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Blunders, boobs and Greens

19 July 2017

7:34 AM

19 July 2017

7:34 AM

It would be funny if it weren’t so… totally hilarious. Deputy Greens leader Larissa Waters has resigned from the Senate. Why? Because she should never have been elected to Federal Parliament. There are, of course, many reasons why that was never a genius idea, but the reason in question is her dual citizenship.

The Queensland senator was born in Canada. She never renounced her dual citizenship and therefore is ineligible to serve. That’s right, she’s never been eligible to serve, not for one tick of the clock since her election in 2011.

It’s the second egg planted firmly on the smug face of the Greens in as many minutes (almost).

Just days ago Scott Ludlam quit after suddenly realising he also held dual citizenship. He never denounced his New Zealand citizenship.

That’s two key performers out.

The Senate faces two recounts.

Not just one — two.

Is this really a party you can ever take seriously? Just how clunky is this dodgy machine?

The ABC reports Waters took legal advice after Ludlam’s resignation and was shocked by the result. Why on earth would she be “shocked” by the result? You know which countries you are a citizen of, even if your passports aren’t up to date. To say you find yourself “shocked” is testament to how haywire the workings of your mind truly are.

“I was devastated to learn that because of 70-year-old Canadian laws I had been a dual citizen from birth,” she said tearfully. Have you heard her? Even now she wants to blame someone else; damn those pesky 70-year-old Canadian laws.

“That Canadian law changed a week after I was born and required me to have actively renounced Canadian citizenship,” she said. “It is with heavy heart that I am forced to resign as senator for Queensland and co-deputy leader of the Australian Greens, effective today.”

Once again, look at the choice of language with her use of the word “forced”. Lady, you’re not “forced” you made a mistake – and a chaotic one at that.

You see, Larissa-Look-At-Me-Breastfeed-In-Parliament, there are some issues that are more pressing than making fleshy feminist statements hoping to win yourself a mention in political history.

Perhaps before sending off your next CV you may spend more time researching your eligibility?

Maybe switch grandstanding for groundwork?

Fewer photo opportunities and more competent personal responsibility, perchance?

Party leader Richard Di Natale said he was “gutted”. He promised an “urgent root-and-branch review” of party processes. How very Green of him.

The problem is it’s a rookie error from a party that is more about protest and posturing, not the blood and guts of politics. Where on earth is the due diligence before now?

There’s talk Andrew Bartlett might replace her. Excellent. What could go wrong?

Senator Brian Burston, One Nation Senator for NSW said in a statement, “The only thing to do now is de-register the Greens for systemic electoral fraud. They have cost the Australian taxpayer tens of millions of dollars in salaries, expenses, superannuation and other entitlements. I call on the Attorney-General to immediately take steps to bring about the deregistration of the Greens, taking any necessary steps to recover the lost monies.”

Now, the million-dollar question is: who’s next? Here’s looking at you, Dasty…

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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