'The truth is hard': an interview with Roger Scruton

The philosopher and novelist was right about immigration and education, 30 years too soon

4 April 2015

9:00 AM

4 April 2015

9:00 AM

To the extent that Britain has philosophers, we do not expect them to address issues of any relevance to the rest of us. They may pursue some hermeneutic byway perhaps, but not the urgent or profound issues of our time.

Roger Scruton has always been an exception in this regard, as in many others. He has spent his adult life thinking and writing about the nature of love, the nation state, belonging, alienation, beauty, home and England. But even his closest readers may gulp at the relevance of his latest subject matter. His new novel, The Disappeared, is set in the north of England and centres on the recent rape-gang cases. It’s a gripping, disturbing narrative dealing with abduction and abuse but also love, escape and a type of redemption. I went to see him last week, a world away from all these subjects, at his farm in Wiltshire.

‘I’ve been thinking about these things for quite some time,’ he says as we settle into his book- and piano-filled study. ‘The problem of the integration of the Muslim community into our cities.’ He is aware of the landmines on this territory. Thirty years ago he inadvertently stepped on one by publishing a piece by a Bradford headmaster, Ray Honeyford, about multiculturalism in schools. ‘I looked back at my experience [in 1984] with the Salisbury Review and the Ray Honeyford case and the huge difficulty that teachers have. Because our political class has transferred to teachers the whole obligation to integrate new immigrant communities… People find themselves with classrooms where nobody can speak English, with customs they can’t relate to and with those problems that Honeyford had with discipline and outright antagonism. That was in Bradford, and of course when I read about the Oxford grooming cases, I just had this vision of a story that would bring these things together — the dreadful situation of the teacher in a modern city, and also the situation of young girls who are vulnerable because their families have not worked out and the various problems that have arisen through secularisation and so on. And so I put together a story out of these things.’

Readers of his columns and works of philosophy may wonder why he chose to tackle this through the medium of the novel. ‘I’ve always taken the view that works of art are not just things that we enjoy. They can convey truths about the world more vividly and to greater effect than ordinary philosophical prose can because they don’t just deal in ideas but show the emotional reality of them. And I think that our society has gone terribly wrong because people have not been confronting the great issues — the loss of the Christian faith, the inability to confront Islam, the loss of the sense of the sacredness of the sexual relation, and the exposure in particular of young women both to external predation and to this moral decay. All these things are real. In my book the principal teacher is someone who is also attracted to the girl victim and that raises another big question — the question of paedophilia, which has a huge hysteria about it in this country because it is the last remaining redoubt of innocence, of childhood, but it’s also the thing that everybody for that reason is assaulting.’ Why assaulting?

‘Well, because innocence and purity are objects of sexual desire. In a healthy society, this desire is maintained, while also maintaining the wall which protects innocence. But that wall has crumbled, which is why there is this sort of public hysteria about paedophilia. It’s the last remaining crime in the sexual area. Putting all these things together just enabled me in a story, in a novel, to connect emotionally, not just intellectually.’

This desire to communicate — to connect — runs throughout all of Scruton’s work but seems to have grown with the years. He has started a family, and discovered a great love of hunting fairly late in life. But as the remaining sun of an English spring day filters across the study, there is also an ever-present sadness. Something like a permanent bruised-ness. The Honeyford affair helped destroy Scruton’s career in the universities and he knows why so few people address these issues.

‘The truth is hard. We don’t need reminding that there is a heavy censorship in all matters to do with immigration, to do with the integration of immigrant communities and in particular the integration of Muslim communities. The police forces of those northern cities were heavily intimidated by the Macpherson report, accusing police forces all over the country of institutional racism, which was an incredible injustice, which means they are going to lean over backwards not to get involved in what’s going on in the local immigrant communities for fear of this. That’s clearly what has happened in Rotherham and also people don’t want to write about it because they’ve also seen the penalties.’

He has been hearing the same stories from teachers for 30 years now. ‘If you’re a schoolteacher and trying to survive in these circumstances and knowing that you’re up against all these assembled forces, then self-censorship is not just likely, it’s necessary. But if you’re a philosopher who is self-employed at the end of his career, then it’s pointless to engage in self-censorship. It’s great, I can just say what is true. People will shout and scream, and all the usual things will be said. But more and more people will realise that this self-censorship is not just counter-productive in itself but has actually worsened the problem because it has prevented people from dealing with it. It has prevented the immigrant communities themselves from dealing with it.’

But things have got better, haven’t they? Hasn’t the discussion at least opened out? We are speaking a couple of days after Trevor Phillips has made another noted intervention, attacking those ‘anti-racists’ who have shut down debate for years. This prompts a classically Scrutonian response: ‘Things have changed now because as always when a battle is lost you can speak freely about it.’

Does he really mean that? I ask with trepidation. ‘The big battle to maintain a proper educational system which will be continuous with the old curriculum and passing on what we have while adapting to all the changes, that big battle was lost, I think.’ When? ‘Over the past 20 years. Certainly by the time that New Labour were in they didn’t have much work to do. When people first raised the question about integrating the new communities it was in a spirit of hope — that one would be able to maintain the core of what we have. It’s the other side who actually want to destroy that core. Certainly the multicultural activists in the Labour party and the universities wanted to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon education system as they saw it, and produce something completely different — with no conception of what that completely different thing would be, of course. It’s always easier to destroy than to create, and I think that’s what we’ve seen. But then people start again.’

What are the signs of rebirth? ‘I was very impressed visiting Katharine Birbalsingh’s free school the other day — 110 faces, all of them black except for a little handful of Romanians — in which there was real discipline and they were being taught the old curriculum and the teachers were really trying to integrate these children into what they saw as the culture to which they were destined.’

So the battle is for continuity? ‘Yes, and for the survival of western civilisation. It’s not as though we’ve lost it completely. We still have got this civilisation — it’s all we’ve got, and it’s not as though we’re going to be able to replace it with any other. I think that’s really what underlies this story of The Disappeared. A lot of things have disappeared.’

Having been made something of a pariah for recognising these truths early, does he feel any sense of vindication? He laughs slightly. ‘I don’t feel as though I need it. It’s the way the world is. If you say something in advance — if you describe a problem as it arises, people always turn on you because they don’t want to hear about it. But when it’s too late to do anything, they will then turn around and say that you were right. That’s human nature.’

Despite being fêted and honoured across eastern Europe for his work with dissidents behind the Iron Curtain, and despite his worldwide renown as a philosopher, Scruton is still without honour in his own land. Does this upset him? ‘We live in a time when honours and praise go only to people on the left, essentially because they seem harmless. And what makes them seem harmless is precisely that they’re uttering all the things that have caused so much harm.’ Only one honour really got to him. ‘Nothing upset me more than the award of Companion of Honour to Eric Hobsbawm in reward for a lifetime of unswerving loyalty to the Soviet Union.’

But Scruton is not a regret-filled man. He seems content, even happy, in his ‘Scrutopia’. As we wrap up his wife is bringing their son home with some schoolfriends. The horses and cows need checking, and the chickens need to go down for the night. ‘Touching creatures,’ he notes as they follow him to their home, clucking and chirruping.

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  • James Jones

    “Certainly the multicultural activists in the Labour party and the universities wanted to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon education system”

    He should perhaps have left it at –

    ‘activists in the Labour party want to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system’

    The destruction being wrought is not confined to education.

    Of course once The Left get their mad mullahs into power there will be nothing remaining at all.

    • Coastliner

      Then we must pray that Milliband and Salmond NEVER get anywhere near the levers of power.

      • David Prentice

        In the spirit of waking the demos up to the benefits of unobtrusive government and self-reliance, I wonder whether Ed and Alex having a go might not be a bad thing.

        • WFB56

          That would be a very big price to pay for an experiment.

          • In hindsight it would clearly have been infinitely better for the country to have seen Thatcher (or Major) defeated by Kinnock fair and square in the 1991/2 election than to have experienced Major’s disastrous premiership. We know Kinnock couldn’t have governed, he would have returned to the failed experiment of the ’70s. The Tories would have remained a strong force and would have been well placed to return to power in ’97. As it turned out, the globalist, multiculturalist left has managed to triangulate and persuade the electorate that their economic wellbeing is inextricably tied up in the liberal progressive social agenda. The best we can hope for from this election is a big enough, and unjust enough mess that pressure for electoral reform becomes unstoppable. Under PR, UKIP will be able to do what the SNP have done. Under FPTP they cannot break through.

          • Neil Saunders

            Some truth and some nonsense.

            The truth is about the iniquitous nature of FPTP in propping up unpopular governments.

            The nonsense is in the analysis of post-Thatcher politics.

            The “failed experiment of 70s politics” was actually the rather successful postwar social democratic consensus, and it was brought low not by any incoherence, but by the 1973 Oil Crisis and its aftermath.

            The real failed experiment (in part, as I explain below) is Thatcherism (and its lineal descendant, Blairism). The former was propped up by North Sea Oil, while the latter was made possible by an unsustainable expansion of credit.

            The present Neoconservative consensus (a toxic fusion of Thatcherite economics – privatisation, deregulation, offshoring of industry, bailing out of improvident banks, etc. – and Political Correctness – feminism, gay rights, same-sex marriage, multiculturalism, etc.) is the default ideology of all three mainstream parties (and the policy of mass immigration, for example, appeases both the corporate, globalist right and the metropolitan, multicultural left within this sinister coalition), completely disenfranchising both unreconstructed social democrats (“Old” Labour) and moderate, traditionalist social conservatives.

          • “The present Neoconservative consensus (a toxic fusion of Thatcherite economics – privatisation, deregulation, offshoring of industry, bailing out of improvident banks, etc. – and Political Correctness – feminism, gay rights, same-sex marriage, multiculturalism, etc.) ”
            I find this utterly bewildering. The PC agenda stems in the first instance from what was going on in the ‘loony left’ Labour councils of the 80s. You may remember a character called Ken Livingston. As I’ve said elsewhere in this thread, ‘multiculturalism’ was formulated by Roy Jenkins in a speech in 1966. I agree it is a toxic brew, and I would agree with you that the extremes of wealth inequality, particularly CEO pay and those accrued from intellectual property rights are major problems that have to be tackled, but to call ‘PC’ part of the neocon consensus is a retreat from reason. Look at the furore over Indiana’s religious freedom law, and see who is criticising and misrepresenting it… it isn’t neocons.
            As far as the 70’s goes, it was about the trajectory we were on. You can blow all your savings and live like a king for 6 months if you want to. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle choice though. We weren’t paying our way and we were losing many times more production days to strikes than our nearest competitors. We were hidebound by demarcation disputes and major companies wouldn’t invest. Labour tried repeatedly to get the unions to see reason, with ‘In Place of Strife’ and the Bullock report on German style industrial democracy in 1976. They rejected it all in favour of ‘free collective bargaining’ and so we got Thatcher. Kinnock was committed to repeal Thatcher’s union laws so it’s not difficult to determine where his government would have gone. Major, despite himself, ran a sound economy and, with Clark as chancellor, laid the groundwork for sustainable growth. And then we went and voted ——- Labour again

          • Neil Saunders

            The PC agenda has a far longer pedigree than you acknowledge. It certainly wasn’t inaugurated by Roy Jenkins in 1966. It has it roots in the American postwar New Left, who were influenced in turn by the Frankfurt School, as well as in the writings of Antonio Gramsci; not only this, but thinkers like John Dewey, Franz Boas and Margaret Mead were also among its intellectual progenitors.

            I remember Ken Livingstone only too well. I witnessed with horror his Putsch of the Greater London Council, having myself voted for the far more mainstream Andrew McIntosh. What the loony left were doing in the 80s was new in Britain, but it was firmly in the lineage of the movements I refer to above. The tragic thing is that mainstream politicians in all parties now routinely espouse and implement policies that would have been the pipe-dreams of the loony left’s most extreme fringe back then.

            The refusal of the unions to accept “In Place of Strife” was a major disaster, I concede, but Thatcherism was the kind of medicine that is deadlier than the illness it purports to cure. I realise that recently there have been attempts to rehabilitate John Major, but economic competence is not high on the list of things his administration is likely to be remembered for, particularly in the light of the ERM disaster in its early days. I think we are nostalgic for it simply because of the awfulness of the Blair years that followed.

          • Mr_Twister

            Yup that Frankfurt School again! And their bastard child Political Corruptness!

            “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief – or even the hope of belief – that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the ‘oppressive’ order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus—‘continuing the work of the Western Marxists by other means’ as one of their members noted.

            To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

            1. The creation of racism offences.
            2. Continual change to create confusion
            3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
            4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
            5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
            6. The promotion of excessive drinking
            7. Emptying of churches
            8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
            9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
            10. Control and dumbing down of media
            11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family”

          • DavidHamiltonOne

            Do you have any references? With respect people like the Angela Ellis-Jones demonise The Frankfurt School but never cite evidence. Perhaps they are only guessing.

          • Mr_Twister


            Common thoughts are that these tactics are being used against us by, amongst others,

            CommonPurpose.org (a claimed, 70,000 “graduates” all trained in/victims of NLP AND “Leading beyond authority” !)

            You might also not have seen.


            David, look at so called graduates here: http://www.cpexposed.com/graduates
            And more importantly the positions they hold!
            200+ @ BBC
            450+ in Poo-lice forces
            1300+ in COUNCILS!
            400+ in the NHS
            200+ Education

            that database only up to 2003-4 I think

          • RobertC

            In the late 1970’s, Ian Mikado (Labour Party) and Jack Jones (Trades Unions) were arguing over who would get Moscow’s blessing, and be running Britain.

          • stevieg4ever

            Excellent post. Clarke would have made an excellent pm, had Labour followed his economic policies, combined the boom years in the early 00s, we most likely would have had budget surplus by now.

      • WFB56

        Its too late, as Scruton says, the battle has been lost. There’s barely a hair’s breadth difference between Cameron and Milliband on most of the most fundamental issues. Gove got it but Cameron and Osborne don’t. Like Scruton, Gove is paying the price for trying to address problems that the bien pensant wish to ignore.

        • Farage’s Fried Chicken

          Would that be the same two f e c k e r s who wrote the conservative party’s Green manifesto?

          What was it called again? Let’s see, it must have been called: “F e c k it you’re not listening you f e c k e r s, why f e c k i n not?” http://cen.uk.com/publications/

          Gove and Scruton are either right or they are wrong.
          Which one is it f e c k i n today?

          • Wessex Man

            tr la la la ha ha said the clown.

          • Farage’s Fried Chicken

            Go f e c k yourself, Tory troll.

            Alternatively *read* the Scruton/Gove publication I linked to.

            My hunch is you will opt to f e c k yourself instead as it will put your mind at ease.

          • gerontius redux

            You seem obsessed with feckin

          • Were you corrected at the House of Correction? Or are you still happily of a bendy flowery nature? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd-DvSTBq1o

          • gerontius redux

            I got back late Thursday.
            A holiday with three sisters will correct most men. Actually I’m just one of the gals on these occasions and provided I do my share of the cooking I’m left unmolested. I made a start on the Anatomy of Melancholy. It’s a distillation of all human knowledge, written at a time when it was still possible to contemplate such a thing, though as the introduction points out, it is wrong about physiology, cosmology, psychology and any other “ology” you care to name. A lesson for us all.
            I’ve got a copy of that record. I bought it when the sun always shone on me and, as he says, life and more importantly youth, lasts forever. Well until tomorrow at any rate.
            PS My clauses and sub-clauses are out of control – the joke about herding cats eh? I trust you can unravel me.

          • I trust you can unravel me. Heh heh heh heh

          • Perhaps that’s why he can’t make it with the ladies. He keeps wanting to take them out for Kunticky Fried Chucken.

          • gerontius redux

            Hey, you were a cute little thing weren’t you?

          • In several respects I’ve improved since then (I was about 22 or 23 in the photo, and in those days I was not the virgin I have since become — met hubby at 24). If only I’d had me as I am now to advise me as I was then… instead I spent my whole time groping in the dark. I had to marry my husband: he was the only true intellect I’d ever known, and my first really true friend. A hard bargain, but I hardly knew it at the time — and anyway what choice did I have? It’s a comfort to know that my life, however frustrating (the dictionary definition of frustration has my picture beside it), nonetheless has a kind of logic. Given the weirdly lopsided hand I was dealt, it’s hard to know how I could have done otherwise.

            I’d only say these things to you, G. To anyone else they would be oddly self-preoccupied comments or else they are known already.

          • gerontius redux
          • Ha ha! Gosh, the avatars of the evening that I could put up with a resemblance to that… BUT NEVER WILL! %^[]

          • YehoshuaFriedman

            Ship him out for a voyage on the Kun-Tiki.

          • Heh heh heh!

        • Cameron is basically a Blairite but not particularly good one. He was precisely the wrong man at the wrong time for the Tories. They thought (as did a lot of people) that the politically correct millennium had arrived, but what had actually happened is that Tory authority collapsed under Major’s disastrous premiership while Labour found a superb communicator and a professional presentation team to support him. There was a hunger to move on from Blair and I suspect that David Davis could have done it. Even so though, the big issue now is demographics. I can’t see there’s any way back from where we are. Not without so much blood that it would be a Pyrrhic victory at best

          • Neil Saunders

            This is defeatist. England is still worth fighting for.

          • DavidHamiltonOne

            yes, it is but this talk of integration is unworldly. The Muslim community in the cities he mentions have been forging their own distinct path for so long they would not allow their young to integrate and if the state tried it would kick off the simmering civil war. I am afraid Scruton is too abstract a thinker and too academic to understand that.

          • Neil Saunders

            Yes, I would agree with you that “talk of integration is unworldly”. It is part of the unrealisable dream of a purely civic nationalism.

          • RobertC

            “The Muslim community … have been forging their own distinct path for so long …”

            1400 years, in fact.

          • SeeEvil,hearEvil,speakEvil

            when someone else starts the fight you have no choice. At the moment we are engaged in a pathetic kind of appeasement like effort to talk him down. It won’t work and soon enough the people will want a strongman leader.

            Its inevitable
            Human nature hasn’t changed

          • Neil Saunders

            Strictly speaking, it is not “we” who are engaged in this appeasement, but our craven elites.

          • Dictatortot

            And yet Britain’s “craven elites” are still firmly ensconced in, well, elite positions … presumably at the sufferance of the citizenry. Whose fault is that in the end?

          • Neil Saunders

            The fault lies primarily with the first-past-the-post electoral system, which hands Parliamentary majorities to parties with an absolute minority of the popular vote.

            The problem is compounded by the fact that the system also bestows vastly disproportionate power to the least knowledgeable and thoughtful section of the electorate, viz. the floating voters in marginal constituencies.

          • Pulseguy

            Good point! A many splintered government is way, way better. And, when you have 10 seats held by the Sharia Party, and they hold the balance of power in Parliament you might not be too happy with the result.

            A Proportional Representation Party would result in:

            1. A rabid right anti-Immigration party.

            2. A Sharia party.

            3 A Feminist Socialist Party.

            And, so on.

          • Neil Saunders

            We already have items 2 and 3 with the mainstream parties, Pulseguy.

          • photohounds
          • Brother John

            Indeed it is. There comes a time, however, not when England will not be worth fighting for, but when one must recognize that further efforts will be largely futile — yet must still be pursued. That time has passed.

          • Neil Saunders

            I’m not quite with you. In your opinion, is England still worth fighting for or not?

            It’s worth bearing in mind that the creation of a defeatist mentality is an important component of psychological warfare.

          • Brother John

            In my opinion, most definitely. However, as things currently are, very little if anything can actually be done about it. Avoiding defeatism is, as you say, vital; but isn’t a healthy dose of realism good for you too?

          • Neil Saunders

            As long as it’s not the depressive variety.

          • Terry Field

            The idea of England is now what?????

          • Neil Saunders

            A sovereign nation defined by shared history, language and culture, Terry.

          • Terry Field

            Indeed. That no longer applies in Britain now. The loss of the gentle, vital, creative and achieving monoculture and its replacement be the ghettoised societies composed of groups with no common interest is the reality now. That, along with very many other reasons, is why I left, and why I am very glad that I did.
            The new Labour party has created and accentuated the hellish dystopia; enjoy.

          • Coniston

            Correction – England is not Britain and Britain is not England. Too many English people confuse the two. I regard myself as English (which I mainly am), but am also aware of some Welsh and Irish ancestors.

          • Terry Field

            I lived in England for long enough to know the difference. My point remains unaffected, since the changes apply in all three parts of the british Isles.

          • Neil Saunders

            This doesn’t help much, Terry, unless tens of millions of English people can resettle wherever you are (or places like it).

            New Labour have brought the problem to its current state of crisis (and prospective process of collapse), but all the parties of the Cartel are now complicit in it.

            We must stay and fight.

          • Terry Field

            I greatly respect your decision to remain and to fight. I wish you success. I left because I took the view that I only have a single life before my soul goes to God, and I chose an agreeable alternative. I was and am very lucky to be able to do so. I was so sick at heart about the life in England that I simply could not remain.
            I agree that Labour, socialism and collectivist anarchy run by the celtic fringe against the interests of the Anglo Saxon majority has driven the culture of the past to the edge of total collapse. I take the view the situation is now irrecoverable. You may feel that it is not so bad.
            I wish you good luck. You will need it.

          • Neil Saunders

            Thanks. There are idiot Unionists on this very thread who don’t get it.

          • stevieg4ever

            The problem is no one wants the fight, do they. As soon as a pro-British, anti-redistributionist party that puts British interests before all else comes along, everyone in the media is queuing up to take cheap shots at them. The left all but controls, in their entirety, the media, the academia, the popular culture and all else in between.

          • trotters1957

            I didn’t know Murdoch, the Barclay brothers, and Paul Dacre were communists.
            Please put your tin hat back on, they are coming to get you.

          • Anonymous

            There’s two things wrong with your argument. 1) You assume that Murdoch and co heavily influence the content of their papers, by and large they don’t (journalistic freedom) and view them primarily as a business investment – if they stopped making money, they’d divest their interests. 2) You don’t take in to account the largely left wing/progressive culture in journalism which far outnumbers those with a conservative or centrist viewpoint – this isn’t at all a conspiracy, but one might say Lefists ideas tend to be the ones that dominate in the media sphere.

          • Neil Saunders

            This is untrue; plenty of people want the fight (on both sides of the argument).

            If the current Cartel (Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dem) isn’t delivered a serious blow by UKIP this time round (which in the first instance requires the destruction of the Conservatives), then they, or some nationalist successor, will present a more serious threat in 2020, when the consequences of five more years of Cartel rule have disenfranchised and alienated even more of us.

            “Left” is a kind of lazy shorthand for this Cartel (which, it must be conceded, clearly does control the media, academia and other cultural citadels); it is essentially neoconservative in nature: a toxic blend of Thatcherite economics and Political Correctness. It owes its disproportionate influence, as I have remarked elsewhere on this thread, to the distortions of our FPTP electoral system, together with entryism into our institutions by Common Purpose and similar groups.

          • AndrewMelville

            Britain if you please. England is the front line to be sure, but we are a United Kingdom. Let’s not divide before the enemy.

          • Neil Saunders

            To hell with the Union. I only care about England.

          • AndrewMelville

            Then you are a fncking twit and a traitor.

          • Neil Saunders

            A traitor to what, exactly? Celts who hate my guts and are happy to see my country overrun with immigrants and my culture and people wiped off the face of the earth?

          • AndrewMelville

            A traitor to your country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

            First, there are as many Celts among the English as among the Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen. And those countries are only partly Celtic themselves.

            Second, it is always England which determines who the government is. Have you ever examined the demographics? You can blame English voters for the disastrous and treasonous governments we have endured.

            Third, your neighbours actually recoil in horror to see what is being wrought in England. Our temporary reprieve will not last long, if England falls, none of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland will stand.

          • Neil Saunders

            The United Kingdom is a purely political construct, not a nation, and it does not inspire or command my loyalty. I am loyal to the nation of England, not the Anglo-Norman Ascendancy or the UK political elites, and I am not interested in the speculations of amateur ethnography.

            Our more sensible neighbours in the Celtic Fringe recoil in horror (as well they might), but many Celtic nationalists rejoice in the destruction of England (which many have actively connived in).

          • AndrewMelville

            My mistake. I didn’t realize that you are a swivel eyed loonie. Be good: they might loosen the arm restraints a little.

          • Neil Saunders

            You must be new to this online debating game, Andrew. It isn’t quite enough just to accuse people with whom you disagree of being mentally ill.

            Now, try to think of a response that actually deals with the issues currently under discussion.

          • AndrewMelville

            Sorry I’m too distressed by your hideous bigotry and traitorous utterances.

          • Neil Saunders

            I wish I knew what that was supposed to mean, and what relevance it has to our recent exchange.

          • AndrewMelville

            It means you’re a traitor to the UK and a little englander.

          • Neil Saunders

            I’m proud to be a Little Englander, in the original (and correct) sense of the expression; I can scarcely be a traitor to something to which I never at any time professed any attachment or loyalty.

          • AndrewMelville

            How sad.

          • Neil Saunders

            No, the sad thing is that you’re pig ignorant.

          • AndrewMelville

            Indeed you are.

          • Neil Saunders

            You’re a time-waster.

          • SeeEvil,hearEvil,speakEvil

            Well it’s going to happen. best to win a Pyrrhic victory than suffer loss and anhialation. You might be surprised how the odds begin to change as the second combatant FINNALY comes to realise his situation, takes a deep breath and actually steps into the ring. With his gloves OFF

        • ReefKnot

          Indeed. Remember the sharp intake of breath when Gove appointed Peter Clarke to investigate the Trojan Horse school scandal ? Gove was soon fired after Clarkes report failed to say ” No real problem here, just a few tweaks needed. Move along now please. ” Unfortunately his report uncovered serious wrongdoing – something the Government did not want to hear because it meant they were supposed then to actually do something I.e they were required to confront Islamisation. Much easier to fire Gove and hope the subject faded with the passage of time.
          But if you listen carefully you can hear the distinct sound of a clock ticking….and it’s getting louder.

          • vieuxceps2

            The clock runs slow. Who will wind it up?

        • Absolutely.

          This was the Right’s mistake over the last 50 years – in thinking that they had to be in power (i.e. elected to government to effect real change).

          The Left, by contrast, understood that the real route to power in a democracy (which for electoral purposes sees every individual as valuable as another; one vote, one person) was through the dismantling of the great institutions which protected and espoused our Judaeo-Christian culture and which shaped the way the populace thought and behaved.

          Instead of drfiting further to the Left and trying to ‘modernise’ the party, the real Conservatives should have been taking the fight to the Left on the real battlefieds – the schools, universities and the media – all 3 of which have the most influence on the way a generation thinks and behaves (this stuff isn’t rocket science…!)

          But instead, the Conservatives allowed themselves to be hijacked by Cameron (and the wets before hi)m purely for the purposes of getting into power, i.e. for the sake of it.

          Remember, this was a man who wanted to be Prime Minister because he thouhght he’d ‘be rather good at it’.

          No vision, no understanding of history and ultimately, no guts.

          Thank God for UKIP and Farage…!

          • vieuxceps2

            Yes,vote English, vote UKIP.

          • patrickirish

            I presume your use of the term “Judaeo-Christian” rather than “Christian” is ironic?

        • James Lawrence

          The idea that there is no difference between Cameron and Miliband is just not true. Do you really think IDS & Gove would have had centre stage in a Labour Govt?

          • WFB56

            And just how did that work out for Gove or Owen Patterson? In the first two years Osborne did everything he could to undermine IDS as well. Frank Fields got better treatment from Blair.

      • Autolocus

        As politicians will do anything to gain power your prayers are unlikely to be answered. The left lost contact with the conception of democracy some time ago. Never forget Hitler was in essence a left winger and was typical of the type.

    • greggf

      I think Atlee faced this problem in 1945 James. The activists in the Labour party thought then they were going to achieve control of the bastions of power, as Benn annunciated a little later, after their landslide. Practicalities, including the Berlin airlift, the war debt to the USA, the rebirth of (West) Germany, grammar schools and the failure to follow through in the 1950s spiked the Left’s guns at the time.
      The polemic of multi-culturism was born later but has been the Left’s (new) strategy since.

      • Dogsnob

        1945: so very few mosques?

    • John Carins

      Activists in the SNP want to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system and the Union. The Labour party want to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system. The Labour party cares less about the Union as long as its own party interests are served. Great Britain is f**cked.

      • Two words – civil war.

        • John Carins

          It’s going to be 5 uncertain years. By 2020 UKIP will be in the box seat to begin the restoration of this nation.

          • Wessex Man

            Hopefully in five years the Celtic fringe will have peeled away from England!

      • Wessex Man

        David Cameron wants to to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system, Nick Clegg want to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system, fred bloggs down the road wants to dsetroy the old Anglo-Saxon system.

        Anglo-Saxon wasn’t Great Britain it was England and that why activists eveywhere want to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon system and why the English should fight back.

        • John Carins

          The English have every right to fight back. However, they will not because of political division. Labourites in England will justify their arrangement with the SNP as furthering socialism. Any fight back will be hampered by this Lab/SNP Government. We already know that a Labour Government wants to kick the constitutional questions into the long grass.

        • vieuxceps2

          Yes,Wessex ,that’s true,but why don’t the English realise it? I’ve spent years of my life preaching about England and the English but I don’t remember much success. Is it possible to educate a nation into shame and defeat? If so, then the lefties will have beaten us.I think they will not enjoy their victory.Five times a day and no bacon…..

    • jim

      Not just the left my friend.The rot started with the desperate attempt to maintain control of vanishing colonies.Blame The Commonwealth and don’t forget the global capitalists too. It does annoy me that people can’t see how the maoists running the EU are serving corporate interests. They’re in it together. But Scruton is not saying much more than any sensible white working class person knew to be true decades ago. Why doesn’t he follow through and identify the parties who sank us into this mess? Who has always opposed immigration regulation?Who imposed the PC dictat and hate speech regulation to prevent us talking about it? Who has always striven to ensure the white christian west becomes less white,less christian, less western? You know who they are. They are the same people who have always protected themselves from the policies they advocate.There are no mosques in Golders Green.

      • right1_left1

        Your last point re Golders Green may well get the post censored.

        I am a naive old codger but I have been forced to consider the truth of the point you make.
        Tolerance of the excesses of Islam in the UK serves the interests of only one nation.
        That aint the UK !!!!

      • You’re misplacing the blame. Our own leaders did this to us, specifically the Labour party, who are the biggest betrayers of the British working class we have ever seen. They passed the 1948 Nationality Act that gave all subjects of the empire British nationality, just as the age of mass transit was dawning, Roy Jenkins then pioneered the concept of multiculturalism over integration and pass the Race Relations Act when Labour got their 2nd shot in 1964 (along with destroying our high tech aerospace industry), and we know what Blair and Mandelson did when they came to power. All the time the Tories under Eden, Macmillan, Heath and Cameron basically accepted the fait accompli. Thatcher paid lip service to public concerns but when the riots gave her the opportunity to act, she sent those white English Christian gentlemen, Scarman and Heseltine in to coddle the nascent black criminal culture and accuse the police of ‘racism’. Read Corelli Barnett’s excellent ‘Collapse of British Power’ for an insight into the mindset that led to this. These people no longer believe in Britain or even the concept of the nation state.

        • jim

          I have read that book by Correlli and others too.They are great. I had his writing in mind when I posted my comment making sure to list Empire,International Socialism and Global Capital as culpable.There is plenty of blame to go around and everyone must carry their share of the guilt.Am I supposed to pretend not to notice the consistent lobbying history in the US and it’s dilution of immigration rules resulting in the 1965 Act.. ? Name one member of the tribe(apart from the splendid Melanie Phillips) who you can say is in favour of regulating immigration into western countries? Is everybody else to be held accountable except them? There is an unalterable drive by the tribe to make the white christian west less so. You might say more fool us for being led by the nose by them on this matter. Couldn’t agree more. Now they want to skedaddle to Israel and leave us here to deal with the ethno-religious struggle to come. Hard not to feel we’ve been suckered.A paranoid person might suspect this was the plan all along.Next stop: China?

          • patrickirish

            They have, too late, come to see the error of their ways, but are now between a rock and a hard place. As antisemitism rises it is difficult to criticise an “other” while slamming criticism of “others”.

          • justsomeone

            Ah, yes, as we know, most non-Jews in the media and in positions of power have been outspoken in their criticism of political correctness and positively scathing when it comes to mass-immigration, particularly Muslim mass-immigration. And Christian figures have been no exception. Almost every bishop and priest has spoken out about the danger of mass immigration.
            Indeed, Jewish people are unique in this regard, unlike others in the media and in politics, (except for Melanie Phillips) they spoke of Muslim mass-immigration as a positive step, encouraging us (or should I say ‘forcing us’) to allow masses of Muslims (most of whom hate Jewish people generally and Israel in particular) into this country.
            Actually, bo*llocks, but clearly, you and logic have parted ways long ago.

          • jim

            B******s you say? Give me a break.. The ONLY people questioning mass-immigration are goys..Our friends in The Tribe have always favoured mass immigration wherever they are, except in Israel of course..Do you dispute this? That may change now though I doubt it.In truth no serious commentator disputes this fact.Journalists studiously avoid mentioning it but they don’t deny it. It’s another one of those “tippy-toeing on eggshells” subjects which has been made a PC taboo and we all know who we have to thank for that. You are either a brainwashed idiot or engaging in a bit of very lame tribal PR.

          • justsomeone

            I already proved my point in my previous comment but I’ll delve into it some more.
            I’d like to think you’re normally a rational human being who slipped while climbing up a rational ladder but you’re clearly a deranged individual who climbed up a ladder of stupidity and reached these lofty heights of madness. Of course there’s a method to your brand of madness and we all know what that is.
            Besides the fact that Jewish people in the public eye have been essentially indistinguishable from non-Jewish people when it comes to taking a position on mass-Muslim immigration, which is to say that in this climate of political correctness, pretty much everyone in the public eye has repeated pc-platitudes, namely, tv presenters, newsreaders, journalists, religious figures, politicians, all have stuck to the ‘mass-immigration is good for Britain, nothing like diversity’, with noone wanting to put their heads above the parapet for fear their head will be shot off. Of course, if you’re not pc, you won’t get much of an opportunity to be a mainstream politician or to be a reporter for the BBC. Having said which, the vast majority of those preaching for mass-immigration are non-Jews who outnumber Jewish people in the public eye by perhaps 30-1. Melanie Philips is Jewish. Are there 30 other non-Jewish Melanie Philips’s around? If not, it rather seems Jewish people are over-represented when it comes to speaking out against mass Muslim immigration and in favour of Britain keeping its identity. All of that isn’t quite enough for you. In your madness, you imagine Jewish people (whom in your view are a single entity called ‘the Jews’) wanted to leave and go to Israel but couldn’t get themselves to do it so they decided to make life so unpleasant for themselves that they’d have to move to Israel, a tiny country surrounded by Muslim enemies, some of whom wage war against it every few years. It’s scary to think that even at this point you didn’t get psychiatric help, didn’t understand how mad you are.

            Of course, the more Islamic Britain becomes, the more we’ll be against Israel. And of course most of Europe has a growing Muslim population and tries, and will continue to try appeasing them by taking steps to hurt Israel. Generally speaking, there’s a clear link between being against Israel, and being pro-Islam, and therefore passionately in favour of mass-Muslim immigration.

            p.s and one of the most ‘diverse’ places in London is Stamford Hill.

          • jim

            I’m waiting for you to add to the very short list Melanie Philips is on. Take your time.Are you really trying to say we were ALL cheerleading suicidal mass immigration? Rubbish. There has always been a demonized resistance in the media and elsewhere and this resistance numbers precious few members of the tribe among it’s ranks.It tends to white,working class, goy. I never mentioned Israel but I knew you would.As it happens I believe the Israelis are totally justified in taking whatever rough measures are necessary to keep their citizens safe. Like most people I’m sick of the middle-east. BTW , I was careful not to use the expression “the J***” since that alone can draw the censors wrath.You must be hallucinating. Stamford Hill diverse? London is a city ruined by mass immigration. Golders Green has been careful to retain it’s identity. Every Londoner knows this. The rest of your post is little more than hysterical abuse. But as we all know,the only bigots are gentiles so there must be some other explanation for Israel immigration rules. Your post is either disingenuous or a kind of black propaganda.Are you seriously trying to convince us that there has ever been any debate within the tribe when it comes to mass immigration into western countries.? No one is going to be fooled by your argument. Assuming you are sincere is it possible at even this late stage that the tribe might bring to bear its influence on our side of the argument? It’s probably too late but I would welcome an army of their journalists, intellectuals, lobbyists entering the debate on my side. Unless of course you’re just blowing smoke. I already know I can count on Melanie.

          • stevieg4ever

            Who are these Jews you speak of?? Do you mean from the American left?

        • DavidHamiltonOne

          A French woman who worked in church tea rooms in Bristol asked me: “Are you a hundred per cent English?” I had previously been asked that by an Irish bar manager in Birmingham after he had seen a BBC TV programme on ‘our changing identity’. This is a loaded question, implying that if we are not 100% English, or racially pure, we have no more right here than immigrants. That is an evil thing to tell someone in their only country.
          There has never been a genuine attempt to create a harmonious multiracial society. The promotion of resentment and hatred against whites has been part of an anti-white agenda.
          When I lived in shared accommodation as a postgraduate I got on very well and easily with students from Asia and Africa, but when I worked in the inner cities the seething hatred from mainly young blacks for white people was palpable. It had been stirred up by the state education system and the media: immigrants have been incited for years to hate white people by being brainwashed in the cultural Marxists’ false and perverted version of slavery.

    • global city

      and there will be nothing left of the Left either, as they will all be rounded up and thrown off buildings, beheaded or sold into sex slavery

      • Twenty Rothmans

        I was having a down day – you have brightened it up considerably.

    • vieuxceps2

      Nothing of the Left anyway. Why would muslims accept the tenets of socialism? It’s against all their creed.

  • Always_Worth_Saying

    Common Purpose

  • Peter Stroud

    He is absolutely right about the Left. Miliband’s soft Marxism, learned at his father’s knee, is incredibly dangerous to the recovery of this country. It may also become a threat to the the last vestiges of Englishness.

  • zanzamander

    What does “integration” actually mean, especially when applied to immigrants of Islamic persuasion? For these (Muslim) immigrants to “integrate” they will have to change their entire being (especially women), which would mean giving up entirely on their beliefs and culture. Islam is a way of life that you just cannot discard like a well worn piece of garment.

    Multiculturalism only works when everybody, that includes the majority ingenious population and immigrants, surrender on their native cultures and (particularly) religious beliefs for the greater melting-pot. If there is any imbalance in this, then there is discord and problems.

    There is no evidence, throughout Islamic history of integration. The only integration one can find is one way – everybody adopting Islam and rejecting everything else.

    • lmda

      “For these (Muslim) immigrants to “integrate” they will have to change
      their entire being (especially women), which would mean giving up
      entirely on their beliefs and culture”, yes, I think that is pretty much what Roger Scruton means by ‘integration’. You have yourself answered your own opening question. I think what he hopes for is that all the people, whatever their cultural or racial background, who in the future live in the West, can be educated – educated to the point where they are utterly transformed by what has been transmitted to them as the Gothic hordes who invaded the Western Roman Empire were by Christianity, – to be the inheritors of Western civilisation. A noble if forlorn hope.

      • elaineland

        Because they think it’s their country too now and we bigots need to get used to it. I don’t know why people are shocked to learn that despite our delusional efforts to integrate them that these people would ever have a real attachment to this land, its history, preservation of this culture or the continuation of it-

        • Bertie

          The element that aren’t shocked have been stifled amidst shrieks of Islamophobe by the left leaning limp wristed liberal establishment.

    • jeffersonian

      ‘Multiculturalism only works….’

      With respect, no. It doesn’t work, even in the scenario you outline.

      • zanzamander

        It has worked in South America. There the indegenious peoples have been totally defeated and converted to Christianity and nearly all races inter-marry without much problem. It has become a huge melting pot of all kinds of races and colours.

        This has happened only because the people who were invaded were also defeated. This is what Islam has in store for us.

        • gram64

          Er…if you can’t spell it’s always a good idea to check your words with Spellchecker. This time you’ve had another wild stab and come up with ‘indegenious’.

          • UKSteve

            Maybe all the native-born people are very clever? 😉

        • Neil Saunders

          This is not multiculturalism.

        • saksin

          “All kinds of races and colors” are not multiple cultures, if they all have been converted to Christianity. See my reply to jeffersonian, above. Multiethnic is not the same as muticultural.

      • UKSteve

        Never has, never will. It is the most intellectually bankrupt, catastrophic, poisonous and damaging of political philosophies.

        Those who believe in it (e.g Benjamin Zephaniah, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, etc.), should be locked in padded cells until they recover.

        • alfredo

          You think Yasmin’s going to recover? She was still in a state of eye-rolling, self-righteous gibbering hysteria when I last saw her.

          • UKSteve

            OK, you got me, sarcasm-fail!

      • saksin

        Agreed – What zanzamander sketches is not multiculturalism at all, but a kind of cosmopolitanism, albeit vague and partial. Multiculturalism is the (incoherent) notion that multiple fully implemented cultures inhabiting a single nation state can constitute a culture in any meaningful sense of culture. As long as the constituent cultures share central principles and values, such an aggregate may give the appearance of a culture, but as soon as this is not the case, even the appearance vanishes, and the notion becomes incoherent. Such a “multiculture” is simply a bad name for the absence of culture..

    • wudyermucuss

      Am I the only one to actually understand what multiculturalism actually is?
      It is not,and never was about integration.
      It is,and always was about different cultures retaining their separateness,then we all are supposed to celebrate this vibrant,yet cohesive diversity.
      Is it really that hard to understand this idiotic ideology?

      • Barry W

        Wrong mate.

        Multiculturalism is a weapon that is meant to destroy White society and do so in as cruel and nasty way as possible. The loathing that the White middle class feel for the white underclass is the accelerent here. They are counting on their money and status protecting their kids while the kids of the hated proles are raped and murdered.

        • Twenty Rothmans

          You are being a little too harsh on the middle class. It is the feckless which forms Labour’s core vote, and the more feckless they can create, the stronger they become.
          The blueprint is to encourage the lowest in society to breed, and to import as many state-dependent people as possible.
          The loathing for the underclass is therefore twofold – once for paying for them, and a second time for their payload.

          • Neil Saunders

            The “feckless” as you term them (I assume you mean the long-term unemployed) form a part of Labour’s traditional client-base, but they are not the intellectual architects of multiculturalism; the affluent, professional, metropolitan middle-classes are.

        • The_Missing_Think

          Yep, race is being (unwittingly and exploitatively) used as a class weapon.

          And the class system stems from race. (Romans, 1066, and others along the way).

        • wudyermucuss

          I stand by what I said and also agree with much of what you say,ie,that much of the white English middle class despises and fears the working class.

        • vieuxceps2

          No point trying to make ths a class issue.It’s a racial issue and the lefties mean to wipe out the Whities whom they hate so deeply.Any class of White will become Dhimmis once the muslim numbers are equal to the task (not long now) .Oh,and that will include marxoid lefties such as you.There’ll be no hiding -place even for those who brought about the muslim takeover. Why should there be? They won’t need you any more, will they?

    • Bert

      Why should the indigenous population give up its native culture to assist in the assimilation of outsiders? Surely it’s a case of “When in Rome…….”
      It’s up to the outsiders to change and adopt the culture of their host.

      • elaineland

        This “acceptance of immigration” is a result of the immigrants supporting reinforcement of their invasion.

      • Simon Morgan

        That’s the problem with MultiCulti lie, as the Left force fed it to us. The whole idea is based on other cultures not just being equal to ours, but actually superior to ours. Hence the demise of the wicked, colonial and racist British culture.

        The Left was always out to destroy our way of life. What they hadn’t thought through properly is what comes next.

      • vieuxceps2

        Of course Bertie, all sensible people know that.But the others have an agenda quite different to that,with the possible exception of UKIP.So come May, vote English, vote UKIP.

      • mdj

        Never worked with the Saxons, did it? Been here 1500 years, and never even attempted to learn the language.

        • Bertie

          They made the language as we know it today surely?

    • Yes – we are heading towards civil war. If it can be avoided those that oppose freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the rule of law will need to be encouraged – voluntarily or not – to leave the country for climes better suited to their archaic and dangerous beliefs.

    • gram64

      ‘ingenious’…I believe you meant ‘indigenous’.

    • sebastian2

      You are generally correct. And the more overt mohammedan it is then, the less it can live with others on equal terms. The folly of recent governments lies in failing to see this cult for what it is and making provisions, safeguards and constraints accordingly. Londonistan was (is) a huge mistake.

      In addition there’s the puzzling – alarming – reluctance to voice proper concern and justified scepticism about this cult’s outrageous claims and sordid deeds. No other ideology I can think of enjoys this exemption. It’s never the “real islam” except when it conforms to western liberal ideals of what’s authentic. Is ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, those mohammedan states whose laws are largely sharia ones and whose rotten constitutions are ordained by the creed: are they not “real”? Are the mohammedans who’ve just singled out Kenyan Christians and killed them, not “real” when they declare obedience to their faith while pulling the trigger?

      Certain Liberals seem to think that millions of mohammedans worldwide are acting out some sort of wholly artificial caricature of a creed when they riot at cartoons, demand the death penalty for “insulting islam”; yearn for sharia in Britain, agree with death for apostacy ……… and so forth.

      We cannot continue to live in this general fantasy. Mohammedism may be a complex phenomenon difficult to address – not least because it’s so dualist and contradictory – but to say that certain conspicuous aspects and practices are not “real” because we prefer the comfortable fallacy to the uncomfortable truth, is madness. It is a mad delusion.

      It is a madness we cannot continue with.

      • The_Missing_Think

        99% of voters, are still happily voting for pro-Islam parties.

        This is what has to change, nothing else – bar one grisly option – will stop the rot.

        Remember, Islam is a cult, not a race.

        • sebastian2

          Indeed. A cult it is. A “race” it isn’t – though that doesn’t bother the anti-racists who conveniently dismiss such distinctions. As for voters – very perplexing. Let’s hope the next election will see a shift.

          • The_Missing_Think

            Farage’s top senior SpAd is a Muslim, so UKIP are also very pro-Muslim, that’s why I wrote 99%.

            There really is only one option that has a ‘go home Muslims’ history, that’s why I pre-emptively differentiated between race and cult.

          • crosscop

            To be fair – he does appear to be an apostate. That said – it amazes me that people whose core beliefs include justification for such barbarisms as wife-beating and crucifixion can just waltz into any British political party. Hell, Cameron wants them to rule us!

          • The_Missing_Think

            He hates the B*P intensely, and openly sneers aggressively at them at every single opportunity.

            That’s all I need to know, as it tells me what’s behind the ‘apostate’ mask.

          • Wessex Man

            Is the BNP missing a dunce? I’ve just found him here.

          • The_Missing_Think

            Says the pro-English minority of England tw*t.

            **** off imbecile.

          • vieuxceps2

            Ah poor lunatic,do you think there can be an E?gland without an English majority. Kill us off and you destroy the land you invaded. What to do? Make your own land or seek another to spoil by your very existence? And after that where will you go> You are enemies of humanity and Islam must be extirpated.

          • The_Missing_Think

            The words Londonistan and Leicesteristan (and others), prove without doubt, who the real naïve fools and idiots are. You’ll see both in a mirror.

          • sebastian2

            You raise an interesting point and we’ll have to see how all this plays out. That said, even islamosceptic/islamorealist Douglas Murray admits to having some mohammedan friends. In general, the whole situation needs very close watching, and the fearlessness to condemn that which deserves condemnation.

            This cult is going in simultaneously opposite directions – to some degree. It may surprise us on one hand to know of the practical apostates in Britain and of those who’ve escaped it altogether. Ditched it completely for the nonsense it is. Quite a large number, I guess. It won’t suprise us, on the other, to know of the increase in radical (“real) mohammedism and of the official hand-wringing ineffectiveness to admit to this reality and deal with it properly – including on a robust ideological level. The authorities are in RoP denial.

            As to those leaving for ISIS, my own spin on this is to reflect on the three idiocies. First, there’s the delusionary departees or proto-jihadists themselves who don’t take more of their blood-lusting chums with them. Gross inefficiency, I’d say. The idiots. Second is the diligence of the Turkish police in halting and handing them back when they should be taking a leaf out of Rotherham police operations manual and looking the other way. Their efficiency is deplorable, the idiots. Third, is that of the UK which permits them back once apprehended: this is idiocy of majestic proportions. We (the sensible public), surely, do not want them ever. Not now; not in the future. We don’t like them. We don’t desire them. And we certainly don’t need them.

            You couldn’t, as they say, make it up.

          • I’m an anti-bigotry person who doesn’t sit easily with people making rash generalisations about 1.6 billion good people.

          • Speedy

            They’re not good people, they’re savages.

          • Not worth me engaging with an attitude like this

        • Islam is a gloriously rich religion, not a cult. It’s 1.6 billion people.

    • Wow, so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to start – do you know anything about Islamic cultures at all?

  • BillRees

    An interesting comment about Eric Hobsbawm, who was not only an unswerving Stalin loyalist, but a complete intellectual fraud.

  • WFB56

    A great article with a great man. Thank you both.

    • Picquet


      • sebastian2


  • jeffersonian

    ” ‘Nothing upset me more than the award of Companion of Honour to Eric Hobsbawm in reward for a lifetime of unswerving loyalty to the Soviet Union.’”

    Hear hear

    • vieuxceps2

      I wonder why the lefties are not as upset that he accepted the award?

  • Zed largo

    Touching and moving article. I’m a Scruton fan, and have been since university days in the early seventies, where I was tutored by his flat-mate. I love his work, his penetrating intelligence and his deep humanity based upon a sense of soul and spirituality at the the core of human nature. I look forward to reading his new novel. And for those who doubt his deep humanity I recommend his book The Soul of the World.

  • What a poignant and mournful piece. I had no idea Scruton’s university career was destroyed through supporting Honeyford. What have we become?

    This is why I, as an academic, write psuedonymously. Though the way things are going I’m not long for academia in any case. The rot and the corruption is too deep, too metastasized. An intellectual and cultural renaissance in this country will have to take place without, and outside of, the Ivory Towers and campuses. You’ll find no reason there any more. Just conformity and brainwashing.

    “the universities wanted to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon education
    system as they saw it, and produce something completely different — with
    no conception of what that completely different thing would be”

    – Oh there’s a very clear conception of that alright:


    • wudyermucuss

      “then self-censorship is not just likely, it’s necessary”

      This is the appalling truth of society at present.

      • An awful truth indeed. Unfortunately many people are not aware of it until they traverse into one of the bubbles that requires it on a daily basis such as (higher) education.

        Every other meeting with peers and students has in the last few years begun to resembled this parody:


    • The_Missing_Think

      Wish you’d voted for the ‘racist’ yet, instead of being such a snooty fool?

    • Perseus Slade

      It seems that academia has become a difficult place for teachers operate, and that they really have to avoid putting a foot off the straight and narrow of “normative” thought or risk being singled-out and having their careers destroyed. Keep your head down and be act the comformist seems to be the only practical attitude to adopt.
      Fear !

  • Dan O’Connor

    Roger Scruton is another ” conservative ” who has adopted the Left wing
    ” Blank Slate Theory ” sociological lie of the multi-ancestral
    ” proposition / idea nation ” rooted in nothing deeper than a series of intellectual abstractions . A rejection of the truth that a nationhood is something that evolves organically over a long period of time , A refusal to accept that without a biological basis for nationhood , there can be no nationhood .
    The Roger Scrutons of Conservatism Inc are the reason why Conservatives have lost every battle with the Left over the last 60 years , Modern conservatism is Leftism with a 5 year time lag . Today’s conservatism is yesterday’s Leftism

    • Thorsted

      Yes, he is overlooking human nature. Many empirical shows that human build societies on familiarity. In muslims that is very concrete as Islam is resonating tribal family structures and outside that tribe is no society but strangers. Women are not individuals but carrier of the tribal bloodline. In the West we broke with the tribe family as the church banned marriages to the near family: A civil society is the result of that proces as is individualism. But, we also need a civil society that has elements of familiarity. Empirical data shows that people have extremely difficult to trust and associate with other races. The differences are simply to big for humans to overcome. A erosion of civil society is the price and tribalism will be the replacement.

      • Dan O’Connor

        Exactly . The truth IS ” racist ”

        That which is immensély harmfull to the social fabric and social capital of our nation and civilization and represent the most destructive froce the West has ever had to face , is the cackamemie pseudo ideology of
        ” diversity ” and ” anti-racism “

    • Sean L

      Absolute rubbish mate. Have you any idea of how this man was hounded as racist, fascist and all the rest in the 80s? If anything his political philosophy is Hegelian, the antithesis of blank slate, what’s otherwise known as “far right”. Indeed his first political work, The Meaning of Conservatism (1980) was an attack on Conservative Inc, in effect a warning of how the principles of conservatism were being betrayed by the obsession with liberal economic theory. You get a flavour from the title of is first chpater: *Allegiance*. If you want a briefer summation of his position try his essay: The Language of Enoch Powell, in “Enoch at 100”, a book published to commemorate the centenary of his birth. Unless you imagine Powell, a friend of Scruton’s and fellow member of the Conservative Philosophy Group, contributor to Scruton’s Salisbury Review and the only politician who’s articulated anything remotely resembling Rogers Scruton’s conservatism, is also Conservative Inc. “England an Elegy” is another that totally refutes what you say. But there are so many. He has a vast output, covering many fields. But the political stuff is conservative, which in his case means English – conservatism being tied to time and place by definition, at least his definition – to the core.

      • Dan O’Connor

        ” I was very impressed visiting Katherine Birbalsinghs free school the other day. 110 faces , all of them Black , except for a little handfull of Romanians. ”

        ” the teachers were really trying to integrate the children into the culture to which they were destined ”

        This is the problem with Scruton . He wobbles all over the place and you never quite know where you’ve got him. , and he always has done,

        ” hounded as racist, fascist and all of the rest in the 80’s ”

        Yup , so is—-” Yipee you are going to be a minority “-
        “proposition / civic nation ” Mr Nigel Farage of UKIP

        Anyone to the right of Trotsky is a ” racist ” fascist ,

    • That’s interesting. Surely he can’t be that foolish for such a percipient man?

      • Dan O’Connor

        What we have is a Catch22 / Heads Left wins—-tails Conservatives lose / damned if we do and damned if we don’t –paradigm.

        The Left /Liberals are the Masters of the Moral Universe , so all conservatives must pay homage at the altar of the Left’s multi-racial
        ” proposition nation ” Tin Gods , or be accused of being White racial supremacists

        • Multiculturalism and political correctness are dead on their feet. Only morons support them. As I always say, multiculturalism = death. The elite need to be reformed, changed, or removed.

  • elaineland

    “We have been refusing to apply the insights and lessons of history, but our enemies have been very willing to study, learn, rethink, and evolve.

    The cultural jihadists have learned our language and our principles — freedom of speech, freedom of religion, tolerance — and they apply them to defeat us without believing in them themselves. We blindly play their game on their terms, and don’t even think about how absurd it is for people who accept no church, no synagogue, no temple in their heartland to come into our society and define multicultural sensitivity totally to their advantage — meaning, in essence, that we cannot criticize their ideas .
    Our elites have been morally and intellectually disarmed by their own unwillingness to look at both the immediate history of the first 35 years of the global war with radical Islamists and then to look deeper into the roots of the ideology and the military-political system our enemies draw upon as their guide to waging both physical and cultural warfare.”
    -Newt Gingrich

  • Thorsted

    It seems to me that “Human rights” law and multiculturalism goes together. Human rights is a recent invention as shown in prof. af law history at Harvard, Samuel Moyn in “The Last Utopia -Human rights in History”. It was a basically a replacement of the lost of a geographical empire with an normative empire by law. With it came multiculturalism because you have to take in people who have become citizens in this empire by law. Historically power and rights where connected and the rights gave legitimacy to the powerholder with human right this relation is eroded. Human Rights will in the end have the opposite effect -it will erode the legitimacy of the state in the end. Multiculturalism is basically an attack on the basis of the “common” and the civil society. It will collapse one way or the other.

    • Dan O’Connor

      Multi-racialism ( = multi-ancestralism / multi-historicism )
      IS ” multi-culturalism

    • vieuxceps2

      “It”will collapse? Or “we” will collapse and a monocultural Islam will win .

  • Dan O’Connor

    The rise of the new managerial elite and their hatred towards the traditional culture and peoples of the West, –go far beyond any personal ambitions
    Their ideology that Western culture has no links to a particular people and their historical particularism is nothingless than a catastophy for Western civilization

    Opposition to displacement level non-White immigration to North America , Australia and Europe is ” racist ” and therefore ” evil ” . Dissent from any of these in the public sphere and you are liable to lose your job and find yourself ostracised in polite company

    By replacing traditional conservatism, neo-conservatives ( Scruton ) have actually helped solidify the hold of the Left on political and cultural discource in the West

    • I’m more and more seeing this to be the case. They deny that natives have legitimate interests or that race plays any part in this incredible transformation. It seems this would apply to Peter Hitchens too.

      • Dan O’Connor

        What is happeniing is that Conservatives like Scruton and Hitchens will only go as far right as the Left, who have become the sole arbiters of morality , will allow
        Conservatives far too often join in with the Left in calling White people
        ” racist ” who don’t want to be elbowed out of their own homelands

        They do this to seek the Left’s approval . It is nothingless than moral cowardice .
        Conservatives are far too interested in maintaining their
        ” social respectibility “

  • Dan O’Connor

    The human rights of those the Western ruling elite fundamentally disagree with, are totally denied . That would be anyone who questions their secular religion of the featherless biped nation

  • jack

    The irony is that the Left shut down people such as Scruton and Honeyford who tried to speak the truth, and championed the mad clerics such as Choudhary and his ilk to spout lies.

    Afterwards, they all congratulate each other with the satisfaction of defeating the [wrong] enemy.

  • Dan O’Connor

    The multi-racial society is not an alternative form of nationhood, It is the very antithesis of nationhood. The very definition of a tribe or a nation is the family writ large.
    The very definition of a nation is a group of people who share and identify with the same ancestry, history, language, customs, mythology. kinship, legends, heroes, literature , arts and song , and see part of themselves reflected in it., and feel that they have a stake in it and its future , and a wish to preserve it , so they are willing to make personal sacrifices for it and the good of the whole .
    it is the unwritten contract between all of our ancestors that have gone before us , the living and all those of our kinfolk who are yet to be born
    We ARE our past , It is having a shared past that makes us human ., rather than a bunch of atomised rootless individuals

    The notion that as the number of Whites dwindles to minority status , that Africans or Asians will look around at all this history of White faces and White films, and White heroes, and White legends and and see part of themselves reflected in it , and could have any motivation to want to cherrish it and preserve it , is the most counter intutive exercise in wishfull self decieit and displays a shocking ignorance of human nature and all the evidence of history and human experience , which demonstrates the very opposite

    • Excellent analysis. Therefore we must change the future.

    • vieuxceps2

      I agree Dan,but generations of our children have been carefully educated to sneer and mock at such truths,Our young people do not recognise the reality which you describe and will not understand the need to fight for it.Sad,very sad.

  • Terence Hale

    “’The truth is hard’: an interview with Roger Scruton”. I have a solution we should emigrate to where they came from, there can’t be many of them left there.

  • Alltaxationistheft

    Our political class & the media talk about “British youngsters” heading into danger & being radicalised” as they head off for a bit of mass murder & rape or to become brood mares for the next generation of Jihadis. Those same jihadists are meanwhile attacking schools,separating out the Muslim children & freeing them whilst murdering or enslaving the non Muslims.
    Excuse us Brits if we have very little sympathy for these wannabe murderers & the agonies that their families are going through. Most of us would say a 7th century religion & a 12th century culture are incompatible with civilised values.

  • Thorsted

    Multiculturalism will fail due to human nature. Many empirical date from evolutionary psychology, anthropology, sociology shows human build societies on familiarity. The left says it is racism or nurture that can be undone by ideological intimidations. But if it is nurture how come that 6.mouths old infants at the “Yale baby lab” prefer familiarity and shows an extreme bias towards it? http://www.cbsnews.com/news/babies-help-unlock-the-origins-of-morality/

    • Neil Saunders

      It is already failing, but the damage it has caused and will cause in the future is immense.

  • Seat of Mars

    As Scruton says the battle has been lost. But what about the war? More and more I think we won’t repair this great cultural rupture peacefully.

    The question is are there enough people who remember how things used to be who will fight for their return? Or are we now outnumbered by the rootless young? The great mass cleansed of their identity, and brainwashed into hating their own culture by state education?

    It is too awful to think that this is how it ends.

    • I think the coming war – civil or otherwise – will be very different to how many people imagine.

      • Army against the police I guess … and the army is on the side of the west.

        • Perseus Slade

          I think it is pretty clear which would then win.

  • Dan O’Connor

    ” conspiracy theory ” ?

    ” The EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states ”

    .. Mr Peter Sutherland the UN’s special representative for migration has said to a UK parliamentary committee .

    Mr Sutherland is also a member of the Bilderberger Steering Committee
    Non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs
    Former chariman of BP oil.
    Member of the Round Table of European Industrialists
    And heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development which brings together representatives of 160 nations

    He said that the West should take ” far more unskilled labour ” from the third world , that immigrants ” should be able to choose which countries they move to ” , and that the West should become ” settler nations ” for third world immigrants

    These people who rule us are sociopathic

  • James

    When the conservatives record on immigration is worse than Blair its time to worry – EU open borders has destroyed Europe – France alone has 751 ‘no-go’ zones for police officers let alone white people. What this shows is that our government is serving hedge fund managers and corporations with investment interests in the EU instead of governing our nation.

  • Dan O’Connor

    ” The average Westerner prefers a simple lie to even mildy complex truths . It spreads like a cancer, corrupting everything it touches, and then turns that into a means of spreading itself “

  • stephengreen

    Culture comes from the people who make it. The Twitter photo of Scruton at Birbalsingh’s school was an abomination. If Roger seriously believes that those children will absorb and extend the classical Western culture and it’s English offshoots, then there are some serious lacunae in his logic. Best here to look at a deservedly singular phrase by Burke on nations and society: “a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born”

    The idea of that Birbalsingh image being Britain’s future conflicts with the first two parts of Burke’s phrase in their entirety.

    • The_Missing_Think

      They talk about the strength and joys of diversity, as they pack their white flighty suitcases in a panic.

  • Dan O’Connor

    The Left see Whites as the enemy.

    Conservatives see the Left as the enemy.
    But Conservatives will not defend the enemy of the Left — which is Whites,

    So what we have is what we have witnessed over the last 60 years, which is a one way ratcheting effect taking Western society increasingly over to the ideolgical extreme Left and mainstreaming extreme Leftism as normality.

  • James

    EU has financed and supported the left to assure it wins an in/out referendum. Given Cameron has also been brought there is no hope for England, especially when the media and broadcasters block any alternative message. I am excited to finally escape from this hellhole, which is the UK and I will be emigrating at the end of this year – my only regret is not emigrating with the rest of my family when Blair came to power. This country is dead and buried – all that remains is profit for the corporations.

    • Dan O’Connor

      It does seem to resemble a “Dead Nation Walking ” doesn’t it ?
      Mind you , Sweden , France , the Netherlands, Germany ,Beligium , Norway , the USA , Canada and Australia are facing the same artifically imported demographic time bomb

      • James

        Even Australia is not safe – we are all moving to South America.

        • Dan O’Connor

          Jeez, is it getting that bad ?

          • James

            For many people its hell – just because money enables some folks to live in a nice area does not mean that they or future generations of children or grandchildren will not be affected – things can only get worse with incompetent and willfully neglectful government.

        • Ivan Ewan

          Hezbollah operates there.

          • James

            Islam is everywhere its goal is world domination – South America does not tolerate islam in the way our politicians do.

      • James Mayer

        And so they will expel it, and soon. Much is shifting beneath the surface of the old world…

    • James Mayer

      You are weak and cowardly. Europe will be saved by greater men than you.

      • James

        Europe has declined because of weak and cowardly men like you.

        • James Mayer

          On the contrary, I’m not the one pouring negativity all over the place and abandoning my country simply because a few belligerent (censored) have moved in and are throwing their weight around. You run away if you want, I’m standing firm. Where are you running to anyway? The whole white world is being subjected to the same onslaught by our enemies. And every time they push, the resistance movements grow stronger. Enjoy the show…

          • James

            White people – especially lefties and political leaders – form part of the problem. As someone well traveled I will go where humanity still exists and people have not been brainwashed. I have my own life and want to enjoy it.

  • The whole plan is to attack and destroy any cohesive rallying point to oppose the plans of the globalists. Our politicians were bought off with there paper fiat currency created from thin air. After 1st infiltrating and corrupting the Church that used to be the watchman on the towers for the nation. But then and more importantly the People were bought off with the empty promises of jam today from said corrupt politicians.

  • Dan O’Connor

    To put it simply , the Western ruling elite throughout all of our political , media and acdemic institutions of the West, deny that human right to their own historical populations that they recognise for all non-White indigenous peoples as a
    ” given ”
    The right to remain the demographic majority in ones own homeland and there by ensure that we retain the numbers necessary to determine our own future and destiny as an authentic peoples
    Liberals would move heaven and earth to protect those natural rights for any non-White indigenous peoples
    What we have here is a wickjed and cynical genocidal war of entrenched racial double standards conducted by our own politicians , elements of the civil sector and with the full backing of the mainstream media and the universties against their own populations
    They are fully intent in carrying out this historically unprededented act of demographic terrorism , while interpreting it as proof of their moral supremacy .
    We have a diseased and pathological renegade ruling caste, cattle prodding us towards the demographic abyss

    • Yep! But my crystal ball tells me chaos is racing towards us on a pale horse. There isn’t going to be a smooth transition to a ‘diverse, multicultural’ society – there’s going to be warfare with people dying in the streets. The establishment doesn’t accept it’s imported large number of violent Nazis who want to kill to create their version of paradise.

  • misomiso

    I think the debate is starting to change a bit now. Voices on the Left have began to question the North London policy of mass immigration of muslims to gain their votes. We may see a repeat of something like the Neo-Conservatives splitting off due to the Left’s appeasement and promotion of Communism.

    But Doug, there are two things you need to do.

    1) Start making the MORAL case AGAINST immigration. The state has constructed itself to discourage its own citizens from having children (though the tax system, marriage), and so prefers to replace its own population through mass immigration. The state prefers women in the work force than staying at home, as in the work force they contribute economically. Raising children means women do not pay tax.

    The State should instead have an explicit policy to raise the Birth Rate, and not listen to the insane Left who seem to think that women in the west should not have children.

    2) Start taking a harder line against Islam. Its no good your foundation just sailing close to the wind. You have to start calling our the femminists who abandon women in Islamic communities, and start treating Islam as the political ideology that it is.

    Will be dangerous though!

  • ohforheavensake

    Professor Scruton is, as ever, engaged in a battle for Western Civilisation. Meanwhile, in the real world, things aren’t that bad-


  • Roger Hudson

    A great piece; Scruton,who i used to listen to at Birkbeck, is a wonderful sensible person who everybody should listen to.
    I was once teaching a science class about 35 years ago with a Orrery (imagine that these days!) and during a very heated argument with a teenager, recently come from Pakistan to Croydon , where i ‘doubted’ that M had ridden to the moon on his horse Barak, the youth’s eyes were full of a deadly hatred. Of course those were the days when a pupil could be caned, or worse.

  • umberto

    England must react. .

  • Mike

    I think its a question of quality and quantity.

    There have been certain groups of immigrants that have made a generally positive contribution- Chinese and Indian ones in particular have adapted well.

    However, there are other groups that haven’t contributed, and have merely been a disaster. When 27% of Briitish muslims have sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo Killers, when thousands of them go to join a foreign terrorist organisation, when we have shariah police in london, when we have Tower Hamelts etc, its clear that they are not compatible.

    Even more bizarrely, agencies are now boasting that they’re working with the muslim community to stop them joining ISIS. How is that something to be proud of? The fact that there are so many muslims who want to go off and kill infidels is a disgusting state of affairs.

    The amount of excuses that muslims make for their behaviour and terrorism is truly amazing. They find a way to blame us for everything. Yet they continue to flock to this country.

    There is no other group that is so incompatible.

  • Barry W

    Here are some more interesting quotes:

    Roy Hattersley in the Guardian
    “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy – otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

    Bill Clinton

    Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States. No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time … [These immigrants] are energizing our culture and broadening our vision of the world. They are renewing our most basic values and reminding us all of what it truly means to be American.

    Sarkozy may pretend to be against immigraiton now. Wasn’t always so. In 2009 he told students.

    “The objective is to meet the challenge of the mixture – the challenge of coming together that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of the melting pot, France has always been familiar with it and, by meeting the challenge of the mix, France remains faithful to her history.


    France has mixed cultures, ideas and histories. France, who was able to blend these cultures and these histories, constructed a universal language, because FRANCE HERSELF IS UNIVERSAL IN THE DIVERSITY OF HER ORIGINS…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last thing: if republican will power does not function, IT WILL BE NECESSARY FOR THE REPUBLIC TO RESORT TO EVEN MORE FORCIBLE METHODS…

    We don’t have a choice. DIVERSITY AT THE BASE OF THE COUNTRY MUST BE REFLECTED BY DIVERSITY AT THE HEAD OF THE COUNTRY… IT IS NOT A CHOICE. IT IS AN OBLIGATION. IT IS AN IMPERATIVE. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.

  • Theodore Darlymple drew attention to the very low prices charged for sexual services by at risk children costing the exchequer more than it costs to send a catamite to Eton. Replacing trained Social Workers by minicab drivers- many of whom can barely speak to the difference between Oakeshotian epistemics and Scruton’s own more Wittgensteinian approach- does not necessarily undermine the Anglo Saxon education system because texting has killed off literacy in Nastaliq and the Daily Mail now has a Pakistani edition.

  • tenbelly

    Yes, it’s over.
    A once wonderful country betrayed by it leaders and elected representatives.
    There is no way back.

    • Hegelman

      I just hope you are right. It would be terrible if you were wrong on this.

      • vieuxceps2

        Hegelman, please die.

        • Hegelman

          After you, long after you.

          But you don’t need to die: you have never lived.

          • vieuxceps2

            Hegelman.please die.

    • It’s not over. Even the next 5 years will be extraordinarily turbulent. We are on the road to civil war, I’m afraid. This is just one of the preliminary stages.

    • vieuxceps2

      Yes there is a way back but it willl be dreadful.Still,Germany recovered from her own special madness and so can we from ours.

  • Kasperlos

    In the last episode of his BBC series ‘The Ascent of Man’ the late Dr. Jakob Bronowski spoke of the perils of losing the Western Tradition. Academia’s cultural Marxists, conniving businesses and supine governments has seen the importation of disparate anti-western civilisation cultures, it’s very possible that the future will be hijacked by any single or coalition of dogmatic religious/political alien cultures now firmly rooted in Europe and elsewhere. The greatest story of the downfall of civlilsation is yet to be written, but the layout is there for all to see.

  • jason

    lol douglas u really a pathetic bum bandit twat. paedophilia? seriously. 99% of paedos in uk are WHITE. jimmy savile is WHITE, rolf harris is WHITE, gary glitter is WHITE. I cant believe white English people actually take racist bigot scums like you seriously. when did being gay be british culture? when was we ever given a choice if we wanted to accept such vile practises. this is a Christian country and bible clearly forbids gays. I find muslims more closer to traditional british values than neo con fags

    • Picquet

      More refreshment needed at that table.

    • WTF

      And there speaks a liberal fascist from the religion of peace !

      Most Muslims don’t even recognize British values hidden away in their Islamic ghettos plotting to create a Caliphate and for extracurricular activities a sizeable minority indulge themselves in that great Islamic tradition of gang rape of infidel kids !

      • jason

        typical whites living in denial as usual. let me guess jimmy savile was actually black and under cover muslim? pathetic. stick to molesting girls and porn das all ur good for

        • Guest

          Nurse! The screens!

        • WTF

          The only white deniers I see are those liberal fascists at the BBC and the establishment including the plod, CPS and MP’s who looked the other way to ALL forms of sexual abuse no matter what the ethnicity, color or religion of the abusers were.

          We’ve had exposures of white abusers but why should Pakistanis be excused from their crimes. They got away with it for many years just like Savile but they deserve just as much naming and shaming as anyone else.

          • vieuxceps2

            You include the CPS in your list of liberal fascisits. Me too.I’ve often wondered on the “ethnic”make-up of this body as it seems a prime source for “affirmative action”. Anyone have any info on this?

          • WTF

            The classic comparison and hypocrisy was the CPS charging Nick Griffin for a hate crime that was subsequently proved to be telling the truth (Rotherham) but ignoring the hate that spills out from Anjem Chowdary which is clearly a hate crime.

            BTW – I don’t support NG but the point is valid.

          • jason

            i agree but why is it when Asians are done these filthy crimes you whites and media make it out its an Asian/muslim problem and keep going on about the race? lets not be immature iv been in uk all my life. all races are involved in this evil sickening crime of abusing children. but when whites do it race not mentioned but when its asiasn the racist tabloids mps use the term asain and Pakistani. I worked for charity dealing with child abuse I can say now with confidence the vast majority of abusers where white, also there are many white grooming gangs but it barely made news because they were white. douglas murray is a known gay bigot who turns a blind eye to when his own do anything wrong but when Asians and muslims are involved like a parasite he is writing essays.

          • WTF

            You’re committing that same ‘crime’ that us whites are accused of time and time again and that’s lumping us all together as though we all condoned Savile’s behaviour which of course we didn’t.

            The fact is it was covered up by the establishment which is a very small percentage of the population and the majority of us ‘whiteys’ should not be tarred with the same brush. It’s a known fact that Saviles abuses as well as those abuses in Rotherham and other towns were deliberately swept under the carpet and as the majority of us didn’t inhabit Saviles circle of friends or Rotherham, its hardly fair that we could be blamed for ignoring what happened if it was deliberately hidden from us.

            However, just like Saviles ‘friends’ at the BBC knew very well what he was up to, I also believe that most Muslims knew what was happening on their doorsteps in Rotherham but both groups decided to ignore it.

            As for the word Asian, it was the case but not much now that the media used the word Asian to describe some criminal, terrorist or sexual abuser whose origins came anywhere from the Middle East to the Far East. Rather than saying it was a British killer, a German robber, a French pedo or a black drug baron & a white banker they refused to say it was a Pakistani sexual abuser. It unfairly labelled Chinese, Koreans, Indians and many other Asian groups for a crime that was predominantly carried out by Pakistani men. When reporting crime, either report everything or nothing as every racial group tends to have its own unique preferences when it comes to criminal activities.

            Its unfortunate for Muslims that because they are indoctrinated with that religion of barbarity, those Muslims that decide on a criminal life style tend to emulate every barbaric aspect thats in their holy book. Thats why Muslims will be associated with beheading, sexual grooming, FGM, stoning for adultery, hand amputation for stealing and that ridiculous idea that 4 men have to testify that a woman was raped to stop her being stoned to death. 1400 years of history cannot be airbrushed out especially when it has changed little !

            I fully concede that most Muslims do not carry out these barbaric acts and equally most white bankers probably don’t scam their customers, but if enough members of one group have a prevalence for certain crimes, then its up to that group to fix their problems from within.

            The sort of antics from that Muslim father of one of the Jihadist Ho’s is a perfect example of what not to do. Muslim communities refuse to let the police keep any eye of criminal and terrorist activities and then that father has the gall to complain that the police weren’t acting as ‘baby sitters’ for his daughter. Then it was compounded that he himself was an radical Muslim so is it any wonder his daughter got radicalized and wanted to find a Jihadist ‘sex machine partner’ in Syria. We call that “shooting yourself in the foot” !

            As for ‘gay bigots’, I’ve never seen any suggestion that would label Douglas Murray in that manner but we’ve seen many gay Muslims pleading for asylum after some have been hurled off roofs to their death.

            Its just like Farage and his HIV comment the other night, it was true what he said, its an awkward and inconvenient fact for the LNF (LiberalNymbyFascists) but the majority in the country back him for stating the truth. Similalrly Islam kills gays, its a fact and although its not my choice of life style I respect others choices to do whatever they want that is legal providing it doesn’t physically hurt others.

            Islamic communities still have a lot to learn before they become civilized and compassionate towards others and learn to live in peace.

          • WTF

            I should add to my response below that its long overdue for Muslims to dump that massive chip on their shoulders as its dragging them down as an ethnic group and p****** the rest of us off with their incessant whining.

            According to legend, 2000 years ago the prophet of Christianity carried a big cross on his shoulder to his place of crucifixion. According to Christian teachings he died for our sins and never left a chip for us to carry around for over 2 millennia. Perhaps your prophet should have done the same instead of leaving a legacy of barbaric hate and a mother of all chips on your shoulders.

            You need to find a way to remove that chip otherwise nothing will change in your life !

  • Twenty Rothmans

    I would like to think that Scruton’s at the end of the beginning of his career.

  • right1_left1

    I do not agree that the trendy left wanted to destroy anything..

    What they wanted to do was make things better.
    That is way they have been so impervious to the growing evidence that they have made things worse.

    The possibilities for improvement they considered only existed within their imagination.
    They refused to look critically at Islamic societies or what happened in the Soviet Union during the 1930’s.

    The history of mankind is not pretty.
    Trendies were only able to see that in European adventure.
    The errors of most others were never even considered.

    Trendies …
    Never mention the slave trade from Africa to Arabia. Started at least 400 years earlier than trade to the US via the UK. in which by the way blacks were complicit.

    Know that the the crusades were wicked but the Islamic intrusion into Jerusalem is never mentioend.
    As for education in the UK
    What has been done is beyond belief.
    Ever more students accompanied by the need to import more skilled labour.

    Depressing and frightening.

  • Scruton and others of a like mind need to follow the example of the monasteries in the Dark Ages, and act to preserve the knowledge and customs of true civilisation for the benefit of the eventual Renaissance. The left have won, there’s no doubt. They dominate the media and academia. They are the gatekeepers of public discourse, as Farage found yet again on his farcical Radio 4 interview this morning. UKIP’s problem is that it is attracting and appealing to people who don’t believe in, or even understand the left’s take on identity politics, so it’s little wonder that UKIP candidates are having trouble with the gatekeepers. In accepting the principle of mass immigration, then Jenkins formulation of the policy of ‘multiculturalism’ over assimilation, the Tories have been complicit in effectively destroying the precepts underlying our identity and culture. Popular resistance to this was one of the key foundations of Thatcher’s support, and if she had acted there would be statues to her in every town across the country today. As it is, all we can do is change focus from what has been lost, to what we still have, and try to pass on something of the conceptual shape of what we were to future generations.

  • Gilbert White

    Rodger old boy another one who is pleased to smiling black faces with the desire to learn. You could have seen this in harare or joeburgh. We really need ournelite to get off their backsides and be pleased to see drug infected miserable faces torturing decent white folk with their ugly music all day. We need our high court judges being forced to walk our no go areas at night let them embrace the diversity inherent in multiculturism.

    • vieuxceps2

      I agree with you Gilbert. However I wonder why we have taken to playing this “ugly music” wherever we go? It’s everywhere in life and indeed most people take delight in inflicting it in themselves in their own homes.Ugly it is and ugly it sounds, so why do we accept it? I hate it and always try to have it turned off whenever possible,but rarely with success.Rather,blank bewilderment.

  • DP111

    I have predicted that these sort terrorist attacks will take place in the UK and the West for over thirty years. It is simply a consequence of an increasing Muslim population.

    Islam requires Muslims to attack an Infidel society at every opportunity, yo bring it down and replace it with a sharia society. Any reason will do for such attacks.

    One of the problems faced by the America after 9/11 was how to respond in the manner that America is accustomed to. The perpetrators were a motley bunch of 19 Muslims with no state connection or direction, so the normal method was not available. The West had to come up with a longterm strategic plan.

    The West cannot be defeated in battle by any combination, or all Muslims states. OTH, it is weak when confronting the enemy it has willfully allowed to settle withuin the ages. The only opposition that has, and can defeat Islam is Christianity, but Western goivernments and the media, with BBC at the lead, have done their best to hobble Christian faithful.

    The war is not yet lost, but to fight the enemy, we have to recover our own faith first, before we are able engage the enemy on his own battleground.

  • malikknows

    Well, as an American, but also a beneficiary of the UK education system, I can say that what is remarkable to me is how similar the situation is between our two countries. Proximity alone determines who immigrates because the underlying cause of this rot is the same: we’ve empowered governments to coerce a particular vision of society. Underlying this vision is the conviction that institutions nurtured and dominated by whites for the last several centuries are inherently racist, sexist, etc. Immigration of “the other” is designed to ensure that white hegemony never again dominates our two great lands. Ironically, it is a fundamentally racist notion.

  • Dan O’Connor

    P.J. O.Rourke

    ” The principal feature of American Liberalism is sanctimoniousnes. By loudly denouncing all bad things—war , hunger and date rape —liberals testify to their own terrific goodness.
    More important, they promote themselves membership in a self-selecting elite of those who care deeply about such things.

    It’s a kind of natural aristocracy, and he wonderful thing about this aristocracy is that you don’t have to be brave, smart, strong or even lucky to join it, you just have to be liberal.

    This chimes in with my experience as a seventeen year old newly branded Leftist —it was tremenedously intoxicating. At a stroke I was transformed from a scruffy,smelly,, sh*t for brains teen drifter into a kind of moral visionary, and I didn’t even have to work for it by reading or finding anything out.
    Best of all it meant I could be part of a tribe and fit in. Like punk rock which was big at the time, it was tremendously fashionable.
    It also legitimized my sense of greivance against the world. It justified my anger and resentment at my elders and betters, the smarter ones, the prettier ones,, the richer ones. Is Leftism arrested adolescence ? Arrested infantilism more like. ”

    Dan O’Connor ; This parallels my experience of the baby boomer British and West European 68’s student hippy ” Kulturkamp ” scene , It was indeed intoxicating to realise that all I had to do was to memorise a standard issue kit of hand-me-down sentimentalised student cafetaria mantras and cliches, and overnight I became a fully payed up member of the most beautiful , moral , most informed , enlightened , just , modern, culturally sophisticated and the cleverest people who had ever existed in all of human history. The feeling of moral supremacy and power that this gives a person cannot be underestimated
    In reality we were as dumb as a brick

    • vieuxceps2

      The feeling CAN be underestimated.It is not possible to overestimate it.Aa widespread eror nowadays.

      • Dan O’Connor

        Thanks. I corrected it from ” underestimated ” to ” overestimated “

  • DavidHamiltonOne

    The ideology of multi-racialism was a reaction to Hitler’s attempted extermination of European Jews and their aim – “it must never happen again.” But it is happening again and caused by Western elites. Jewish people are being persecuted in France, Sweden and elsewhere by the Muslims the elites have imported. They have brought the same situation back they wanted to prevent happening again. What an indictment on Western elites! They have reintroduced the persecution of the Jews. But still they import more, and still they claim to occupy the moral high ground. Everyone must have seen Muslims brandishing placards that read, “God Bless Hitler” and must know that “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is on sale in Muslim shops all over Europe?
    It is not patriotic people like me or nationalists who brought this about. We always opposed mass immigration and if we had been listened to this would not have happened. It has been created by multi-racialists, anti-racists, open borders zealots and smug morally-superior Liberals and Cultural Marxists: the type of people who kid themselves that we nationalists are evil – the type who occupy the supposed moral high-ground. It is a moral imperative to replace this unrealistic, universalist and utopian ideology with traditional ways to reverse the evil situation they have created.

    • Dan O’Connor

      And yet Jewish organisations have been at the forefront of the Leftist / Cultural Marxist anti-nationalist / anti-nativist intellectual movements , and the lobbying for mass immigration and ” hate-speech ” legislation since WW2 .
      And the first to become hysterical at the slightest flicker of Whites attempting to organise to prevent our dispossession

      • Peter Bering

        the essence

  • disqus_6HfnTuxPSq

    Scruton is tiresome most of the time, but it’s easy to
    get multiculturalism right. I’m on board with this article, except for
    this sentence: “And I think that our society has gone terribly wrong because people have
    not been confronting the great issues — the loss of the Christian
    faith, the inability to confront Islam, the loss of the sense of the
    sacredness of the sexual relation, and the exposure in particular of
    young women both to external predation and to this moral decay.”

    is nothing to “confront” if people simply can’t believe in Christianity
    any more, or in the sacredness of the sexual relation. He wants us to
    re-embrace the Incarnation and girl-virginity, but he is trying to close the barn door after the horses have gotten out. He’s
    right about our inability to confront Islam and the exposure of women to
    external predation and moral decay. But like all these “the past was so
    much better” nostalgia-buffs on the right, he is forgetting to count
    the situation of women in the past as an abomination: the Englishmen of the comfortable classes
    helped themselves to the governesses, the servants, and the
    prostitutes, and when they impregnated the maid, they fired her. “Predation and moral
    decay” didn’t start in the 1960s.

    • Dan O’Connor

      ” Predation and moral ” decay didn’t start in the 1960’s ”

      It didn’t start with Ming Dynasty, the Aztecs or the Roman Empire either.

      God damn it . If only the White man has been a spotless historical paragon of moral virtue , then the Lefties would allow us to keep our homelands.

      One thing that did begin in the 60’s is something that never before actually put the future biological survival of our entire race and civilization in doubt

      • disqus_6HfnTuxPSq

        Take a deep breath . . .

        • Dan O’Connor

          Stop breathing

    • Hegelman

      Piccadilly was packed with prostitutes in that glorious Christian Victorian age. Ask Gladstone.

      • Dan O’Connor

        Ok , so you reckon that non-Whites are more worthy , innocent, and virtuous on account of nothing more than their non-Whiteness

        Did you know that slavery was practiced in Africa a thousand years before the White man got there ?
        Did you know that the reason that the Arabs never had any of the descendants of their Black slaves to campaign for civil rights was because the Black male slaves were always castrated ?
        Did you know that when the British Christians banned slavery, that the Africans sent a delegation to London with a petition to lift the ban ?

        Of course not . They don’t teach that in university do they ?

        • Richard

          He’s not interested in any of that. He has an axe to grind. That is all.

          • Dan O’Connor

            They are psychological weaklings and conformists who run with the pack and go with the flow. They become whoever they are surrounded by

      • vieuxceps2

        Ah no prostitutes in Piccadilly now,thanks to marxoids like Hegelman. they’ve given us Tower Hamlets instead, Much the same to follow folks! You can depend on Lefty!

    • Mary Squire

      Absolutely right. And there is good historical research to back this up.

  • Hegelman

    If a constipated pisspot like Scruton represents Western civilization, the sooner it is lost the better. I can’t wait.
    I suppose it is hard on Britain to have some immigrants after being historically the biggest source of emigrants and takers-over and exterminators of other nations ever known (ask the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines – but not the Tasmanians who were wiped out to the last miserable woman under “queen” Victoria).

    Scruton wanted a Roman Empire with no immigrants in Rome. Even Paul could have told him this was unrealistic.

    • Dan O’Connor

      I think you people should get your story straight .
      Are African and Muslim immigrants supposed to be a “vibrant ”
      ” culturally enriching ” experience and good for the economy , or a Left / Liberal / Progressive blood libel, demographic / biological weapon as a revenge against all of our children’s children for the real or imaginary sins of our fathers

      And will Islam be also punished with ethnic cleansing for the people they colonised , the slaves they kept , the countries they conquered and the 200, million victims they left in their wake ?
      Funny how Muslims never lose any sleep about it .

    • Richard

      The area in Africa around the Great Lakes area was the origin of what we today call “blacks”: they supplanted all the other indigenous people of the continent, including the San Bushmen and Khoi of southern Africa. They met their match in the Arabs, who swept East from Arabia, though. The Arabs in their turn supplanted many other cultures, including the Berbers. Of course, sub-Saharan Africans invaded the whole world in their time, so I think Europeans are small-fry in comparison.

      But you go on with your ideology, and polemical readings of history. They presumably give you some sort of comfort.

    • vieuxceps2

      Can’t wait for the end of Western civilisation? End it now, Kill yourself.

  • cartimandua

    The reason we have a taboo about children is because sex and childbirth too young kills girls.

  • Hegelman

    There are plenty of problems in the modern world, and they all need to be fixed.
    What that has to do with a Muddle Eastern cult known as “Christianity” is mysterious. When this appalling cult was at the centre of Western life the West was a hell hole of bigotry, ignorance, Jew hatred, savage poverty and all round wretchedness. Only when heroic figures like Voltaire and Marx dared to confront this cult and the long, long, long hard and bloody battle to push it into the margins was won could people breathe and begin to live a human life.
    We have diseases aplenty. But Christianity is the worst disease of the lot, not the cure.

    • Dan O’Connor

      I am an atheist and former brainless 60’s Leftist like you , but unlike you I grew up and learned how to think , but the vast majority of your ilk are cronic knee jerk White guilt peddling historical ignoramuses

      The Crusades was a delayed reaction to 400 years of unprovoked Muslim aggression
      Islam invaded and colonised Spain for 800 years and then attempted to take all of Europe by advancing all the way to Poitiers in central France , but was beaten and turned back by Charles the Hammer
      Islam tried again in the 15th century by invading and occupying South Eastern Europe for 300 years and was pushed back at the Gates of Vienna

      If this had not happened , you’d be facing Mecca with your bum up in the air

      • Hegelman

        “If this had not happened , you’d be facing Mecca with your bum up in the air.”
        Anything rather than facing your bum.

        • Dan O’Connor

          If Islam was a White religion , the entire Left / Liberal fraternity would rise up and run it out of town .
          Your ilk don’t give a damn about the values of Muslims or any other third world immigrants .
          They are seen as a biological weapon as a way to eliminate
          ” racism in the world ” , which means the elimination of all white people ”
          The “final solution ” to the ” White problem “

          • 90Lew90

            Mad as ever Dan. I thought you were a Catholic. I know you’re a second-generation Brit, but I really had it in my head that you’re Catholic. My memory is pretty good. Maybe a bit rusty in the margins. Not that you’re all that interesting. For an immigrant.

      • Mike

        and now, in the 21st century, the muslims have found a new method; claiming asylum around the word, then imposing their own backwardness through threats of violence and murder.

    • Dear Mr Hegelman, you are a nitwit!

  • Dan O’Connor


    LIke all of your White guilt peddling quarter educated ilk , you are petrified of entering the arena of noble debate and displaying a modicum of gentlemanly intellectual sportsmanship and fairplay . That’s why you never lose an argument . You consider youselves the cleverest people who ever existed and synonimous with virtue itself and a member of the Army of the Righteous in a war against the Legions of the Damned
    You are Leftist religious zealots

  • Roger van der Velde

    The trouble with Scruton (very much like David Starkey) is that he’s a very clever man who always attempts to justify his personal moral and aesthetic tastes with spurious argument. His catchphrase seems to be: “I’ve thought about this for a very long time…” Just note how often he uses it. Other people who do the same and come to other conclusions must puzzle him. We’re supposed to say ‘yes Roger’ because he’s a “philosopher”, or because some people agree with his private delusions.

    Then again it’s a Douglas Murray piece. A twit of ever there was one. Commented upon by many minor twits in turn. My favourite yet was: “Never fprget, Hitler was in essence a left-winger’. The Spectator has always attracted low intellect types.

    • Dan O’Connor

      It must take a tremendous amount of bravery and courage to be you Mr Roger van der Velde, being the ” edgy ” “anti-establishment “, “non conformist ” that you are . I can just imagine all the nasty Establishment thought police thugs you have dodge 24 / 7 , and just because you have different views

      • Roger van der Velde

        It’s not all that difficult, but thanks all the same. I don’t have to dodge anyone.

    • Freddythreepwood

      How do you manage to reach your keyboard with your head stuck so far up your ar*e?

  • Robertus Maximus

    “If you say something in advance — if you describe a problem as it arises, people always turn on you because they don’t want to hear about it. But when it’s too late to do anything, they will then turn around and say that you were right.”

    Enoch Powell.

    • Freddythreepwood

      Sorry Robertus, I made my comment before reading yours.

  • CommonSense Matters

    “as long as the corporate sector surplus remains at its current levels, the rest of the world fails to return to strong growth and the household sector refuses to go on a new spending spree, cuts in public spending will just weaken the economy and not have the effect on the public sector deficit that policymakers want. Only a radical programme of growth and reform to get corporate hoarders spending will solve that.”

    This is exactly the opposite of what the Tories are doing. Which means in an inordinately unlikely second term you could all continue to scapegoat immigrants for all the social evils and NHS burden created with precision by Tory mismanagement. To keep you in the cycle of voting and scapegoating.

  • photohounds

    It all reminds me of Chamberlain appeasing Hitler
    That went well .. read
    http://www.amazon.com/The-Nazi-Connection-Islamic-Terrorism/dp/1935071033 names, dates, places, events, coups .

  • After Scotland leaves, quite possibly the English backlash may slow things down a little.

  • Kailasam Iyer

    “And I think that our society has gone terribly wrong because people have not been confronting the great issues — the loss of the Christian faith, the inability to confront Islam, the loss of the sense of the sacredness of the sexual relation, and the exposure in particular of young women both to EXTERNAL PREDATION and to this moral decay.” Onward, Christian Soldiers….. We’ve some protectin’ to do.

  • Freddythreepwood

    ‘ if you describe a problem as it arises, people always turn on you because they don’t want to hear about it. But when it’s too late to do anything, they will then turn around and say that you were right.’

    What’s that rumbling we can feel underfoot? Oh! It’s Enoch Powell, turning in his grave.

    • Robertus Maximus

      Well put, Freddy.

  • The left want to replace the powerful right-wing elite with something else. Unfortunately that ‘something else’ inevitably becomes a right-wing elite cf Soviet Russia

  • Mary Squire

    ‘Well, because innocence and purity are objects of sexual desire.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand the above sentence. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Pea-Tear

      Think of the unique desire (gendered somewhat heavily in one direction) for the unspoiled, or virginal lover. To guide him/her by the hand, and show such a one what eros is like. Happens with young people and younger people, some May-December r/ships, etc.

    • Sean L

      What do you imagine are the qualities that attract men to the young, then? Innocence and purity being more or less synonymous with youth.

      • Are they? Innocence was something that in my youth we were only too eager to shed. And we went about busily shedding it. Why are men attracted to young women? I imagine that high boobs, flawless skin, beautiful hair and a slim physique might have something to do with it.

        • Sean L

          Yes the concept of innocence would make little sense and have less value if we weren’t predisposed to shed it, as you say.

          • Hi Sean. I suppose an innocence too thoroughly shed is not that attractive, either….

          • Sean L

            Probably not. . .

          • vieuxceps2

            Not possible to shed innocence “thoroughly”.Once gone cannot be shed again.

          • It’s not an absolute condition to be absolutely lost. And ever heard of a ‘born-again virgin’? Not all of them are religious. When you’ve been away from it for a very long time, that’s an accurate description of what it feels like.

  • David

    Scruton is not defeatist.
    He is saying we have not lost our civilisation, not completely.
    If the battle within education has been lost, in the public sector, it can be rebuilt, and it must be rebuilt.
    Although far from perfect, politically there is strong ray of hope, it’s called Ukip. Something needs to be grown from that start.

    • vieuxceps2

      Vote English. Vote UKIP.

  • DavidHamiltonOne

    This review is another examples of Scruton’s essential confusion. The way a civic nation is created is totalitarianism through laws and constant propaganda. You cannot seperate them. If you want multi racialism or a civic nation it has to be opposed to stop the abuse of one by another or as in our case stop us objeting to being abused. This is the problem with shallow or unworldly people. They cannot see why we are losing our freedoms such as speech and association. A couple of examples among many:



  • Dan O’Connor

    You can have a multiracial society or freedom, but you can’t have both, because a multi-racial society is such an artificial and unnatural social construct, that it needs a totalitarian oppressive police state to keep the lid from blowing off it

    • Coastliner

      Hence the latest repression from the Tories – clamping down on ‘Islamophobic’ crimes – we will be unable to make any form of criticism of their barbaric cult – Sharia in action.

      • Peter Bering

        Yes, you have to attack your own British leaders rather than Muslims. Muslims just do what Muslims do. But British politicians have no excuses. Because with political will, the Muslims will be easily dealt with = exported to Muslim countries and slammed hard if resorting to violence.

        • Dan O’Connor

          Yes ; Muslims are just one of the symptoms , not the disease .

          • Mike

            I would say that muslims are most definitely a disease. But they can be cured with deportation

    • Exactly. In the creation of all nation states there has to be a unifying culture the majority can agree on. The so-called ‘elites’ in our society are creating disparate, antagonistic cultures that can never agree. The difference is genuinely between those that are Nazis, and support murder, rape of women and children, slavery, genocide, the destruction of free speech and free thought, and those that oppose them. We wouldn’t have expected millions of Germans loyal to Hitler and the SS to settle peacefully in Britain during the 1940s, why should we expect it now? The ‘multiracial’, ‘multicultural’, ‘diverse’ society is one in a state of permanent civil war. It should be avoided at all costs.

  • milena.borden@uclmail.net

    “Certainly the multicultural activists in the Labour party and the universities wanted to destroy the old white Anglo-Saxon education system…” – so true – some UK universities are so Marxist

  • locomotion

    The problem – and it’s a problem which ensures the Tories don’t win elections any more – is that the historical, 20th century incidences of mass immigration and joining the EU have fractured not only the country’s day-to-day workings, but meant that the Conservative party – its members and voters – have been split in two, thereby assisting the Left to forge onwards with its further destruction of all that we once held dear. Atlee and Heath are the people who destroyed us – Milliband et al are just ghastly products of the era they helped create.

  • Mike

    Just look at Bradford, Tower Hamlets, Rochdale, Luton, Slough, Birmingham etc. And tell me how we’ve benefitted from muslims again? We haven’t. And we continue to let these people in.

  • Innit Bruv

    Yawn…..Could somebody turn the record over please?

  • adonbilivit

    I lost an old friend because he couldn’t contain his consummate hatred for Roger Scruton. He was/is… A Marxist lecturer in philosophy at ‘t local college.