impotent.
    Now, all it’s left for you to say is that he refused being knighted because he was a misogynist.

  • chizwoz

    I’m proud to award you the Gold medal in the victim olympics.

  • Lana Voreskova

    So Jane “abandoned her scholarly ambitions” and began to lose herself. Just a thought, but did anyone force her to do this or did anyone force her to marry Stephen Hawking in the first place?

    This is a another PC fluff piece. A woman’s life didn’t go to plan so it must be some man’s fault. How very empowering: How about working on the assumption that women can actually think for ourselves and make decisions according to our own priorities.

    It might be more constructive than calling Hawking a misogynist. That word has been so overused that it has become meaningless anyway. I personally think it is extremely cowardly to attack someone based on your perception of their private life. How do you really know what the dynamic between Stephen and Jane worked and if it was not a happy marriage, why do you so easily assume that it was Stephen’s fault?

  • Laststop3h

    You would think based on how often they use the word, that feminists would be able to spell misogynist correctly.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Brits lack self-doubt: They think they can spell accurately but they can’t. Presumably errors don’t leap out of the page at them because printed material is littered with mistakes. One of the first things you realise when a resident abroad is that you can’t assume everything you see printed is correct. When you can’t write error-free in your own language, it’s “Game Over” Britisher pals.
      Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  • Paul Jackson

    Please go to hell. You’re not fit to tie his shoe-laces.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      But it’s a good thing someone does.

  • NWOslave

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Comet headed towards earth and will destroy all life, even microbes. Experts say women will suffer worse, comet deemed misogynist.

  • Jack Strawb

    Oh, the whining!

    The author has no idea–clearly–what it takes to be great. There are no great, part-time physicists.

  • GarrusOverload

    Can you imagine how annoying someone yelling at you with a computer at a word every 10 min would be? What a hero she was /jk

  • Notes From The Man Cave

    Fucking 3rd wave feminist carps can go to hell (or get sucked into a naked singularity)

  • euphemus2

    Unbelievable selfish deluded tripe. Here is a very bright and talented person on the brink of an exciting career, given a few years to live, who physically deteriorates into a wheelchair, confounds expectations, makes extraordinary discoveries, succeeds against all odds, achieves more than others who struggle even without this towering stack of chips against them, and we are to crucify him because his also-ran wife had to play second fiddle? To read this article you’d think Hawking did nothing extraordinary but to selfishly and deliberately hold back his wife from greatness. The delusion: She had a vagina so she was more handicapped than the guy in a wheelchair only able to move a single muscle on his cheek. The wife was the real victim and the true hero because she had the disability of vagina. The delusion! The victim mentality. Feminism is a cult.

  • RuralScot

    So… Ex-wife moans about former husband… Then has her word taken as gospel.
    You have no inclination she might be a biased source?

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Control freak, religious fanatic, tyrant, poor communication … untidy.
      A fractious ex-wife is seldom the best place to go for an unbiased character reference.

      • Fred Uttlescay

        Nobody should accept the word of a religious nut.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          True, Fred, true. But I fail to see the connection. Unless in your mind, Atheist equates to “religious nut”.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Naturally bringing up Hawking’s anti-Semitism would be taboo, so I do it. Has nobody else mentioned it here? Hawking didn’t attend some conference in Israel in 2013 because he said his Palestinian colleagues told him not to go. In other words, Hawking just swallowed hook line and sinker what his dishonest and anti-Jewish Palestinian colleagues told him, and he went along with it. As such, in principle, Hawking supports BDS against Israel, and yes that is anti-Semitic. Israel is the only country that Hawking could live in, in the Middle-East. So you know boycott it. As others have pointed out, his whole computer-based communications system runs on a chip designed by Israel’s Intel team. So as one Israeli Nitsana Darshan-Leitner put it, if he “wants to pull out of Israel, he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet.”

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Aren’t you confusing anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism? I still recall Douglas Murray’s truly despicable vitriolic attack on Stephen Hawking.
      I select one story at random from the day before yesterday; “Israel shoots four boys enjoying evening walk in Gaza”.
      What fair-minded person wouldn’t be anti-Israel?
      Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

    • Myopia

      The Palestinians are Semitic, as well as the Israelis. This is what’s known as language hijacking, if you alter a definition to your choosing, you better control the context of the dialogue. If the dialogue shifts out of your control, you alter definitions again to bring it back. Here’s some Israelis expressing their own form of anti-Semitism:


  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “I do not write to insult Professor Hawking”

    That must have been hard to say with a straight face.
    Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  • Trayvon Karl Ohneeshia Smith

    >Written by Tanya Gold

    OY VEY

    Why is it always like this?

  • Trigorin

    There is not one point raised in this shrill and shallow polemic that isn’t covered in the film. Jane does come off as a strong and sympathetic character. And Hawking does come off as flawed and egocentric, among other things. Their lopsided marriage and extra-marital affairs (Jane’s and Stephen’s) are both depicted in the movie. Have you even seen the film? Or did you just watch the trailer and figure that was enough?

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  • MissLeviathan

    “This is a story about disability and the wounds it cuts, although it is not the story you will see in The Theory of Everything.”

    What movie were you watching? I thought it illustrated this point pretty well.

  • Robert Jones

    As I recall, the EEOC passed the Equal Rights Protection Act of 1963. You have equal rights plus more. Allow me to list them for you:
    Women must prove they spent money on the children when collecting welfare, but not reporting the same for child support.
    Men’s sports must be cut in order to recruit fans to create women’s sports that don’t.
    Women play only three sets of tennis for the same prize money, where as a man must compete in five sets.
    It’s termed sexual freedom when a married woman commits adultery but low and behold if he does it, it’s simply straight up cheating…No leeway whatsoever. (Both male and female are equally worthless if they cheat.)
    Men = bad. Women = good. (Your entire post here proves you feel this way… Your logical fallacies prove it, despite your attempts to backpedal, otherwise.)
    Female murderers are constantly given slaps on the wrist presuming to be mentally ill, whereas for men, they are guilty before proven innocent… And no matter if there is a trial, she’ll get off scott-free… (Casey Anthony is a good exampled followed up with a few sex offenders on early teen boys.)
    Why is it that women complain when men leave the toilet seat up, but men don’t complain when women leave it down?
    Why is it considered sexist to have a couple of television shows geared towards men when there are several channels catering only to women? Get over yourselves already.
    Why do women have the choice between abortion, adoption, diaphragm, depo shot, the pill, the shot, the dunk, the jump, the squeeze, the suck, the skilt, etc…when men are only given condoms….which aren’t even considered legitimate contraceptives? Would you consider discussing funding along these mediums and or platforms? That’s what I thought.
    Dropping an unwanted baby off at a hospital, fire station, police station, and federal building including post offices and diplomatic services such as Embassies, etc…(through the Baby Moses Act) — post-birth — up to three months — but a male is responsible 24/7 and is not even considered human because he has no right of life to his child, despite the mother formerly having mutually agreed to sexual intercourse… And if not… Than it must be reported — but failed…either or the statistics are cooked and most women are lying about said ‘rape’…due to the lack of reporting.
    Standby… I have to go to work.. I have about twenty more pages to type.

  • TheHeroFails

    How did I know by the title alone that the author would be a whining feminist.. How original.

  • mickey2942

    Watched the movie, and realized his wife never lived a normal life. Or his children. People with disabilities are praised by many, for their successes, they develop a narcissistic attitude. And never realize how much their family does to help them.

  • Indra Blade

    Women are rather angry nowadays that despite the prevalence of female geniuses on TV the real life geniuses are men and women know it.
    The power elite introduced feminism to destroy the family and weaken men as part of their divide and conquer strategy while implementing their world government.
    Thus they attempt to confuse gender role and masculinise women. They wish to empower women as much as possible and subjugate men in order to make families harder to form as families provide social cohesion against tyranny and less families means less parental influence over kids and enables the state to brainwash them.

    They own the media and Hollywood so they insert female geniuses wherever they can and replace iconic male characters with women.

    Women are deep down not buying it and realise some sinister social engineering is going on and that Hollywood portrayal of women as the top minds and kick ass action stars doesn’t match real life.

  • Ruben Schlager

    shes a fucking cunt omg!

  • Bubblejet

    I have a similar medical condition to Prof Hawking’s. I’m not a fan, either. He cultivates an image which actually marginalises other disabled people. He deliberately tugs heartstrings by allowing himself to be portrayed as a tragic figure. But, if he’s a brilliant mind, trapped in a broken body, that means other disabled people are merely broken bodies. In fact, Stephen Hawking goes further: he behaves as if other disabled people don’t exist. He never speaks on disability rights issues – not even on equal access to education, which you’d think would be close to his heart. He seems to avoid any association with other disabled people because he believes that he’s a “normal” guy, which totally misses the point that other disabled people are also normal. He’s a public schoolboy and it shows.

  • Jenny McGinnis

    Datz harm.

  • MiguelS1

    Why do white women love to cut into any man they can, calling them “sexist” and “misogynistic?” This is libel, and I hope he sues you for it.

    I take feminism seriously…from minority women. We minorities actually have something to complain about. With white women, it’s about hatred, power, and spitefulness. Oh, and furthering white privilege, except, just for women.

    Sickening race.

    • heyheythere

      Wow you are vile.

    • christinanolanXD

      I agree

    • Rob74

      You sound like you are making sense and then it all goes wrong…

    • Cathy Creswell

      You wallow in your self pity.

    • AidanO

      I hate feminism too. But racism much?

    • Puk

      I take comments seriously…from intelligent people.

  • Anabella

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  • Sofia kabashiClaire

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  • I finished the article. Still waiting for the evidence of misogyny. You do understand what the word means, right? Being a bad husband doesn’t make you a misogynist. Having contempt or prejudice toward women as a class of human beings makes you a misogynist.

    Do you regularly label men who do things that a woman didn’t like “misogynists”? Because having contempt or prejudice toward an entire class of human beings isn’t only wrong when that class of human beings is women.

    • Cathy Creswell

      He shows his contempt for women by ignoring the needs and rights of those females right next to him. He expects assistance from all without reciprocation, but he expects it most from females.

  • Erica Lewis

    What is this nonsense about persons with disabilities being saintly or not? If someone is a good person or a jerk, they will be like that whether they are in a wheelchair or not, and as someone who is in a wheelchair, I find this a ridiculous and offensive comment.

    Whether or not Hawking was a lousy husband has nothing to do with misogyny. That term applies to men who treat women with extreme hatred and abuse and actively tear them down and hold them back simply for being of the female gender. I see nothing that comes close to this with regards to Hawking. Also, as someone else has pointed out, your article could be crossing the line into slander.

    And as with any marriage, either partner is free to leave when there is no threat of violence. She could have left him a long time ago, so don’t get me started on HER patronizing him. To stay with someone just because they are disabled is to treat someone with a total lack of dignity.

  • Гусейн Гурбанов Азербайджан

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  • Mary M. Valentine

    I don’t give a rip how smart Hawking is, I can not stand the guy.

    • cattlewrangler .

      I wonder does his glorification have anything to do with his condition?