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Why the Greens are headed for the wilderness

7 May 2018

7:31 PM

7 May 2018

7:31 PM

The Greens are headed for the wilderness. Why? Because they’re not just nongs, but hypocritical nongs; blinded by their own virtue.

Exhibit I: The Weekend Australian, Saturday, May 5, 2019:

A mounting backlash to Tasmania’s green tourism boom has prompted warnings that cruise ship access and charter flights will have to be limited and charges for visiting national parks hiked.

Overseas tourism has increased 18 per cent a year to make Tasmania the nation’s fastest-growing tourist destination.

The state’s visitor surge has ­created a $2.33 billion industry, driving economic recovery in what was not that long ago considered a mendicant state.

It is also fuelling development in sensitive areas, exposing in­adequate infrastructure, creating a rental crisis and changing the ­nature of small communities.

Veteran conservationist and former Greens leader Bob Brown is among those claiming unfettered tourism and “green shoe” ­developers have come to rival logging as a key threat to Tasmania’s wild places.

“It’s already there, and there is a huge risk of tourism becoming a focus of national and international opprobrium, because (Premier Will) Hodgman has said to developers ‘Come into the world heritage area and name where you want to go’,” Dr Brown said…

Exhibit II: Email to Greens supporters from Senator Richard Di Natales, Monday, May 7, 2018:

Dear XYZ

The Australian Greens Tasmania Trek is your chance to challenge yourself like never before, and raise funds for the Australian Greens.

Every step you take, every cent you raise, will support the next Federal Election campaign. 

This is your chance to spend seven days immersed in the inimitable beauty of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain National Park and Tarkine/takayna rainforest.

On this incredible adventure you will discover the giant forests, sweeping beaches, rugged mountains and pristine rivers of Tasmania’s Tarkine/takayna forest. You will hike the peaks surrounding Cradle Mountain and journey through the Promised Land to the Alum Cliffs.

Best of all, with every kilometre you cover and every dollar you raise, you will help fund the Australian Greens’ upcoming federal election campaign.

It’s with the help of passionate and dedicated people like you that we can protect our precious places and change Australia for the better.

Warm regards,


Dick, more like it.

Nongs, nongs, nongs, nongs, nongs. Labor MPs in the inner-city are no doubt breathing just that little bit easier tonight.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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