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We put 1,000 people out of a job today – and it’s only the beginning

3 November 2016

6:43 PM

3 November 2016

6:43 PM

Close to 1,000 workers will lose their jobs following the announcement of the closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

The brown coal fired plant currently generates 22 percent of the state’s electricity and around four per cent of demand across the national electricity market.

Power prices in Victoria are expected to rise by 10 percent, experts say, not the four Premier Daniel Andrews’ government is touting.

There will also be flow-ons across the border, including in already-uncompetitive South Australia.

It’s bad news for jobs. It’s bad news for households. It’s bad news for business. And with the multiplier effects, the bad news is only beginning.

So what are the Greens doing? Emailing their members and supporters, gloating. Emailing their members and supporters, gloating — and encouraging them to share the smugness too:


You didn’t expect compassion for the ruined lives, now did you?

PS: We’ve just chalked up the smallest trade deficit in two years — thanks to coal.

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