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The rise – and rise – of Trump Derangement Syndrome

5 May 2018

9:00 AM

5 May 2018

9:00 AM

New York

‘What do we do with these men?’ thundered a New York Times headline. It was followed by a frothing-mouthed, overwrought hissy fit worthy of an Oscar in the overacting category. The men in question are the usual suspects: media people and Hollywood types who have been accused by the weaker sex of sexual harassment. Oh boy! Is this place going nuts or what? Spring is here, the girls are in their summer dresses — not really, they all wear leggings — and all one hears about is the bestiality of the stronger sex. The question is: who is next? The bookies are having a field day. ‘Under what terms should they be allowed to return to normal life?’ asks a female Times hack. As there is no American gulag, why not shoot the bastards and be done with it? ventures poor little me.

Never mind. We always have Trump, and if you think that he’s getting away with anything because of the #MeToo movement, think again. The media want the rest of us to believe that the 45th President is barely hanging on, a beleaguered White House prisoner struggling to keep his job. According to the majority of the fourth estate, there is ‘incontrovertible’ evidence that the Russians got Trump into his Pennsylvania Avenue residence by cheating. There is nothing of the kind, but when the Sulzberger-Bezos gang realised that the election had gone against them, hey presto, an avalanche of mostly false accusations led to the appointment of a special counsel and then their paid hands went to work. Never mind the tattered credibility of the press; the wildest insinuation has become fact. How, I wonder, does this stuff about Trump get past, say, the New Yorker’s fact-checking department?

Trump’s never-ending trial by assumption is never going to go away. The talking heads and the writers of the New York Times have hit a gold mine when it comes to their repetition, ad nauseam, that the Russkies had the goods on Trump and brought him to power as their boy. And there was I thinking that the Greek, Iranian and Middle Eastern papers were yellow. I was a silly boy but now I know better. Over here some wits call it TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome. In reality it comes down to an unelected bunch of people who have decided to frustrate and overturn the election of a president who ran mostly on the issue of immigration. This may run counter to the rule of law, but the Sulzberger gang and its friends feel they are above it — the law, that is.

The nicest thing I read in the Big Bagel Times was by a columnist who described the Trump administration as ‘one of kooks, quacks, criminals, drunks, wife beaters and grifters’. Elegant, don’t you think, dear readers? So here’s what’s going on in this great land: on one hand, you have women shouting in print, on TV and in public forums that they are being passed over for promotion by beastly men; that they are being forcibly kissed and felt all over and sometimes raped by other beastly men; and that they are being excluded from the corridors of power by — yes, you guessed it— even beastlier men. On the other hand, one hears and reads and watches political commentary by famous multimillionaire athletes and entertainers decrying the horrors that have befallen America since the Trump victory. The few voices that have been raised in disagreement have been warned that their careers will be in jeopardy if they continue. It makes Trump supporters feel like Christians during Roman times.

So there it is: America is split between the bicoastal haves and the have-nots in between. The national pastime is now hatred, payback, backlash, loathing. Call it what you want, but it’s all about malice towards men and Trump supporters. And all this makes for the perfect oxymoron: ethical journalism in the New York Times. The irony is that those really in power feel aggrieved that the palookas in Ohio and Michigan voted their darling out and the Trump man in. The ferocious dust-up that has followed the Donald’s victory proves not only that a Deep State exists, but that the fourth estate in America has to be reined in. Murdoch and Fox News have been attacked like there’s no tomorrow because they dared take the votes of 62 million Americans into account.

But enough of all that. I’ve just spent a couple of days with Steve Bannon going over plans about how to save the world. Bannon never mentioned it, but I suspect that Trump’s son-in-law also rose and is now overstepping the bounds. Jared Kushner is the bad apple in the Trump administration, a man who has managed to turna great fortune into great debt but now holds great power because of the way he handled his genitals. He is embroiled in the special counsel inquiry, but the SC only wants the big guy. Kushner, I predict, won’t be prosecuted. He’s in like Flynn with Democrat biggies. His father was a big contributor to the Democratic party, at least until he did hard time and his son married Ivanka. Kushner and the Saudis are in bed together and next time I will spill a few beans about the situation down in that sauna-like place. Innocent children in the Yemen are being killed by Saudi bombs so that a so-called prince can play big man on campus.

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