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How feminism is failing Vikki Campion

5 June 2018

7:27 AM

5 June 2018

7:27 AM

A quick look at coverage of Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion’s supposedly tell-all interview confirms two things.

Firstly, Joyce is now loathed. If he was hoping a cute inside peek at his new life would melt hearts and soften the sharp edges of opinion, he’s going to be sorely disappointed.

Secondly, feminists are obsessed with seeing Campion as a victim. It’s as if he kidnapped her, held her against her will, impregnated her and is holding her hostage. Campion’s autonomy is utterly denied.

And of course, The Age wasted no time in gleefully slamming “conservative men pressuring an innocent woman to have an abortion.”

Campion chose Joyce. We may be baffled as to why, but still, she chose him.

She fought for her own career breaks and then decided to throw marbles in her own path by opting for a dalliance with a senior politician. Her choice.

She decided to cash in on the unwavering media interest rather than sit back and wait for her partner’s paychecks. Isn’t this what our fem-friends keep telling us all females should be doing? Standing on their own two feet financially? It’s bizarre to presume that because Joyce is drawing a wage from taxpayers she would hope to be supported or given an allowance.

They have chosen to label her the victim in this relationship.

The Age piece continues, “I also had sympathy for Campion. The poor woman is on national television six weeks after the birth of her baby. She says she’s cried more than she’s ever cried before. And that’s on top of how it must feel being the partner of someone who has lost his reason for being, rural Australia’s best retail politician. It cannot be easy to be living with a man who was once the centre of his universe and who is now fallen.”

Pretty sure the camera crew didn’t just rock up unannounced.

And also pretty sure you have no idea how she feels about being his partner or what’s going on inside his head.

Illustration: Channel 7.

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