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The stone-deaf politics of #MeToo

14 March 2018

4:02 PM

14 March 2018

4:02 PM

Immature argument thrives on one side voicing its opinion, and then shoving fingers in their ears while the other side speaks.

This one-sided warped vacuum closes down flowing debate, halts progress and, ultimately, causes harm.

Nowhere is this more evident than observing the stone-deaf political current commentary around sexual assault allegations.

An independent report has found that the conduct of Robert Doyle, former lord mayor of Melbourne could constitute misconduct. He resigned in February. The 100-page report found that lack of complaints process was a weakness. It also called for a review of policy allowing alcohol to be consumed at Tuesday night meetings.

Doyle’s wife, Emma Page-Campbell issued a statement saying, “Robert informed the investigation that he now recognises that his cheerful and oftentimes animated personality and manner towards people, both men and women alike, may no longer be appropriate by today’s standards.” He said he was “sorry for any misunderstanding”.

He is seriously ill in hospital.

‘Not good enough’, say those standing on the left with fingers jammed in their ears.

A Herald Sun columnist asserts, “Mr Doyle may be a “broken man” but he’s also a man in deep denial… This is very different from being sorry for what he did.”

Meanwhile, one Guardian scribe asserts this “saga is a perfect case study for this messy #MeToo moment”. The Guardian insists, “Doyle, Melbourne’s longest-serving mayor and a former state Liberal leader, feels no shame, accepts no responsibility.”

Did they even bother to read the statement? What do they want – actual blood? Death? Have they no conscience?

Those of us watching this unfold are standing on the sidelines shaking our heads watching lives destroyed, wondering just how many “case studies” it is going to take to “win” this political war.

Don’t dare to point out we shouldn’t be taking a one-size fits all blueprint. Don’t even think about mentioning we must be sure to carefully consider false accusations or the importance of due process, they have absolutely no interest in anything aside from their own political point scoring.

“La-la-la, can’t hear you.”

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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