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What are we going to do about urban foxes?

Suggestions on a postcard: we need to solve this scourge of our cities

18 July 2015

9:00 AM

18 July 2015

9:00 AM

Forget about the countryside. When is the government going to do something about the vulpine creatures wreaking havoc in central London? The situation is now so out of control, it’s time the Prime Minister convened a meeting of Cobra to discuss the ginger menace.

I’m talking, of course, about the horde of SNP MPs who’ve invaded Westminster. Actually, I’m not, but I couldn’t resist that gag. No, foxes are the problem. I don’t actually keep a chicken coop in my back garden in Acton — and, for that reason, I’m spared the sight of my beloved poultry lying in a pool of blood with their heads bitten off. But I still have a long list of complaints.

First, there’s the appalling sound they make, particularly during the mating season. When I first heard one of these vile beasts at full cry, I ran upstairs in a panic, convinced that an intruder had broken into my house and was now torturing one of my children. The noise of a howling fox is uncannily like that of a human child in pain. It’s guaranteed to produce a momentary spasm of reflexive alarm even when you’ve heard the same bloodcurdling shriek every night for the past ten years.

Then there’s the threat they pose to domestic animals. I used to have a black, short-haired cat called Trixie which I rescued from an animal shelter and loved almost as much as my own children. Then one day she simply disappeared. In the months that followed, as I trawled the neighbouring streets searching for her and became acquainted with the local cat-loving community, I discovered that I wasn’t alone. West London is in the throes of an epidemic of missing cats. Either there’s been an influx of residents with a penchant for dining on domestic pets, or they’re being killed by a vicious, red-haired predator. I know who my money’s on.

But the thing I mind most of all is the havoc they wreak with the rubbish. I’ve appointed myself the Litter Nazi of my street — someone’s got to do it — and I spend Wednesday mornings walking from one end to the other picking up all the food waste that’s been strewn about by the foxes the night before. It’s a losing battle and in west London most of the streets have been turned into festering wastelands of rotting food, thanks to our furry friends.

When I complain about this, people often respond by saying there’s a simple solution — put your food waste in a wheelie bin. But the problem isn’t me, obviously. I place all my organic rubbish in the special hard plastic containers with sealable lids that the council has provided for precisely that purpose. It’s my neighbours that are the problem. Every household in my street has been given one of these green boxes, but only about half of them use them. The rest simply bag up their food waste in plastic bin liners and leave it on the pavement. They might as well stick a label on the front saying ‘Bon appétit, Mr Fox.’ Providing every household with a wheelie bin would make little difference.

No, the solution is to kill the revolting creatures. In the 1980s, Auberon Waugh suggested starting a Shepherd’s Bush hunt that would convene on Brook Green — which gives you some idea of how long the problem has been around. Not a bad idea, and I would happily volunteer to become the Master of Hounds, but it’s unlikely to be allowed, particularly now that the government has bottled out of even modifying the hunting ban.

A more practical solution would be to allow residents’ associations to appoint public-spirited individuals as local ‘fox exterminators’ and let them loose with high-powered air rifles. At present, it’s illegal for members of the public to kill foxes. You need to be a licensed professional, accredited by the British Pest Control Association. I’ve looked into it and these gun–toting wide boys charge upwards of £50 per corpse. Just clearing out my back garden — which seems to double up as a fox brothel every night — would cost thousands of pounds. Crazy waste of money when my three sons and I could clear it with a couple of Webley .22s in half an hour.

What’s the answer, dear reader? Can one purchase a fox-killing biological agent on the dark web? Shall I blast them with the ear-splitting guitar solos of fox-loving rock star Brian May? I’ve heard lion poo can work, although that’s not cheap either. Answers on an email postcard, please —

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Toby Young is associate editor of The Spectator.

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  • tb_kol

    Could’nt go over the full article as i’m not a subscirber. But, what’s wrong with foxes and vixen being in London. As long as they don’t stop office-goers and bite at school children, I fail to imagine why they should not be tolerated in a city. They have a right to live in peace as much as homo-sapiens do. If they have loud cries and kill poultry, its how they live.

    In India we have street dogs in every lane of the city. They live so amicably with the urban landscape. They eat what’s thrown out on the street plus what ever else they find.

    • Alexsandr

      cos they kill pets, and will even attack small children.

      • chiefwhippet

        Dogs are statistically more likely to attack than foxes. Fact. Does this mean everybody has to eradicate their domestic pets? The hunting lobby is up, running and smelling blood now Cameron has got back into Parliament. What a pity so many lazy people did not vote, to keep Tories out.

        • Asmund Yngvar

          Oh no! The “mad dog” defence again!

        • dolusbonus

          You obviously are acquainted with many skinheads and neo-Nazis with inbred pit bull terriers…

        • colchar

          It would definitely help if Lefties were eradicated. Not only would it immediately raise our collective intelligence levels, but it would significantly improve the gene pool.

      • Papa G

        So do cats and dogs. Are you proposing killing them too?

    • colchar

      You think foxes have the same rights as humans? And you think that the way things are done in a dump like India is acceptable in a modern western country?

      • tb_kol

        @colchar:disqus , agreed, Indian cities are not as clean as a modern city ought to be. We could learn something there. Although discussion is not about countries. While on this, what India has to offer others may not be seeking because of complex (attitude). We don’t have riots and flare-ups, clashes as is spontaneous in many other parts of the world including London. Because we adjust, co-exist and share and have a general spiritual atmosphere.

        Now about the topic- foxes. When they will vanish, many would regret. An alternative is to have a kind of fox park, a mini fox zoo, if they have turned to pests. I was surprised that foxes exist in London. And figured it must be great to see them around. But I learn they are turning to pests. May be their population control could be the answer.

        Here in India, dogs and cats generally are humanized. they are not feral. Incidents do occur. Rarely in cities. They are not a bother, they are company and part of civic landscape. Although we do have checks on their population and behaviour.

    • Brogan75

      That’s the problem. You want Britain to become India.

      • Gilbert White

        Try Heathrow its already arrived!

  • nibs

    Not one single valid reason backed up with facts.

    Pure conjecture and blustering (well it is Toby Young…).

    Do a better job with the rubbish bins Toby, that’s about your level. And leave the foxes be, it’s proven that they keep the rat population down.

  • Shorne

    It is easy to construct a fox proof chicken run. Rats are more of a problem than foxes, I frequently see rats in London most of them are clamped in the jaws of a fox and it this were not so the problem would be very much worse.
    As an aside how can this article first appear in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated 18 July 2015 when I’m typing this on 16 July 2015?

    • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

      Seagulls are a menace too.

      • chiefwhippet

        humans the biggest menace though

        • Alexsandr

          is it good in la la land?

        • In many ways, yes: yet we don’t suggest culling ourselves, do we?

    • Alexsandr

      yeah right. A determind fox will defeat mad made. They only have to win once. The you can come round and clear up the mess, and tell distraught kids why their pets have been shredded.

      • Shorne

        No, not if the run is made properly with a strong wire roof and the sides sunk a couple of feet into the soil. An old but effective trick is to shall say, apply, human urine all round the run as this marks the area out as another’s territory, best done in the dark though.

        • dolusbonus

          You really are a true urban asshole… I have a totally fox-proof chicken run, but as I prefer my hens to be totally free-range I let them run free during daylight hours. I have lost seven hens since Christmas in broad daylight to these vulpine bastards, having shot six foxes in the same period….. When they graduate to eating your grandchildren in your suburban paradise, you’ll no doubt be screaming for something to be done.

          • Shorne

            I grew up on a farm and we never lost any stock to foxes because we knew how to protect them, if you prefer letting them wander then they have to suffer the consequences. Shooting foxes only prevents the problem for a week or so as new foxes will move into the vacant territory. Nobody has ever been killed by a fox in the UK. 200,000 people a year are attacked by dogs, since 2005 22 of these attacks were fatal, 12 of them were children. (Source. ONS). Fancy you not knowing that, you rural (?) asshole.

          • Papa G

            Eating your grandchildren?

            You’re so ignorant it’s hilarious.

      • Papa G

        It’s quite simple. Just explain to them that wild animals need to eat, just like us, and will kill as much prey as possible at once so they can return and stash each corpse rather than risk them getting away.

  • Gilbert White

    Import lots of immigrant Mongolian eagle falconers and their intrepid sure footed ponies who will be excused because they are traditional hunters of wolves and foxes. These are about the only group missing from the great multicultural, melting londium pot, apart from Ituri Forest Pygmies.

    • Malcolm Stevas

      Pretty sure there’s an enclave of Ituri pygmies around Harlesden…

      • 1664averygoodyear

        Where is this ‘Harlsden’ you speak of? I attempted to travel there one morn but found myself waylaid in a barren wasteland that more closely resembled a rainy version of Kinshasa.

  • tatle

    Urban Fox Hunting: allow people (some you may call “hoodies”) to kill foxes by rampaging through the streets on mopeds/BMX/scooters with rotweillers – they are free to break a few fences for the hunt. Children in places like Hammersmith can finally see nature in action when they see a rottweiler rip the animals to shreds when they play in the park..

  • Stanley Cook

    Relax. When rabies returns to this country, as it surely will before much longer, the fox population will be exterminated by popular request.

    • cartimandua

      We are now having to treat for lungworm in dogs. Mange is national.

      Alveolar Echinococcosis which resembles liver cancer is found in the rest of Europe.
      Foxy can contract and pass on Weils disease.

    • Papa G

      You do realise that rabies was virtually eradicated from Western Europe by using an oral vaccine for foxes?

      • Stanley Cook

        No, I hadn’t known that. Thank you for pointing it out. So there’s less likelihood of a fox cull in this country. That’s a pity, given that the fox has no natural predator here.

  • Elizabeth Cudd

    Reading below I am delighted that we have humane and sensible Londoners commenting on Mr. Young’s frightening article. He is right to recycle his food, and could energise his neighbours into doing the same. His blood thirst, nasty and cruel views are no different to what I expect could be read on propaganda emanating from those intent on recruiting our children to the ISIS cause. Look, with the views that you have expressed and if you are trying to use journalistic rhetoric into backing them up, then as part of the Spectator group I despair! Andrew Neil reign him in; this is also a man who was lauded for opening a school, believe me my children would not have been put in a learning environment if views such as this got into the classroom. I may adore all furry friends and adore my religion but, there is a natural selection which is a basic biological fact and that seems to be happening amongst the four legged population in London which your fellow Londoners have pointed out.

    • Alexsandr

      they are not nice furry animals – they are vermin out of control with no natural predator.

      • chiefwhippet

        Vermin is a revolting word which you use in order to suggest a creature has no right to exist. Why should you use it against other creatures you don’t happen to approve of? Nazis used the term to describe Jewish people they wished to exterminate. We don’t want that kind of language. Keep it to yourself.

        • Alexsandr

          Vermin = wild animals which are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or which carry disease, e.g. rodents.

          fixes clearly fit in that definition. and as they have no natural predataor need controlling.
          like rats and grey squirrels. and green parakeets.
          and it seems cameron thinks seagulls too.

          another one here who thinks all animals are nice furry cuddly things…

          • The fox is a canid (genus Vulpes; family Canidae) and as such deserves our respect if not our complete accommodation.

          • Gilbert White

            Seagulls as Brian Cox would say are amazing. Their feet attract the most amazing set of microbes from your landfills and then they go to the nearest drinking water supply humans use to wash the same microbes off their feet.

        • cartimandua

          But you mess with other animals in the ecosystem when you don’t control those growing too numerous.
          Foxy likes biting the feet off hedgehogs and leaving them to die.

        • dolusbonus

          So you are equating culling foxes with the Holocaust… sad pillock !

        • Vermin is a revolting word which you use in order to suggest a creature has no right to exist.
          I agree with that. It’s also a denial that they are higher animals and not, say, food-despoiling rodents or insects.

    • Malcolm Stevas

      Wonderful! A classic example of the bizarre, skewed values of the animal-lib lunatic fringe, mentioning ISIS in the same context as controlling foxes. So glad to you could find time to contribute this.

      • Elizabeth Cudd

        Unfortunately statistics do show us that the rhetoric Toby Young used is similar to the propaganda you find on sites intent on recruiting to kill. How often have you heard of a child or adult using cruelty and brutality to animals then turning the gun on its own kind. It does appear that Darwin’s natural selection or at least London’s is taking place. Thankfully for Londoners the fox is controlling the rat population, and history does tell us of the problems Londoners have faced over the centuries due to rats overrunning the city. If you have children I am sure that you do not want them to be influenced by an article of such an inflammatory nature.

        • cartimandua

          You don’t care much for the hedgehog then which is virtually extinct thanks to too many badgers and foxes.

          • Elizabeth Cudd

            This is difficult as people appear to be attacking others on this site. I care enormously about hedgehogs, and unfortunately their decline is due to the weather, in fact hedgehogs live alongside, cats, and do not frequent an area that has badgers. The fox has been found to have eaten a hedgehog, most likely after a road kill, there has been a ‘Living with Mammal’ survey which shows that the fox and hedgehog live side by side in an Urban environment. I am sure that you have made your garden hedgehog friendly. But please do not assume people do not care, and the facts are that hedgehogs are not endangered by the Badger or the Fox.

          • dolusbonus

            Bolloxx !

          • Elizabeth Cudd

            Just read a few of your posts, this will be my last to you as unfortunately I really don’t have time. Please God tell me you didn’t attend Stonyhurst College? I am Catholic and my children were educated at a Catholic boarding school. If I thought that they ever spoke as you have on this site I would be devastated. Just think a little before post!

          • Gilbert White

            Travellers eat the hedgehogs they are baked alive in clay like tandori ovens.

        • dolusbonus

          If i lived anywhere near you, the only thing I would use my gun on would be myself… your poor misinformed children !

        • Malcolm Stevas

          “Inflammatory”? Now you add hyperbole to your sentimentality about foxes.

    • dolusbonus

      What is your religion ? Buddhism by the sound of it… well sod off to Tibet,say, and start chanting….

  • Alexsandr

    we have foxes living without fear because we dont smell any more. In the old days our settlements smelled of humans. of human urine especially

    If you have chickens, put human urine round your borders. (If you are shy use a watering can). and get a pair of old tights, go see a barber and get a leg full of hair clippings. Hang it up near your hens. Foxes will hate the smell.

    And check your property. Make sure you havent made a fox habitat. dont forget your flat roof.

    • Gilbert White

      Will this technique work for turd world burglars?

  • Sean L

    An air rifle won’t do a fox mate.

    • boredstiff

      Yes it will. Not the sub 12 foot pound ones, but an FAC, high powered version would, without doubt . Unsure of the legality though.

      • Malcolm Stevas

        No, you’d need to be at close range, and shoot a fox in the head. Even .22 rimfire is really not the weapon with which to zap Charlie: a decent high-velocity small calibre centrefire rifle does the business. Forget about air weapons.

      • Dan Angel

        Piece of shit

  • chiefwhippet

    Why not piss off back to NY, where you had so many friends?

  • laurence

    Dellers Delingpole will do for them with a squadron of Hurricanes.

  • greggf

    It’s the “sentimentality” that particularly afflicts many British – or is it the English….?
    People are made to feel sorry for portrayals of “suffering and discrimination” mostly by pressure groups seeking to exploit money/aid/issues.
    The outcomes are always seem to be predictable.
    Take your pick; foxes, seagulls, cats, Med & Calais Migrants……..

    • Howe Synnott

      For 12 years, we lived on a small farm in the New England area of New South Wales (that’s Australia – not that wet place west of Hereford); bloody foxes everywhere.
      Talk about the peripatetic vulpine pest – shot at the bastards whenever they popped into view. Mind you, our little piece of paradise – it was feral central.
      Along with the convicts – part of our rich heritage of introduced pests: rabbits, deer, cats and pigs.

      • greggf

        Rarely do we see a fox in France Howe, unless it’s a dead one hung by its brush on a fence. Urban foxes do not seem to exist here…..!

        • Howe Synnott

          greggf – thank you for the feedback.
          We now live in Sydney; I have to tell you that – in our lovely city – there are urban foxes galore; the two legged variety.
          Indeed, some just hang about – with their brush on display.

  • frank davidson

    My worry is that urban foxes being fearless may one day contract rabies. Then we have a problem unlike now when a fox just passes by a rabid fox may attack – probably a child. Having experienced a rabies infected environment I can tell you that real problems will manifest themselves.

    • cartimandua

      Its not just rabies. Lungworm passes to dogs and can be fatal.
      That’s human Alveolar Echinococcosis which resembles liver cancer. It is currently in France and Germany and spread by the fox.

    • dolusbonus

      I’d just love to see all those ghastly denizens of Islington and Guardian readers thrashing about in the terminal throes of rabies… pay back time !

  • Colizgg

    As a resident of Islington I’ve spoken to our fabulous MP Mr Corbyn. He agrees with me that culling foxes in the countryside is an abhorrence perpetrated by what The BBCs Jeremy Vine called “defective people”, or Tories to you and me.

    But we agreed that Islington foxes are completely different and must be eradicated through a combination of new taxes and increase immigration. To put the problem in perspective I myself am a victim of the theft of used quinoa and soufflé from my Brabantia; insufferable.

    So, Mr Corbyn has promised that when he’s PM he’ll make sure that those fluffy innocent countryside foxes are protected from murderous Tories. But the other type of fox threatening the high-minded residents of N1 are blasted out of existence.

  • The PrangWizard of England

    Trouble is I hate cats too, and not just the feral kind, just the ordinary domestic creatures which stalk the night, which go into neighbours gardens and piss and shit in them; one even came into my house at 4 in the morning and onto my bed. I made sure the damned thing was suitably frightened before I let it out. When I mentioned it to my neighbour, for it was hers, she thought nothing wrong – why is it that cat owners imagine everyone loves their domestic vermin – they are all semi-feral – which they think are so cute and loveable that everyone else loves them too? I can’t therefore say I’m sorry some are killed by foxes. For the avoidance of doubt, I go further, I am glad.

    However, do I wish an end to urban foxes, yes of course I do, so let’s find a way of doing it. It is an absolute outrage that they are protected, if need be it will have to be done illegally, because we might wait decades for government approval, they seem to back off from anything a bit difficult, especially if Brian May or the SNP gets involved.

    Public health should come first. Our predecessors spent much time and effort to bring cleanliness to our streets and present day animal sentimentalists are doing their utmost to overturn all that effort. They need to be ashamed, but they are not renowned for having such feelings. There is much hypocrisy in these so-called animal lovers. It is not uncommon for people to keep cats, let them roam, and yet be members of the RSPB and have bird tables in their gardens. Thus they attract birds, food for their cats. It seems sadistic to me.

    And lets start killing the cats too when they are out, – how many birds and fledglings do they kill? I read there are millions of feral cats in Australia and they kill millions of native animals each day. I’m delighted that the government there has decided on a nationwide cull. Good luck to them.

    • You sound incredibly callous: glad you’re not MY neighbour. Cats are people’s pets and the culture in Britain is to let them free outdoors. Obviously you don’t want them on your bed but it must be a very stupid cat not to get the message that you’re an ogre, before getting so far. Meanwhile I believe in live and let live as much as possible. Foxes may be a pain in the backside but in my experience, many humans are, too. And they are a lot less physically attractive to boot.

  • Malcolm Stevas

    “’s illegal for members of the public to kill foxes”
    Huh? Where, when, what circumstances? Is this in towns, or what? Absolute nonsense: I’ve shot loads of ’em, and I have a photo of a Midlands chum and his shooting partner, very early one morning, with eighteen (18) foxes shot the preceding night, laid out in front of the Land Rover.
    But in general I react to the increasing nuisance value of urban foxes with delicious Schadenfreude: all those townies who’ve been whinging about cruel rustics who kill cuddly foxes, and who know practically nothing about the things, finally starting to realise that like any other species fox numbers have to be controlled if they are not to be a menace. What we could do with is a few infants – perhaps from some especially favoured ethnic minority – being eaten by foxes. That would really generate angst among the Guardian readers…

    And they’re killing cats? Terrific: two birds with one stone. But please don’t even think about shooting foxes with an air-rifle: even the most powerful are really not up to the task. If you want to pay £50 per fox, I’m available.

  • evad666

    Jeremy the Fox checks out Downing Street!

  • albertcooper

    Foxes need culling as any animal taking over does!

  • GraveDave

    If you want a fox for a neighbor vote Labour.

  • Giuseppe Cappa

    What about eating them?

  • I lived in Acton for 25 years with several cats. There were always foxes in the back garden, but I don’t think they ever hurt a cat. Does anyone have any proof of this? Eventually, my son kept a few chickens in what he thought was a fox proof coop. One day in broad daylight, he saw a fox in with them and it killed two and another one disappeared never to be seen again.
    I remember foxes in the back garden of my rented flat in Birmingham in the late 60s. And they often made a nuisance of themselves fighting in the cul-de-sac where my sister lived.

    It’s no good getting rid of the ones in your back garden Toby, others will move in to take their place.

    • GraveDave

      I bet Toby lives in the nice leafier parts of Acton behind the western Avenue, rather than the Islamic parts of the Vale and the Uxbridge Road
      I also lived in Acton once upon a time.

    • cartimandua

      Over the past few weeks two different friends living in different parts of the country have had all their chickens and ducks murdered by foxy.

      • Robert Allen

        Animals do not commit murder. They kill for food.

      • Papa G

        So house them securely. Install electric or predator proof fencing (not chicken wire). Dig the fence at least a foot into the ground or put in a concrete base to the run. Make sure the top of the run is covered and there are no weak spots. No run is 100% fox proof, but it’s certainly much more likely to protect your poultry than killing the foxes.

        It does require considerable time, effort and expense, but is much more effective than killing the foxes. As soon as one is removed, another will move into the territory to take advantage of the lack of competition.

        • Callipygian

          It’s also much more decent.

  • Hugo Gufradump

    I live in the country and I’ve only seen a fox once,deer,rabbits,all the time but no foxes?

    • cartimandua

      I live in the country and a few months back a fox trotted down my driveway carrying someone’s duck. The other day a young fox mooched around my bird table without worrying that I was staring at it a foot away through the window.
      I was pleased to see the fox but we have no hedgehogs because we have too many foxes and too many badgers.
      That was explained to me by a hedgehog charity.

      • Hugo Gufradump

        Plenty of Hedgehogs,poor things are always getting squashed. All the Lancs foxes must have moved to London

  • Hoick to’im, hoick!

    Yes, agree, kill the city foxes, by any method, as long as you don’t show me what you do, or bring me the corpse to view, if they live in a city and disturb the precious sleep of the Guardian reading inhabitants.
    But don’t you dare let anyone in the country keep a pack of hounds and think that they can go out and chase rural foxes and kill them, oh no, that’s disgusting and immoral and the people that follow the hounds worse than vermin.

  • colchar

    Funny how you lot have such problems with them while here in Canada they are not an issue. Then again, maybe the coyotes are eating them here……

  • huw

    the fox hunting ban has not worked I can confirm, its great that they are in London thon[:`¬)

  • amphibious

    Every household in my street has been given one of these green boxes,
    but only about half of them use them. ..
    No, the solution is to kill the revolting creatures.

    At little unsocial even for a rabid tory like Toby?
    Surely you should try reasoning with them rather than capital punishment, perhaps increase their rates for uncompliant neighbourhood behaviour?

  • Precambrian

    But foxes are an oppressed minority driven out of their homeland by genocide and we should welcome them into our cities! People who disagree are just Vulpephobic and Foxist!

  • Papa G

    Oh ffs, get a grip. There are far more things to worry about in cities than foxes. You know, like traffic, burglars, car thieves, pollution, used needles, broken glass, litter, dangerous dogs, vandalism… and you lot are up in arms about a bloody fox?

    Then again I suppose this kind of bitterness is inevitable when you don’t get what you want. If you want to hunt then bugger off to some other country that doesn’t give two hoots about animal welfare.

    • albertcooper

      Of course but rule the fox in the mix! go easy on soft targets and the big targets just get bigger

  • Benjamin Tompsett

    I feel as if you’ve read my mind Toby. Only last night I saw one of the fury pests on my street, around two in the morning. They are a problem where we live in west London (I don’t live far from you, the same constituency in fact).

  • albertcooper

    Slaughter every fox in sight ! They are vermin and deserve nothing else

  • Sylvia Meller

    What a lot of rubbish this bloke is telling!Would make sense if he replaces the word fox with Tories or humans in general.P.S.: if you r looking for your cat, Toby Young: most likely it’s become bait for a fighting dog – not surprisingly a lot of these illegal ‘sports’ are linked together.

  • Auk Mitchell

    Most Londoners I know, including me, love having foxes around. I truly think there’s something wrong with people who want to exterminate any wildlife they have around them. Toby, I remember you from school……..I guess you were trying to be funny but you need to try a little harder mate

  • laverdabru

    ‘Crazy waste of money when my three sons and I could clear it with a couple of Webley .22s in half an hour.’ Absolute rot! I know this remark is probably made – I hope – tongue in cheek, but a .22 air rifle simply is not powerful enough to cleanly dispatch anything over the size of a rabbit. The power output in the UK is limited to 12 ft. lbs. It is of course possible to obtain more powerful air guns, but you will need a Firearms Certificate. I own several Webley, BSA & other .22’s & would not dream of using them on a fox.

    Quite often see our local urban fox wandering about with a dead rat, grey squirrel or pigeon hanging from his mouth – good for him!

    • oldlongdog

      It’s an offence to discharge a firearm within 50ft of a public right of way so you’d be struggling with that unless you and your three sons actually like prison food…

  • Astrid Clifford

    We’ve killed off all native wildlife in this country and now you bunch of losers can’t even cope with foxes? 1) My 14 year old cat could see them off, 2) they are doing a great job of keeping the rat population down, 3) actually they were living on your land first, before Barratt Homes came along and built houses on it, 4) most urban foxes don’t survive beyond 1 year because of cars and other perils. Maybe you should go and live in a plastic bubble somewhere where they are no bees that could sting you or thorns you could scratch yourselves on, since you have no understanding or appreciation of the natural world.