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7 September 2018

4:12 PM

7 September 2018

4:12 PM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – because it’s all about women.

Sarah Hanson Young:

Politics in Australia has a woman problem.

The Greens Senator appears to think knifing the male PM in the back makes this specifically a woman issue. She also conveniently forgets the way she speaks to Pauline Hanson.

A White Ribbon sign was vandalised on Phillip Island. It read:

It has to end. We must end violence against women and children.

Someone had the gall to cross out ‘against women and children’.

Apparently, it is unacceptable to suggest”

We must end violence.

It’s reportedly been vandalised four times since it was put up in late July. It’s almost as if people really, really want to end all violence. How dare they.

The Sydney Morning Herald claims:

Millennial men are leading a major backlash against women’s rights, according to new research from the University of Canberra.

Are they? Or are they simply asking not to be squashed by the militant boots of feminists? Is it possible that millennial men believe gender equality strategies don’t take men into account because there aren’t quotas for men? Maybe when men say they feel like outsiders society could listen, just a thought.

MPs in the UK are to debate making misogyny a hate crime. Labour MP Stella Creasy has submitted an amendment to the “upskirting” bill. Rather than which bill it should be attached to, perhaps politicians should be clear on what actually constitutes misogyny? Are men to wear blinkers to block out the offensive male gaze?

Everyone’s friend Clem Ford, also in The Silly Morning Herald:

One of the sad realities of living under a patriarchal structure is that women are not only taught to blame themselves when ‘something bad’ happens to them, but are also conditioned to doubt their own assessment of events as they happen.

This is also known as ‘a lack of confidence’.

And finally… The Kardashians were accused of being double agents for the patriarchy – thank you Jameela Jamil. The Guardian commented:

Blaming other women for misogyny has always felt uncomfortable, but we must confront sexism in whatever form it takes.

Alternatively, the Kardashians are on a money-making win, there is no conspiracy and we could stop obsessively looking for sexism every moment we’re awake.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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