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Nothing to do with Islam? Not again, Dopey Dan?

23 December 2016

2:44 PM

23 December 2016

2:44 PM

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews thinks that a man can say he’s a woman, and that makes it so. Recently, his diversity tsar launched a “guide” to  “assist” public servants in using the meaningless language of gender theorists.

But this morning Andrews himself resorted to the meaningless language of terrorism apologists. He promised, with all the certainty of a hate preacher, that the acts planned as part of the foiled Islamic terror plot in Melbourne are “not acts of religious observance, not acts of faith, in fact the opposite of that.”

Nothing to do with Islam, of course. Does he think the perpetrators are atheists? That there is no religious motivation? Or is he just so learned in Islam that he’s able to quickly identify this sort of behaviour as completely outside the pale of orthodoxy?

The Premier went on to say that his “message to Victorians is that we should cherish the diversity that makes us a stronger community.” Diversity has its limits, Mr Andrews, and the call to cherish it is limited to cases where the police actually get to the terrorists before the bombs go off.

There is not a single person in Australia who thinks that all Muslims harbour apocalyptic caliphate fantasies, but to make unqualified theological statements that defy reality — and the understanding of most Muslims — makes you look defensive, dishonest, and obtuse.

Politically correct language is bad enough when it comes to pretend gender pronouns, but terrorism is serious. Please Premier, not this again.

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