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Deep State Downer, the Foreign Minister, the PM — and the Clinton campaign

25 September 2018

6:54 AM

25 September 2018

6:54 AM

If there is one thing that a variety of media provides, it is diversity of detail and greater transparency. That is no where more evident than in the United States where it now appears that the Department of Justice and the FBI conspired to protect Hillary Clinton from the worst excesses of her period of time as Secretary of State and that they actively conspired with Hillary’s campaign team to fabricate a case of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government that would justify the appointment of a special counsel investigation.

Had Hillary been elected President of the United States, she would have used her powers in conjunction with the carry-over Administration from the Obama presidency, in order to bury her and the department officials’ illegalities where they would never have been found.

Trump’s victory, as you would know from the most cursory reading, did not and still does not assure him of the office given the poison that has been spread. But if you were an American, you would thank God for the diversity of media in that country and the free-speech, First Amendment, for smaller media players such as BreitbartThe FederalistFox News and Real Clear Politics have managed to hold the fake news media, CNN, The Washington Post and the New York Times to account for their Democrat bias and willingness to tell lies for the cause.

It is quite clear now that associates of the Clintons sought to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign by arranging a meeting with some Russians on the pretext that they held information that the Russian government had gathered on Hillary Clinton. The name that suddenly pops into view, however, is one, Alexander Downer. As the Australian High Commissioner in London, he would seem to be a most unlikely source of information on which the FBI could act.

That is until it is remembered that Downer has very close connections with Bill and Hillary from his days as Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. It was in that capacity that Downer persuaded the Commonwealth to pay $A25 million into the Bill Clinton foundation, ostensibly to fight AIDS in South East Asia.

As last reported, Downer met in London with a member of Trump’s campaign team, one George Papadopoulos. As a result of that meeting, information was passed to the FBI which caused that organisation to commence an investigation of possible collusions between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. One question that needs to be asked is why was Downer involved at all? As yet, there is no answer to that question; although we can speculate. And some of the reporting at the time casts a little more light on the question.

Bear in mind that Alexander Downer met George Papadopoulos in London on May 10 2016, before the 2016 Presidential election; David Wroe of Fairfax reported in a Downer-friendly manner on January 5 2018, that:

A woman in London with whom Papadopoulos became involved happened to know Alexander Downer and told the Australian High Commissioner about Papadopoulos, a newly signed staffer for Donald Trump. Downer, being a canny diplomat, followed it up and arranged a meeting with the young American, who was mostly living in London at the time. What followed was the now infamous May 2016 conversation over many glasses of wine at the swanky Kensington Wine Rooms, during which the 28-year-old Papadopoulos spilled to Downer that he knew of a Russian dirt file on the rival Clinton campaign consisting of thousands of hacked emails. 

Note that there were ‘many glasses of wine’ consumed, yet the identity of the woman who supposedly initiated the meeting remained pretty much unknown; at least until April 28, 2018, when Downer chose to give an interview to Jacquelin Magnay of the Weekend Australian who reported as follows:

Downer spoke for the first time about his conversation with the Trump campaign aide and how Papadopoulos let slip his knowledge of a Russian “dirt file” on Hillary Clinton. He relates that accompanied by Erika Thompson, a counsellor at the high commission, late one afternoon in May 2016: “Downer met George Papadopoulos, then an adviser in Donald Trump’s campaign team. Within 48 hours Downer had sent an official cable about what he had heard to Canberra. After a period of time, Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey … This eventually led to the inquiry into Russian collusion in the election headed by FBI director and special counsel Robert Mueller. 

Magnay contradicts Roe: Downer, Thompson and Papadopoulos only had a single, 25 ml drink of gin, presumably one each. The alcohol consumption was confirmed on or about September 23, 2018, in a Their ABC report by Andrew Probyn and Matthew Doran. They also outline the role played by ‘political counsellor’ Erika Thompson. Thompson and Papadopoulos according to the story had a common acquaintance, one, Christian Cantor a counsellor at the Israeli embassy to whom Thompson is now reported as being engaged. Can we read spy for ‘Counsellor’? Not according to Your ABC – but form your own opinion; they don’t cite any authority for that conclusion.

Thompson is reported as asking Downer if he’d like to meet Papadopoulos and Downer thought it would be a good idea because they could both talk about oil and gas. Perhaps Downer had once asked someone to put some in his motor vehicle. Your ABC reports that Papadopoulos said to Downer “the Russians might use some damaging material they had on Hillary Clinton.” Your ABC repeats Papadopoulos’s denial of talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails to Downer and repeats Downer’s similar recollection.  Like the Weekend Oz report: Downer sends a cable to Canberra within 48 hours and Joe Hockey, our Ambassador to the US, eventually notifies the FBI with the information. “[W]hen it became known that the FBI suspected a Russian hack of Clinton emails, the information was shared with the Five Eyes intelligence partner.”

Note the amorphous reference to the Five Eyes which seems to suggest it was an intelligence communication. But that is part of the mist that has descended over Downer’s part in the FBI investigation. Downer, Erika Thompson and Christian Cantor disappear into the mist like Bogart and Claude Reins in Casablanca. Joe Hockey has been fingered as the rat who ratted on the Trump campaign to the FBI. However, it ignores the one report dated June 2 2018, in the Wall Street Journal which states that the information found its way to the FBI through Downer and not through Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey.

The WSJ report was confirmed by the Australian Financial Review on June 7, 2018, that cited a Fox interview with the Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes who said:

Mr Downer tipped off the US embassy in London and, by extension, president Barack Obama’s State Department, of which Mrs Clinton was previously in charge. We are not supposed to spy on each other’s citizens, and it’s worked well. And it continues to work well. And we know it’s working well because there was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government.

And that seemed to be confirmed on June 21, 2018, as I have previously shown, when it was reported that our super-spy, Alexander Downer, passed Papadopoulos’s information to the Deputy Head of Mission, Elizabeth Dibble at the US London embassy.

Anyone with only the most passing of interest in Mueller’s Special Investigation of Russian interference in 2016 presidential campaign, will have developed a reasonable suspicion that it was manufactured by the Clinton campaign to destroy the Trump campaign, ably abetted by the DOJ and FBI who were conspiring to remove a duly elected President in the event Trump won.

What part did the Turnbull government play in this malicious machination? On Downer’s express evidence, it was the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs that tacitly acted as agents of the Clinton campaign in order to communicate prejudicial information about Donald Trump to a US administration that was actively working to prevent his election.

Bishop was interviewed by Chris Uhlmann on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night. Uhlmann questions allowed Bishop to virtuously criticise members of parliament as ill-behaved school children. His interview was a soft, Their ABC type interview; motherhood questions and motherhood answers. If Alexander Downer was telling the truth and the FBI heard about a Russian connection from Joe Hockey, then it is absolutely the case that both Julie Bishop as minister for foreign affairs and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and, therefore, the Commonwealth government, interfered on behalf of the Clinton campaign in the 2016 Presidential election.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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