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What is the point of Sarah Hanson-Young?

22 August 2017

11:52 AM

22 August 2017

11:52 AM

There appears to be some confusion. Many people appear to believe that anyone who questioned Pauline Hanson’s bizarre actions in the Senate last week disagrees with her larger point. Not so.

Step forward Sarah Hanson-Young, who appears on TV, opens her mouth and appears to be thrilled with the drivel that seeps out. How depressing that we are all going to work today to pay this birdbrained lunatic’s wages – let alone her whale watching outings.

Who is actually voting for the Greens? Are they real life people?

SHY (if only) is a personification of everything that is wrong with Australian politics.

Does she really think that the majority of Australians believe Pauline Hanson is now responsible for terrorist actions? That she is doing the work of ISIS?

You are doing ISIS’s work for them,” Hanson said on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. “It is extremely dangerous. You’re putting the entire country at risk… the next attack in Australia will be on your head, Pauline.”

Where is the logic, SHY?

Have you mistaken Attorney-General George Brandis’ creeping waterworks as support of the country? If so, you are wrong.

SHY is refusing to apologise. Of course she is.

“Pauline Hanson has made a career out of attacking innocent and vulnerable people, using her position of privilege to whip up fear and hatred,” she said. “I have called her out for refusing to heed the advice of national security experts and she couldn’t take it.”

But you didn’t SHY, did you?

Your words were “You are doing ISIS’s work for them.” Bit of a leap there from “calling her out”.

And, “the next attack in Australia will be on your head, Pauline,” is a hefty, spritely skip and jump away from any national security experts’ advice.

I’m not sure how your lurching logic has drawn these conclusions from Hanson’s Senate stunt – but you are way off faculty.

At the very centre of your hysterical, uncultivated leftie illogical outburst is, of course, leaning on the word “privilege”.

Remember this is a woman who said that criticism of her whale-watching outing with her daughter came from, “grumpy old white men.” She didn’t regret the $4000 excursion either – and yet she finds some logic in hurling around the word “privilege” now.

SHY appears to be faulty, can we send her back in for repairs?

Illustration: YouTube.

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