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Cross about cross-dressing?

18 May 2019

9:00 AM

18 May 2019

9:00 AM

Where is the parental rage to protect our children from an ideologically creepy Labor-Green government?

Mums and dads across the country look set to elect a party that has vowed to impose the kooky notion of gender fluidity on all of our children, even those seeking refuge in religious schools. Labor’s notorious Safe Schools gender programme will be back on steroids – that perverse initiative first funded by Labor’s former Finance Minister, Penny Wong, whose associated material teaches children ‘it’s a total lie that all guys have dicks and all girls have vaginas’ and instructs schools how to proceed with gender transition even without the consent of parents.

Labor’s Assistant Equality Minister-in-waiting, Louise Pratt, has expressed her delight at the US initiative of drag queens (male transvestites) visiting primary schools to give kids ‘glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models’.  Pratt enthuses, ‘Drag Queen Story Time is a wonderful idea that celebrates diversity.’ And Pratt is well placed as a literary critic, since according to Star Observer, the Senator is ‘an out lesbian (whose) longtime ex-partner is a trans man and activist working in the WA community.’ To diversify further, they co-parent their child with another Labor politician and his male partner, ‘one of whom is the biological father’.

Vote Labor, mums and dads, and you will get a Minister for Equality who really walks the walk, who knows that moral instruction in gender fluidity and sexual diversity must start at home – and must then be imposed on every single child in every classroom in the land. There, four-year-olds will be read the Australian classic, The Gender Fairy, which tells wide-eyed kiddies, ‘Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.’

Are you getting angry yet, dear parents?

Labor’s Attorney-General-in-waiting, Mark Dreyfus, has issued terms of surrender for religious schools. He has warned in writing that they will lose their present liberty to discriminate between employing teachers who uphold Christian doctrine on marriage, sexual behaviour and gender, and teachers who prefer to uphold LGBT doctrine. Thereby decreeing that Christian schools can no longer be Christian.

Labor’s Health Minister-in-waiting, Catherine King, will make it a ‘personal priority’ to outlaw attempts by doctors or counselors to help gender-confused children get comfortable again with their true sex.

She smears this as ‘conversion therapy’ and her ideological ban would prohibit psychotherapy that explores the cause of a child’s gender confusion. Of many relevant causes in the medical literature, one is where emotionally-disturbed parents persistently cross-dress their child, which messes mightily with the child’s gender self-image.

Evidence, you say? Professor of paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney, John Whitehall, recently reviewed  a raft of published studies showing how gender confusion in children has been treated successfully with psychotherapy, and he focused on a landmark study by Kosky from Western Australia.

Dr Robert Kosky was Western Australia’s State Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services and published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 1987 on ‘Gender-disordered children: does inpatient treatment help?’.

Kosky found that ‘the essential disturbance in these cases was the inability of the parent of the opposite sex to accept the child, except on the conditional basis that the child met certain of their needs.’

The troubled parent would only accept the child when it was cross-dressed into the gender that the parent could relate to – usually a mother dressing a boy as a girl. This typically started around two years of age when the parent ‘with delight, found that, when the child was dressed in clothes of the opposite sex, play together was fun… when the child adopted these behaviours, the parent changed from a cold mechanical interaction with the child to warmth and affection.’ Later, under the influence of this powerful parental reinforcement, ‘the child cross-dressed on his or her own’.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a plausible psychodynamic cause of a child’s disturbed gender identity. But under Labor, child psychiatrists like Kosky would be forbidden to uncover any such cause! Ask no questions, just give the kid hormones and, in due course, castrate them.

That is medical madness.

Consider the case of Walt Heyer, a quietly-spoken elderly gentleman whom I met in the USA. For many years Walt passed himself off as a woman before regretting that move and reverting, as best one can with a surgically-damaged body, to his natural male sex.

What led Walt to want to be a woman? He explains the strange form of abuse that messed with a little boy’s sense of self:

My mom and dad didn’t have any idea that when they dropped their son off for a weekend at Grandma’s that she was dressing their boy in girls’ clothes. Grandma told me it was our little secret. My grandmother withheld affirmations of me as a boy, but she lavished delighted praise upon me when I was dressed as a girl. Feelings of euphoria swept over me with her praise, followed later by depression and insecurity about being a boy. Her actions planted the idea in me that I was born in the wrong body. She nourished and encouraged the idea, and over time it took on a life of its own.

Back in Western Australia, treatment for the confused cross-dressed kids involved in-patient psychotherapy while still attending the local school. Dr Kosky reports that ‘no conscious attempt was made by the staff members to encourage masculine or feminine behaviours’ but with the programme of counselling and family insight therapy, cross-dressing quickly ceased and improvement in mood was noted.

So the kids were gender-confused; the doctor uncovered the pathological cause and treated it; the kids got better. That is the medical model which will be banned by this ignorant, ideologically-rigid Labor party if it wins government, so fatally beholden to Rainbow Labor and its gender-fluidity fundamentalism.

Let’s hope that enough enraged parents come to the defence of their children on election day. Fingers crossed.

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