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Hit the pope where it hurts

27 October 2018

9:00 AM

27 October 2018

9:00 AM

Of all the rich, out-of-touch, globalist left-wing institutions, the Catholic Church is the most corrupt and depraved. Its primary sickness is something we’ve all known for years: it’s too gay. As a Catholic who struggles with the occasional homosexual urge, I’ve watched in horror as this pink rot in the clerisy has torn the Bride of Christ apart.

This year’s ‘summer of shame’ is the result of gay crimes, performed by gay men in service of other gay men, concerning assaults overwhelmingly performed by men on young boys and a debased culture of gay orgies in seminaries.

There’s a political dimension, obviously. You’ll hear people say that the crisis has tainted Left and Right equally, but it’s not true. A lot of gays in the Church are doctrinally conservative, favoring traditional worship like the Latin Mass. Perhaps it’s the gold embroidery, or maybe they feel at home looking at the back of another man’s head. But it’s the Left which has presided over the most rapid moral decay, and not those harmless, nostalgic old queens, because it’s the left-wing ‘lavender mafia’ that has tainted the Church with the stench of cover-up.

The worst offenders have been the Church’s social justice warriors: predominately gay left-wing activist bishops trying to overturn Church teaching on everything from gay marriage to divorce. And the worst offender of all? Pope Francis, who has been a friend to just about any abusive priest, no matter how reprehensible their actions, provided they are sufficiently left-wing—and utterly obedient to him.

Francis hasn’t just looked the other way, like John Paul II, or, like Benedict XVI, been incapable of standing up to monsters. He has actively promoted people accused of sex crimes, such as Theodore McCarrick, a close ally of Francis accused of molesting boys as young as 11. Francis reinstated McCarrick after Benedict had banned him from public appearances and made him his envoy to China, restoring his access to seminarians.

In part, that’s because McCarrick was a good fundraiser. He helped to establish a Papal Foundation whose assets have grown to over $200 million. When that foundation, maintained by wealthy Americans, was hit up for an unusually vast grant last year and the board hesitated, Francis vindictively cancelled their annual audience with him. SJWs are nothing if not petty.

They’re also liars and bullies. One of the pope’s cronies has hinted that anyone who criticises the pope should be treated as though they had physically assaulted him—the punishment for which is excommunication. Conflating words with violence is straight out of the Black Lives Matter playbook.

On the one hand, it means someone who says something you don’t like deserves to be treated as a violent criminal. Conversely, when you smash a bike lock across their skull, you’ve simply exercised your right to free speech! Brilliant.

How has the world’s press responded to these outrages? By covering for Francis, of course, because the pope says the right things about climate change and migrants and loves to needle Donald Trump. American reporters practically soiled themselves when Francis, in a painfully transparent stunt, washed the feet of a Muslim migrant and insisted that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. (We don’t.)

You can imagine the panic in newsrooms when a scandal erupts and it looks like all the bad guys are left-wing homos whose Google results show a bunch of speeches about toxic masculinity and racial justice. Whatever can be published to distract attention is hastily cobbled together. Take this New York Times headline from August: ‘Francis Takes High Road As Conservatives Pounce, Taking Criticisms Public.’ No mention of Pope Francis being accused of protecting someone who had sex with children.

Journalists have leapt to protect the reputation of a pope perceived as a leftist, and to save the feelings of the gay lobby, which hates it when gays are talked about honestly in public as the promiscuous, low-income, drug-taking, reckless, and unhappy people we (statistically) are.

In the myth-building period of his papacy, the Washington Post ran headlines like: ‘How Pope Francis Can Cleanse The Far-Right Rot From The Catholic Church.’ Ha! That aged well. Now he’s on the ropes. Even far-left Der Spiegel ran a bold cover last month with the headline THOU SHALT NOT LIE, next to a photo of Francis. Eventually, once enough children have been molested, even journalists are forced to tell the truth.

One of the pope’s only responses to the crisis has been to invite Bono for tea, so the singer could tell journalists how ‘aghast’ the pope was at the allegations against him. That’s an interesting choice of words, until you realise Francis is a bog-standard social justice warrior who always doubles down on his mistakes and who presents his victims as the true aggressors. Bono, by the way, once dedicated a song to his ‘old friend’ McCarrick during a gig. That song include the words: ‘I have spoke with the tongue of angels/I have held the hand of a devil/It was warm in the night/I was cold as a stone/But I still haven’t found/What I’m looking for.’ Whoops! Awkward.

Scrubbing the effeminate, dishonest, disreputable and malevolent from the Church hierarchy will make way for a rehabilitation of healthy manhood and a strong Catholicism that returns to its roots. Ordinary churchgoers hate all the hippy-dippy crap. They come to worship Almighty God. Unfortunately, Team Francis still hasn’t got the message. So the best thing for us to do is stop funding Catholic organisations that don’t do good Catholic work. At least one bishop-endorsed, laity-funded group in the US has donated to Planned Parenthood. How did that even happen?

Stop giving these people your money. And stop attending churches overseen by bishops who cover up for abusers. If Team Francis won’t listen to their consciences, perhaps their minds will be focused by bailiffs at the door instead. It’s the only thing these Marxist thugs in birettas understand.

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