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Dr Gillard shares gender gems

5 September 2018

4:43 PM

5 September 2018

4:43 PM

It’s been a busy few weeks for Julia Gillard. Fresh from scoring her Honorary Doctorate from Curtin University for her ‘outstanding contribution to education and social inclusion’, Gillard gave a gender lecture at Adelaide University on Tuesday.

Well, nothing says “inclusion” quite like divisive gender politics, does it?

Twitter was alight with excitement about Professor Julia Gillard’s public lecture on “Women and leadership.”

What they were hoping for isn’t clear; the speech was entirely predictable.

Gillard blamed gender bias for the Liberal party’s decision not to vote for Julie Bishop and said she’s glad gender is now being discussed. “When I governed, the overwhelming mindset of the media was to dismiss out of hand any suggestion that anything happening to me was in any way related to gender,” she said to the sound of the world’s smallest violin stage far left.

Next, she talked about conscious and unconscious gender bias.

“But I think one item that should appear on it is votes touched by bias, conscious or unconscious, about gender,” she said. “What was the precise mix and the weighting of these kinds of factors in a Liberal member’s or senator’s head? We don’t know and maybe the individuals involved couldn’t even precisely articulate it themselves.”

That’s right. Apparently, we now have to be concerned about people’s conscious and unconscious evil deep-rooted beliefs infested with the dark magic of the patriarchy affecting their decision-making process.

Are this mob for real? People make decisions based on the facts presented to them at the time, are they suggesting we all lay down on therapist couches to analyse and pull apart all the strands of invisible forces at play behind the scenes?

Gillard appealed to newspaper editors to ensure a more balanced representation of women to fix the extreme gender imbalance in the news.

So, basically, she wants a gender quota for news.

Presumably, she’ll be happy that will include the woman who this week has been exposed for swapping their partner’s sperm for their lover’s at an IVF clinic?

Or the woman who’s been forced to pay back 18 years of child support to a broke man who was paying child support for a child that wasn’t his?

Or are these not suitable women to fill the gender quota to fix this “gender imbalance in the news”?

How about the women in the Liberal party who are speaking up against “bullying” when in fact it turns out they were simply asked to make a decision? Or the female CEOs who were exposed during the banking Royal Commission?

Why is Gillard so obsessed with the gender card? Why on earth is this Hillary Clinton clone clinging to hope that women can save politics?

Equal opportunity comes hand in hand with equal accountability and responsibility — not entitlement and get out of jail free cards.

Honestly, women — man up.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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